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Snugbags Merino Toddler Sleeping Bags

Snugbags Merino Toddler Sleeping Bags

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Beautiful bespoke babywear

Both my children sleep so warm and snugly and in this luxury merino sleepsack. They look so beautiful and friends often ask where to buy one. It feels gorgeous and washes well. The customer service from Kim is exceptional and highlights why we should all support small high quality businesses.

Love Love Love!!!!

I 100% recommend these sleeping bags!!! I brought the winter deluxe since it gets quite cold here and my little man is such a wriggler at night so it's so lovely to know he's nice and snuggly warm all night long. He's also had quite a few 12 hour uninterrupted stretches since we started using them so I couldn't ask for more

Incredibly weak snaps DO NOT Recommend

I would really advise against this product, due to several flaws: one, after one wash and one wear one side of the velcro came off. So that morning I found my daughter with one foot sticking out of the sack, pulling on her foot and crying. Two, the underarm snaps are super weak, those did not hold at all, which allowed my daughter to slip her arms inside the sack - however one can sew the sides together, which I did. And three, the snaps at the shoulders are incredibly easy to unsnap, such that my 18-month-old daughter had no problem unsnapping them herself, so on morning two I found her halfway out of the sack in a 62 degree room. The neck hold is such that you cannot sew the snaps closed, you will not be able to fit it over an infant's head. Customer support from Snugbags was polite but basically said, "Tough Luck, we can't do anything for you, our snaps are fine." $115 dollars down the drain! By way of reference, my daughter is not any more able to get out of her other clothes and sleep sacks than any other child (ie, she's never undone the snaps on any other piece of clothing).

The best buy

I was shopping around for a winter sleep sack for my 2 year old. Comparing all the big brands, a friend recommended Snugbags. I chose Snugbag because of the natural materials they use, with no harsh chemicals and the price was reasonable. I can't recommend Snugbag enough, the merino is incredibly soft and my son has slept soundly every night. And I can sleep well knowing he won't get cold in the night.

Bring on the winter!

After recently purchasing our second snugbag, I just knew I had to jump online to write a quick review. Its now coming into winter which can make any parent of a toddler a little bit nervous with the prospect of chills and ills, but with our new winter duvet bag I have to say we are alot more confident that our 18 month old will be safe, warm and healthy. Also feeling a bit smug about the money we will be saving due to not having to heat the room so warmly because the temperature rating is so good (12-20 degrees). Big thanks to Kim for excellent customer service and going above and beyond for us.

We love the Snugbags !

I bought one for our daughter of 2.5 yrs old and one for my 6 month old godchild. Our daughter was always sweating under her duvet and often slammed them down off her throughout the night... Before buying one for her, I feared she wouldn't love to go anymore in the sleeping bag.. After a bit, today she no longer wants to go to bed without her sleeping bag! :-) In the morning if I get her out of the bag she feels pleasantly warm everywhere. I find the design simple, but beautiful. She also loves she can step with the sleeping bag (through opening the zipper) if they needs to. I ordered him for delivery in Belgium and 10 working days later, he was already delivered! I can't wait now to hand over the Snugbag to my godchild! And I wish they made them for larger children... and why not for adults ;-)

Great purchase!

I bought a 0-2 merino with organic cotton a couple days ago, my 3 month old has slept through 2 nights in a row.(first time in 3 months!!) This is the best present I bought for our whole family after weeks weeks of interrupted sleep. After all my researches, I found Snugbag to be best value with premier beautiful soft material. I m proud to see people source local material and make such beautiful products. I'll definitely recommend to all my friends! And come back to buy a winter duvet size.

