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Only a good course for some. A little overpriced as well but [name removed] is extremely nice and helpful.

Hi guys, my name is Ben and I am a former student of School of Attraction. I now have a long term girlfriend who I live with, but I achieved this mostly by BEING MYSELF- not from what they teach you on the course.

I wouldn’t recommend this course if you have really bad social anxiety, Autism or no experience with women at all (I’m all three of these). Most students who I was on this course with were quite outgoing people who had already had experiences with girls- rather they just wanted to get ‘even better’ than where they were already and achieve consistent success without feeling like they were ‘fluking it’. Even though I have a girlfriend now who I am really confident with, I am still horrendously anxious walking back into a club or bar and find it hard to have any confidence with other girls. I came to accept that it’s probably just not my thing.

If you have depression, social anxiety or Autism, then my advice is to avoid this course and most of the things they teach you (Except for ‘Question, Relate, Answer’ and the importance of your Tinder profile pictures). For the most part- BE YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF. Use Tinder and DON’T BE AFRAID to tell girls that you’ve never been on a date before. I always thought girls would judge me as some unwanted loser for saying that, but they are very understanding! That’s what I did, and I am now living with and in a long-term relationship with the most beautiful girl in the world (I’m a little biased that’s for sure). The only thing is I do get a bit jealous of her because she has dated so many guys before me and had slept with lots of guys, even with more guys, whilst I didn’t lose my virginity until I met her.

I discovered that it’s about finding what makes you happy in life, and I have found that in a long-term partner. So if spending $5000 on course fees, travelling all the way to the city and putting so much time, frustration, sadness, loneliness, suicidal ideation and mental energy into getting 2 unanswered phone numbers in the space of 3 months while other students around me breezed through it and took girls home for pleasure, then it’s probably not worth the investment. Even if you did get lucky, is that kind of input REALLY worth a few minutes of fun in bed? If its not working for you like it didn’t work for me, then find something else in life that makes you happy! Seek long term, its far more satisfying! I would encourage anyone who has never had a girlfriend or been on a date before to do what I did on Tinder as written above (However, I place no guarantee that that will always work. All girls are different. Fortunately, my girlfriend is very understanding).

Note- if you have a mental condition and decide to undertake the course even after what I have written- then you MUST declare it to [name removed] when you sign up. Otherwise, they will not refund you the $5000 if the course doesn’t work for you.

The best community ever

I finished the 13 week Sincere Seduction course a few month ago, and I just wanted to write my thoughts looking back.

When I first signed up, I signed up for the theory content and the in person coaching over 3 months - All of that was really good and professional, but the biggest reason I think this course has proven to be one of the best investments for me was their community.

Being relatively new to Sydney (I moved here about 3 years ago) - I don't have that many friends.

Damien has built a really amazing community of other students who are out practising regularly. The guys are really friendly and supportive and there are always mentors around too who have been able to help keep me motivated and practising and getting results long after the course was over.

So if you're like me and want to find guys to become friends and go out with as well as get really great in person coaching, I definitely recommend School of Attraction.

I made some of the best friends of my life

Okay, so full disclosure up front, as a past student, Damien Diecke, the head coach asked me if I wanted to write a review for him and I was happy to help. Damien asks us not to write reviews until a few months after we've finished the course so that we can give a more rounded account of our lives afterwards which is something I really respect him for.

I finished the Sincere Seduction program 3 months ago and all I can say is that my life looks so very different to how it did this time last year.

This time last year I was a few months out of a soul-destroying marriage, all my friends were either married or too busy with work to hang out and try to meet women. I was feeling super-introverted and quite lonely. I felt like being Chinese-Australian didn't help me make friends or meet women either.

How is my life looking today? Well.. I have a girl I'm seeing casually at the moment, and I have a really great group of friends in the School of Attraction community I head out with every week to laugh and talk to girls. I have new dates every week, and some of them lead to the bedroom so I'm feeling pretty fulfilled there.

For me, the most important part of the program was Learning to overcome some of the bias against Asian men in Australia, and learning to believe in myself and the fact that I deserve to have incredible women in my life. I no longer lock up and stutter around gorgeous women - I still get to be myself and be a big nerd sometimes, but I'm not doing it in a way that's charming rather than pathetic.

For any guys wondering about doing the program, I say DO IT! It will be the best investment you ever make in yourself.

These Guys Are The Real Deal

So in 2015, I actually signed up with a local competing dating coach in Sydney (Social Coach) and my initial experience with them was good, but one month out of the program I was more or less back where I started - Struggling to make any approaches and generally a dateless nigel.

