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SGIC Home Insurance

SGIC Home Insurance

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Would not recommend SGIC to anyone. Have been with them for years. Very difficult to communicate with. Have changed our insurance to an Australian Company not a company based in SOUTH AFRICA. Staff were rude and had no idea what the were talking about. Don't insure with them. Doesn't even deserve 1 star

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Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Claim ApprovedYes
Claim DateSeptember 2018
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Hi Heather, we are based in Australia but do use some off shore call centres. Sorry to hear that you have not had the same experience that you should have. All staff have the same training so the experience is aligned. Thanks for taking the time to review our product ~Renae

Tried to get out of paying.

Been with SGIC for 16 years. Never missed a payment or was late paying. Always thought they would do the right thing, especially with long standing, loyal customers. When it came time to pay for the damages, they wriggled and twisted and ended up paying a fraction of the losses. Very disappointing when they were quick to take the premiums but reluctant to give the required services. And had a few rude people on the phone.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Pete, thank you so much for taking the time to review and give your honest feedback. We are sorry that you have been left feeling like this after your claim. A claim should be pain-free and cover you for your entitlements. If you would like the Social Team to follow up on this matter for you, please feel free to PM us your details. Regards ~Renae

Not worth the paper it is written on

After over 40 years of insurance I have never encountered anything like this foreign company. Not sure if deliberately obtuse or simply give the run around so that you give up. Congrats I gave up and I'm not easily dissuaded but life's too short and it was a small claim so I cancelled. Imagine if it was a significant claim you wouldn't stand a chance. Look elsewhere preferably Australian owned. Also, I believe their assessors are rorting the system.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Anna, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are an Australian company and we are sorry to hear you feel the service you received was not up to your expectations. Our global partners receive the same onboarding as all our staff and are trained in our work methods and accredited to handle customers. If we can help you escalate your concerns to the claims manager please PM this page or our Facebook page and we would be happy to help. ~Kaz

Long term Customer of 20+ yrs but feeling disappointed

I have been a long term customer for 20+ years, with only one claim made, so what is more important than value for money was their customer service and ability to accommodate my needs, my policy was easy to set up and over the years i have updated it with no problems, but unfortunately recently when i contacted SGIC to place a claim i did not receive the customer service i had previously had, i found i was having to call to see how my claim was progressing the service consultant was very hard to understand and seemed not to really understand the problem when the assessor attended my property a carpenter was sent not an electrician very frustrating! and to top it off i'm still in limbo. Currently looking for a new provider.

Insurance claim madeYes

Lodging and progressing a claim via their Offshore Call centre is Not Good

Whilst the actual Home Policy is reasonably good value and dealing with the Australian based staff and their Assessors is good, getting you claim underway and progressing it with any further information or any ongoing questions is really difficult.
This was also witnessed first hand when visiting the SGIC 'Shopfront' in Adelaide South Australia recently. Their own staff were re-routed to South Africa and put on hold for ages whilst trying to provide me with face to face customer service. They too appeared really frustrated.
Whatever happened to good local customer service?

Insurance claim madeYes

do not use this company

rude dismissive and unhelpful staff obviously trained to make claiming extremely difficult.
do not use this company as they will prove to be unreliable and difficult to deal with .I have been a customer for 14 years and will be taking my business elsewhere

Insurance claim madeYes

Shocking customer service

Tried to change policy & address online and requested a call back - automated response and sent another certificate with no changes. Call centre doesn't answer after holding for 20mins. Cannot cancel policy online in self-help. Call centre using "cheap labour" in Umhlanga, Durban, who quote according to a set of tables!! Utterly useless!! I cannot imagine what making a claim must be like??

Insurance claim madeNo

Claim for a stolen bicycle knocked backed

I've been a customer for 22 years with 7 policies I've just had my bike stolen and have been told that my claim is not valid so i will be taking my business elsewhere very upset ex customer lift your game sgic.

Insurance claim madeNo

Poor Claim Experience- Property left unsafe

Everything goes well until you need to make a claim, advised property would be made safe as soon as possible, no action for 24 hrs, complete lack of communication. Staff unfriendly.

Insurance claim madeYes

Bad communication

I made a claim 8 days ago and despite being promised a call to clarify what will be covered I have not received any contact. I have called again and promised someone would contact me. This has not happened. We are still unsure if they are going to repair the damages from a fallen tree.

Insurance claim madeYes

Poor service

Burst water pipe in the kitchen an shorted out electricity. Rang SGIC. I was told they were to busy to talk to me and so took my details and was told they would ring back shortly. RIGHT! All I can hear are crickets chirping.. No call back! HOW SLACK. Will be looking elsewhere for renewing our insurance. Multiple policies. Next question " Did you make a claim?" Bit hard when I can't talk to anyone as SGIC!

