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Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

4.4 from 36 reviews

Decent phone with a few issues

Initially upon getting this phone, I was very much in love. The phone itself is smooth and attractive, the battery life was solid, I had no issues playing games of mixed specs, and the performance was extremely smooth. The camera itself was also of quite good quality.

Over time, however, my opinion has changed somewhat due to a few factors. Firstly, the performance and the battery have both dropped off a certain extent, and have happened surprisingly quick for a newish phone. At times the battery seems to drain much faster than other times also. Performance-wise, it is mostly fine, however, it does tend to freeze up a bit, and apps crash on a more frequent basis than should be expected. Overall, however, the phone still suits me well, and is a good device, especially for those looking for a larger phone.

Purchased in July 2018 at eBay for $500.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Disappointed after little over one year

The sad thing is that this phone ran smoothly for about a year and once the warranty expired surprise surprise the issues starting arising. First there were problems with the call audio, then it started overheating. Now it won't even start it up now. I bought this phone partly to be cost efficient, but end up costing me 900AUD for a year!! I'll be staying away from Sony phones.

Purchased in November 2017 for $900.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Camera Quality

Good, Not Great

I find the camera quality to be quite poor, photos don't turn out very well.
Sound on the phone is also quite poor unless listening through headphones.
The screen quality when watching Netflix on here is fantastic.
Relatively good battery life.
Only OK, not the phone for me at all.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Audio recorder feature is not there and lack of great quality photos

The phone lacks clicking better quality photos compared to any other mobile phone. Also, there is no audio recorder available on the phone. The only one is on WhatsApp App, I can use. Sony is well known for its music sound but this feature is weak on this handset. Can do better.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Fantastic phone!

The camera on this phone is amazing, has HD video and 22 megapixel photos plus a 4k screen! What more could you ask for when taking photos and videos?
The phone is much like a Samsung or similar to use so going from one brand to this is easy.
The quality of the phone is what you would expect from SONY!
Has no trouble running apps or browsing the web and call quality is exceptional.
You won't be disappointed with this phone!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best phone i've ever had


Bought as new 2nd hand so a big saving there $ wise.

Fabulous screen quality and silky smooth playback of any video.VERY natural skin tones and colours.

Can be used in direct sunlight OK, and is brilliant even in bright indirect light

Audio is not super loud as expected due waterproofing of phone but has never NOT been adequate so far

Front facing stereo speakers are very clear and supports hi resolution bluetooth audio like LDAP

This phone does not get too hot at any time doing anything, but it does get warmish with 4k Video use.

Battery life is very good.I can easily go 2 days with this phone. Best battery life of any phone i've ever had.

Camera is very good with lots of features.It even captures shots before and after you press the shutter, very handy

3G/4G sensitivity in the country is very good.

These phones can be had reasonably cheaply so the bang for buck is just incredible


Very slippery to hold but i use a Spigen sleeve case anyway for better grip and protection and that makes a huge difference

No wireless charging is a disappointment

Not an OLED screen but as good as LCD gets

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Love my Xperia

This is the second Xperia for me and I am totally satisfied, it does everything you want and more and the camera is fantastic, I can get through 2 days without charging, the customer service help is also very good, I thoroughly recommend this phone, I use the dual sim function and have loaded a 59gb sim to store all my music.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Pretty good phone

Great phone. My only issue has been with the alarms - they can't be set to go for under 5mins, and they don't autostop after an amount of time. I've been driving and had an alarm go off - had to stop to turn it off otherwise it would've just gone for the full 5 mins. From what I remember this wasn't the case with my LG G4.

Battery life is great, and being able to add a microSD card means not having to worry about running out of space.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Sony Success

Upgraded to this phone from an earlier Sony and I have found several positives. The quality of the camera is a pleasant surprise, photos are clear and can be printed and enlarged without losing clarity. Movies can be made of photos and the editing is easy. Internet browsing is fast with easy connection. Overall I really like this phone, so much that I refused to upgrade my plan to a newer model this month!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Strong performance

The phone has a strong performance and battery life. Unlike previous phones, I can easily get through the day of using Facebook, texting, calls and games without having to charge my phone. Photo quality is high and predictive capture is great when trying to get a photo of the kids.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

i love it

its very easy to use , I love texting with it , takes clear photos , apps run great , the display is beautiful , checking sports results , I love using the google , the phone is nice and light , I love the ring tone , I only have to charge it about 2 or 3 times a week

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Easily the best phone I've ever had

Full disclosure - I've tried every major brand of mobile phone, as I love new tech - started on Nokia, moved to Motorola, then LG, to NEC, to Blackberry. Then I owned/upgraded every Apple iPhone model, and was very brand-loyal from 2007 to 2012, but social pressure had me switch to a Samsung Galaxy S5. I loved the Samsung Galaxy phones purely for their superior camera, plus Android-OS makes Apple a joke. I upgraded/owned various Samsungs from 2012-2018 and (with the exception of trying a Google Pixel for three weeks in 2017) never thought I'd leave the brand... however...
I was first recommended the Sony Xperia range in 2015, and purchased a XZ Premium early 2018 for some key reasons: didn't like the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the Note's are too big, couldn't afford the S9+, and the newest Samsung release didn't "wow" me since their latest model.