In 2017, after talking to a mate who had worked with School of Attraction, I decided to give the whole dating coaching thing one more try.

And BOY was I glad I did.

The program which went over 3 months just got me taking action with girls all the time. Within weeks I was starting to approach women all on my own which is something I could never have done without a group of friends for backup.

The coaches (special shout out to Denzel and Damien), were incredibly supportive. I had a session where I melted down after having been fired from my job, and they decided to give me an entire coaching session for free because they felt bad for me having had a bad day.

I'm still heading out with a lot of the boys I did the course with, and we're having a blast.

If you're having any doubts, have a chat with Damien yourself, it's instantly clear this is a man who knows what he's talking about.

Were there any negatives? Well I had a mentor that I didn't get along wtih for one of my sessions which was a bit frustrating, but they quickly chaned my mentor when I told them, so I was happy with that resolution.

This had just as big an impact on my sales at work as my success with women

One of the things I loved about School of Attraction is they asked us NOT to write a review for them until 3 months had pass after we completed the program. Why? Because they only wanted reviews from guys who had lasting success, and not just temporary results. These guys have such a keen focus on actually FIXING our success with women permanently rather than finding a bandaid solution.

I have to admit that I almost did a weekend program with a competitor before I came across School of Attraction. I was tempted to go with the other company as they had female coaches, but I'm so glad that I didn't.

What I loved:
13 weeks - This course is epic
The theory: There is so much theory in this program, I keep going back to re-watch stuff I had forgotten about
The coaches: They are so supportive and definitely know their stuff
The community: There are so many guys in Sydney to head out with it was like coming into a secret society of awesome dudes

What I didn't like as much:
There was a huge amount of work to get through, quite time consuming
I only had Damien for one Practical session - ALTHOUGH in hindsight I don't think this detracted much if at all from my learning as all the coaches were simply amazing, but I was disappointed at the time.

So much more than I Was expecting - What a Journey

Let me give you an insight to what I experienced in this program..

You sign up and you receive a welcome pack with a list of 'getting to know you' questions. They are well thought out and although a little cliche at times, the coaches used it to great effect especially in our first few sessions as the coaches were getting to know us. Once completed, we have access to a huge online members area with bonus training material, a massive forum community, our scheduled coaching dates etc.

Every week we have about 2 hours of theory, 1 hour of phone coaching online, and 4 hours of practical session somewhere in the city (some were day some were night).

The first practical session was... INTENSE! You are standing there feeling scared, exposed, and doomed to failure.. All the attractive women looming about seem unfriendly and intimidating. Then Coach comes along, and the coach's energy begins to change mine.. it's infectiously confident. The coach talked us through a bunch of extra information about how to wing each other, what do to if we can't find him, he runs through what a good approach should look like by demonstrating on some girls, followed by getting us to practice on each other for a while. We then do some social warm-up activities together to get our talkative minds feeling loose and limber.

By the time we have to do our first approaches, we are feeling WAY more confident than 45 minutes ago. What happens then blew my mind.. Over the course of one night, my entire concept of what was possible shifted. No girls were mean to me, most were really supportive and friendly and I even got a number from a really cute french chick. I really didn't sleep at all the first night when I got home as my brain was too excited knowing I had 12 more weeks like this.

I finished the course 3 months ago, and what can I say. Have I mastered my success with women? No, not yet. Am I sad about it? Hell no!

I've come such a long way in the 12 weeks of the program, but I understood that mastering anything takes time. Now I have a huge community of guys I head out with regularly (the School of Attraction past students from the massive members only forum), and we are continuously getting better.

Final words.... don't do this course unless you are really committed to a change. It will be confronting at times, and it will demand time and energy without which you won't get results. Damien and the coaches are incredible, they are supportive and ready to take phone calls any day of the week with questions I needed answering.

These guys are the real deal

6 Months on and still going strong

Hey guys, when I signed up for the 12 week course, Damien asked me to write a review if I was still happy with the way my dating life was going 6 months after the program was over - Considering in the last 6 months I've been on dates every week, and even had a number of casual partners, and am now seriously thinking about starting a relationship with this amazing Italian woman I met 2 weeks ago, I'd say I'm extremely satisfied!

It's not just the theory content that's amazing (it is). It's not just the coaches that were knowledgeable and knew their stuff (they totally did, and joining them in an interaction with a girl is out of this world), it's the community that surrounds School of Attraction that made all the difference. You see there is a huge community of current and past students here in Sydney who are supportive and caring, and dedicated to self-improvement. In fact, I really can't remember any other community I've been a part of that has been as supportive as this one.

