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Snugglers Toddler

Snugglers Toddler

4.0 from 45 reviews

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Amazing quality and value for money

These nappies are by far the best nappies I have used. They fit well and I've never had any trouble with leaks. For the price you simply cannot beat these nappies. I really don't understand how they are not more popular and widely available, especially given the recent Canstar award. They are made by the same company as Huggies and whilst they are not as absorbant for over night, they are brilliant for during the day. I love them.

Valued money, but not good quality.

Only use snugglers for day time bases!!! Never ever try it during the nignt time. I tried the free sample for my toddler girl. It seems ok. After we purchased a box from big w and give it go during the night time, the s nappies turned wet because it can not hold too much wee, especially when you little girl try to sit on it, the wee definitely turns back to her skin. It's not too absorbed as it does say. I'll not recommend it.

Gone to rubbish

Used to use smugglers all the time, when we needed to go up to Junior size found they were much different no elastic waist different cheap looking waist straps, nappy hung down and leaked every time. Never buying again waste of money Aldi ones are much better and cheaper Thumb Down to Snugglers
Old Style- new ones are rubbish

Not the same

I loved everything about SNUGGLERS..price, design, fit and double leak guard. But as the last reviewer said, they have changed. The box looks exactly the same, but they are not the same. Poor quality padding, tabs that break off and a single leak guard that does nothing but leak. Why change a good thing? Off to Huggies we go...

They have CHANGED

I loved snugglers simply because they were exactly the same as huggies. You gave me one of each in the dark i wouldnt be able to pick which one is which. However.. I Haven't bought snugglers for a few mnths and last week got a box. It is TERRIBLE, not sure when they have changed it but it feels so cheap and nasty now.... i gave the left over box to the Early childhood centre close to my home.
It is umbelievable how nappies price is going up and quality going down.
Seriously.. This new snugglers are so cheap and filmsy, the tabs on the side come off so easily. I DONT RECOMMEND ANYMORE.

Poor quality, cheap and nasty

Top rating

Hadn't used ssnugglers nappies sincecmy oldest who is 11(which i wasn't too impressed with them back then) and now since having my recent bub i changed from huggies to snugglers recently and wouldn't change again . They are awesome , brilliant colours . Absorbs n doesn't sag n not expensive :-)

Fantastic Nappy!!

Great alternative to Huggies, and fantastic choice of designs, they are so fun, I much prefer these designs to the Winnie the Pooh designs on Huggies. They are a great fit, and no leaks!! Wish I had found them sooner than I did. The price is great too, frequently on special around the place.
reliable, inexpensive, great dsigns


I changed to snugglers after using huggies. We have never had a leak and my little one wakes up dry every morning. Bub has been sensitive to creams and wipes before so I was a little hesitant at first to change brands but am very glad that I did. Could not recommend these nappies enough
cheap, cute designs, super absorbent

Great Nappies

I have tryed soooo many brands of nappies. before I found Snugglers i purchased aldi nappies for day use (as they tend to bunch up and leak at night) and huggies at night as they( huggies) are great nappies just too expensive. I was so realeved to find Snugglers, to me they are identical to huggies but at a much cheaper price. so from now on only snugglers for me.
High quality, when wet does not bunch up and sag
Since the nappies are not gender specific, more gender nutral patterns would be nice (too much ,pink and blue)

They're identicle because they're from the same company ^_^I didnt know that, thank you:)

Good Quality with affordable price

Switch from Huggies a month ago to try out other cheaper nappies. The result turn out to be as good as Huggies and further better adhesive tab then Huggies (longer and more secure). Highly recommend!
Can get them at local pharmacy like Priceline etc and better off with discount once in a while.
Good quality, last long hours, nice cutting
None so far

Will do the job!

Nice cut,Gorgeous Designs,Made by Kimberly-clark which made one of australia's leading nappy brand as well.Ive been using them on my 6months old son till just recently(14 months old)because of some disappointment with the quality of the product.I've started with the nappies without elastic waistband(which leaked toward the back sometimes) and been using the elasticated one for the last few weeks and no leakage.They have been alright at an affordable price and can be purchase in small pack from different stores but available in box from just a very few retailers.
Got a few faulty box along the way where nappies were hard as cardboard and unusable.

