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Soren Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Soren Memory Foam Mattress Topper

5.0 from 2 reviews

Great topper

Bought this topper for our spare queen bed. Have been very pleasantly surprised to find it really was as good as the sales assistant claimed.
Its VERYcomfortable to sleep on & is also warm in winter & cool in summer.
I have 3 autoimmune disorders that create severe pain. When I sleep in the spare room, I have less pain than when I sleep in the main bedroom. I bought another brand name topper on line for our King size bed, unfortunately, both hubby and I are constantly in pain on our bed, waking with stiff sore joints & muscles. Despite having pain over $3500 for our new bed, it is not soft enough, hence why I'm still trying desperately to get the Soren topper for the king bed. Until we can locate a Soren for our king bed, we will take turns sleeping in the spare room.
Please SOREN, can you please make a KING SIZE MEMORY FOAM TOPPER!!!
5 STARS! ☺

Comfy and warms the bed

First memory foam mattress topper we've ever owned, and after a week we're pretty happy with it. Purchased at Harris Scarfe for $129 (down from the RRP of $360) and I think it's well worth the money. Has meant we can delay the purchase of a new expensive mattress for a while longer.
Good price, comfy, keeps us warmer in winter

Questions & Answers

I have purchased a Zsoren Gel Infused Multi Foam Underlay. I would like to know do you place underlay flat side up?
1 answer
flat side down you can feel all the nodules great nights sleep

Are there feathers inside?
1 answer
Nah, memory foam only

How do I go with an electric blanket, do I put it under or over?
1 answer
Electric blanket goes on the bottom & everything else goes on top - this was advised to me by the sales assistant at Harris Scarfe.