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Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

4.0 from 31 reviews

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Great for skin, torture for eyes!

Although I do love what this scrub does for my skin I always and inevitably end up with at least one tiny bit of scrub grain in my eye no matter how careful I am not to use it near my eyes. I'm not talking about while I'm in the shower actually scrubbing but after rinsing it seems to end up quietly and invisibly (they are microscopic) stuck in my eyelashes just waiting for an inopportune time to make it's way into my eyeball. Then it is so scratchy that I have had to use antibiotic eye cream for infected eyeball scratches several times. I love this stuff but this happened repeatedly no matter how careful and diligent I was about rinsing etc. As soon as I stopped using it this stopped happening. As soon as I used it again, it happened again. Good stuff for skin, terrible for eyes. Has anyone else had this problem?

Purchased in January 2019 for $35.00.

Value for Money
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Warning: contains microbeads instead of jojoba beads!!

Really harsh on the skin and dried me out terribly. I realised from reading the ingredients that it also contains Nylon 6 plastic microbeads, not the jojoba beads as thought!!! Terribly damaging to the environment and our waterways !!

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

I was sold the product because my face was not being cared for properly. this scrub has made my face feel smoother without being oily, i would also recommend the 12% cleanser and the moisturiser. my face feels so much better every time i do my skin routine. great products would recommend in the future. WOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN? YESSSSS. it is so worth the money.


This product has helped my skin so much. For the past 8 years I've had dry acne prone skin, in the last year I started getting hormonal cyst pimples that were painful and big. Since using this product I no longer get cyst pimples and my other acne has started also clearing. I have been getting a lot of compliments on how nice my skin is looking and how I now have a glow. I also use the L-Lactic Cleanser, Moisture Defence Ultra Dry and Age Defence SPF50+.

Finally something that works

I have quite oily skin and also suffer from hormonal breakouts so I needed something pretty strong to control my skin. My friend was using it and I tried it once, and after even one use I noticed a difference. It also lasts forever because you only need a tiny bit. I recommend using one of the moisturisers too as your skin can get quite dry.

Not good, not bad

This scrub was recommended to me for usage on the 4th day after laser hair removal treatment. No visible results, not happy with the texture, but the smell is good. Will I buy it again? No!

They have the gift of the gab

I was being seen for my acne at a Skinstitute seller. They managed to sell me all three steps that also got a bonus retinol serum. All 4 products i was ripped off with were horrible. After washing my face, i used a gentle clinque toner. All of the dirt was wiped off by the toner. The “moisturiser” i I was sold- ‘laser aid’ was just an aloe gel that did NOTHING. I was then asked later by the same woman that sold it to me “Why are you using that for!?”. I could go on about this waste of money product but i have better things to do. Dont be put off by the simple clean looking packaging and large product size. If i were you.. save your money. Use the $100+ to put towards a professional dermatologist and get some real advice about skin products. Waste. Of. Money.

Perfect scrub

I use this three times a week, this combined with my gamma hydroxy resurfacing cream has cured my acne. This makes my skin super smooth and has reduced scaring, will definitely purchase again

This is high quality and affordable line of skin care

I usually purchase the $90 for 3 products or $150 for 5. Which includes all serums and pure vitamin c powder. One serum elsewhere can cost you easily over 100 dollars alone. This glycolic exfoliant is so worth getting and lasts forever.

Contains microbeads (NYLON)

I loved this scrub as soon as I used it. I feel like my skin started feeling and looking great immediately after using this in regime for normal skin...and then I read the back label. It contains micro plastics/ MICROBEADS (NYLON) that are adding to ocean pollution and entering our food chain.

I can't in good conscience use the stuff now - I really wish I read the back before purchasing. If you don't care about the planet then byball means by it as it really does the job it says.

My Favourite Skincare Essential!

