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Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5

2015 and 2009
3.4 from 42 reviews

Great sound, and great control...if!

These sound great, and are very versatile.. I have read a lot of reviews regarding problems with spotify connectivity, and i have to say they are correct if you use the spotify app to control your speakers..constant disconnections and rage moments. I have found that using the sonos app instead and linking it to your spotify that way it is actually seamless and very good.
So don't be put off by nasty spotify problems, just use the sonos app and everything is awesome. 4 stars because they cost a hell of a lot.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Nice when it works, frustrating when it's not

Good enough sound for normal home use and easy to expand by adding more speakers. Unfortunately extremely unreliable connection to both the speakers and to Spotify. Have to reboot to regularly and sometimes just doesn't want to connect to any speakers (2 x Play 5, 1 x Play 3 and 1 x Play 1). When working, Spotify can be very patchy with just randomly stopping of skipping songs. I tried different WiFi routers and noticed some are not compatible with Sonos at all. I still have a bridge connected and even tried the booster for a while.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Not worth it. Good sound but constantly buggy.

Great sound when it works, but the system frequently loses my music library (on a new Mac), and drops out/skips songs despite high speed reliable internet and router. Far too buggy for a product of this price. I'd suggest Bose or another brand that doesn't lock you into its software. The sonos also won't play a lot of songs that exist in my spotify library.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great value for money!

I was looking for a system for the living room for a while. Sonos 5 was a well researched option and it did not disappoint. The system works great for most type of music in a (35 sqm room) i.e. would not recommend for Classical but for all other kinds the sound is wholesome and enjoyable, this is not an audiophile system but a solid choice for everyone else. The aux input comes handy and connecting with the TV, gives new life to movies and shows! The set up was seemless without an issue. The application is easy to use, however, needs a bit getting used to. Online community is a plus as any questions can be answered. Overall, great value for money!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Set up the entire house...

Over the last few years have added Sonos one's, 5 and the new beam for our entire house setup. One of the best wifi speakers on the market without a doubt. Very rarely have any issues with wifi dropping out, works seamlessly, and the sound is remarkable for their size. The 5 in particular is a quality speaker with a huge sound and tone. Sonos are always updating their app and improving their sound too. Very reliable too never once had an issue with any of our units.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Sounds good, app controls terrible

Sounds great when it works.
Dont believe what they say about it being seamless with spotify. Constantly kicks me out or fails to recognise from spotify. Pushes you to the sonos app which is so unusable its hard to believe.
If you're happy to just listen to random stuff I guess it would be ok but once you're used to the usability of spotify you cant go back to sonos app.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


The product does not appear to connect to wi-fi properly. Whilst it does at times, most of the time it doesn't. When it does the sound is quite good. Phone calls, emails to the Australian support line and an email to the CEO who has his email on the site all to avail.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Perfect wireless sound

I have two Sonos 5 and one sonos 1 distributed through my home and these devices are amazing. The sound is the best I have heard and being able to run radio stations, albums, spotify all wirelessly at a click of a finger from my phone is a treat. I would not hesitate in purchasing from Sonos again.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

'Software Issues'.

Player 5 Gen 1. Great sound quality. Unfortunately only lasted 3 years due to 'Software Issues'. Technical support was good, but no offers were made to replace the unit FOC, instead "Would you like to buy another unit for a discounted price of $500". For any speaker asking a premium price of $750 i would have expected a much better result.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Love my Sonos System

We replaced a Bose lifestyle unit with the Sonos 5, Sonos subwoofer and Sonos sound bar, as the cables from the Bose (in a double brick house) were a challenge to conceal. The sound quality of the Bose system was accoustically superior and it had a built in CD/DVD player. However, the Sonos system is less expensive, has good sound quality, is aesthetically superior and CD/DVDs have been superseded by Spotify and Netflix. More importantly (to me) the system has one power cable from each stand alone unit. It is extremely simple to set up (particularly if you get your partner to do it) as Sonos provides clear, easy to understand installation instructions. It took approx 15-20mins from unpacking to have the system up and running. It is easy to control the app with your phone or tablet. Unlike others, we have encountered no problems operating the system, streaming music or using an i pod plug in. Perhaps the negative reviewers should blame themselves, the operator or the internet service, as it's definitely not the product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great Product .... Weird Reviews

