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Shannons Home and Contents Insurance

Shannons Home and Contents Insurance

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Not happy

My claim was rejected they say due to maintenance not storm damage been with you guys for years I didn’t want much a few thousand $ but your accessor never returned my calls and I just got passed from one to another

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimStorm and Rainwater
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim ApprovedNo

I gave one star, only because I needed to in order to write a review

4 weeks ago (on a Friday) our fridge caught fire from a capacitor in the top, leaving us with no fridge.
Rang first thing next morning and told that the next working day (Monday), a technician would be in touch to assess the damage.
We advised them the fridge came with the house when we bought it, was close to 10 years old and we were not even considering a repair to it due to it's age and the possibility of another fire.
No tech rings, no contact from Shannons or their claims department either.
Fast forward 3 weeks and we finally get a call from an overseas company , (Cloud Flow Services) in England of all places, who is handling the inspection of our fridge. How in the hell they can organise some-one in Australia to look at it defies description but we go with it.
Thus far, we have a new fridge we paid for, we got rid of the old fridge because it was huge and had nowhere to store it and we are still waiting on an assessment.
The absolute worse customer service, non existent.
Very quick to take our premium each month on all our Cars, Motorbikes and house though.
Time for a new insurer..............stay away from Shannons

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimFire
Claim DateJanuary 2019

Service was great - claims process could do with some improvement

Our fridge stopped working after 10 years of solid service and Shannon's came to our rescue with a part replacement thanks to our fusion motor coverage. Shannon's cover motor burnout regardless of age which is very impressive.

Shannon's call centre staff were great, they seemed to be from an onshore call centre and were very understanding of our needs.

Here is where the process could be improved - in order to get an assessment of our broken fridge we needed to be contacted by a company in Sydney (within 2 business days), once they are in touch they get a local company to come and assess the motor ( 2 more business days), the local company then writes up a report (2 more business days) this is then passed to the company in Sydney who review the report and write another report for Shannons (4 business days) this report is then passed to Shannons who agree to help with a replacement by sending a request to Harvey Norman (2 business days) who then call a local branch and agree delivery of the product (2 more business days). I think you can see the issue here - it's a perfectly fine process but once you add up all of the business day Service Level Agreements you end up with about 3 weeks worth of time, at best, from calling Shannons to receiving a replacement fridge. I imagine that this process could be streamlined.

Other than that I can't speak highly enough about them - they were able to source a replacement fridge at an excellent price that we put the claim money against and we couldn't be happier with our new fridge.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great for Cars not for Houses

Why would you have a contents policy without accidental breakage. Why would this be an optional extra that you have to add to a policy?
You'd think it would included with the basics . Even if it was extra on the premium each month ... no they wait till you want to claim to tell you you don't have the cover...

Insurance claim madeYes

They have never let me down

So i pay around $100 a month and Im telling you its the best value. i have made 2 claims in the last year. they totally rebuilt my dinning room and lounge from the ceiling down due to rain damage and then last week our son burnt down our kitchen and the total is coming up to $50k and we are in a nice hotel while we get it all fixed.

Thank you Shannon's you guys rock!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible experience...

They will gladly take your premium with a smile. If you need to make a claim they look to what is not covered first and will focus on that . The pds is joke . Forget about explaining what happened , because the answers from Shannon's will be sorry you are not covered for that. Shannon's was once a great company , people need to know that suncorp is the big boss .

10 years of loyalty and a claim was refused based on wording that is very very vague and. 2 engineer reports clearly agreed that damage was cased by water . This leaked water via an under ground pipe to the foundation of the home . They policy clearly stated escape of water from a fixed pipe is covered.

Here is where it turned bad . The pipe was damaged by a tree root. The roots and tree where away from the building and no damages where cased by the tree. The foundation was damaged due to excessive water . But the policy says damage caused by trees or the actions of roots are NOT covered. And they just stopped caring full stop.

The escape of water is covered but because the pipe was damaged by the tree the refused to honor their product.
It's amazing that the ACC can let them sell policy wording and get away with it. Half way through the terrible process they even tried to deny on grounds saying that foundations built 40 years ago do not pass today's standard code. I'm sorry but are people expected to tear down their homes every few years.

Another family member also made a claim for water damage ,, heavy rain fall cased his gutters to over flow back into the roof , the tried to tell him his gutters where too small and the water flow was restricted hence why his roof flooded ,

Just an absolute joke of a so called insurance company.

Insurance claim madeYes

Making a claim

Rang to find out about a claim on some antiques that were accidentally broken, shocking response, after being with them for 4 years and paying high premium, only to be told we didn't take out accidental coverage, which was an added extra...don't go there.

