Terrible product Appalling Service

Very long story.
Original siddons multiple failures. Seen by repairer and just reset. At 4yrs electric and refrig pipe shorted blowing a hole in the system as per reviewer below.
Had to buy new heat pump as outside warranty.
New heat pump began malfunctioning at six months - multiple contacts with service department and basically minimal help - no hot water multiple days. Eventually after multiple complaints and 4 months Siddons finally sent a repair tech. Technician diagnosed problems and suggested the unit needed major work. He discussed with Siddons who want to flush the system and said he would be back - over a week later - still no hot water, tech not responding to calls.
Summary : Expensive unit, terrible quality, appalling customer service and product support.
Unfortunately can't give it zero stars

Recommend: Do not under any circumstances purchase one of these units.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

NEVER deal with Siddons

I purchased a siddons heat pump five years ago. This system had a stainless steel tank with 10 year warranty.
To cut a long story short, the tank was deemed, by their authorised repair people, to be faulty and needed to be replaced. Upon contacting Siddons management, they said warranty does not stand because the company who supplied the tank have gone out of business, thus no warranty. I have contacted fair trading dept. and they indicated to me that on the surface, that they should honour the warranty. Siddons then tried to get me into another heat pump at a reduced price.
NEVER, EVER, deal with Siddons and their products. The warranties they claim to have are worthless. I have gone back to an electric HWS, less moving parts, more reliable than the heat pump system.

BUYER BEWARE... if dealing with Siddons

Date PurchasedMay 2011

Faulty construction and no service

After researching all the latest efficient hot water systems available, I chose an all in one "heat pump" style from Siddons. One of the main reasons I chose Siddons was due to the stainless steel tank option. From the start we were disappointed in the performance with only 1 hot shower capacity from a 270 liter tank. Despite many tests and adjustments we could not get the system to perform as promised and had to replace with another brand. Refer to my separate review for our experience with Siddons service.

September 27th 2016 Update: No service or solution for faulty product.

After researching all the latest efficient hot water systems available, I chose an all in one "heat pump" style from Siddons. One of the main reasons I chose Siddons was due to the stainless steel tank option. From the start we were disappointed in the performance with only 1 hot shower capacity from a 270 liter tank.

It took several attempts at communication to get Siddons to finally respond and we were offered all sorts of adjustments, plumbing modifications and tests over the phone with no improvement. Finally after weeks of complaints we had a visit to our home and the Siddons agent agreed that the unit was faulty and not performing correctly, but no action was taken and we were asked over and over again to conduct tests at our expense on our time. I was getting sick of the inaction and indicated that I would seek a refund if the unit was not repaired / replaced within a reasonable time.

Eventually after months of disappointed the business owner himself visited and witnessed the problems but left without promising any solution and asked for us to conduct further tests. Once again a week later we had to chase Siddons to confirm if any action was planned and after giving Siddons a generous time to respond but with no answers we eventually were left with no option but to remove the Siddons and replace with another brand.

It’s a real pity that Siddons did not follow through with the backup service as I do believe that we simply had a faulty model and it could have been resolved if they simply took action to disassemble and repair the unit. The Siddons staff were friendly and polite but unfortunately that is not enough when you have forked out thousands of dollars for hot water and power savings and end up with neither.

The competitors brand is now in place and working fine and performing as we expected confirming that my selection of the heat pump technology was sound, but unfortunately I had picked a brand that did not believe or were incapable of back up service.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

HWS stopped working 6 months ago

Our Siddons HWS stopped working 6 months ago. It was repaired temporarily to allow us to use the unit. We were told it would be replaced under warranty. Still have not had it fixed and no satisfaction at all. Appalling. Keep ringing the repairer and they keep telling us it has not yet arrived from the east.
They sent us some paper work some weeks ago, and were told they had received the unit. Now they say it has not been received. Who is lying? No satisfaction at all. They were to return a phone call some weeks ago. Still have not heard.
Don't know what to do next, except to proceed to complain to Consumer Affairs. Additionally I do wonder why we have to pay the installation costs to a product being repaired under warranty, if it ever happens.

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Have now had the system replaced after the above review. New system working well at this point.

Do your research before purchasing from Siddons

We've had the unit 4 years. In that time I have had a thermostat replaced under warranty. Now the unit is not working again, so I contacted Siddons. 2 years ago, they had a repairer in Launceston, TAS. Now, they have an agent in Hobart, servicing the whole of Tas. After contacting Siddons Hobart agent 24 hrs ago, no call from them, so I rang them. They are having trouble finding someone to service our system. I would think after forking out $5100, there would be people around to service Siddons units. Obviously not. So far, no good.

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In the end, I had to find my own repairman.the wiring had worn through shorted out causing a hole in the coolant pipe. $300 worth of new coolant, plus repair work. 1/3 of the cost of a standard water heater of similar capacity. Don't think these are worth the money.


I spent nearly $4,000.00 on this unit. It was installed by Dingo Solar. After about 18 months it suddenly started over heating and I got an electricity bill that was 5 times higher than normal. Now 4.5 years later it's just stopped heating without any explanation. So much for the 10 year warranty! The previous unit had worked for 15 years without a problem.

I have tried to ring and email Siddons and so far I have had no response.