Insurance claim madeNo

Wonderful I just Love it

Every year it goes up, but stop & read what I did. I have the car, house, contents. With all 3 I get a discount, every year they go up, but take the time to go through it over the phone with them, & discuss your concerns & everytime I have done so, they drop or discount the price of the renewal... You must be clear & write down everything first before you phone them, they are great to deal with. Good value yes. Set up was easy. Support is wonderful. A few years ago I lost a ring, they were wonderful, because I had the extra insurance I have an extra $1500 for personal items lost or stolen & they paid me to replace the ring of $1500 as agreed in the policy, & the following year it did not go up due to my claim. Thanks lexie..Xxx

Insurance claim madeNo

Poor Customer Service

Disappointed in SGIC in that I found a cheaper policy elsewhere and that SGIC wouldn’t price match. When cancelling my policy after 4yrs, the lady was extremely rude. Got to the stage where I’m reviewing partners SGIC policy and will make the switch. I cancelled my car policy recently also due to cheaper elsewhere but the SGIC male staff member was nice and understanding about it.

Insurance claim madeNo

Very good to deal with

A little surprised by all the bad reviews here. I have now had two claims through SGIC (one home, water damage - the other contents, theft) and both have been handled really well & fast.
Lodged my claim for theft on Monday online, had a claims assessor on the phone the next day, and issued with a replacement voucher the following day. Could not have expected any more.

Insurance claim madeYes

just adding to the list of 'terrible experiences'

HAVE 7 POLICIES WITH SGIC BUT NONE CONSIDERED AT THE TIME OF CLAIM. Its shame how much grief have they given us over our home insurance. its been two months and matter is still pending to be resolved.

Insurance claim madeYes

Will but will not pay legitimate claims

A wall in our house failed. Our expert structural engineer determined the cause to be an earth tremor and this was reinforced by an independent assessor. They ignored the engineers opinion and went with what I assume is no more that an unqualified report from a building company who they partner. SGIC used to stand for State Government Insurance Commission. They should change their name to Mumbai Insurance refuse all claims commission.

Insurance claim madeYes

Stay Clear

Have been with them for 6 years, 1 house and 2 cars.
-Had to fight them for making me pay excess on a non at fault accident because I " didn't identify the driver" of the truck that lost some of his load on my bonnet while driving on a 110km per hour highway.
-Cannot get the true value of my car correctly comprehensively insured.
-Being made to pay over a quarter of the cars insured value in annual policy premium.
-Dealing with incompetent off shore consultants who have yet to master the english language.

Absolute sharks...stay well clear, would go to a negative number if system would accept it.

Insurance claim madeNo

One star is too many!!!!..maybe minus 10..

Worst treatment i ever imagined a customer of 30 years plus would recieve..but i surely got it...the royal runaround.first ever claim...but guess what SGIC my renewals are all due in MAY..house contents & 2 cars..I will be as loyal to you as you were to me.....NOT....your house &contents policy is a huge joke...And its all over a fridge that your staff made the huge mistake over..!!!is she still employed...

Insurance claim madeYes

Dont touch SGIC for home and contents.

I have been with SGIC for 13 years. They take the money quick smart but when it comes to claiming its a different story. In a recent storm the top of my pergola shade cloth was ripped and some of the wood separated from the pergola as it was bowed due to the strong wind. SGIC sent a so called builder to check it out and his report was disgusting. He made rude comments about the pergola not being maintained and some rotten wood. There is some rotten wood but this has nothing to do with the part of the pergola that was being claimed. The shade cloth had been replaced approx. two years ago and anyone with skill should be able to see that and the clips that got ripped off still look like new. Also my son and I have painted the pergola so there goes the theory that it has not been maintained. So what next? if the house burns down does that mean they will say its old and not cover that also? The pergola is part of the house ! Anyway stay away and don't trust them. They ripped me off approx. 12 months ago with my car claim too. I will be changing ASAP. They wont get another cent.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy when claimed

We been with SGIC for many years,

The unfortunate happened where needed to make a fairly large claim on accidental damage and was paid out after some negotiations & Quotes & Photos where submitted.

Overall pretty easy to claim with...

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Do you get a concession in your insurance cover if you have a pension card.
1 answer
Hi Dianna F, there is no discount for pension cards, but the premium would be set based on the risk factors of the policy ie. age, surbub etc - feel free to give us a call on 133 233 and we can look into your premium for you ~Renae

What is the minimum amount for insuring home contents
1 answer
Hi Ursula C, we would need to do a quotation using your individual information regarding who resides at the property and the size of the property etc. You can give us a call on 133 233 or quote online using this link https://www.insuranceonline.nrma.com.au/oss/GTConnect/UnifiedAcceptor/Portal.Quote/RW1466560601424?product=Home_Contents&brandId=sgic. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with ~Renae

SW@MMGRAEFE account My husband passed away on the 3rd FEBRUARY & I am wondering what I have to do about changing the policy to my name policy no HOM536931368 Marjorie May Graefe 1-110 Victoria Street Victor Harbor SA 5211 My phone no 0429009718
7 answers
I have since contacted SGIC by telephone but not sure if they are going to take my Husbands name off the policy His name was STANLEY WILLIAM GRAEFEI have since contacted SGIC by telephone & sorted out my insurance but not sure if you are going to remove my Husbands name from the policy marjorie may graefe 1/110 victoria streetHi Marj, so sorry to hear about your loss. Just checking in to see if you have had success in getting the policy names changed? The phone consultants should of been able to get this all sorted for you. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with ~Renae

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