Insurance claim madeNo

HArd to contact

Needed to cancel a policy, arranged for a call back, when they called back, was still put on hold for a few minutes hearing advertising etc.
The idea of a call back is an operator is available now to take your call, not to be out on hold again.

Insurance claim madeNo

Affordable insurance

I am still with Shannons and have had no problems with the insurance policies so far for our house contents and vehicles

Insurance claim madeYes


We had to make a claim and has been nothing but trouble from the time there unqualified trades came to fix it has been over 3 months and the issue is not sorted do yourself a favour and go elsewhere once I finally get my claim sorted I will be gone the staff are rude and unhelpful

Insurance claim madeYes

Contents theft

Unfortunately had to make another claim for theft of contents this time, could not have asked for an easier experience this time no jumping through hoops, no red tape straight into it, had the assessment done within 48 hours, claim was being acted on within a week of incident, very happy with there service this time, if it was only this easy all the time well done Shannon's.

Insurance claim madeYes

No Idea How To Communicate & Are Good At Procrastinating

Someone hit me recently & they only caused monor damage to my valuable rare automobile. Shannons are procrastinating & taking months in assessing my vehicle yet with ample photos issued to them along with police report, etc. etc. Omg this is only a $1200 claim! Has anyone seen how long they have you wait when you phone them just to ask about your claim? They seem to have a high volume of calls everyday everytime all the time!! You just don't know what an insurer is like till you go thru a claim process.
I'm now going to use as a promotional tool. All my showcars (which indeed draw crowds) to let fellow car enthusiasts know to beware of Shannons!!
Shannons you messed with the wrong enthusiast!!
Now excuse me whilst I find a better caring car insurer that actually looks after their clients than steal their money.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolutely disgraceful service

Home insurance claim, so had local builder look at issue. Shannons assessor agreed on site with builders findings, then provided different findings to Shannons , allowing them to disallow claim. Then spent over 110 minutes on numerous telephone calls trying to get them to return my calls, hasn't happened. They are obviously either incompetent or corrupt in how they deal with their assessor and claims. I believe they pay assessors to deny claims and save the company money.

Insurance claim madeYes


If you do here’s what’s likely to happen…

You have a tree take out stairs to your house, eventually after about 3 months of taking your life in your hands to get to your door they will FINALLY send someone to fix it.
The crappy workmen they send will do a terrible job and use old broken materials even tho they claim its all new for old. They will leave untreated arsenic wood for a bannister against Australian recommendations and despite the fact that there is a 3-year-old using the premises and the increased risk to young children.
They will also fail to do several of the repairs despite been told saying they don’t need to. The work men will fail to repair things they broke during the fixing process and leave your bbq at a 45 degree angle with nothing holding it so it falls and breaks meaning it may not be safe to turn on. Nearly another 3 months will go by during which time they will not fix the problem and even paint the wood… a huge block of wood will nearly fall on your sons head nearly killing him.
When you go to there site and email them you will get a really unhelpful [word removed] that will tell you I don’t know “but my guess is”… rather then actually going and finding out…

There will be no concern due to negligence of their contractor, or them I can’t be sure, That your son nearly killed, that your stuff got broken or that your son is been exposed to unacceptable risk due for months on end.

Also when you ask who their regulator is they will not answer.

As I said do not buy insurance from Shannons ever!!!
They will put lives in danger with no concern what so ever.

Still waiting for thing to be fixed from storms in April.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great .. Unless you need to make a claim then be prepared to spend half your life on hold with them

The sales staff and claims lodgement staff are great but from there it all goes downhill. On lodging the claim I was told it would take about a week. After 5 weeks I am still waiting for my replacement TVs, modem and laptop after a power surge cause by a storm (confirmed in writing by the Electricty company) I was told 24-48 for an assessor, it took a over a week through no fault of the assessor who was here the day they appointed him and sent the report back to them to following morning. I was assured within 21 days from then I would have the items delivered to my door. Since then it took 22 days for them to simply obtain quotes for 4 items. Now 2 days and counting for them to decide which supplier they want to use .... It takes over an hour of being on hold to get through to them and they never call you back when they promise they will. As soon as this claim is settled Im cancelling all my policies with them.
A good understanding of cars and no problems with agreed values, good prices and multi policy discounts.
The worst claims service I have ever seen and I work in the insurance industry on the assessment side so I am dealing with claims all day everyday.

Does anyone at Shannons what to help me?

In September 24 2011 my house was broken into. To date I still haven't received a computer or my $23000.00 jewellery reimbursement. Shannons has no experience in dealing with home insurance. I'm still waiting for it to be resolve. Any suggestions?

Unprofessional, not returning calls, lack of information. Still trying to resolve claim

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