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Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5

2015, 2009
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Deborah H.

Deborah H.Richmond-Tweed, NSW

Was good dont buy


Bought it at Harvey Norman just my 5 years interest free period has only just run out now iam told by sonos them selves my $1200 product by 3 will no longer work hopeless frustacted and anger DONT BUY at any cost just a marketing strategy to make you forced in to up grade Some one has to pay for The CEO expensive wine????

Purchased in April 2015 at Harvey Norman Electronics Physical Store for $1,200.00.


Leanne12Perth, Western Australia

  • 5 reviews

Age of disposal


We have had our Sonos for about 8 years, circa $700 investment, perfect condition, performs what we bought it for, to play music with good sound, poised to expand the system to a TV surround sound unit, and then receive an email from Sonos stating the unit is no longer supported??
What does this mean, it is bound for the scrap heap?
If Sonos are choosing turnover of their hardware over sustainability and environmental considerations, then their brand should not be supported.

Purchased in October 2012.

Boomer H.

Boomer H.South East Queensland, QLD

Terrible customer support. Obsolete product after only 5 years.


I want to express my disappointment with SONOS' latest decision to no longer support the Play: 5. I have been a customer for over 8 years and have several thousand dollars of SONOS equipment in my household. I most recently purchased a series of SONOS One. I have also led many friends and family members to invest in their ecosystem. This decision feels like a big slap in the face and unless it is reversed, I will no longer purchase any more equipment. Further I will no longer recommend the ecosystem to friends and family.

Purchased in March 2014 at VideoPro for $500.00.



  • 3 reviews

4.5 yr old Play 5 Now obsolete


Sonos announcement that Legacy product support is to cease in Mat, this mean may 4.5 year old system is worthless. If you like to spend thousands of dollars on a sound system that will be bricked by the company then buy Sonos, other flip them the bird and go elsewhere.

Purchased in September 2015 for $2,000.00.


PeterSouth East Queensland, QLD

When its good it is very good but when its bad it is horrible - Sonos support is non existent


I have had a Sonos system for over 5 years.

When it all works it is terrific - sound quality, ease of use etc.

However, and it is a big however, when something goes wrong it is very very difficult to get fix or get help from Sonos. Even the simplest of things (eg weak wifi) are a drama.

Also it is a weakest link system - if just a single item is not working then you are risk of the whole system not working.

And don't get me started about installing Apple Music and the non stop non-informative error message ' you need to reauthorise Apple Music'...............

Purchased in January 2018 at Harvey Norman for $2,000.00.

Mobile app no longer supported by sonos


I have a 3 year old phone running OS 6. Unable to update to a newer version. Sonos no longer supports OS 5 or 6. Unable to use my mobile to control the system. Have to use the terrible PC controller.

Purchased in May 2015 at JB Hi-Fi for $1,000.00.



  • 2 reviews

Awesome! Nothing else to say!


I currently have a high end Yamaha 5.1 system and was extremely dubious
about purchasing a Play 5 due to some of the negative comments posted online. I took the leap and purchased a Play 5 and wow! Took approximately 5 minutes to set up which was very easy. The quality of the product is outstanding. So much I purchased another Play 5 within the hour.
It's only the first day, but so far you can't take the smile from my face. Plus it was on sale. Cheapest price in Aus I could find.


TTtSouthern and Hills, SA

Finally its playing, cross fingers!


I was about to take an axe to my sonos play 5 gen 2 today and purchase a blue tooth Bose because I have a party Saturday night and playing anything through my speaker had become impossible. Constant updates, disappearing music library, uncontrollable song selections . As a last ditch effort I called their help line and finally finally I have it sorted! I can play from my iPad and iPhone using Apple Play and from my windows computer through the Sonos app. Thank you Lord and the boys at the help desk. I have left reviews and told friends to never ever buy a Sonos ..... but ..... I may very well be back on board! See how Saturday night goes. The 3 stars are for the beautiful sound and the boys on the help desk.

Purchased at JB Hi-Fi.



  • 3 reviews

Stopped working after warranty period expires


I won’t expect Sonos products to last more than 12 months. They cannot offer warranty any longer than a year. I bought 12 Sonos products over the past 5 years and 2 of them have failed so far.

They want to replace my 5yo sub with a refurbished unit for $700. Ridiculous. I would think a decent $1k sub can last 10-20 yrs.

I have resolved to not getting anymore Sonos products after realising its poor workmanship and warranty.

Jamie F.

Jamie F.

  • 2 reviews
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Great system but!!!!!



CraigMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 6 reviews

Sound quality amazing, but the software is the pits.


Purchased in April 2017 at JB Hi-Fi for $299.00.


