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Excellent product.

I love it! Using it every week to clean up cat hair and human hair on carpets. It works very well! I see a lot of reviews complaining about not able to wash and dry the product efficiently... I follow the instructions of this product (ie use warm water with a little bit of dish washing detergent) hair and dust come right off!!!! I keep a bucket of warm water and a towel close by to save time.
this is way better than using the traditional disposable lint remover.
Seriously... It works as seen on TV! Just follow all instruction to look after the product =)
As described on TV
Would be a perfect world of the longest one can be even longer.

Kind of Schticky

I bought the Schticky set to replace the Korbond disposable lint roller. The Schticky certainly is sticky and picks up a fair bit of human and cat hair. I have a cat and most of my Schticky use is for removing her fur from various surfaces.

But it requires a wash and dry after each use which becomes annoying. I find that even when washing in hot water as per the instructions, cat hair doesn't come off the Schticky very well. I have to rub the hair off with my fingers. Under hot water, this is not handy or safe! I use cooler water when the roller needs hair rubbed off it.

The roller can be dried by rolling it along a cloth (but make sure it's one that won't leave bits of fluff on the roller) and it's ready to go again......but just one turn of the roll and it's full and needs yet another wash.

Even after several cleans, each of the three Schticky rollers has a few cart hairs on it that just won't rub off with my fingers or come off with hot water.

It has some good points, though. The roller end never comes off the handle and you don't have to spend ages trying to peel a used sticky sheet off the roll like with the Korbond disposable.

The Korbond roller head always, always falls off when I'm trying to make it roll along! At least with the Schticky, I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Schticky is okay, but not great.
Picks up cat hair, roller head stays firmly attached to handle
you have to wash it often, cat hairs won't come off easily

Don't waste your money

I have never gone online and reviewed a product before, but please, if you're considering this product - don't buy it... save your money. I used mine about twice per day, followed their instructions on how to clean them and by the end of the week they had dulled in appearance, the end of the rollers looked dirty & they sure lost their "schtickiness". Seriously disappointed, I returned them for another set & they did the same thing.
Initially, they worked great - exactly what I was looking for.
Had to wash them after every use & then wait for them to dry. Completely lost all 'schtickiness' within a few weeks.

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Agreed, I had the same experience AND i waited 10 weeks for it to be delivered. Very disappointed. Don't waste your money

Normal disposable roller works better

It needs to be washed way too often to make it worth while. Just to get cat hair off a suitcase I washed it 3 times and ended up using my disposable roller.
Mine live under the sink and I still use korbond disposable rollers.
Save your money and buy a good vacuum and some disposable rollers.
It does work if you have hours to wash and dry it between each 'roll'
Too time consuming

Love it

My partner bought this product for me as we were constantly using the paper sticky rolls.
This product is great!!!
I did use it for hard to reach spider webs and it ripped the paint off the wall!, so no more using it on the walls.
I have 2 cats and I have long hair. This product is great formtetting hair off the bathroom floor, the cat scratcher ( using carpet attachment ) hair off the bathroom floor.
I highly recommend it
Does as promised
Needs to be rinsed regularly, pulled paint off the wall.

Covers small area and pulled plaster off walls

We have two long haired dogs and so are constantly looking for clever ways to get hair off things. When I saw the Schticky it looked like a good solution - rather than constantly having to use rolls on the previous sticky roller I used. So we purchased a set. When I got it out of the box, I though I'd try the long one on some spider webs high up on the wall which were difficult to reach. It was so sticky it pulled the plaster of the wall, and there is now a big gash in the wall. So no more using on the wall. Then we tried it in the car to get dog fur off the seats. It actually did what it said it would there, except that after one roll of it, the schticky is covered in fur and loses its stickiness. So you can do maybe an A4 paper size space with it - like it shows on the adds. Then you have to wash it and wait it for it dry properly. You can dry with a cloth, but it's not as effective as letting it dry naturally. And if it has any water on it, it won't work. If you could reuse it straight away without washing, it would be good. But it actually has less usage in a roll than the paper ones did.
Works well on carpet in very small area.
Tore plaster of walls and only does really tiny area before needing to be cleaned.

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I bought set from tv got another free sent one set back after it lost its stickiness got another in its place both sets are useless and loose their stickiness after a few uses. Don't waste your money.

Does what it says.

I purchased a 3 pack of Schticky rollers from my local Big W store for $30 recently. There is a small roller for your purse or bag, a larger roller for clothes and then a larger one again which can be used on floors etc. I have tried them all, and use the clothes ( medium size) the most. I have always used the roller with disposable papers in the past and found it expensive to keep replacing the rolls.
They work exactly the same way but with the Schticky once you have covered the surface you rinse it under warm/hot water. I keep a bowl of water nearby when using it if I have a lot of clothes that need lint and the like removed. You can use a little soap detergent but must not use any other sort of cleaning product or you will damage the surface of the Schticky. This is also stated on the instructions. After rinsing it you use a clean preferably lint free cloth to dry it. When it's dry you will feel the surface is sticky again.
I use the large Schticky to get dust and hairs off our floor mats. It is also good for when you drop sugar etc on the kitchen floor but be gentle so you don't scratch up the surface.
All in all i'm quite happy with this product.
Does what it is supposed to do and saves money in the long run.

Not so sticky

Very disappointing - doesnt live up to the advertising. Struggles to pick up even light pieces of fluff.
Slightly sticky at best!
Looks and feels cheap but if it did what was promised you would be happy - however it doesnt.

Save your money - a common clothes brush is 5 times better. Avoid!
it was delivered promptly
It didnt work as promised

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Agree my spider man that I used to have a kid has the same silicon on his hands and feet that you threw agasint the wall and watch him roll down had more shitchy than this!

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