After using the SONY Xperia XZ Premium for 6 months now, I'm honestly a little annoyed at myself for never switching earlier!! This phone is INSANE. Legit the best phone I've ever had.
The XZ-Premium is: incredibly user-friendly; mine - I've been able to customise everything from text tones to wallpaper animations; the best hardware camera available for a smartphone; comfortable & easy one-handed use - perfect dimensions; fantastic on battery - I get a whole day use despite (and I'm sad to say) that I almost live on my phone; the only phone with 4K screen display; cheap, only $700 outright!!
Considering all the AMAZING hardware packed into this phone - legit best screen AND camera on the market - it should be wayyyyy more expensive. But here you're NOT paying for the Apple/Samsung name - YAY!

The only annoying thing about this phone - it's "rare". Meaning that finding screen protectors & cases in your local store is actually impossible. Trust me, I've tried everywhere. Before you purchase, jump on eBay and grab your tempered screen glass protector and a protective case - if you need those things.
Otherwise... you're welcome!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Stable and battery is good

Brought this new mobile phone earlier this year. Very happy about the performance. It’s stable and the battery can last longer than the old model Xperia Z. It got all the popular functionality, and the photos took by the phone were clear and colourful. And it’s kind of splash proof. The defect is no radio.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Not Complicated

The most easy to use Smart Phone Ive had next to the Samsung Note. I was due to update my contract, didn't want to go with Apple and the new Note wasnt out yet so I went with the Sony Xperia. It's sleek, bright, thin enough to keep in your purse. The only thing that is a little annoying is trying to find the unlock/activation button in a hurry (its on the side) and this is from being used to a central front button. I like Sony products as a whole, so more than happy with this phone.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Trouble with new ohone

The phone freezes constantly and is a pain most of the time besides that it has countless ads that pop up when i am trying to do something else on it! what can i do to rectify the situation as it is very annoying. Please help me find a solution to the problems!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Good, dependable phone

Owned since April 2018. Pretty good performer so far. The camera is high quality, though the slo-motion capability is a bit of a gimmick. No issues so far. I was going to buy an LG, but JB Hi Fi convinced me to buy the Sony based on its superior build. No regrets at this stage.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Very good phone but...

I am fond of Sony phones, they are advanced, functional and stylish. The last one I had was and M4 Acqua and besides it's memory issues it functioned quite well. This new one does as well. However when the screen cracked I found it was not just replacing the glass but the whole screen had to be replaced. Perhaps this issue is something I should have looked into but the replacement screen has a trouble with its near field sensor and then issues with the phone started again. So although it is a great phone and functions well it has some drawbacks which are not deal breakers.

December 5th 2018 Update: Good phone, just an issue or two.

This phone is fairly great. The camera is excellent, the memory, screen and the life of the battery are all above expectation. However there is one drawback. When you cracked the glass it is the whole screen that is replaced. No cheap task, almost half the cost of the full phone. The last Sony I used had memory and storage issues. I am going to thourghly research my next phone, it seems there is always a sizable issue.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

A very slick phone

This is a great phone, very slick, it feels smooth in the hands... It has some great features, a great camera, and a very nice screen... On the whole, it's as good as any other marque phone... But a few niggling things about it;
1) The auto-rotate is way too sensitive, and occasionally even gets stuck in landscape mode.
2) The screen is sometimes un-responsive to touch inputs.
3) The front-facing speakers, although a great concept, are just nowhere near loud enough...

The good;
1) The extra bezels are such a great thing to have, as it makes the phone easier to handle, and pick up, without inadvertently touching the edge of the screen... And Sony have designed it in such a beautiful way, that it still looks great...
2) The rear camera is flush-mounted, and has a ring around it that is slightly raised, helping protecting the lens from scratches when the phone is laid on a flat surface... Something that most phones don't seem to think about...
3) The power button/fingerprint sensor, this works amazingly well on this phone, the best I've used so far...

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Excellent Sony Phone AMAZING CAMERA

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is an amazing phone it is stylish, you will find most mobile stores recommend this model of the Xperia mobiles as the Camera at 21mp takes amazing photographs and the Sony UI is a pleasure to use. You can play games comfortably on it without lag due to the Snapdragon processor and the battery life is unbelievable it will slow charge over night and leave you with a complete day of use. It is purely an incredible phone.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent phone.

This phone is great. It has a bright screen, easy to use, you can personalise using different home screens downloaded from Google Play. It is strong but it is slippery. It has slipped off varying surfaces without being touched and unfortunately the last time was onto bitumen which cracked the to corner of the screen. It is still fully usable except under water. If you want a phone that is not Samsung or iPhone then get one of these.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Why does my new Sony Xperia xz freeze all the time?
1 answer
I noticed this question when logging on... 6 months+ overdue. I just wanted to ask, what sort of ZX Sony do you have? Is it a Premium or something else? And what where you doing when it freezes? Thanks.


Xperia XZ Premium
Features3.5mm Headphone Jack and Waterproof
Charging Port USB-C
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Display TechnologyIPS LCD
Pixel Density807 ppi
Screen Size 5.5"
Max Video Resolution 2160p (Ultra HD, 4K)
Front Camera(s)13MP 22mm Wide-Angle Lens
Rear Camera(s)19MP Motion Eye Camera
ProcessorOcta-core 4 x 2.45 GHz Kryo & 4 x 1.9 GHz Kryo GHz
Internal Storage64 GB
Battery Size3,230 mAh
Memory (RAM)4 GB
Colour / Finish Luminous Chrome, Deepsea Black
Dimensions 156 x 77 x 7.9 mm
Body MaterialGlass
Weight191 g

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  • GTIN14: 07311271584070

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