Long after the course was finished, I had men to go out with and hone my skills with.

My life is so different now than it was 9 months ago... The program is worth it's weight in gold, and knowing what I know now, I would have paid triple for it to have these results.

Basically so you guys know what's in this program:
Every week you have:
- 2 hours of theory online
- 1 hour phone call session with a coach to answer questions and plan your goals for the next practical session
- 4 hour practical session with a coach during the day or night (it alternates)

The practical sessions comprise of yourself and 2 other students and 1 coach. That number seems to work perfectly, not too big and not too small.

There is also a money back guarantee which not everyone was aware of, but I think Damien should market more heavily as it was what pushed me over the edge into taking the plunge and signing up with him.

What were the negatives?
- Well, even at 12 weeks the program is over too fast... There's so much to cover, so much to learn, that you find yourself wishing it went twice as long...
- There's a lot that will be asked of you - Make sure you have the time available to do all parts of the course, they won't make it easy on you, they want big results from you which will require a big effort.
- The program offers 24 hour phone support, but sometimes it can take up to 12 hours for a call back to answer questions, this is fair enough but would have been nice to know beforehand.

an investment, an insurance policy and so much more!

Imagine this, you're confronted with the choice of the car of your dreams or the woman of your dreams. Unless your dream car is a 90's Nissan pulsar your probably not going to get anything good for $3500. However $3500 spent on school of attraction will teach you to find out what it is in a woman you value and how to find it. I literally went from struggling with everyday conversation with women to approaching and chatting just for the sake of it. The other day I got the number of this girl I'd been seeing at the gym. There's no way it would have been able to do it without the experience i gained through school of attraction. That's not to suggest I will find an absolutely perfect woman, I don't think she exists. However my newly obtained knowledge helps me find a woman/women right for me.

Life changing

This course pushed me to new levels, which I certainly wouldn't without it.

The course is not a normal dating course: it's not sleazy at all, it's based on not lying to women and developing techniques to allow you to "debug" your own problems and implement solutions.

I used to be very shy with new people, now I am very comfortable in my own skin, and to my surprise, I am seen as a group leader in most interactions.

The course is really hard work, it does take you out of your comfort zone and make you see clearly your own issues and face your flaws. You have to commit to it, once you do, you will achieve levels of success in interactions with women that you thought impossible.

I totally recommend to anybody.

waste of money

Damien was not honest from the start it was a bit of a con but hopefully u can learn from my mistake an a lot of other boys who loss out

Most comprehensive course of its kind! Totally transformed my interactions with women

Prior to starting this course, my interactions with women were terrible. I was scared of them and suffered social anxiety around them and never ever approached a woman out at night, let alone in the day.

I wanted to find a course that would encompass both the theoretical and practical aspects of making this change in my life. The reason for this was I knew a lot of my problem had to do with my inner beliefs, so clearly these needed to be changed, but I also understood that without someone to practically guide me and push me, it was unlikely I was every going to make this change myself. I knew deep inside me that if I could just be myself with woman I could do so much better.

I researched this extensively in Sydney, where I live, and without question the School of Attraction course is the most comprehensive course of its kind that I have ever found. Its a 3 month course that involves 2 hours of theory per week, and a 4 hours practical session each week. This amounts to a massive 18 hours of theory and 36 hours of practical sessions! And let me tell you, there is no way you are not going to be good with women after that!!!

It includes not only everything you could possibly think of, but it includes so much more than that too. There is an incredible level of research that has gone into the theory, including medical, psychological and indeed all of the theoretical viewpoints have been founded on scientific studies and extensive experience. I found this incredibly impressive being quite scientific and fact based. This is not just someone’s opinion but takes all the research out there and consolidates it.

The other thing I really liked about it is that it is an end to end course, from how to approach women anywhere (and I mean anywhere) to getting a date, to dating itself, and finally to relationship. To say its a pickup course would be to cheapen it. It really is a full program that empowers you to find and keep the women you want.

After 10 weeks, not only have I had 36 hours of practical sessions, but in conjunction with the fellow students I met, we quickly established a weekly outing (at the minimum) where we would go out together and work on our approach, rapport building, flirting, etc, etc. So I have made some good friends out of it and now we go out and support each other. This has been great as it allows your friends to keep pushing you and you them to get better and better, not to mention having people to wing with, although eventually you get to the point where you don’t need a wingman!

