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Great deal for counselling students

The 30 day trial was an amazing offer. I am so grateful to MHA for this. I used it to complete 6 short courses, one with several components that could be done separately. This has helped me gain further knowledge and skills to use on placement as well as accrue CPD points, all before my usual study commitments of the semester have kicked in. The charity component of MHA making donations to several causes was also a great motivator. The courses were of varying levels of complexity and the assessments mostly very straightforward.Thank you MHA. I will be considering a paid membership in the future.

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Hi Kate. Thanks for the amazing feedback! We look forward to welcoming you back to our community when you have a chance to re-join. All the best!

This gives me the opportunity to undertake extra learning at a time that suits me and is appropriate to my needs

I was impressed with the content as being relevant to my current job as a crisis supporter. I found the assessment more of a learning experience than a 'test' and it was possible to return to the course content for clarification if necessary.

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Thanks for the great feedback Debra! We're really happy to 'hear' that you're truly enjoying your MHA membership. All the best!

An excellent adjunct to face to face PD training

Provides an excellent over view of a number of relevant therapies/topics, and has encouraged me to delve deeper into therapies that I have been initially cynical about. Allows me to obtain my necessary PD without panicking at the end of the year!

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Hi Kathy - thanks for the comments & review! We're thrilled to read that your professional development appetite is growing through your MHA membership! We strongly believe exploring a range of topics is greatly beneficial for therapists and mental health professionals. All the best!

Practicality of MHA

The information presented in both text & video was of a high standard & the online website/course is a pleasure to use

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Thanks for the lovely feedback, Noosh! It's great to read that you're enjoying your learning with MHA. All the very best!

Mental Health Academy courses assisted in my recovery.

It has been over 5 years since I joined the Academy and am loving the learning experience.
The courses in particular with those concerning the brain, have been extremely helpful with my recovery from a major stroke and cardiac events in November 2017.
Every course I have undertaken with the content and presenter(s) has been excellent.

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Hi Graeme. Thank you for the great review. It's humbling to read that we've been able to make a positive difference in your personal and professional development. Thanks for being part of our community. We wish you all the best!

A great PD opportunity

I enjoy being able to do regular courses in an appropriate amount of time, which also allows me to learn more about certain topics

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Hi Maree. Thanks for the feedback on your experience with MHA. We're glad you are enjoying your learning - take care!

Great program

I was very satisfied with the course content, it is difficult at times, but can be managed by reviewing, the work.

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Hi Toni - thanks for the lovely feedback! And a Merry Xmas to you!

Very convenient Professional Development

The course are very informative and easy to work through. I think it is a bit expensive because there is not enough time to make full use of the information. I only have the basic membership and cannot access the videos unless I pay more. I think that is a bit unfair as the teaching medium has moved into this arena.

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Hi Ann, thank you for your review and comments. We offer a text-only type of membership at a lower membership rate because some of our members cannot access video content due to poor internet connections. We are sorry you feel our Premium membership (which includes video access) is "a bit expensive". But if you compare our costs, both per learning hour & per individual CPD course, against that of other providers - you'll notice that with MHA you can access a much greater variety & volume of learning at a significantly lower investment. We're happy to send you some comparisons if you would like - reach out to us on help@mentalhealthacademy.com.au. Thanks again for your feedback!

A high quality PD event worth attending

Great event with lots of varying topics related to mental health. Really enjoyed the expert presenters and the quality of the webinars. Looking forward to next year!

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Thanks for the review & comments, Salma! All the best!

2018 Summit

I found it very beneficial to participate in the 2018 online Summit offered through the Mental Health
Academy for a variety of reasons - the opportunity to listen to national and international speakers via webinar sessions or afterwards without having to travel to do so was time, cost effective and convenient; hearing about current research topics relevant to counselling and therapy were informative, helpful and inspiring; including the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation provided an immediate link and connectedness between the listeners and each speaker. Participating in the Summit as a fund raiser for Act For Kids supported the importance of uniting as a professional group/ community to make a difference in children's lives, their families or Carers.

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Thanks for the fantastic review, Madonna! We're glad you enjoyed the 2018 Mental Health Super Summit & look forward to bringing you more valuable professional development opportunities. All the best!

Excellent opportunity to meet so many influential academics in modern mental health

The summit was beyond my expectations. The generosity of the presenters to reach out to them directly is an unexpected and of course a fantastic gain. The on-demand videos played without glitches and the format and timeframes were so flexible that I managed to watch all the presentations I was interested about (12 in total). In general I got much more than I expected. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues and thank you very much Pedro for putting so many excellent academics together; I know that you have a humanitarian purpose for your business endeavours and I am glad that all the attendants contributed to such a great cause. Count on me next year

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Hi Cesar - thank you for the awesome feedback! We really appreciate your comments & look forward to bringing you further excellent professional development opportunities for many years to come! All the best!