GemmajamsSydney, NSW

Can only play if subscribed to a platform like Spotify


The sound is good but the problem is with Sonos you are locked in to premium services. I just ended my Spotify subscription which was still paid up till the end of the month , but they instantly shut it down so I couldn't use the speaker. I have now ordered a Bose Wi-Fi adaptor.
It will probably end up in the garbage bin.

Purchased in April 2018 at Aussie Hi Fi Online store for $200.00.

Great sound, and great control...if!


These sound great, and are very versatile.. I have read a lot of reviews regarding problems with spotify connectivity, and i have to say they are correct if you use the spotify app to control your speakers..constant disconnections and rage moments. I have found that using the sonos app instead and linking it to your spotify that way it is actually seamless and very good.
So don't be put off by nasty spotify problems, just use the sonos app and everything is awesome. 4 stars because they cost a hell of a lot.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Justus04South East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Nice when it works, frustrating when it's not


Good enough sound for normal home use and easy to expand by adding more speakers. Unfortunately extremely unreliable connection to both the speakers and to Spotify. Have to reboot to regularly and sometimes just doesn't want to connect to any speakers (2 x Play 5, 1 x Play 3 and 1 x Play 1). When working, Spotify can be very patchy with just randomly stopping of skipping songs. I tried different WiFi routers and noticed some are not compatible with Sonos at all. I still have a bridge connected and even tried the booster for a while.

Date PurchasedAug 2012


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Not worth it. Good sound but constantly buggy.


Great sound when it works, but the system frequently loses my music library (on a new Mac), and drops out/skips songs despite high speed reliable internet and router. Far too buggy for a product of this price. I'd suggest Bose or another brand that doesn't lock you into its software. The sonos also won't play a lot of songs that exist in my spotify library.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


  • 2 reviews
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Great value for money!


I was looking for a system for the living room for a while. Sonos 5 was a well researched option and it did not disappoint. The system works great for most type of music in a (35 sqm room) i.e. would not recommend for Classical but for all other kinds the sound is wholesome and enjoyable, this is not an audiophile system but a solid choice for everyone else. The aux input comes handy and connecting with the TV, gives new life to movies and shows! The set up was seemless without an issue. The application is easy to use, however, needs a bit getting used to. Online community is a plus as any questions can be answered. Overall, great value for money!

Date PurchasedDec 2018


BraddyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 6 reviews

Set up the entire house...


Over the last few years have added Sonos one's, 5 and the new beam for our entire house setup. One of the best wifi speakers on the market without a doubt. Very rarely have any issues with wifi dropping out, works seamlessly, and the sound is remarkable for their size. The 5 in particular is a quality speaker with a huge sound and tone. Sonos are always updating their app and improving their sound too. Very reliable too never once had an issue with any of our units.

Date PurchasedNov 2017



Sounds good, app controls terrible


Sounds great when it works.
Dont believe what they say about it being seamless with spotify. Constantly kicks me out or fails to recognise from spotify. Pushes you to the sonos app which is so unusable its hard to believe.
If you're happy to just listen to random stuff I guess it would be ok but once you're used to the usability of spotify you cant go back to sonos app.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


JustinPort Melbourne



The product does not appear to connect to wi-fi properly. Whilst it does at times, most of the time it doesn't. When it does the sound is quite good. Phone calls, emails to the Australian support line and an email to the CEO who has his email on the site all to avail.

Date PurchasedJul 2018



  • 7 reviews

Perfect wireless sound


I have two Sonos 5 and one sonos 1 distributed through my home and these devices are amazing. The sound is the best I have heard and being able to run radio stations, albums, spotify all wirelessly at a click of a finger from my phone is a treat. I would not hesitate in purchasing from Sonos again.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

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Can I connect a Play 5 to my existing home wifi network or do I need a bridge to create a dedicated network?

4 answers
Dr. Crashalot
Dr. Crashalot

Yes, to connect to wifi, you need a bridge. The units have Ethernet ports, but not wifi capability. Sonos wireless is proprietary.


Yep, Crashalot is right, the Play 5 does not need a bridge. However, the Play 5 must then be wired to the modem.

Thanks to you both for your advice

Jamie chia

Jamie chiaasked

Why is my sonos not working now its wireless lighting is not flashing and my iphone is telling me to walk within range and its still searching and spinning around.?

1 answer

If the light isn't on, double check your power. Still plugged in? Still turned on?

Tommy Chow

Tommy Chowasked

Are you able to get stereo effect from two sonos play 5 speakers?

2 answers

I only have the one Play:5 in the loungeroom and because our house is so small that's all we have. We have a Play:3 in the husband's man cave in the shed separate. Sorry I can't answer your question from actual practical implementation, although my initial thoughts are yes you probably could, that would be the intent of the Sonos system. Stereo sound from all speakers linked, they are essentially a stand alone speaker that can be connected in sync with others.


Yes. Can be switched to a stereo config in the setup menu, as can the Play 3 and Plat 1.

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