Seems that the world is divided into two groups - those who love this product and those that hate it. I'm in the former. I did have some minor connectivity issues prior to NBN but perfect since (is this the only thing NBN is good for?). Anyway, great sound, no distortion when up to 11 and personally, I have no problem with the app - very user friendly

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Sonos Play 5 Series 1

Just purchased our Sonos Play 5 Series 1 WiFi speaker and couldn't be happier. We purchased it as an ex demo floor stock from Harvey Norman as it was discounted $250 from the series 2 version. Best value for money option around due to the discounted price. Sound is great even when turned up loud. WiFi works so much better than Bluetooth.
Prior to purchasing I listened to multiple brands and price breaks from $200 up to $450 and this was by far the best performer.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Waste of money

Bought a Sonos Play:5 speaker in June 2017. Pretty disappointed with it. Does not play a large number of albums in my music library and drops out frequently, sometimes after only playing one or two songs. Can never play a full album without it dropping out. Very annoying, especially when entertaining. Have followed their advice re rebooting modem etc with no success. Have tried to uninstall Sonos from my computer with the idea of reinstalling it hoping that would fix the problem but cannot do so as when I try to do this I get a dialogue box saying my password is incorrect, yet it allows me to login to my account on their site using the same password. Should have saved myself $750.00 and stayed with my small bluetooth Bose travel speaker.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Since writing this review I have managed to uninstall Sonos from my MacBook and delete the app from my iPhone and iPad. I then started the whole process installing Sonos on my MacBook and reinstalling the apps. This appears to have resolved the problems I was having and it is working fine to this time.

Great sound

I went to look for a high end sound system and was introduced to the Sonos 5 2nd edition. So much volume and clarity in such a small box. After taking it home and running my music library and radio via the Sonos app I found the vibrant sound from it great and no distortion when cranked up. I ended going back for a second one and the stereo production is best I have had. Being a small unit means it is not taking a lot of space and as it runs over Wi-Fi I didn't need cables only power.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Awful software and Line In (most people use for Bluetooth) is awful

You now need a password to use the speakers, 8 digits part upper case and part numeric. It is easier to login to HSBC online banking. A new App was issued yesterday and causes endless problems with indexation. Most of my music just cannot be located anymore. Mozart for example can only be found under songs which means I can only play 1 track at a time and not an Album! If you use Line in with L & R speakers it crackles and is mostly unusable. Many people have mentioned this on forums over many months and the problem just got much worse with the new App. This company has been taken over by tech geek programming maniacs. The music purists with any practicality have left the company. Do not buy. Buy Bluetooth or wired. . I use my small Bose Bluetooth speaker instead of my 2 highly expensive but mostly redundant Play 5s. I tried to post complaints on the Sonos forum but they don't get posted!

Date PurchasedApr 2012
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Oh I forgot to mention, the App software is updated almost weekly. What that means is that most of the time you want to play music you have to wait 20 minutes for the software to update. You cannot defer it for later. I cannot emphasise enough how awful Sonos speakers have become. They were easy and simple in the past but now it is a disaster for me. Bluetooth is far more simple to use (but not available on Sonos speakers) and no software updates, complex passwords and linked customer accounts to play music!

I am sorry, real awful experience

Whilst this product may wow people with limited tech experience, I have uncovered some really gaping holes in its design and usability. I have a mesh wi fi system at home and the entire Sonos system is not compatible with that. And it took a support person over 2 hours to figure that out. The level of support is absolutely disgusting: reduced opening hours, so much rudeness on the phone that I had to put a written complaint in.

After I managed to get it working, one fine morning I wanted to listen to some music, and that's when it decided it needed to update itself (why not before? Why not in the background?) It said it will only take 2-3 min, but after 10 min, it said it has failed and has to try again. Worse still, it took the system offline. Battled with it for half an hour and gave up. End result? I am left with a system that conked out just when I needed to use it and I wasted a precious morning. And our 'friendly' customer service is not even open!

