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Smeg TRA90

Smeg TRA90

MPN: 36568582
4.2 from 20 reviews

Fantastic oven

I purchased a smeg Victoria tra 90 black stove I love it not only does it loook impressive it cooks really well I would recommend this oven to anyone one happy customer

Purchased in November 2017 at Harvey Norman for $4,590.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Daily

After paying over $4500 for this oven - Not worth it!

Problem with this oven when just coming out of box and plugging in.
Technician said - clock issue. That was fixed.
After doing burn off as required. I Started cooking normally and realised after taking meal I cooked out, metal particles on the base of oven and some kind substance coming out of fan and back panel.
Technician came out - he said burn out not done properly or it’s the grease from my cooking.
Manager rings me and said it was my cooking
So will not replace.
After cooking I found the cooking is not even. It cooks more on one side than the other. So you have to turn around.
I am so angry and will never buy a Smeg product again. I have been more happier with cheaper ovens.

Purchased in June 2019 at Harvey Norman for $4,600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Weekly
Dear Elizabeta, Sorry to hear about the issues with your oven. Can you kindly email us direct with your full name, address and a contact telephone number. We will then contact you to discuss this and co-ordinate for a representative to attend your premises. Our Email address is: service@smeg.com.au and please mark to the attention of Lesley. Regards, Smeg Australia.Dear Elizabeta, We would our national service manager to assist with your issue. If you could kindly email him with your details and any service invoices at, steve.cullen@smeg.com.au. Once he has this information, he will be in direct contact with you. Regards Smeg

Has taken our kitchen to the next level

Fantastic oven, cooks evenly and looks amazing, we could not be happier with our choice. Easy to clean and excellent functions, the gas cooktop is well set out and the soft close door is a bonus

Purchased in July 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily
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Sharin, fantastic to hear good news from our customers. Enjoy your SMEG cooking experiences every day!!

Highly Recommended!

Not only is this oven good to look at in the kitchen, but works amazingly. Great size oven that fits large trays (which are included). Very easy to use. Cleans well with a warm cloth. Oven works so well and cooks everything equally. Highly recommended! Heaps of family and friends have purchased this oven and have not one word of complaint!

Purchased in February 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

Great Oven

Love this oven.
Cooks well.
Has double fans.
Cooks evenly for a large bake.
The gas cook top is excellent.
Ezy to clean.
A trouble free oven.
Would buy this again.
Bought at Harvey Norman as a package deal with matching Range Hood.

Purchased in December 2015 at Harvey Norman for $6,300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Product is used: Daily

Crap quality finish that apparently they can’t control

Works well as an oven but still ongoing after 5 months to have repairs done. Oven was damaged in the box when new. Have had the service guy here 4 times to repair it and every time he come with new parts that are also damaged under the packaging. Have rang head office in Sydney and they say they can’t control the quality of products smeg is sending. So if you want a good oven that looks like it’s been through the wars and doesn’t compliment your kitchen in anyway. And have spare time to keep letting the service guy come around, Buy a smeg or avoid if you’re not prepared for all the hassle that comes with it

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Dear Chadd. I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and your email/ telephone contact details and also the name of the Service Agent who has been assisting you. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix this situation, which is unacceptable and I will contact you direct to discuss this matter. Regards, Steve Cullen

Can’t get any better than this

Looks so good and works like a charm. I can not fault it at all. Oven works efficiently and is great . Cleaning is very easy and doesn’t take much time. I am very happy with my purchase should of done it sooner. Maybe my cooking will now improve, I have the tool

Date PurchasedAug 2018

We love our SMEG oven!

We bought this model mainly for its good looks, as it works well with our black and white, retro-styled kitchen. We are new to fan-forced cooking, but found it works like a dream — we don't need to switch baking dishes around, and we can bake bread and roast vegetables at the same time without flavours transferring. The gas burners are very clean and efficient, and are graded in size for different styles of cookware.

The only drawback, as with the other SMEG products we bought at the same time, is that the instruction manual could have been a lot clearer.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Susan. Thanks for your review. We love reading this. If you are located in Canberra,please remember that we do hold regular cooking demonstration classes at our Retail Stores, at these classes you will learn about the many Smeg oven functions – what they mean and how to use them to enhance your cooking. Please contact us direct on 02 8667 4888 so that we can confirm the Canberra dates with you. Once again, Thank you for your review. SMEG SERVICE

Best value for money!

Not only does this oven look the part it also works like a dream! I can not fault it at all. Oven works superbly & fits 4 standard trays for baking. Great for parties & social events. Cooktop is easy to clean & heats up really well. Best value for money!

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Lou ! Thank you for your review in regards to your Smeg Oven ! If you are located in Sydney, please do not forget to contact us direct to organise a cooking demonstration class with us. At these exclusive classes you will learn about the many Smeg oven functions – what they mean and how to use them to enhance your cooking. We encourage you to be involved in the demonstration and of course enjoy the delicious recipes for yourself on the day ! Please contact us direct on 02 8667 4888 to book your place. Once again, Thank you for your review. SMEG SERVICE

Great if the power goes out

Most of the house appliances are electric these days and it was sooo hard trying to find a gas burner so pleased when found this as it also matched the dark colours in the new kitchen Reno we done. The heat is great and the nobs are all a very good size and turn very well

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great.... Then good... And getting worse.

