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Silit Sicomatic T-Plus

Silit Sicomatic T-Plus

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Fantastic - very easy to use

I have had my Silit 6.5lt Pressure cooker for 18 months now and love it. It has replaced the need for a slow cooker. It is a sturdy design. Would not be without it. Bit worried that they no longer have an Australian distributor. Warranty was meant to out live me!!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great pressure cooker BUT......

There is no longer a Silit distributor in Aus and the manufacturer claims they can not ship parts to Aus or NZ.
This means that if your PC breaks it probably can't be fixed. So much for the great warranty!
I did manage to find a new lid seal that was still in stock at a kitchen shop. The only others available are from the UK at between $50-$60.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Bad start but still a great product

We bought this from VB and excitedly set out to cook our first dish. Unfortunately, my wife picked a lemon because there was steam coming out near the handle.
Luckily, the store replaced the unit and we cooked oxtail soup yesterday with great success.
Normally it would HV taken 3-4 hrs but the soup was ready in less than an HR.
The pot is beautifully made/finished, solid quality, heavy and mechanically very sound. What may be a not-so-strong point is the rubber parts on the inside of the lid. Be careful not to damage these. Our first pot had a broken rubber part, probably a sensor, that let to the steam leaking. Also, if you can't wait for the pressure to drop, try to drop the pressure from setting 2 to setting 1 wait for pressure to drop before going to zero. This will prevent soup from shooting out from the relief valve. Better still let the pot cool and depressurise by itself. Overall, happy with this product. Easy to use, though I suggest watching some YouTube instructional videos first, as pressurised steam is a potential hazard. Just hope the soft parts last.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great pressure cooker

I love my Silit 6.5 L pressure cooker. I got it to replace the Breville fast slow cooker when I decided to get rid of my non-stick pans and appliances. It is soooo much faster to come to pressure than the electric version and a lot less fussy if you need to bring it to pressure more than once for a dish (eg cook, release pressure, cook again) which I very rarely got to work on the electric version. I haven't had an issue with it sticking but it is a bit harder to clean due to the weight. I freaked out after using it once because the nice shiny coating on the bottom of the pan discoloured a bit but it hasn't made any difference to cooking. I would recommend facing the pressure release towards a wall as this has suddenly spat out a bit of steam once (eg handle towards you). I find that the speed that this comes to pressure more than makes up for having to keep an eye on it and not having the timer that you would on an electric cooker (which could just be counting down for the fun of it and not actually pressure cooking - in my experience).

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Love it

I purchased the pressure cooker and have been using it almost daily since. I have found it to be reliable and easy to use. I wouldn't be without it. This is my second pressure cooker. The first never sealed properly and use to drip over the stop top. This one does a fantastic job of all the pulses. I have had one messy experience, which I feel was a result of user error. Note don't do a second batch of beans without cleaning the lid in between.
The pressure cooker is very heavy but very manageable if you use both handles. I am very happy with the pressure cooker.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Easy to use

I didn't find the instruction very useful as it was not detailed like the other cookers I had in the past but I was not worried. My broth with presoaked beans and lamb shank turns out beautifully, not burnt and melt in the mouth and in less than an hour.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

One of the best pressure cookers out there!

Our Silit pressure cooker is used very regularly in our kitchen. Easy to use locking mechanism - it just feels safe and secure - there's no fear of an explosion with the Silit!

Glossy enamel interior and exterior is super easy to clean and maintain and looks classy in any kitchen - (there are a few different colours to choose from). It is a quality German made cooker and is considerably heavier to handle in comparison to a stainless steel appliance.

We mainly make risottos and soups in our Silit with great results and it's used almost daily over the winter months!

On the whole, we're thrilled with our Silit and would genuinely and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the market for a superior pressure cooker!

PS: we found the accompanying manual/recipe book useless and threw it out quick smart! Purchase your own pressure cooker cookbook/s or google recipes instead.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Throw everything out but leave me my Silit!!!

This pressure cooker is simply sensational. It heats up in a flash when used as a normal pot. The six litre pot allows us to easily cook for our family of four. I only wish I had this beautiful pressure cooker as a wedding gift as it is so well built and so incredibly energy efficient it would have saved us countless cooking hours and energy dollars as well as becoming a kitchen heirloom. Excellent German build quality. Spare parts are so readily available. Just don't hesitate. This is the very best you can buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Excellent top quality product

I was in the market for a pressure cooker because it's the best way to make dhal (lentils/pulses). It is impressive for cooking just about everything and much quicker. I have made, well apart from lots of dhal, stewed fruit, meat, whole chicken, vegetables, soups etc. I also bought the steamer insert which is very useful. It takes a bit of time to learn how to use the cooker, I watched a video on youtube a few times, read the booklet and borrowed library books on pressure cooking. Once I got the hang of it I find it very efficient.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Good quality, very happy, though cooking times in manual are questionable

After our Prestige pressure cooker finally gave up (wouldn't seal) after 30+ years we got a new Silit model - it may be the same size as the old one (stainless steel) but is very heavy, reassuringly so. It was about half price in the sale at $249.