Enjoy the silence.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

learning experience

I wanted to be able to copy my CDs onto my computer and be able to play them.
Unfortunately I had little knowledge on what questions to ask to achieve perfectly what I wanted.
So I was encouraged to buy this by the salesman.
Positives: plays beautifully
Easy to set up
Sonos app easy to use

Negatives: won't play if you don't have wifi connectivity (ours is a little hit and miss)

So I have now joined an online music app, (monthly subscription) and as long as I have downloaded the songs, it would appear that I can play the music, even without wifi. (But this is still a learning curve, and I could be incorrect tho I have tested it and this does appear to be so)

The sound of Sonos Play 5 is great. Don't buy this if you have issues with wifi.
I should have maybe bought another one there that had blue tooth and a usb port. But like I said, I had zero knowledge about these things.

Edited to add. In early Dec 2017 I had issues with the speaker not playing. I contacted Sonos and they were great. After connecting in they said there was an issue and they would replace. I had a choice of them mailing me a new speaker or going back to where I purchased and have it replaced. I chose the later, taking an email I had received from Sonos regarding the issue. No issues with getting a replacement. GREAT customer service

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Great sound, limited connectivity options

For a $750 speaker, I expected more (I purchased two of these speakers, plus a SUB which amounts to about $2500). It has great sound, which I guess is what you should get from a speaker at this price point (and after listening to $70 speaker for several years). But the lack of Bluetooth and the issues with connectivity really killed it for me.
The Play 5 only streams music by wifi. This means that you can only stream music to it when you have wifi connectivity (if your router is down, so does your Sonos system). It also means you cannot stream YouTube audio or any other video streaming service audio to your Sonos system. You have to either buy a bluetooth adapter or use an audio in cable. It's inconvenient.
Also, there are so many issues related to connectivity that is even more annoying than viewing YouTube videos right next to your Sonos speaker using a short audio cable. For example, if you have a relatively slow wifi, Sonos keeps skipping tracks or not playing them at all, even when the wifi is strong enough to stream music. Sometimes the track skips halfway and the app says 'cannot connect to spotify' or 'internet connection was lost'. It's really inconvenient having wifi as the only connectivity option.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the sound quality of this speaker and it was relatively easy to set up. I would recommend it to people who listen to music only on their speakers (not me) and have a strong and reliable wifi connection (also, not me).

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Don't buy it

Great sound but terrible connectivity. No Bluetooth and can only play if you have the Sonos app. If you have a party nobody can play their music unless they download the app and then connect into your network. I spend most of my party time looking at my phone trying to keep it connected, can't play from YouTube, freaking down right annoying. Wished I was wasn't talked out of the Bosè and talked into this frustrating stupid system.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

It's been that good that it need a good review

My family have used sonos since the day they came to Australia. Yes long time. It's was expensive. However when you spend good money for a good product. It's worth it. We had a party . Had 2 play 5 with a soundbar and sub with the play 5's connected the place was cranking. Always great sound. Very portable and we are very happy. Great work Sonos. Money well spent.

Date PurchasedJul 2009

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Questions & Answers

Can I connect a Play 5 to my existing home wifi network or do I need a bridge to create a dedicated network? Thanks
4 answers
Yes, to connect to wifi, you need a bridge. The units have Ethernet ports, but not wifi capability. Sonos wireless is proprietary.Yep, Crashalot is right, the Play 5 does not need a bridge. However, the Play 5 must then be wired to the modem.Thanks to you both for your advice

Why is my sonos not working now its wireless lighting is not flashing and my iphone is telling me to walk within range and its still searching and spinning around.?
1 answer
If the light isn't on, double check your power. Still plugged in? Still turned on?

Are you able to get stereo effect from two sonos play 5 speakers?
2 answers
I only have the one Play:5 in the loungeroom and because our house is so small that's all we have. We have a Play:3 in the husband's man cave in the shed separate. Sorry I can't answer your question from actual practical implementation, although my initial thoughts are yes you probably could, that would be the intent of the Sonos system. Stereo sound from all speakers linked, they are essentially a stand alone speaker that can be connected in sync with others.Yes. Can be switched to a stereo config in the setup menu, as can the Play 3 and Plat 1.


Play:5 2015Play:5 2009
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Price (RRP)$749$649
Release dateSep 2015Nov 2009
Replaced bySonos Play:5 2015

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