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Perfect job - Well done Regen power

I'm very happy with product & service from Regen power.
Offered me a professional service From beginning to the end. Highly recommended for anyone.
Special thanks for sales consultant - John , Installer - Gerry & the rest of team.


Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service

Very simple process

Having just moved into a new build, door knockers brought solar power to my attention. The door knockers promised a system that would cost less in repayments than the saving from solar installation. All sounded very good but the total cost of the system was roughly twice that of an equivalent system from Regen Power.

The combination of inverters/ panel makes make it a very difficult decision, but in the end we went for high efficiency panels with a cheaper inverter. Time will tell if this was a good decision.

Sam from Regen gave clear and concise answers to all my many questions. Out of the 3 companies we spoke to Regen were the only ones to not send a sales person to the door all questions were answered by phone / email. Once the system was decided on the it took around 10 minutes for a site survey. Regen handled all the communication with western power and synergy. Once all the paperwork / authorisations were complete installation took approximately 4 hours. All work is very neat and tidy.

So far the system has been working as expected, harvesting free electricity. I am actually looking forward to my next bill.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Canadian Solar
System Size6.4 KW
Purchase Price $3,190.00

A good result in a very sales oriented and confusing market

I did a fair bit of research before I purchased a new solar energy system. This replaced a 10 yo small capacity system.
I initially though I would get 3 quotes and that would be it but the more I researched and asked local customers the more involved and confusing it became. I found the best recommendations or warnings came from people who had actually dealt with the companies. There were a lot more warnings than recommendations.
Prices varies remarkably for an identical system on my 2 storey house, from $3600 to $9450.
I decided on Regen, they had installed systems in the area that people were happy with.
After I decided to go ahead (just before Christmas) they sent out a rep who checked what was going where and I paid my $500 deposit. The installer who was a subcontractor (Jarryd) contacted me and organised an install date.
The installer was courteous, neat and did a good install.
One word of warning, all of the companies told me they could install more panels and a bigger PV array than would actually fit and its not until the installer gets on the roof that its decided. So if you're sold on the size of the system you may feel a bit ripped off or disappointed when less panels are installed. The amount deducted due to less panels installed is not what you think it will be. Some companies will have a deal of 20 panels with 3 free so nothing will be deducted if they're not installed. The more panels they install the more RECs they receive.
Payment was via credit card with no extra fee.
My system is 20 x 285w Canadian Solar panels with a Huawei battery ready inverter and its generating an average of 35kw a day.

Great Job by Regen Power!!

After having problem with another Companies that could not deliver the system even after I paid a deposit,
I went with Regen Power because their quote was very good and the salesman who dealt with me was good and kept me informed.
Installation went ahead as planned. Installation team were very professional and thorough and I'm happy to have chosen Regen Power for our PV system, especially after having problem with installing solar on roof by other retailers.
The whole PV experience has been a difficult one with many quotes and varying quality panels and inverters
together with companies that can't follow through with their claims. It is very difficult to find a quality company to
supply and then install your system on difficult double storey roof like ours. Regen Power were good to deal with and more importantly the sales team & installers did a great job.

Regen has room for improvements

My experience going through selecting a solar system company:
1. Most companies did not take enquiries seriously. They did not attempt to explain this difficult subject. There are so many brands in the market.
2. Regen's sales person was enthusiastic in answering my queries. So I chose to buy from Regen.
3. But Regen subcontracted the installations to another company. This means I had to coordinate with the installer on what exactly I wanted done.
4. No Regen person was on site to brief the installer.
5. No one from Regen came to inspect the installation and check the system was functioning as promised.
6. After a few days of my complaints on the system malfunction , a technician from Regen showed up to try to fix the system. But it still could not be fixed. I had to contact the manufacturer myself to get it fixed.
7. Regen's price was slightly higher claiming its strong post-sale support. This has to be proven in the next 25 years (the warranty period). :-)

Conclusion: I had to be an expert myself, do the research myself to understand the products in the market, and select a system that suits my budget. My budget was dictated by how much electricity bill I could save using solar power and pay off within 30 months maximum.