Loving the unit and loving the savings

Our twin element hot water system suddenly broke down and it was time to replace it. I asked around and everyone seemed to agree that constant hot water (gas) was the way to go but I wasn't a fan of not having any hot water stored in a tank or to have to spend a fortune to install a new gas pipe to reach the hot water unit.. I needed hot water fast and I wasn't going to get another expensive-to-run twin element system, but at the same time I needed to replace my unit on that day as I was flying out the next day and leaving the family at home without hot water otherwise. I then remembered reading about Siddons Heat pump systems a while ago so I gave them a call. The service was fantastic, I had a unit delivered within a few hours and my plumber managed to install it on the day (seems to be quite simple to install). It only has been a few weeks but the water has been hot and the electricity usage has gone down significantly since the changeover.

Biggest Waste of money I have ever spent

I have had this piece of crap for 4 years and it has been nothing but trouble.
I have had to have a plumber,electrician and refrigeration mechanic to fix things at different times, all paid for by me. There are 2 people using this, my dishwasher and washing machine heat their own water and still we constantly have no hot water. I was told to go and buy a swimming pool timer, what the? Why should I. The bloody thing should just work!

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I have finally taken this piece of rubbish to where it belongs. THE TIP. Electrician agreed. Yes yet another visit from a tradie. I will never buy another product from this company and I am spreading the word. Don't forget the power of the internet and social media Siddons.

Install, set and Forget.

After battling with a small Electric Element Hot water system since we bought the house 3 years ago, and with Relatives on the way to see Tasmania in it's Winter Glory (Got to love the Snow on the Highlands) our little Hot water system was never going to cut it.
I had spent many a late night researching Hot water systems, I wanted a Solar system but with Solar panels taking up my Sun facing roof space, and the fact that the Solar Receiver would have been at one end of the house and the Hot Water tank being at the other, Solar Hot Water was ruled out.
Heat Pump Hot water was the Winner!
I once again spent numerous hours reading, investigating and looking at Feedback, the consistent thing I kept reading was people loved the Siddons systems.
We had the 327L Siddons system installed early this month and so far it has performed above my expectations, and considering I live in Tasmania with many minus degree mornings, I'm even more impressed! I made contact with Siddons directly via Email and phone, and all my questions were answered promptly, they also put me in touch with there recommended local installer, I also asked him some questions, he was also great to deal with. So I placed my order!
It arrived promptly from Siddons and it was installed and setup in about 4 hours, it was switched on at 2pm and by 6pm we had a tank full of Hot Water, The Installer came back a couple of days after the install to do a final tweak and check, he made some final adjustments on it's little wall mounted display panel, and it's done. with plenty of Hot Water whenever we want.

To put it simply:
Our old system was 150 Liters, drew nearly double the power (2.6Kw) with an average recovery time of 4 hours (so roughly $1.65 worth of electricity) that's for 2 adults to Shower and no Hot water left for the night for anyone/anything else.
The Siddons, 327 Liter that draws not quite half the power (1.4 Kw) with an average recovery time of 2 hours (So roughly $0.45 worth of electricity) again that's for 2 Adults having Nice long hot showers with the Dishes done for the night, and plenty of hot water to spare!

WINNER: Siddons!

My only gripe (and it's a minor one) you need 3 trades to get it installed (Electrician, Plumber and Refrigeration Mechanic) but a number of Trades are getting multiple crossover licenses (Plumbers are getting Refrigeration Licenses for example) but I just set it up so my Plumbers arrived 1st, plumbed in the tank, The Fridgy arrived 2 hours later and the electrician arrived abut an hour after that to do the final switchover from the old element system. took a little bit of juggling with the Trades, but it worked out well.
Quick and quiet, energy efficent, Handles the Tasmanian Winters better than I hoped.
Needs 3 trades for Install (See Review)

Questions & Answers

Friends lost hot water solar system. Is there a dealer or installer in kiah area?
No answers

Would like to know if Siddons is still in business? Can’t find a phone number from them anymore on the net. One I found is always buissy and one does not exist anymore.
4 answers
I have had a look on the Internet and can’t find them anywhere so maybe they have closed up shop. Maybe ask a retailer who used to deal with them, they might know.Hi Else As far as I know they are still going Www.siddonssolarstream.com Regards PeterUnfortunately the webpage www.siddonssolarstream.com doesn’t open anymore. I almost think that there don’t exist anymore.

We are a large retreat and meditation centre. We have five Siddons Heat Pump tanks and units about four years old. They work fine except in winter. Whenever there is a frost they ice up and form solid ice inside the unit and produce no hot water. Our customers are not impressed! Any suggestions to fix the problem? would be greatly appreciated. Steve
4 answers
I don't work for Siddons, but it sounds like the defrost function is not working, most Air con/heat pump systems have sensors that detect Ice build up on the coils and they automatically defrost, sometimes that sensor may be faulty or has lost contact with the coil, give the guys at Siddons a call and they will find a service agent for you or guide you on how best to rectify the issue. I spoke to them a few times when making the purchase of my Siddons and they were very helpful with information and finding a service agent to do the installation.Heat Pumps do not work below a certain temperature and the hotter the day the more efficient they are at creating hot water. Accordingly you should not run them at all when the temp is below zero (Frost) They are best to run at the hottest time of the day. They have a large storage tank so running them for only 1 - 4 hrs a day should be fine. If the days and nights are warmer over 13 degrees then the difference in electricity tariff from day rate to off peak may mean it is cheaper to run them at night even though it will be less efficient. It is also possible to buy an insulated tank to act as a battery to store hot water produced. This may be worthwhile if you are using solar panels that fail to produce due to clouds - the tank will get you over one day of clouds.they maybe under charged with refridgerant best way to solve this problem is get SANDEN ECO HOT WATER SYSTEMS...cheaper to operate , no frost issues

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