I wear a lot of stage makeup, so my skin was pretty tired and pores clogged. I was looking into an alternative to my skincare I was using. I heard about the hype of Skinstitut and wanted to give it a try. After a week I could see the results of using it, as time went on and I continued using as directed my skin improved drastically! I'd recommend this product to those who have oily skin, and to ask your skincare professional which other complimenting Skinstitiut products you can use in conjunction with the Glycolic Scrub to boost your results.

Not happy about the ingredients!!

This product contains Nylon 6 (microbeads) which is plastic. Causes microplastic litter in our oceans &
enters the foodchain, thereby we eat fish with plastic in it!! I hope Skinstitut look at removing this ingredient.

Really Worth Having

I am very pleased with this product. I use it on my face and body. You get a very good quantity at a good price. My face feels and looks so much better after I use this product. I have open pores and oily skin and this is one of the best exfoliators I've used. I also use it on my chest, back, arms pretty much everywhere. It is gentle and my skin never feels uncomfortable after using this product

I was a sceptic, but I'm sold

In just two weeks this scrub has changed my skin for the better, my horrible hormonal acne has cleared up and the texture of my skin is so smooth. It is such a deep exfoliant my skin has never felt so clean.

Amazing scrub with visible results

I purchased the Glycolic scrub to compliment the L-Lactic cleanser from the same range. I have a cupboard full of failed products to help clear and maintain hormonal breakouts.
Since using the scrub, my breakouts are under control and my skin tone has improved significantly. I also use the scrub on my décolletage and back to keep any spots at bay.

Tingle, Burn then breakout

Test Patch this product first, After it burnt me and left my skin extremely sensitive and in pain I broke out and was so red and blotchy, I ended up with worse skin than before. As it was recommended by a so called High end beauty spa I trusted it and I am extremely annoyed and disappointed.

Would not use anything else!

Since starting to use skinstitut 6 months ago my skin has never felt or looked better! At first I had a few breakouts and was quiet sensitive but that's normal when you start on new products! Love love the product.

Broke out worse than a hormonal teenage girl

I got suckered into buying this product, enzyme mask and laser aid after having some laser hair removal and a skin consultation - the laser technician said I had to use these products before they attempted to laser my skin on my face. I have rosacea (no acne - just flushed cheeks). I broke out so badly my face was swollen and even my 2 1/2 year old son was worried about the "ouch" on mummy's face.
I stopped using it and 2 days after using it my face started to get much better.
I dont usually write reviews (good ones or bad ones) but i felt like i had to comment on this - in case others are experiencing the same.

Off to see a qualified dermatologist next week.

Amazing product!

I love all your products but Im absolutely loving this scrub! I have been using your products and loving them my face and body feels and looks so much better now!❤️

Breaks me out

It seems like this product receives a lot of positive reviews, and I'm sure it is a good product but each time i've used this, it has caused me breakouts.

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Questions & Answers

Judt wanting to check wether micro beads are still an ingredient before I purchase ?
No answers

Are there parabens in this product? Do you have a store in Europe ? I really want this product.
2 answers
I just checked the ingredients list for you and there are no parabens in this product. Maybe try this site? I'm not sure if they do international shipping, but it's worth a try. I noticed they have a 40% off skinstitut sale on too, I will definitely be restocking my supply. http://www.skincarestore.com.au/Skinstitut-Offer?gclid=CPGRtcuBkswCFQaXvQod4XwNmAi would like to know the ingredients list, have too many intolerances

Which brand is better for my face if it's very sensitive ? Skinstitut , dermalogica or neutrogena hydro boost? Thanks
1 answer
Not really sure, I'm sensitive too I'm sticking with la Roche Posay The brands you mentioned I have used skinstitut which was great at the start but then gave me pimples Neutropenia was horrid for me didn't work Hydro boost not sure not used? Dermalogica this is used when I go for a facial which is fine but nothing great Hope that helps you all skin is different


Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%
CategoryCleansers and Exfoliators
Price (RRP) $45
Skin TypeNormal, Dry, Oily and Combination
Release dateAug 2012

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