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Shell Helix

Shell Helix

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Helix Ultra 5w-40 with PurePlus technology

This came out as the first oil to use a new synthetic technology called GTL (gas to liquid) produced at the Pearl plant in Qatar, and marketed as PurePlus.

Nowadays quite a few other quality oils all over the globe make use of this base stock. This Shell oil has recently been reformulated in some markets (including Australia) and in my opinion it has lowered the amount of GTL being added. This is backed up with the fact that the oil has been dramatically lowered in price during specials something that I never noticed before.

I will continue to use it and monitor its performance into the future but am considering a switch to a different 5w-40 oil.

Purchased in March 2019.

Shell Helix 5w40

Shell is a massive oil company and I trust them to make a great product especially if they put their name on it. Other companies buy oil and market it. I have been using Shell, full and semi synthetic oil for years now. Four and two stroke. All great. I buy top shelf for my good vehicles and cheaper oil for my old bombs.

CarSuzuki Jimny 2012.

Good reliable engine oil

Engine runs smooth and quiet with the HX7 10W40. Good fuel economy also. I use it in all my vehicles being a 2007 Falcon, 2015 Elantra and a 2012 lancer. Trusted brand that i have used for decades. Recommended by top manufacturers. Use with confidence. Keeps my engines clean and protected.

Car2007 BF Falcon

Trusted oil brand

I bought several containers of this oil 10w40 grade, when it was on sale at Repco and Super cheap auto for 20 dollars for 5 lites a while back. I have used it in a few different vehicles and I haven't had any issues. The oil has the SAE specifications of sn/cf which is good as it meets the current requirements. It is one of the three brands I trust. I only use Shell, Castrol or Valvoline nothing else. The brand of oil is a reptuable one and are well known so most car manufacturers are OK with using it. Overall I am happy with this product.

CarFord falcon, Honda civic, Toyota camry, Mazda 6

Feels better with my Mazda 121

Started using this engine oil at my last service and the engine feels much smoother. It has a cleansing technology , or at least that's what it says on the box!, which might be great at cleaning the engine deposits! I highly recommend it to anyone using old cars like mine!

CarMazda 121 Metro

Great oil! Definitely worth the extra couple of $$$

Swapped to shell helix around a year ago and found immediately that the car ran smoother and was a heap quieter on startup. Shell reckon that there is around a 3% fuel economy gain so that offsets the small extra you pay. I was told shell supplies Hyundai ex factory, so it's good to stick with the factory oil even though I service myself

CarHyundai i30

Helix Ultra ECT C3 5W-30 Saab 9-5

After reading about sludge issues in the new (second hand) car I purchased (2002 Saab 9-5 turbo) I decided to drop the sump and see if sludge was present. In short it was and I'm lucky to have not starved the engine, as the oil pickup was so clogged with carbon and other deposits.

Deciding that I didn't want this to happen again I decided to use Helix Ultra 5W-30 ECT C3, which is a low SAPS DexOS2 licensed oil. The difference is noticeable. The car feel lighter, and is averaging 0.2-0.3L/100kms better on the highway vs. the previous used synthetic oil. That woks out to a minimum of 10L of fuel saved every 10,000kms oil change, which more than pays for the extra cost (but be smart an buy on sale for $55 anyway.)

Having used many various products over the years, I firmly believe this (and the other Helix Ultra oils) to be the best oils for passenger cars on the market. You wont be disappointed.


Car2002 Saab 9-5 2.3L Turbo

Shell Helix HX& 10W40

I bought an LD Astra in 89 (new). Always used "top of the line Shell synthetic oils, and from when it first came out the Helix HX7 10W40. Before I scrapped the car (the body was falling apart) it had done over 500,000ks. The motor was still running perfectly, and using about 0.5L every 5,000K, as it had since almost new. In fact it ran so well, my friends reckoned I had done a mild hot-up on the motor. I had never done a thing to the motor except regular servicing, in that time. I am a mechanic by trade and changed the oil every 5,000 and the filter every 10,000K. I do not think prolonged oil changes 10,000K or more in Qld's. climate are a good idea. ie. For every 18F increase in oil temp, you halve the service life of the oil. I also use it in my restored Toranas, and my old 59 McCormack international B250 tractor. I have always used shell oils, but this product is exceptional for longevity of engines.