Great Customer Service

From initial consultation to installation, Regen staff and their installers were helpful, courteous and competent. A little early to assess performance of the system in the short span.

overall everything was excellent!!

Panels have been on for 3 weeks now through winter and have performed well. Cant wait until summer to see how much they produce
from start to finish very professional
gave me the best deal without even requesting
recommend for anyone

Glad to be halving my power consumption or more

Very happy with the service and installation , very efficient
Have recommended to several people
Regards Chas Vinci Forrestfield WA

If I could give TEN stars I would.

Brilliant company to deal with.Job done before estimated time.
Even though I have a steep old tin roof to deal with it seemed like no major problem to them.
Installers polite courteous friendly and knowledgeable.
No mess left on completion.
All done on the one day.
Highly recommend this company.

Great service and workmanship

I organised for a system to be installed at my dad's house as his English is not that great. From the quoting process to the site inspection and installation, the guys were friendly, informative, patient and professional. My dad is very happy with the result and he is not easy to please. The pricing was also very reasonable.

Attractive price and good workmanship

Just had a 4.8kW solar system with Regen Power. Their pricing is very competitive. Its much better than most of the other quotes I received. They are also very informative on the whole process. I called them countless times and changed my decision few times but they keep sticking to me and helping me to decide the best system. Their technicians arrived on time and did a good job on the installation. Very happy.

Good service

Really happy with the information provided on the system right from the start and the whole process. The instalaltion was a perfect one without any issues and I am very happy with my system , would refer Regen to others as they are local and been in business for long.

Speedy service

Great service - open and honest and not pushy. Was surprised at the speed of installation following signing up. Would recommend to anyone.

Great Service..

From the initial phone call to Regen to enquire about their Solar Systems, we have been very pleased with all of the dealings we have had with their staff and the subsequent installation of our system

DO NOT have this Company install Solar

What a shambles of a company. Will not honor their warranty. They have no record of the replacement unit being installed and don't want to know about fixing it even though it has a different brand name from that of the original install.! Did a Google search and now i can understand other frustrations.

Hi Sam, Regen Power takes 100% responsibility of the products we supply. Sorry to say we have no service request registered under your name. Only details we require is address, invoice number or reference no which would help to retrieve product information. Please get back with those details so that we could take immediate action and offer compensation for the trouble caused. Thank you Customer Service Team Regen PowerDear Viewers, It appears SAM is not actually a customer of ours. You will notice we posted a message offering compensation for loss. He has not contacted us to take up this offer. This posting is unfounded, malicious and unfairly affects our business. Thank you Regen Power Team

Steer Clear

We have had issues with both the Product and the workmanship of Regen, firstly when the system was installed it was not noticed until a large storefront came through that the roof had been compromised, and when I say compromised, we had water falling in buckets through multiple rooms and part of the ceiling collapsed. Upon inspection there were over 10 tiles that were broken or cracked.

Contacting Regen months after the install was a nightmare, eventually after all kinds of back and forth a team came out to "fix" the ceiling and roof. The ceiling was "fixed" (it wasn't collapsed anymore but it looks disgusting) and the roof investigated. It wasn't worth the argument trying to get this fixed to the point where it was at a standard before Regen got hold of our house.

Over a few years we have noticed a rising damp in the rear of the house and have out of our own pocket professionals come to insect the roof, who found multiple tiles that were never replaced and were still causing leaks.

Forward a couple of months from finally knowing the roof is no longer compromised, our Inverter has now come up with an error 31, the inverter itself is just out of warranty period and we will more than likely have to replace this in total.

This has been an ongoing saga and I absolutely regret ever having to deal with Regen.

Stay away.

