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SolarOz Mains Pressure

SolarOz Mains Pressure

2.8 from 12 reviews

Poor design needs further RND buy a more know reliables product.

Not fit for sale, I don’t see how this product paced any type of testing to be sold in Australia. Needs further RND, buy something more know and reliable as it not a cheap exercise to exchange. Sorry for a poor view on the product but it’s import this product either gets rectified or taken off the market.

Purchased in February 2017 at Gold Coast.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 6 person(s)
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed

SolarOz Mains Pressure Heat Exchange Model

I have had a 300litre SolarOz Mains Pressure Heat Exchange Model operating for a little over two years on my house in Adelaide.
I am generally very happy with the system despite the fact that I have replaced at least 8 of the evaporated tube seals in that time. I do not know what is the root cause that starts the seals to start to split and to leak. The seals are grommet-like in shape with an internal diameter of 58millimetres, which is a tight fit on the evaporated tube, and they seat in a hole in the metal hot water reservoir. All that I have replaced have split circumferentially as if the metal cuts into the silicon.
I might be in denial but I have rationalised this maintenance in the knowledge that I know other people who have to get a tradesperson in every year a few months after some component in their more conventional system dies.
Although I do not know but perhaps these tube seals are prone to leaking because they are distorted to suit the curvature of the hot water reservoir. I suggest that these seals may be less prone to leaking if the manufacture of the tank reservoir was changed slightly to make the tank shell flat for the strip through which the evaporated tubes enter the reservoir and/or perhaps the hole should be lipped rather than just a hole in sheet metal.

My system also includes the sort of float valve used for fish tanks or animal water troughs and I am dubious about whether this is the best solution as it weeps water continually. I believe, although my system does not have one, that the header tank is a better solution.

My tank boils most days in summer and I paid $18 (eighteen) dollars for 63.3kWh to heat water in winter 2018, March to August inclusive. My power consumption is less than half of what it was when I had a ceiling gravity electric heater. I have never tried to shade the system. I do not know whether this would prolong the life of the seals.
I consider this type of system to be a genuine contender to many other conventional hot water systems, most of which are fault prone or limited in some way in my view. In short I recommend the header tank, sacrificial anodes and to expect some maintenance to replace seals although you may be lucky.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Solar low pressure system

I must say I installed this system some 9 years ago and have had not had any problems. It does boil in summer, but this hasn't been a problem. Have not covered tubes or had any leaks of any sort. It has produced hot water regularly, although as expected in winter less so. Reading other reviews I thought it necessary to add my bit. It was recently hit by a fallen tree and cosmetically damaged, but still does the job.
I agree that communicating with Solaroz is difficult at times.
I intend replacing this system with something similar in the future.

Date PurchasedFeb 2009

Big disappointment

I regret buying 2x Solar Oz 300 litre heat exchange units for my neighbour and I in northern nsw from the Gold Coast distributor who I found to be evasive and unhelpful with the constant leaks around tube seals and header tank, that were very carefully installed and re fitted with the utmost care (still had and still have leaks), they both have to be covered with shadecloth in summer and uncovered in autumn/winter .. getting on and off the roof is not easy and dangerous, I don't think these units are fit for purpose either. One glass tube smashed mysteriously I believe due to there being insufficient expansion room in the thin rubber sockets at the tank, emptying all the tank water onto the roof (they are very tricky to fit despite using plenty of soapy fluid as directed. I also believe one tank does not retain its heat as well as the other despite receiving more sunshine than the other? only one person in each dwelling.
If I could afford it I would replace these two units with something more reliable and genuine for my elderly pensioner neighbour and I ...after one & a half years of ongoing repairs, extra expense, inconvenience & worry.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

It has problems but not many

L have 200 and 300 put together heat exchange problems they both boil together we just the hot water into the pool problem solved 10 min does the job rod very helpful with the phone support no hot water bill so for and no real problems used to cover pipes now just fill the pool bets 400 dallors a year inhot water bill

Thing where not right with second tank delivery more phone calls more mucking around,
Think it was all worth it lowest temp has been 40 degrees after 2 weeks of overcaste weather
Does involve phone calls lots some time and effort
Seems to be worth while
You have to get use of it it makes hot water

