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Scanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

Scanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

2.8 from 11 reviews

Best knife sharpener ever

This came with a set of Scanpan knives which I purchased in 2015. I've used it consistently on my Scanpan knives and cheaper knives as well. It's the best knife sharpener I've ever had and safe and easy to use as well.

Purchased in December 2015.

Don't buy

My knives don't sharpen when I use this product. I have looked online for a manual which can't be found and have contacted Scanpan 3 times and they won't bother to respond. It was a waste of money buying this product and they are a terrible company to not deal with. Go to a good store and get a recommendation from the staff for a decent product so that you don't waste your money.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Makes the process of sharpening easier and more consistent

Having read the other reviews, I can only imagine others have not read the instructions or have utilized poor technique. This tool will sharpen and hone consistently well, as long as you use it properly. I use it on a Wusthof and a Victorinox, as well as other lesser knives. Good results every time. Make sure to only ever put a cleaned knife through it though, not the easiest thing to clean.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Only a dish washer can wreck a blade as well as this.

I have a bunch or reasonably good kitchen knives: Wusthof, Mundial, Sabatier and an old whetstone and metal steel to do my sharpening. Got lazy one day and thought this $40 Scanpan knife sharpener might save me time. Within minutes I managed to turn my favourite chefs knife into butter knife. It took me ages on the whetstone to get the edge back. Even if you only have a $20 kitchen knife don't ever use a device like this to sharpen it. A sheet of 600 grit emery cloth for one dollar will do an infinitely better job than this thing, and I mean that.
I have since bought a good quality diamond steel and a terrific ceramic steel and never looked back. In fact, with the right sharpening gear, I felt confident enough to buy a couple of Kasumi knives.
In my opinion you are much better off paying $100 for a good sharpener and $40 for a knife than $100 for a knife and $40 for a sharpener. So many of us got it wrong. We start by buying the best knife we can afford when we should be buying the best sharpener before we ever buy a good knife.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

knives were worse after sharpening attempt

I thought I had used the wrong slot for a fine edge hone , back to the instructions, nope right slot but my knives were becoming blunter and pitted with each attempt. Discarded, never to be used again. not just a waste of money but near destroyed the fine edge on my carving knife.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Scanpan knives badly pitted

Not sure of it is solely die to the first stage sharpener, maybe the dishwasher had something to do with it but suffice it to say my knife set is so badly pitted I am throwing them away....unless someone has a solution?

Asking for my money back

I followed the instructions but it didn't sharpen a blunt knife. After putting a knife through it that I had sharpened with an old Steel, it actually ended up blunt.
King of Knives were very understanding and refunded my money. It is now back to the old Steel.

Damages Scanpan Knives

The knife sharpener should only be used for it's lower two stages. the top stage has tungsten blades and due to the brittle steel in the scanpan knives it has actually made a pitted edge!! very upset about this as I was trying to take good care of what was for me a very expensive knife purchase.

And for the record the knife was held at a steady even angle and drawn throught the sharpener (not roughly sawed at!)
can sharpen a slightly dull knife
damages your knife

Scanpan Knife Sharpener

Item is absolutely fantastic ... provides excellent edging on all knives; easy to use; easy to store and sharpeners are hygenically protected. Have had other sharpeners before (some of them much more expensive than Scanpan) and none of them have been as easy to use or store. As usual Scanpan has provided a top quality item at a great price.
quality & colour choices

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Hi I am having a big problem with finding the right type of sharpener for my Scanpan bread knife (serrated edge) and would like to know whether this sharpener can be used for this knife please? I have heard that serrated knives can only be sharpened professionally but this is a bit of a problem for me and I was wondering whether this sharpener will be okay for the bread knives. I would be most grateful for any advice.

"Nearly" as good as a new knife.

The Scanpan knife sharpener was able to sharpen my Mundial knives to a satisfactory sharp edge. Instructions were easy to follow which made it quick and easy. Some of my knives were very blunt so i was pleasantly suprised that they were able to be brought back life again. Thanks
Very easy to use. The 3 stage process creates a sharp edge. For the price, money well spent.
Not a razor sharp finish.

Compact unit keeps knives beautifully sharp without the cost of professional knife sharpening.

This just works very well and is very easy and safe to use. I bought it to avoid the cost and inconvenience of taking my knives to be professionally sharpened and have been really happy with the results. My knife sharpening tong never did the job properly - I lacked the correct technique, I suspect. But this is excellent. It has 3 double sided blade sharpening slots, one for daily use (can't comment on that one!) and 2 for less frequent use. I only sharpen my knives every 2-3 months (when I can no longer slice a tomato easily, it is time to sharpen), and run my 5 kitchen knives through the 3 blades in turn. It takes about 5 minutes to do them all, and they are all razor sharp at the end. The double sided honing slots make it easy to position your knife and I have no fear of damaging the blade or cutting myself. It is a nice compact little unit. Keep the box and it stores easily. It is really convenient because you can get a great blade edge within minutes of deciding you need it.
Works really well, compact and easy to store

Questions & Answers

The website suggest that we should not get our sharpener wet, or put it in the dishwasher. How do we clean it?
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Only insert clean knives into the sharpener so that way it will remain clean. If your sharpener is already full of bits of food, all you can do is to brush or shake them out.

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