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MicroCloud Mattress Toppers

MicroCloud Mattress Toppers

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So good I bought my 87yr old Dad one as well, we are all loving it, best sleep ever.

My partner has terminal cancer, and has regular chemotherapy, he feels the cold and has trouble sleeping as he can't get comfortable. I bought the topper and put on our bed, he couldn't believe the first night he slept a full 8hrs!

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Geri, thank you for your review. That's truly an amazing result. We're so happy to know that it's providing improved comfort and better sleep during this difficult time.

Makes a world of difference to a cheap mattress

Been using this for 3 months now. Lovely and soft, easy to clean and stays plump and plush. Turned a horrible springy cheap mattress that broke my back every night into a very comfortable one. Ordered online, prompt delivery :)

Purchased in March 2019 for $337.00.

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Hi Miss J. thank you for your review. We're pleased to know if you're enjoying the many benefits of our mattress topper.

Really comfortable

I purchased the queen size topper and 2 pillows in March. I am very happy with the quality and comfort of both. No neck or back problems. I would definitely recommend.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi HelmaxPort, thank you for your review. Great to know that you're enjoying the comfort.

Absolutely blissful sleep now!

This topper is great, soft and pillowy and gives a wonderful night’s sleep. It washes well and is easy to put onto the bed. Delivery was prompt and within the stated time. Overall very happy!

Purchased in April 2019 at MicroCloud.

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Hi Spacebabe18, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know you're now enjoying great sleep!

Heavenly l!

I recently purchased the microcloud mattress topper - best decision ever! It’s so comfy to sleep on and holds its shape. I find it a little on the warm side but going into winter will be perfect. Highly recommended!

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Sarah, thank you for your review and recommendation. We're happy to know that you're enjoying more comfortable sleep.

Topper we should've got first time.

Made our old caravan mattress like brand new, so you could say we have a brand new secondhand mattress. Alot better and comfortable to sleep on with my truck drivers back. Would definitely recommend it to others to buy.

Purchased in March 2019 for $89.00.

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Hi Dayle, thank you for your review. We are delighted that our range is helping you enjoy a more comfortable nights sleep.

Magic Mattress Topper!

I am so happy that I purchased the MicroCloud Mattress Topper. I had the best nights sleep last night, it is like sleeping on a big squishy cloud. Also I usually wake up with a sore shoulder, not this morning. So comfortable and cozy, love it!

Purchased in April 2019 for $350.00.

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Hi Gracie, thank you for your review. That is a great result for you. It's pleasing to know that the comfort has helped relieve pain from your shoulder.


Where do I start? The excellent Customer Service 10 out of 10. & Jonathan goes out of his way to look after you. The mattress topper is amazing. I have had a neck & back injury & even though we bought an expensive mattress I still couldn't sleep. This product is truly like sleeping on clouds. My Husband loves it too. Bought our Son one for his bed & have just ordered one for my Daughter. Best money we have ever spent. Thank's Microcloud we can't rate you & your product highly enough.

Purchased in April 2019 at MicroCloud for $290.00.

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Hi Deb17, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know that our Topper has helped alleviate some pressure off your sore back and neck. That's fantastic to see that the whole family has been treated with a Topper.

I love it!

This has turned out to be a great buy. I ordered the mattress topper because I was waking up uncomfortable at night and feeling really achy in the mornings, my mattress isn't that old but not very cosy either. It has resolved both problems!
I researched so many other toppers til I was cross eyed, but this one had the most good reviews and looked like ones I'd seen in hotels.
I could not be happier, I love sinking into my comfy bed! It has resolved my discomfort at night and I am waking up feeling more rested and relaxed. It is comfortable with out being too soft, and definitely makes a difference. I am very happy.

Purchased in March 2019 for $260.00.

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Hi Rachel, thank you for your review. We're delighted to see that you're experiencing a more comfy and cosy nights sleep. The Topper has been designed to take pressure off the body without compromising the support of the mattress.

Certainly improved comfort

I was bit sceptical but MicroCloud Topper did add a good level of comfort, transformed a firm bed into a comfortable bed to greatly improve getting to sleep and not wake up with sore shoulders and hips.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Luke, thank you for your review. We're very pleased to know that you're sleep has improved and relieved the pain you were experiencing.

Makes it hard to get out of bed!

After a few weeks sleeping on this I love it - so comfortable and soft, it really is like waking up on a cloud each morning. The first few nights it seemed a little too soft but now it's settled in I love it.

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Katie, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know that you're finding that cloud-like feeling super comfy!

Absolutely love it!

Great quality and has helped with my back pain.
We slept on one of these toppers at a Hotel and I slept so well with no back pain on waking.
We are very happy with the product-no longer need to sleep with a pillow under my knees.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Kate, thank you for your review. We're delighted to see that our mattress topper has alleviated your back pain. Our Body Pillow and V Pillow are also great sleep aids.

Not for me.

I really wanted to love this mattress topper. It feel good but has actually caused me back problems, i try it for a few weeks but eventually i had to remove it and store it away. Was disappointed since i spent a bit for it.

Purchased in March 2019 for $302.00.