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
This system when fitted is problem free Lowest temp has been 40 deg after 2 week of over caste weather No power bill for hot water normal temp 65 to 70 When they boil l put hot water in pool Very little wprk need to keep working They loss 10 deg over nightAverage winter temp has been 75 deg to 85 been putting hot water in pool to keep it at about 70 No problems at all l live in noosa

Just got rid of it

This system was terrible. The evacuated tube system, can't comment on the other types. In summer if GUSHED excess water despite the distributors advice to "just use more". What - shower 8 times a day and wash clothes in hot? We eventually covered some of the tubes with shade cloth but my nearly 70 year old husband had to get on the roof to do it. We also copped a huge excess water bill because of it. Then, in winter, you have to get on the roof again to uncover the tubes, and cloudy days use electricity anyway! And, when heated electrically in bad weather, just a trickle of hot water. Requests for help and advice from [name removed] just ignored, no responsibility for a bad product taken. Don't be fooled by the initial salesmanship! We have just replaced it with instantaneous gas, and at last a hot shower with good pressure. Only had the solaroz about 18 months, big waste of money and endless trouble.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Hot water

I'm happy to recommend oz solar to all... it is an excellent system and I received good service. I would and intend to recommend oz solar to my friends and family. Thanks to the good staff at oz solar, my family and I can enjoy stress free hot water on tap!

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Solarhart systems are the most reliable . These overseas vac tub systems work good but they don't honour there warranty . The stainless tanks leak after 2 years . I had to pay for my second tank . And now it's leaking . They will not replace it un less I pay another 900 dollars . I recommend Solarhart I know people with them 30 years still going ..These overseas vac tube systems do leak .. water and condensation got into the electrical thermostat on ours and shorted the electrical circuit out .. it could of started a fire .. earth leakage would be good fitted . But once they start leaking . There's nothing u can do to fix them . They are no good .. . There only good for 2 years . The water boils over in the afternoon and all the hot water is lost for the night . electricity is still used to heat for the night because of this problem .. Every second day this happens in summer ..u should not have to climb the roof to put shade cloth up .. the flat panel systems have a built in thermostat to stop this Australian made is better. Poor man buys twice ...

Give this product a wide berth waste of money and stressful

We agree our opinion is that this product is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE consumers need to take note -We have had the system now full season so we believe we are able to give a factual fair opinion,based on performance and issues encountered
If you are going to go Solar don't waste your time ,money, and be left with a liability on the roof .
Solar oz agent just does not respond adequately ,lip service is all you will get - cover the tubes how ludicrous is that suggestion to have to climb the roof and monitor the weather especially when reaching retirement age Ascending roofs is hazardous enough even for building trade workers let alone for others, based on risk assessment this should not be entertained ,-use more hot water during the summer days what a stupid solution ,During winter performance needed electrical booster and still after 24 hours barely get enough water for one decent shower (with no cold mix ).during summer days it bangs away on the roof -gushes out hot water over the roof ( which is now showing signs of corrosion) ,the small 5 litre overflow tank emits approx 20 litres of water over a 12 hour period where is the saving ? Agent said it must be a faulty seal no response from him to meet his obligations to supply a serviceble product .Have had different plumbers look at this system, no solutions only suggestions of compromise. We did not purchase a system to have to go through all these compromises. This system is flawed and needs more improvement before being fit to be put on the market I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and encountered issues that contractors responded to when i told the agent that i was seriously considering removing this and replacing it I received NO RESPONSE what so ever We now have a problem which we paid good money for and plumbers fees seems to be on going ?would seem to us that this is the level of acceptable service expected from the gold coast

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Worst system ever, don't purchase

I bought the 300 litre main pressure system with tank on the roof. Firstly it didn't turn up with all the parts so i had to get them posted down and pay my plumber twice for his time. The owner of the company didn't supply the correct information after being informed it was a new home being built to help with correct placement and pipework requirements to help in a user friendly system. Currently it boils over and is corroding my roof - water comes out from the tank (electrolysis between metals). I can hear the tank boiling throughout the day which sounds unpleasant. The suppliers solutions was to use more hot water, not a useful one, what is he thinking. The header tank supplied leaks, so i have to replace it due to his unwillingness. Other suggestions is to cover more tubes with plumbing ag-line to shade them so not as much hot water. some effect but limits hotter in winter i found. I have owned the system for 1 year and am just about to get rid of it, it is not worth the fuss or any satisfaction from the supplier to help me in finding workable solution. Don't install these systems at all. I am a builder of 30 years and this is the worst problem i have ever encountered.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Boiling water within 2 days :)

We installed the split system in our new house and within two days, the water was at its peak of 95 degrees.
We ended up putting a cover over the tubes to stop the system's safety system kicking in all the time, until we move into the house.
PS. We are in sunny QLD.