Very good event - well worthwhile

This is the fourth Mental Health Super Summit I've attended and I really like the format and the range of speakers. I didn't manage to watch as many session in real time as past years but I liked that I could catch up at a later date. The speakers were all excellent. Many thanks.

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Thanks for your review and comments, Sue!

Great opportunity for professional development

I have attended this event for two years now and it has been fantastic both times. There is a great variety of speakers with a lot of clinical application and so much flexibility in attending the online sessions - either live or you can watch video recordings afterwards. I get something valuable out of it every time and will continue to register in the future.

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Thanks for the lovely feedback, Chelsea! We're glad you've gained value from attending the last two editions of the Mental Health Super Summit, and hope you continue to attend for many years to come. All the very best.

Superb - event not to be missed

Superb, up to date and comprehensive selection of presenters and topics for the Super Summit. And exceptionally well organised - prior to, during and post event.

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Thanks for the lovely feedback Kerri! We're glad you've enjoyed the Mental Health Super Summit. Take care!

Relevant, reasonable priced resource

The Super Summit was an excellent series of webinars and included very interesting and relevant material for counsellors. Having some common topics with different speakers offering their own perspectives brought cohesion to the whole program and I found it was enriching for my practice.
The course was pitched at an appropriate level for practitioners and workers in mental health, and having two weeks after the live sessions to catch up on sessions that were missed, or watch again those that were most relevant or intriguing, also gave participants a chance to embed knowledge more deeply.

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Hi Lyn - thanks again for attending the Mental Health Super Summit & for your excellent feedback & rating. We really appreciate it.

Yet another successful Mental Health Summit

I look forward to Mental Health Academy's Mental Health Summit every year, but usually only managed to watch 7 - 8 sessions. This year I watched all 15 sessions for the first time and I felt very inspired and empowered afterwards. Every year the summit provides me a rare opportunity to learn from the professionals and educators from all over the world. I will definitely join the summit next year, and watch all sessions again.

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Thanks for the awesome review, Keiko! We're glad you've made the most out of this year's Mental Health Super Summit. All the best!

Unbelievably brilliant!

Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude for your timely, proven and easily accessible information. The presentations concurred with my own creative endeavors in this field - expanding the horizons as well as reassurance of potential helpfulness for others, Brilliant!

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Hi Kris! Thank you for the review - we're thrilled to hear the Summit has expanded your creative endeavours! Take care!

MH Summit 2018

Thankyou so much for bringing contemporary issues into our learning.
The online opportunity is priceless to me as I work in rural WA, have no budget for PD and limited time to travel to events.

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Thank you for the generous review, Bibity! Keep on learning!

Everyone's a winner!

The Mental Health summit 2018 provided an exceptional opportunity to engage first-hand with some of the world’s foremost authors and authorities in the fields of psycho-therapy, psychology and counselling. Their range of expertise, insights and frequently innovative approaches to their respective fields of specialisation has not only enhanced my understanding of the therapeutic process and the mind-body- healing dynamic in general but provided new templates for my work in the field of art therapy and counselling in the future. In addition the diverse range of speakers, their differing presentation styles and content followed by Q & A afforded a sense of variety and balance engaging the participant/listener and ensuring an optimal learning experience. Adding to the fact that the Summit proceeds are donated to Act for Kids and its’ extraordinary work this Summit has provided a win-win for all concerned. I’ll definitely be registering for the next Mental Health Summit in 2019 and recommending it to everyone I know colleagues and general public alike. Many thanks to the Academy organisers and the facilitator who did a fantastic job. Regards to you all.

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Thank you for the fantastic review! It's wonderful to know you've gained so much from the Summit & appreciate its fundraising outcomes. We look forward to bringing you this event for many years to come!

Blown Away

The Mental Health Academy provided an online mental health summit, featuring beautifully coordinated international presentations and world class speakers and professionals. Up to date research was presented and opportunity for questions by attendees provided. The webinars were made available for people after the event and this was helpful. The quality of speakers and presentations was world class. Presentations informed, inspired and delivered!

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Hi Roslyn! Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! All the best!!

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Questions & Answers

I am a qualified social worker working in mental health. Am I able to use this membership to complete my cpd to obtain mental health social worker accreditation with the AASW. It appeared that I could before I joined but now I am a little confused. Thanks
1 answer
You can use it to maintain the required annual CPD points for your AMHSW accreditation

Hi I was wondering if I join the mental health academy will I still have access to the super summit. Thanks kate
2 answers
Yes, the Mental Health Academy is for ongoing professional development, to learn more on counselling therapies, and obtain certificates. If you are with the Australian Counselling Association the points get added to your OPD log.Hi Kate! Thank you for your question. Registration for the Mental Health Super Summit is separate to MHA membership, as part of the event's purpose is to raise funds for charity. That being said, after each edition of the Summit, many of the sessions are converted into MHA courses and are available for members via our Catalogue. Thus, by becoming a MHA Premium member, you'll have access to most sessions from previous editions for the Mental Health Super Summit. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. All the best!

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