We were surprised that it did not come with a trivet or basket but the Prestige ones fitted so that's ok. The unit is easy to use though the manual leaves a few instructions open to interpretation. Potatoes came out well cooked when we followed the instructions but the broccoli and carrots needed much more time that the manual suggested.

All in all, though, we're very pleased with the unit - the build quality is typically high for German products, the finish is excellent and it is easy to use. The black colour even goes well with our Circulon pans.

Edit: watching a Silit video on-line (YouTube) made it clear that the manual is misleading. Once that was worked out, our results have been much improved - 5 stars as a result.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Do yourself a favor and do not buy one!

Bought new in January and due to kitchen renovations used for the first time two weeks ago. My first use was mediocre and did not hold pressure, second use resulted in no pressure held at all. Returned to the retail store and subsequently discovered that pressure seal had a hole. Silit decided to replace the pressure seal and provide back to me. I am totally dissatisfied with this outcome as it is uncomforting to know if the pressure cooker is safe. This was supposed to be brand new and quality controlled, clearly not. I requested a replacement and the answer is an emphatic no! This is clearly not a brand that values quality and customer service.
Do yourself a favour and do not buy the Silit brand!
Not happy as I bought New, not to be repaired within the first two uses.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Amazing and easy to use

The Silit Sicomatic T-Plus is my first pressure cooker. It is so easy to use and clean. The construction is top notch, with quality written all over it. I've cooked stews and soups in it, the flavours are amazing. Highly recommended if you're after something without the bells and whistles and is the best quality pressure cooker around.

Love it!

A great product. Easy to use, excellent quality build, good safety features, very easy to clean, impressive 30 year warranty. Purchased after a bad experience with an unreliable electric unit.
If I had to pick at something, I'd say it would be nice if this came in a larger size. But overall I'm a very happy customer!

Silit pressure cooker awesome!

I recently bought this pressure cooker and I love it. Cooks very fast and meat melts in your mouth. This way you can buy cheaper meats and cook perfect. once it reaches the right temperature the temperature can be turn down to minimum. You have to be very careful not fry/seal meat in the silit because you can burn the food easily as it it sticks and gets burnt at the base. Do this job in a frying pan and then put in the silit and food will be perfect

Brilliant 1 pot cooking

I live alone and travel many km in a day. The last thing I want to do is cook. With my silit I can enjoy quick meals that really taste good, and I don't have a lot of cleaning up to do. My meals are simple...chuck everything in. Works for me. And the meats taste fantastic. Even the cheap cuts surrender beautiful flavor.

6.5 L Silit Pressure Cooker

Bought based on reviews as a replacement for my old 'bobble-top' style pressure cooker used for many years. Just as efficient.
Noticeable differences are particularly the weight of the Silit at a heavy 4.5 kilos and a much quieter gentle operation.
Overall a satisfactory purchase for purpose.
The downside of the pressure cooker is that it is so heavy. Definitely try it out for manageability instore.
Also sometimes not all of the steam vents and you are required to give the Silit a few shakes to enable the last of the steam out so you can open the lid - again I find this difficult because of its weight.


The pressure cooker is well made, durable and healthy to use. I turn the heat down when it reaches the desired pressure. For steaming, I use a heatproof silicone basket, but for casseroles, I only turn the pressure on after it has reached boiling point and I have made sure no food has stuck to the bottom.

Quality & does the job well

Quality, easy to use, the more you use it , increases your confidence. Cook book doesn't give specific cooking times for foods. Once you are familiar, you will love the results. Have a look online for cooking times for pressure cooked food. Easy to clean. Can get cheaper price online. Enjoy :D

Brilliant and extremely well built

Probably the best $189 I've spent on kitchenware ever. Amazingly easy to use and so much better than my Baccarat iD3 pressure cooker. Just everything about it is so solid and the food ALWAYS turns out perfect. Big enough to cook anything for my family of six (6.5ltr). Have used it for up to 10 chicken breasts (4 minutes) so it's a decent size.

absolutely perfect!

After reading many reviews of this and other brands I decided on this one & haven't looked back. It is expensive but I bought mine on sale so it was a bargain in my books. Works beautifully. Great size for a small kitchen or one with limited space. Easy to clean. Good quality with a heavy lid.

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Questions & Answers

I wish to use my Silit Sicomatic pot as a normal stew pot without using the pressure function. Can anyone advise how to do it?
1 answer
Just leave the switch at '0' mark, and the pressure should not build up

I am looking for a new rubber ring for my silit 6.5 ltr pressure cooker - any suggestions?
No answers

My pot has cool down but I m unable to unlocked it. The button cannot be push to open. Please help Thank you
1 answer
Has the knob gone down? If the pressure is still there in the pot, it is not possible to force the pot open.


Sicomatic T-Plus
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