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Scanpan Pressure Cooker 22cm/6L

Scanpan Pressure Cooker 22cm/6L

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The best Mexican Rice

I have been using pressure cooker all my life. I am Mexican. I am sure that if you don't have a clay pot you can use this extraordinary pressure cooker and the rice will be delicious. It is very easy to work with and the taste and flavours will remain for all the time.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Hugely disappointing

The lid is a hassle to get on. It may cook quickly but it takes forever to cool down so you can get the food out.
My old pressure cooker- not Scanpan- was fantastic. I just can't get replacement parts for it. It had a twirling weight on the top which when the cooking time was up could be tipped a little to one side whilst still on the lid of the pressure cooker to let the steam escape quickly and then the lid removed. Meanwhile you could spend a couple of minutes attending to other things. It could also be run under the cold water tap- it was OK to have the water run all over the lid to let the steam out and voila cooked food.

This silly Scanpan takes far longer to cool than to cook and the instructions are that you should stand with a wooden spoon in hand to depress the pressure knob!!!!!! Even then it takes forever and if you take it to the sink to cool it only the edge of the lid can be run under warm water.

It has too many inaccessible parts on the lid to be sure it is totally clean- another negative- I like to make sure anything to do with food Is scrupulously clean.

I am going to sell it and buy one with a rotating pressure weight that can be tilted and then removed and also with more manageable handles that swivel easily to make one handle when the lid is in place - rather than stubby handles either side of the pan.

Pressure cookers are fantastic so ask around - especially to older cooks who have been using them safely,efficiently and happily for years and also read reviews and get one that you are comfortable with and that really DOES cook the food fast and have it available to eat quickly not 20-30 minutes later after you have spent another lump of time trying to get the pressure down!

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Questions & Answers

I need a manual please ....plus the cooker has been in cupboard couple of years and button on lid now seems stuck - i have cleaned oiled and wiggled - should i undo nut on inside of lid and retighten? Any advice welcomed
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I’ve lost my manual but I wouldn’t remove any screws just give a really good clean . Maybe ring the dealer or Australian makerhttp://www.scanpan.com.au/files/PressureCooker_UserGuide_2014_LR.pdf


Pressure Cooker 22cm/6L
Price (RRP) $369.00
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 250 x 220 x 160 mm
Outer Body Construction MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Bowl MaterialStainless Steel
Release dateOct 2011
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