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Sleepy Bub Romper

Sleepy Bub Romper

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Sleepy Bub Rocks!

I have recently received my sleepy bub product. my son has been put in the romper for his nap today and we are going onto 1 hour of sleep which is extremely rare during the day!
The material and zippy arms are genius! Looking forward to a well rested bub.

No more fighting with wraps!

I’ve seen Sleepy Bub come up as a suggestion on my Facebook a few times. Showed hubby and he was all for it. I gave Eileen a call with so many questions and she was happy to answer all. I ordered both the romper and swaddle. He's seemed to learn pretty quickly not to move his arms as it won't get him no where! We've managed to stretch the sleeps to about 4.5-5 hours

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Thank you so much for your review Effie! It means so much to us that you would take the time to do this. I hope Andrew continues to sleep better in his Sleepy Bub swaddle. xx

Perfect :)

I received a romper through cleft connect for my cleft affected daughter it is awesome thank you so much for supporting us with your product I swear by it as she also is nasal tube fed so helps for her to leave that in at night rather then it getting pulled out and having to go to hospital to re tube so absolutely perfect for my unique child :) washes every day and still looks feels new great quality :)

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Oh wow! Thank you so much for this awesome review Kylee! I'm so happy to know our romper has helped your precious & unique gorgeous girl. Xx

Sleeping peacefully!

I have 2 of these for my daughter and they are amazing. I originally got these because my daughter had cleft lip surgery and they were perfect for keeping her hands away from her face. She is all healed now but I still continue to use these as she sleeps so peacefully in them. Material is soft and washes easily.

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Thank you so much Kate! I love hearing how our rompers are not just helping little ones sleep, but also helping them recover after cleft lip surgery. So happy to hear your daughter has recovered well. Thank you once again for taking the time to share your experience, we really appreciate it. xx

What a success!!!

I know its only been one night but it was the best sleep iv had in 3 months...my son knows how to wiggle his arms out of anything and once his arms are out he is then wide awake...the zips keep his arms nice and tucked in and because of that he slept from 8pm -5am without waking once...i may be getting ahead of my self but i can say im looking forward to more nights of great sleep

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Thank you so much Tamara for this fantastic review! We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day for us. I hope your little one has continued to sleep through the night. Hello Sleep! xx

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