We bought this oven mid last year to replace the oven that was put in the house originally.
It has been great most of the time.
The oven does seem to be uneven, and it is something that is getting worse.
My wife uses this oven almost daily to bake various things, so it's a real workhorse.
However, it always seemed a little uneven. But lately we've noticed it more and more at one side is much hotter than the other.
If we put a tray that is covered the full width with cookies, one side is starting to burn while the other is raw.
We've been rotating the tray to achieve an even bake, but probably have to have it looked at if the trend continues.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
Dear Raf, Sorry to hear about the issue you are having with the oven. Could you please email our National Service Manager, steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your telephone contact details, address and the problems you are experiencing with your appliance. Once he has this information, he can ascertain how to best rectify the problem. Regards SmegThanks. Will do. Is it best to reach out to Harvey Norman (where we bought it) or to Steve direct? Appreciate the response.Hi Raf, Please contact Steve direct. Regards Smeg

Customer service please contact me!!

I purchased a TRA90P9 Victoria Cooker from Harvey Norman, when it arrived I found the front handed was loose and had chipped baked enamel during transport and the rear flue was badly bent. Harvey Norman & SMEG were excellent had replaced the cooker within 2 days.

However, the new cooker arrived without a rotisserie and the rear flue arrangement is designed differently ‘with the flue vent holes blocked’ by a fabricated sheet of gal metal, this does not make sense and the installation instructions do not explain.

Please explain

Thank you David

Date PurchasedApr 2018
David, Could you please forward you address and if possible a photo of the metal plate to service@smeg.com.au and will arrange to post out a rotisserie kit and look into the additional plate.My address is 4 Murrua Rd North Turramurra 2074. Thank you DavidThank you David can you please email us your phone number so that we can contact you to organise? Service@smeg.com.au - we await your email so we can get this fixed for you asap. Thank you.


Thank you Smeg for reviving my faith in an Oven. Stupidly purchased what I thought was going to be my dream oven. Made In UK, thought it would be the Rolls Royce , ended up being a Leyland P76.
Smeg is overwhelming superior. Superior build and finish inside and out. Looks sensational Best lamb roast in years.
Highly recommend this oven.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


i am very happy with the way the food is cooked. It is easy to clean.it adds to the beauty of my kitchen. It cooks evenly. It was installed in our new house by the builder. I am Very happy with making the right choice. I will highly recommend it. 10/10.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


Always a big fan of SMEG brand, and I started to use this product since January, 2017. It was a very easy use and high quality product. I am not good at cooking, but with the help of smeg cooker, things are not that hard. It is easy to control

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Kitchen changer for sure

Very quick heating time
Enjoy the light turning on as soon as you open the oven
Enjoy the 90cm size which is a life changer really

Very easy to clean as it is not steel

The only downside is I actually don’t want to cook for fear of dirtying it!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Looks amazing and works wonderfully

A statement oven was on my wish list for our new home and this oven has not disappointed!! We bought it in black and it is incredible. Easy to clean both stove top and oven, cooks evenly and the gas can be low enough to simmer without needing a diffuser. I love my smeg and it hasn't skipped a beat in over a year with a family of 5 and cooking with it everyday it is fantastic. Definitely worth the money we paid!

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Workhorse in disguise

Forgive me but I'm trying not to write a mini thesis on why this oven is well worth the cost and is, hands down, the best oven I have even owned (both freestanding or installed.)

I have a large family and I cook all the home meals (BLD - even lunch boxes these days require me to fire up an oven) so when my last one died on me I spent a long time shopping for an oven that first and foremost could handle being used and I mean USED, not just a meal a day type affair, but pretty much something cooking on it or in it from morning to night. Secondly I needed a large oven as my sunday roasts require a minimal 2 roasts to feed everyone (and 2ish trays of veg to roast) and not many ovens have an even cook that allow me to do this. Lastly because of being used so much I desperately wanted an oven that was easy to clean since I've never owned one that fell in that category before (to me a "easy to clean oven" was up there with finding gold at the end of a rainbow.) By an off chance of being in Good Guys for something other than an oven I was served by a young lady who lived in a large family and we started speaking about ovens, she said her dad (who was the home cook) purchased a TRA90BL9 and now can't believe he was using any other oven. I never even considered a SMEG before, mainly because I thought it was for show only for "fancy kitchens" rather than a family oven so I went over and check it out. The thing that sealed the deal was a customer shopping in the area walked up to me and said it's the best oven their family ever used and another customer overheard her, look at me and just nodded.

Super nervous at first, it required me to get an electrician out and install a new circuit/plug as the normal plugs I had in my kitchen were not the right size but that's the only hiccup I've encountered.