Hi, First of all, we would apologize if you had bad experience dealing with Regen Power. Two major concerns raised here are regarding product warranty and workmanship. Regarding inverter warranty, all of the products come with manufacturer warranty. Most of the inverter comes with 5-year warranty and obviously if inverter fails after 5 year period manufacturer would not replace the faulty unit. If you are an existing client we would like to offer you brand new inverter replacement at a discounted rate and without any additional labor charge. We are a bit confused regarding workmanship issue you have raised, it is stated that months after getting the system installed roof leak was noted and Regen has fixed it at that point of time. Suprised to know that after 5 years found that more tiles were broken and the roof was still leaking. Five years is long period and any roof would not have hold leak for 5 years without significant damage leaving you unnoticed. Saying so, if the problem has occurred genuinely due to solar installation we take 100% responsibility and are liable to take care of the warranty. Unfortunately, after checking our service records we are unable to see any case recorded under your name with mentioned issues. Can I request you contact Regen Power on 0894563491 and ask for the service manager so that we sort out the issues or if you have already fixed the issues we will definitely offer compensation. Thank you Regards Customer Service Team Regen PowerHappy to address both of your concerns. Firstly, we replaced the inverter through another company, dealing with Regen is just not worth my time or (lack of) patience. The "discounted" rate after discussion with the manufacturer (because Regen would not deal directly with us) was over the price that we eventually paid for a Fronius inverter that will actually last. Secondly. The roof tiles were never fixed properly in the first place, the "roof leak that was noted" was to the point where we would have had to call the SES, the amount of water pouring through the multiple rooms, ceilings and light fixtures was quite astonishing. Unless I previously had someone else on the roof that would have caused leakage, (which we did not, the house was watertight until your tradesman caused this damage) the only people/person/company that could have caused this was your own. The inverter issue is a shame, but I can accept that as an electrical item it may need replacing after time, the time it needed to be replaced was certainly before I was ever expecting to have the need to replace it. The issue with the roof, that was and is the issue that reminds me of Regen. Everytime I walk outside into the alfresco or into the rear rooms I shake my head in disbelief. The workmanship that was applied to 'fix' the issue was so sub-par I could not trust your company to go near my house again. Turns out your 'subcontractor' was actually from my day job, who did not have permission to complete secondary employment, but thats another story altogether.

Excellent Performance

The system I have purchased from Regen power is working excellent without any complaint for more than three years.
After installing the system my power bill is drastically reduced.
I would recommend Regen anyone who is interested in buying a solar panel system.

Best Customer Support

Errors and issues can happen in any product installation or service delivery. As an engineer, I fully understand it. It is how much a firm cares for its customer after-sales that matters. Regen Power has been the best in that department so far.

REGEN Power a Company that keeps up with the latest solar technologies

Regen Power keeps up with the latest solar PV inverter and wind technologies as well as remote area stand-alone power systems.The latest and most up-to-date battery systems for longest operating life and customer satisfaction. Systems are never installed where trees or other shading things can block the sunlight. My own 3 kW system saves me considerable fossil fueled power. I highly recommend Regen Power.

After sales service is everything

Very happy with the premium system installed by Regen. I spent a lot of time poring over reviews before committing to a system with two common threads. Don't buy the cheap systems and make sure whomever you use will be available to back it up. I went with an SMA inverter and Canadian panels, and unfortunately had an issue with the inverter soon after commissioning. Regen answered my email within hours on the weekend, had their tech guy out to inspect within 24 hours, and the fault resolved within a week - the German inverter was well supported and easily repaired. I'm so glad I went with a locally based company who obviously care about back up support and customer service. I'd recommend these guys to anyone considering a new system - well worth the little bit more you pay for a premium product and service.

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Questions & Answers

Looking for reviews or feedback on the QLD branch of Regen. Are they the same company? Thanks Matt
1 answer
Sorry Matt I can't answer that. The Regen company I dealt with had their hq in Canning Vale Wa

please what is an SMA inverer
1 answer
SMA are a leading manufacturer of Inverters, and although more expensive are a much higher quality option than other cheaper brands on the market. Info on them is found here www.sma-australia.com.au/ you can ask your supplier specifically to quote to use SMA on your system


Regen Power
CategorySolar Retailers
Contact Number 1800 073 436
Email Address sales@regenpower.com
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No
After Sales ServiceYes
Services ProvidedInstaller and Solar Product Retailer
Clean Energy Council Approved RetailerNo
Solar Connection TypeGrid-Connected, Hybrid and Off-Grid

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