Car89LD Astra; 59Inter B250 tractor; LJ Torana GTR; Current; 2006Holden Rodeo 2.4L petrol Ute.
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In a codicil to my previous review. Being an engineering bloke, I tend to assume everyone is on the same page. 1. 18F deg. I am referring to 18F oil temp (OT) not 18F A. (ambient). I know most cars don't have oil temp gauges. However, if you have a high performance turbo-charged car, consider getting one fitted. Normal operating temp of oil is 200F+-20F. In racing it can get to 400F. Although I get a bit twitchy when it exceeds 350F. Porsche does not recommend running air cooled Turbo911s on full boost for prolonged periods, in Qld's. climate in summer. BTW. Air cooled engines oils run hotter than water cooled. 2. Use the best quality filters you can lay hands on. Usually one can find a "spec sheet", on the particle size trapped by the filter. 3. Toranas. LJ modified 6cyl. 4. If your filter is horizontal or upside down, make sure it has an "anti drain" valve in it. Otherwise you are running without oil for a few seconds on cold startups. 5. If you are running a "Turbo Petrol engine Shell has higher spec oils, more suitable for them. 6. If you are changing your own oil. Wipe around the sump plug, and sump, before removing the drain plug. Wipe around the rocker cover and fill cap before removing it. Wipe the dipstick and around the top of the dipstick tube before removing it. Wipe the dipstick before replacing it. You don't want to put any extra particles of rubble into your engine. One cannot expect an oil to do the impossible. 7. Fill up your new filter with oil before putting it back on. If it is upside down, disconnect your spark module from the computer (ECM), and crank the engine over, until the oil light goes out.

Engine oil with the best cleaning agent package

Used this oil on my previous 88 integra. It does its job, however did not feel any extra throttle response, or better mileage.
But one thing for sure is the cleaning ability.
The components when looked through the oil filler cap used to have a light yellowish/brownish tint to it. After just one oil change of the 5W-40, ran 5000km and its all back to shiny silver!

No other brands have cleaning agent package as good as the Helix Ultra.

Ultra Extra 5W-30 - Good oil

My dealer uses Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5W-30 fully synthetic oil in my X-Trail TL Diesel. The M9R engine in the X-Trail is very fussy with oil requirements in that it must be fully synthetic and it must meet ACEA-C3 standards to be suitable for the Diesel Particulate Filter.
Shell Helix is an excellent oil - it maintains a clean engine and it seems to suit the DPF-fitted diesel very well. Highly recommended.
Not the most expensive, high quality, good cold starting in Winter
Nothing, really.

Questions & Answers

Can I use this oil in motorcycle?
2 answers
No do not use it. It's for cars only. For motorcycle's use the correct motorcycle oil.If it's an expensive bike and bike oil is readily available then I would buy that. If it is still under warranty then no. But if it's a cheap run of the mill bike and you are a days drive from a shop then yeah why not.

Can you use shell helix hx7 10w40 in Wet clutch motorcycles?
6 answers
No I would not use it. I would use the oIL that is specied for motorcycles it make work OK but I would not risk it.No I would not use it. I would use the oIL that is specied for motorcycles it may work OK but I would not risk it.Ok , i have heard that it is ok in a wet clutch use , but i thought i would put the question out there to see if anyone has actually used it and how it went with a wet clutch motorcycle . Thanks .

Can I use hx7 10w-40 in a toyota hilux?
2 answers
What year was the hilux made and is it petrol or diesel.Have a look on the Shell Lubematch webpage. Later models call for a 5W30 Helix Ultra ECT. Earlier models state the HX7 10W40 as the preferred oil.


Shell Helix
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