Snuggliest, warmest, lovely bag

I purchased the 0-2 bag for my first child (almost 4 years ago) after lots of research and was very happy with how snuggly and warm my son was, I will be using for my third child this coming winter too as I prefer it to my Go-Go Bag.
The only negative about it is that my second child has worn away the padding (not the merino or the top cotton layer, but the duvet middle) where her feet were from kicking as babies do. This does not affect the usability of the bag and is only noticeable when on the clothesline (being held up to the light etc)
I also bought the 2-4 (2 years ago) and have found this to be of better quality with a slightly different finish around the edges, which i prefer. My son used this until he went into a bed, however my daughter soon learnt that she could pop the domes and would be out of it, I used to put her back in before I went to bed, however she would get out again and subsequently wake. In the end I purchased an alternative brand that had a zip down the front, but its not as warm, so she needed a blanket as well.

Overall I think these are a great product and value for money, the only improvement I could suggest would be to provide an alternative in the 2-4 size with a zipper front closure.

Has been great for the cold winter nights

While my grandson was little, under two years old, the snug bag was fantastic, it kept him warm and helped him sleep better, the car seat flap was very handy.
I had considered buying him the next stage up but he has learnt how to pull the shoulder and get the domes undone and when I go in to him in the morning he has climbed out so unfortunately I wont be investing in the next size up unless there is a new design that is harder for toddlers to undo.

My little guy LOVES his Snugbag!

We have tried other popular merino bags and duvet weight bags, but none of them have been as comfortable and as snuggly as the Snugbag. The domes under the arms make it fit so nicely, the high neckline keeps him toasty, it's so soft and warm and I love that the seatbelt hole has Velcro to keep the draughts out when not in use.
Have recommended to all my friends. :-)

Love our Snugbag!

We have a winter weight Snugbag and it's fantastic - great quality, beautifully soft material in comparison to others we have used, and a gorgeous colour! My little one sleeps amazingly well in it, and I don't have to worry about him being cold or overheating. It has domes under the arms for growing babies, and I also love the seatbelt slot so you can use in the car seat and buggy. It’s easy to wash and dries really quickly, and it’s a nice fabric that never looks washed out. Excellent value for money, love that it's made in NZ and the staff are really helpful too!
Quality, material, colour, easy care, value, made in NZ

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I'd just like to say thanks to Snugbags for the amazing first night our son Jordy had in his new winter weight snugbag last night. He had the best night sleep in it, for a looong time (7hrs from 10pm-5am) and I have confidence that this was because he was so toasty warm :). With the nights only getting chillier, I'd thoroughly recommend a snugbag for all those families who want to know their babies are nice and warm .. not to mention a good nights sleep! :) Thanks again Snugbags!

Beautiful sleeping bag,our toddler loves it!

We purchased a standard weight Snugbag (2-4yrs) for our little one and it we loved it, so we got a Winter one as well. The winter one is nice and warm and the merino in both bags keeps her at the right temperature. After trying a few other bags we found the Snugbag to be the best, it is by far the warmest and most comfortable sleeping bag on the market (we also have a Woolbabe Duvet but our little one MUCH prefers her Snugbag, as it is a lot softer and therefore more comfortable to sleep in). They are great quality and last really well and the fact they are made in NZ is very important to us. I couldn't recommend Snugbags highly enough.
Comfortable, durable, great value for money!

We Love our Snugbag Sleeping bags!!

We have two Snugbag sleeping bags for our little girl - one winter and one standard weight and we just love them. The bags are beautifully made and the merino layer inside is very soft. The quality of the material is excellent and even after frequent washing they still look great.The company is very easy to deal with and their customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend Snugbags to anyone!
Very soft Merino wool, great customer service, great quality Sleeping Bag!


I bought a snugbag 2-4 winter weight for my 2yr old son a few weeks ago but very soon he figured out he could open the shoulder snaps and would wake up early hours of the morning as he gets too cold. (he usually sleeps 12 hours straight with no interrruptions). I tried to improvise by stitching up the shoulder flaps but the next morning I found him in a very awkward position with one arm wriggled out of the neck opening. I tried closing the side snaps but they open when he moves around. He has always been using sleeping bags but now I realise the ones with the front zipper has better designed armholes whereas in snugbags the armholes are quite wide. Since then have bought a different brand with a front zipper and he is now back to sleeping full 12 hours with no interruptions.
Merino, comfortable, warm
Poor design

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