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Hi, thank you for your review. Sorry to see that it hasn't quite suited you. It would be helpful to understand more about the issues you're experiencing and also the type of mattress that you are using beneath the topper. Please contact us at info@microcloudbedding.com.au for more assistance.

Makes a huge difference, but not as fluffy as I expected

Made a too firm bed causing pain soft enough but not too soft you lost support. Not as fluffy as I expected, was hoping to sink into more than I did.

Purchased in March 2019 for $300.00.

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Hi sSleep, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know that it has helped improve the comfort on that hard mattress. The design of the topper, we had to balance offering enough comfort without it completely compromising mattress support and causing back issues.

Just cant do without it!

Bought this to put on my (supposedly) medium firm mattress which was VERY hard.It instantly transformed it into a very comfortable mattress with no more pain in my hip or shoulder when i sleep.They are expensive but well worth the money for the difference they make. Highly reccomend.

Purchased in January 2019.

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Hi Jcd, thank you for your review. Great result to know that you're sleeping more comfortable and has solved the issues associated with the hard mattress.

Still perfect, second time round.

Yes, I have had a microcloud topper now for several years. On moving into an age care facility recently, I had to have one there too. I can't do without it. So comfy, and all the aches and pains go away!

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Joan, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know that our Mattress Topper has created a more comfortable and pressure relieving sleep for you.

These toppers are the best one on every bed - so comfy!

Super soft and cozy bought one a few years ago and got more earlier this year. Absolutely fantastic. Great company to deal with. Order filled and delivered within a few days terrific service.

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Suzie, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know you've been enjoying the comfort for a few years now.

It's so wonderful my guest don't want to leave

After moving to the country I did worry family and friends might be reluctant to visit. Now with such a comfortable bed, they don't want to leave. The mattress topper and pillows are perfect.

Purchased in April 2019.

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Hi Kathleen, thank you for your review. That's fantastic to know that there's is a bit of an extra incentive for your family and friends to visit. Pleased to know that everyone is sleeping comfortably!

Comfy plus

My bed is now so comfy, love the difference topper has made.
I am now sleeping on a cloud and my back no longer aches in the mornings.
Highly recommend to improve mattress.

Purchased in February 2019 for $272.00.

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Hi Lorena, thank you for your review. We're so pleased to know that our topper as completely transformed the comfort of your mattress. Thanks also for the recommendation.

It really is like sleeping on a cloud

We love our new mattress topper! It has made a world of difference to our new bed which seemed way too hard when we first bought it (meant to be medium). However as soon as we slept on our new mattress topper, we couldn't be happier or more cosy and comfortable! Its been such a worthwhile purchase!

Purchased in January 2019 for $290.00.

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Hi Robyn, thank you for your review. Fantastic result! We're pleased to know our topper has been able to transform your bed to a comfy sanctuary.

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Questions & Answers

I have a newish firm bed because of lower back problems but have had to put an eggshell foam mattress topper on the mattress because of bursitis on my hips and shoulders. I do get hot with the foam topper and it's not a luxurious feel but it does soften the bed a little. I have a cotton mattress protector over the top of the mattress topper. I would like a softer more luxurious feel but I cannot tolerate any heat. Would your mattress topper be good for me? I would really appreciate an honest answer please. I want to buy your product but can't afford to waste my money if it ends up making me hotter than my current eggshell foam topper. Thanks Gina
No answers

What is the right way to wash and dry my mattress topper?
2 answers
Hi Billie, thank you for your question. We recommend you use a commercial washing machine and dryer and follow the below steps. Step 1/ Place in washing machine - cold setting - gentle cycle only - light amount of detergent Step 2/ Run the rinse cycle twice and spin dry Step 3/ Immediately tumble dry on warm/hot setting until completely dry. Step 4/ Give the product a vigorous shake/plump up before using againHi and thanks. When you say commercial washer and dryer what size do you mean? I have a 7kg Washer and 8kg dryer. Is this big enough for a queen toper or would I need to take this to a commercial laundry

My side laying sleeping positions varies from being directly on my side (lets call this a 90degree angle) to slightly forward at 45degress or slightly backwards at 45degress. I place pillows in front of my chest or behind my back to help hold me in these positions for an uninterrupted nights sleep - i usually wake up in the same position i went to sleep in. My question is,.......... would the loft of this mattress topper cradle me enough that i would no longer require to chock myself up with pillows??
5 answers
we use this topper on a very unforgiving pull down bed. it will add at least 5cm cushioned comfort to your bed, it definitely makes a big difference to our mattress, in fact the difference between not being able to sleep on it to being able to sleep on it. however whether you will be able to do without your pillows or end up using less pillows......very hard to say without trying it out.Hi Christine, thank you for your question. We haven't tested our topper for this situation so it is difficult to say for sure. Perhaps you could consider our body pillow to assist this situation. You can find out more information via www.microcloudbedding.com.au/body-pillowThankyou for responding..... but I'm a bit bamboozled by your response. Ok, maybe you haven't specifically tested how much the topper cradles you.... but surely this cradling effect would be something that somebody would have observed/felt when laying on the topper. ??? Surely someone in the company would have some idea if this topper has some form of supportive cradling. My plan is to not have pillow/s holding me in position. To give you an idea of the type of cradling I'm talking about is like that you would get from a memory foam topper.

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