There are a number of coaches and I can firmly say that the ones I have had are incredible. They really have mastered the whole approach and interaction and let me be clear, nothing about this course is about manipulation, lying or cheating. Its about being the authentic you in every situation. As a result the course has been an incredible boost to my self-esteem and confidence as I have watched myself get to the point where women are really enjoying interacting with me, and I look at myself with pride and amazement, while I reflect this is the me I have always wanted to be: relaxed, at ease, myself, able to flirt and tease and really connect with women, which of course is what its all about.

Each week there is also theoretical homework and I will make clear that while this course is the most comprehensive of its kind, that does mean it requires a lot of time and effort. Typically each week has 2 hours theory and a 4 hour practical session and then there is homework which takes anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on firstly how hard you find it and secondly how well you do it. However some of the homework while very difficult, was so rewarding as for example you learn to identify your passions and how to talk about them so that you can connect easily with others. You learn about your strengths and how to talk about them in a very modest way. So really you the homework is hard because you have to learn about yourself, your strengths, your weakness, who you are and what you want. And some of that can be quite challenging. However I learnt so much about myself through this process that I also found it incredibly rewarding. If you think about it, when you are really connected to yourself, when you know who you are and what you want, then you can connect to others much more easily and women are very attracted to men that are sure of themselves.

So, going forward I have freed myself of fear of approaching and have to say I love day approaching the best, because with a strong opening and a great compliment, it makes such a powerful impression - they love it as you can totally make their day! I now have a great group of friends to go out with too that have the same interests, so I really feel that with beautiful women now in my life and great similar minded friends to go out with, this aspect of my life is finally in order.
Amazingly comprehensive, unique, involves theoretical and practical aspects, meet like minded people to go out with

Awesome experience, but a lot of work

I did Damien's 12 week Sincere Seduction Intensive course about a year ago now. And as I promised Damien when I first signed up, if I still felt great about the program a year later, I would write him a review.

The program itself is longer than any I had seen before. It's also quite a large number of hours, totalling about 7-8 hours of time commitment a week. This was tough for me at times, but I could totally see why it was set up this way. After 12 weeks, I wouldn't say all my woman problems were solved, but I was still a totally changed man in my behaviour towards women. I started out nervous and shy, and came out the other end determined and focussed, I had earned what Damien called 'killer instinct'.

So to anyone thinking about doing this program with School of Attraction I say this: You really won't find a more comprehensive program anywhere. The coaches really know what they are doing and support you above and beyond what you would expect. They don't promise to solve all your problems in 12 weeks, and I think that's fair because nobody can, this stuff takes time after all. BUT they do promise to change your life, and give you ongoing support long after the program is finished. If you want long lasting change, this is the place to go.

I'm still a part of the community of ex-students who continue to go out and improve themselves. 12 months ago, I had 2 ex girlfriends, and almost no other experience with women.. Now I'm on about 3 dates a week, and some of them are going all the way.
Comprehensive, Insightful, Life changing
Time Consuming

Just a Rehash of PUA Ideas

Attended a School of Attraction Bootcamp back in 2011. At the time, I thought what I was being taught was earth shattering, as I was coming from a place of complete hopelessness with women.

The truth is that all the ideas and advice the instructor gave me, I could have gotten for free on the internet. The other problem is that the 2 nights we went out, the head instructor did not demonstrate any of the advice he preached, and spent the night sitting down on the couch, telling the students what to do.

He didn't show or put into practice any of the principles he preached. I realised after a while the entire pick-up industry is a joke.

I seriously do not recommend anyone attend an School of Attraction workshop. If you feel compelled to learn the art of pick-up, I seriously recommend you don't, as it's just a subtle form of attempting to manipulate a girl.

What the School of Attraction omits is that women have autonomy and are capable of thinking for themselves, and have their own preferences in men. The belief that any guy, regardless of level of attractiveness can get a beautiful girl without working on themselves, is a lie the School of Attraction and the pick-up industry perpetrate.

Over-charged, no demonstration by the instructor

School of Attraction review - Very happy that I enrolled!!

This testimonial is written on the looong journey back to Norway. It is the perfect time to mentally summarize my study year abroad in Sydney, whereby five months were spent in the SOA community of “exceptionally great men”. My handle on the forum is “Happy” and I am 24 years old.

First I want to say a little bit about where I was coming from. In terms of abilities with women I would rate myself average. I came from a tricky place, though. I was decently successful with women during my last “single” period up until I was 20 years old. I saw my game as narrow in terms of needing alcohol to have the confidence to pick up, but I did get a lot of make outs and occasionally also sex. The women that I hooked up with was usually not of the calibre that I wanted to go any further with them. I did get a girlfriend, though, that I enjoyed spending time with and made it worthwhile going of the market for.