Excellent value for money

We switched to snugglers from huggies a few months ago as we were looking for a cheaper nappy option. I had heard some good things about snugglers and they haven't disappointed us. They work just as well as huggies. The fit is excellent, we use them for day and night and never had any leaks or problems with them. They last hours, they are trim and the designs are cute. I like the long tabs at the front and the elastic at the back of the waistband. We pick them up for about $23 from Big W for a box, works out around 33c a nappy (we were paying around 40c a nappy for huggies bought in bulk from coles - $33 a box). Really happy with these nappies, would recommend them to anyone.
Reliable, no leaks, use day and night, cute designs, great price
You can't get them from Coles or Woolies but they are readily available in lots of other places like Big W

Better than Huggies

I think these should be KC premium nappies-they work better than Huggies! You can often pick them up in bulk on special, have a good fit, great absorbency.
Good sizing and soft

Snugglers are surprisingly good!

I have an 18 month toddler & have always bought the most expensive brands of nappies, even choosing some pricey cloth nappies for the first 6 months. Over Xmas we ran out of nappies & all I could get late on a public hol were Snugglers. They were on special at my Supa IGA for $10.98 for 32 - being so cheap I expected the worst. I was pleasantly surprised!
My son is slim & he has had bad leak experiences with Huggies & some Eco nappies but Snugglers fit him well and we had no leaks. They seem to absorb well & hold a good amount in them - although when I put him in them for bedtime we had a midnight change as the nappy filled. They seem to be permanently cheaper than other brands and they're now my daytime nappy of choice.
Inexpensive. Good fit for a slim toddler. No leaks. Good designs.
My son sleeps through the night & if I use Snugglers for night time we often need to change him as they fill up before morning. So, maybe not the best night-time nappy.

Awesome product

Fantastic nappies. Come a close 2nd to Huggies, but have been purchasing these over Huggies for years now. Would highly recommend. Never leaked, love the different patterns on the nappies and not as cheap and nasty as a lot of other out there. Made by same company as Huggies, says it all!
Inexpensive alternative to Huggies.

Great nappy, 2nd only to Huggies

I usually buy Huggies but have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Snugglers nappies. Whilst they are a little thinner than Huggies and therefore less absorbent, I have found them to be a perfect daytime nappy. They have the same stretchy and wide tabs as Huggies, making them a great fit unlike Babylove and Aldi Mamia nappies which I find slip down constantly off my son. The only feature they don't have is the stretchy rear waistband which is probably the main reason they are cheaper than Huggies. This feature is something I can live without though for around 31c a nappy compared to Huggies (close to 40c each at toddler size) which is now our nighttime nappy. Also worth noting are both nappies are made by the same parent company Kimberley Clark. The cute designs are a nice bonus as opposed to big brown wombats (like Aldi have) which look like big poos if the child is wearing light coloured pants...charming.

A bit hard to find, try Discount chemists or Big W (usually sold out) or Baby Bunting but I won't take any stars off as it's not a drawback of the product itself. I am spreading the word about Snugglers to all my friends about these as I wish I had found out about them earlier.
Good quality and cheaper than Huggies

Really great

I have been a Loyal Huggies user since the birth of my son, but now as my son has gotten older the nappies have become more expensive, So i have been looking or cheaper options. I tried baby love and found them terrible always slipping down and the tabs wouldnt stick. I went to the babies,children and Toddler expo and was given a snugglers sample pack. and LOVE them. the tabs are VERY similar to huggies and the thickness. they are a good fit and i have had no leaks, also Cheaper than huggies! :D
No Leaks, fit well, thick strong tabs


I bought these nappies just to try after only ever using huggies dispoable nappies. I was surprised that they are actually a pretty good cheaper option. They are made out of similar material as huggies. They feel similar. They have great all over designs in nice colours which is good for summer when you can see the nappy. I'm pretty happy with them. I can't tell much difference between these and huggies. They might be just a tiny bit less absorbent but it is hard to tell. They are $6 cheaper then huggies.
Good quality product for a cheaper price.
Maybe not quite as absorbent as the huggies nappies, but they are pretty close.


I will return the rest of 5 boxes of snugglers and get babylove,never use this brand again.cheap but not good choice.
quite cheap when buy on sale,$0.20 each
smaller than other brand,very tight for my little girl ( 13kg,18months),even smaller than babylove (9-14kg)


I find these excellent value for money and can usually buy them at chemists, and excellent value at Big W, especially when on sale. I wouldn't buy any other nappies now, i don't think many other nappies can compete for quality AND value.
I tried these years ago and didn't like them at all, however after using Huggies for years I gave them another go as money became a bit tight, and I was pleasantly surprised. They have improved remarkably and I can't find many different between them and Huggies which are far more expensive. My son has had no leaks in them and I like the bright designs.
Occasionally I find if you've eaten too many weeties that day you can pull the side rip tab off, though this has only occurred a few times. They also don't seem to be stocked at the large supermarkets.

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