Like all ovens you need to get use to how a new oven cooks, these come with a special seal around the door so I find more steam builds up (dream for making breads and pastry desserts) but I find it takes a little longer then normal to cook things, this is not a bad thing, just an adjustment but seriously this is truly a work horse oven, I can't believe how I've cooked before owning one. I'm able to cook multiple roasts at a time and they evenly cook (this is a dream for roasts too, the roasts are the juiciest I have ever made and I think it's because of this special seal again, just holds in moisture) it bakes bread like a pro and the best bit is nothing seems to stick to it! If a pot bubbles over in the past I'm left having to put some elbow grease into cleaning it, unsure if it's because of the black enamel but spills just wipe off and the vapor clean oven feature is a hoot to use! One of my bienenstich's spilled it's honey and butter all over the bottom of the oven and baking onto it, again in the past this would have required me to remove all the metal racks and supports in the oven and really spend time scrubbing that thing to remove it (most likely with my metal spatula because those blackened goops are just so hard to remove), even using a chemical spray if it didn't shift, not anymore!! I followed the easy directions to use the vapor cleaner and then it just required a paper towel to wipe up.... so easy

So yes it's pretty and looks, sadly, out of place in my kitchen but:
● Easy to clean ✔
● Cooks evenly ✔
● Impressive baking/roasting results ✔
● Able to use oven and every burner without uneven gas flow ✔
● Family workhorse oven ✔

I've only had it for a few months and to me it's already paid for itself.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Just a follow up, it's now AUG 2018 and still in love with this oven. It's recently been involved with a huge cupcake drive, I'd normally order from a bakery the bulk cup cakes but decided to give this a go to save $, thirty dozen cup cakes (not at once, lol, just back to back baking), all cooked perfectly, didn't need to rotate the pans, every single one of them had the same colour even though I was baking on two crowded shelves, you couldn't tell what ones came from what tray. Amazing equipment (but still looks comically modern in my old kitchen lol)

Works well when installed

Purchased this cooker approximately 6 months ago purely for looks and the wide oven. It works quite well and I love the wok feature which i use to boil water. As there are two burners (one within the other) it boils a pot of water really quickly. Its handy to have. My issues is that the bar going across the front is pretty useless and the drawer at the bottom doesn't even fit the oven trays that come with it. The oven cooks a little unevenly but other than that its worked well, just got to remember to turn your tray around.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Dear Lee, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your details . Once I have this information I will be in a position to arrange a service call to ascertain what to do to fix the heating problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

Paid $5000 for it and the oven doesn't work

Put smeg in and gas hotplates work but not oven. Phoned smeg and they said it was the clock and if that doesn't work nothing else will. Serviceman replaced clock - it still doesn't work. Have to get a plumber back to disconnect copper pipe attachment so oven can be completely pulled out and back can be totally removed to see what the problem is. Phoned smeg and asked if they would pay for the plumber to return. They said no because i should have put a flexible hose at the back. Manual states that either can be used. There was enough room with the copper pipe to get to the back to replace the clock and if a service was required. It's not my fault that the brand new smeg oven doesn't work and obviously has a major fault which requires it to be completly pulled out. I'll be requesting a new oven. Very poor and disappointing service from smeg. I hope they aren't all lemons!

Questions & Answers

with regard to vapour clean - the instruction book gives a picture of a symbol to select on the FUNCTION dial - this symbol does not appear on my oven? the vapour clean symbol on the TEMP dial is correct. Which symbol SHOULD I select from the FUNCTION dial. Apart from this issue - amazing oven - still waiting on some feedback about the dishwasher issue though
1 answer
Hi Sabrina D, The function to select is the one with the base element. Hope this helps Regards Smeg

We bought this Victoria Smeg oven and had it installed only a month or so ago. I have a question about the gas cooktop grills, which are black of course. Already some of the black appears to be coming off and exposing the silver beneath. This is mainly so on the right hand burners which we have used more often. We have cleaned gently and certainly no used anything harsh. I hope this is not a progressive condition. Any advice please?
4 answers
Hi Rick l - thank you for your review. In order for us to assist you further, can you kindly email us with your full name, address and a contact telephone number. Could you also send us pictures of the burners so we can understand what you have mentioned. Our email address is service@smeg.com.au and please mark to the attention of Lesley. Kind Regards, Smeg Australia.No problem but a question first please Lesley. Are the black burner surrounds (are they called griddles?) (the 3 removable pieces) black all the way through or is this just a coating?Hi Rick - the trivets on this model are cast iron. Thank you Lesley.

We have just found chips on the bottom of our oven. It looks like the enamel is coming off Is there anything we can do to fix this problem ?
2 answers
Contact Smeg directly. They helped me out with a problem previously.Dear Chris, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and contact details and also scan me a photograph of the chips. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen


Smeg TRA90
CategoryFreestanding Ovens
Price (RRP) $4,999
Oven FuelElectricity
Type Convection
FeaturesCooling Fan and Pyrolytic (Self-Cleaning)
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 910 x 900 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGas
Number of Burners/Zones 5
Wok Burner Yes
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 36568582
  • GTIN13: 8017709184766 and 8017709236977

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