2,5 years later (December 2010) we broke up and I was single again. In the mean time something had happened. I had been forced to drastically lower my alcohol consumption because of a medical condition that had occurred. This meant that my old game plan of getting intoxicated before chatting up birds was impossible and I had to start doing things sober. I did some approaches here and there when being out, but I was not very consistent with what I did. I was using ideas from Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo, which did not pay of well. I realise now that the main problem was that I was not confident about the fact that I had to present canned material to attract women.

By misinterpreting DeAngelos material I was overusing the cockey part in his cockey-funny mindset. I tended to repel girls that were attracted to me rather than to close them. My confidence with women was not good – especially in the bar/night club market. I knew that things needed to change.

I joined School of Attraction’s phone game seminar in late June, and wanted to meet some pick up guys that I could go out with and have a symbiotic friendship with as wingmen. I ended up talking to a School of Attraction guy that was a couple of weeks into the course and said: “Hey dude, if you’ve got the money sign up for it!” Seeing [name removed] speak to a crowd in a passionate way and seeing how passionate he was for coaching made an impression on me, but still – I thought it was way too much money. After a week of seriously thinking about it and also going out three times with people I met at the seminar made me sign up. As a student, this was/is a whole lot of money for me, but I was never in doubt that I would look back on the experience not regretting it when I submitted the payment. I knew that I would have it in me to take on this challenge with getting the most out of it. I also knew that I had it in me to push myself outside my comfort zone, but I needed a safe environment were I could get encouragement and support along the way. I take the hat of to people going on this journey on their own, but for me it would be too hard to start out with.

I expected that I would have to do all the hard work myself, but that there would be a community of people to help me out, and a coach that wanted me to succeed and would help me out wherever possible. That is exactly what my experience has been so far after five months. School Of Attraction does not seem to attract people that go for the quick fix of getting good with women. The quick fix does not exist. Most people, myself included, see the program as a way of creating new habits for oneself in terms of pushing oneself and going places one has not been before. From now on I do not see myself not trying to develop in any desired way in life. For now it is mostly about getting better with women, but that will probably change in the future. The point is that I have created a habit for myself were I don’t accept mediocrity where I know I can and want to get better.

During the period of the course my confidence with women increased a lot and I felt a gradual increase of skills even though there were some downs every now and then. The toughest part for me so far was right after the last practical. During the course it was easy to push myself in between the practicals to go out a lot, because I wanted to show myself that I had improved between every practical. When I did not have any regular practicals to go to it felt like the air went a little bit out of the balloon and it was really hard to motivate myself. That was when I decided that this was a crucial part of my journey and that I would face my issues and work even harder. I really pushed myself in terms of going out when it was the last thing in the world that I wanted to do. The result of that was that I got through the tough period with an even more increased confidence and very slowly more and more pieces started to fall into place. Looking back on my experiences lately would be jaw dropping for myself 6 months ago. I am in a really good place right now in terms of relating to women and it feels [censored word removed] good!

As most other people, I realised after a couple of months what I really wanted out of the path that I was going. In the beginning it was all about pulling girls, whereas now I know that the most important thing is to end up with a girl that I would be proud of and excited about spending the rest of my life with.

Is it worth the money? What I have written so far have hopefully been a give away – it has been/will be worth every cent. The fact that I paid what I paid has probably contributed a lot to my commitment to keep pushing myself when times get tough. My behaviours around women and in other parts of my life have definitely changed. Before I made a lot of excuses for not going 100% for a girl, whereas now I push every interaction as far as possible. I don’t believe in living life by playing it safe, which has lead to a lot of ups and some downs. My mentality now is that I am not that outcome dependent, but rather get a kick of trying to go further with an interaction. I don’t overanalyse things, but rather give an issue some thinking if it is a recurring thing.

For me, working on something that I know that I should be working on is the best way of generating happiness. “Getting better with women” is a goal that I have now, and is more a general focus point in life rather then a specific achievable one. Working with and towards something on a regular basis has boosted my sense of self and my level of happiness. My psychology and mental healthiness have never been better. Up to several people have lately commented on that they can tell that I am in a good place right now from the energy that I am radiating. Nothing is better to hear then that.

I can give SOA a lot of the credit for where I am right now and how I am feeling. I would not have been there without SOA. I have seen with my own eyes the transformations a lot of SOA guys, people that I am proud to call friends, have gone through. It is just amazing. Don’t expect to get there by doing the minimum requirements, though. Consistency with going out and setting up short term smart goals for yourself will get you there in time.

Personally, joining this community is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Great coaching, great community, life changing experience

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