Brilliant! SolarOz Mains Pressure 30 Tube / 300 Liter Split System

After much initial research, and then great support from Rod of SolarOz, I recently purchased the system and have installed it. The performance of the 30 tube evacuated tube efficiency / heat exchanger is absolutely stunning. On a cold cloudy Melbourne day (Sep 8th), with the system enabled at 13:00, with the water temperature starting at 14C by the end of the day the upper level in the storage tank had reached 52C, heated purely by the limited (cloudy) available solar energy.
The system controller is extremely capable with detailed setting ability while providing a simple graphic display of the system components and status.
All required plumbing fittings (except copper pipes) and mounting frame included.
Available System STCs for the 30 tube model vary from 40 in Zone 2 down to 31 in Zone 4 (Melbourne). Present STC rebate value $38.25 = $1,185 in Zone 4.

Great value solar hotwater product and service

We bought a new house and wanted to immediately replace the electric hot water with solar. We read all the reviews, talked to owners and suppliers and decided to go with SolarOz.

My parents have had Solarhart hotwaters for approx 30 years with good results but the prices are just way to inflated......I assume from the govt rebates which have been available for years.

We spoke to Rod from SolarOz and he was very friendly and helpful and invited us to have a look at the various systems available and suggested one which would suit our needs. The unit selected was a fully onroof 24 tube, 220 ltr (I think) full stainless steel inner and outer tank with a stainless steel roof mounting system.

We have now had the system 4.5 years and never paid a cent for hotwater since we put it in.
Great value for money, very efficient water heater, supplier service
In very hot weather makes to much hotwater...we have to cover with shadecloth

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Update from Kwaka Feb 2019 - Hotwater system still going strong. Really happy with this purchase.

Questions & Answers

Where can i get new seals from for the inside of the tank at the glass tube entrance
No answers

have rusty water leaking from top lid of 300 litre stainless steel water tank
2 answers
need to know how to remove top lid from 300 liter solarOz water tank on ground level ?I suspect a fastener or clip inside tank or holding lid on is not stainless steel but should have been?, undo screws to lift off lid if rusty screw not visible outside? I suspect balcock/ float needs adjusting to prevent water rising out top of tank? My header tank on top of my unit did same, along with other irritating leaks & problems , I'm assuming your unit is a copper coil heat exchange type?

my 24 tube integrated system boils in summer & spurts hot water out vent pipe, is there a solution to fix this problem?
2 answers
My solution was to tie a shade cloth cover over the tubes, it worked and I still had hot water, but needed to remove it autumn / winter by getting on the roof again, which may not be ok and unsafe for many people. I also had another more expensive approach reduce water leaking out from top , my unit is a low pressure heat exchange tank , mains pressure water is heated by running through 6mtr copper coil inside the hot water tank... a small ballcock tank on top that unfortunately kept overfilling the main tank, the expanding water kept overflowing ?... I installed another independent tap at ground level supply to top up the tank when I thought it necessary , every two weeks?- 1 month? due to other tube seal leaks..turning the tap off when I could hear water wasn't fast flowing through it.... no more overflows, it may also reduce the need to put shade cloth up but the water will boil, my second suggestion is only for heat exchange models, not mains pressure tanks.This a problem with all these types of hot water systems. I have enquired how to address this with little success. I'm aware of the method of covering some of the tubes to reduce the boiling effect, but do not use this myself. I can hear water boiling in the tank on hot summer days. The reality is this type of system does produce a consistent supply of hot water, it is cheap and for the most part very reliable; the downside is a combination of noisy rumblings during summer, and some discharge from the overflow pipe. Cant have it all, unless you want to pay 3x the amount for a different type of system.

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