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South Pacific Health Club

South Pacific Health Club

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The only exercise you should be doing is running away from this ' club '

Joined the st Kilda club for a 6 month membership . Did not take long to realise that parking was costing me a fortune and the equipment was being left in a poor condition . End of the 6 months I told them verbally and in writing that I'm done .... long story short.... the only way to stop them continually charging my card was tp cancel my card ... my advice .... find another gym

Value for Money

Great experience:)

Love the brunch in Cbd, great location.Staff awesome, very helpful and polite. Especially Ebony, big thank you for looking for service. Would recommend to anyone who like to join classes:)

Value for Money

Great Gym

Listen up folks....Mostly, the negative comments here are regarding Memberships. This is a business, people. READ YOUR CONTRACT!
Now, as a current/previous member at Nunawading, Chadstone, and now Mentone, I am very happy with the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the staff.
Don't like contracts? Pay for 6 months in advance.
The best of the 3?
Chadstone is hands down the best of them.
Trainer helped motivate me to a 24kg weight loss.

Value for Money


honestly the best gym and staff, would definitely recommend south Pacific Health club to anyone looking to achieve the best results in the best environment! Very fairly priced with the best and newest equipment!


need to cancel my daughters membership for certain reasons, have been 4 times to cancel and a different excuse is given each time so they can avoid cancellation. They are still charging my account...low life scum.
Will have to to the aggressive approach i guess.

Value for Money

Member retention and cancellation is very problematic

TLDR: I attempted to resolve cancellation with them amicably and had a terrible, concerning experience. Best avoid.

I would urge everyone to avoid this club. It is extremely difficult to cancel the membership even where you are not on a fixed term contract. The processes in place appear to be intentionally designed to make it very difficult to cancel. This is disingenuous and disrespectful to customers of the club. I imagine that consumer laws in VCAT would come to the aid of many in my position who wish to cancel. The terms may amount to unfair contract terms and their conduct may be construed as misleading or deceptive.

I called the club to cancel my membership and was told I had to appear face-to-face at the club to do so. I advised that I could not attend face-to-face. However, they persisted to refuse to cancel the membership over the phone or by email. They did however state that my conversation with them on that date would amount to notifying them of my intention to cancel.

When I eventually attended the club to cancel the membership, I was sat down and asked a number of questions relating to why I was cancelling for instance, my alternatives to the membership with this club. I raised the fact that the cancellation process was frustrating and noted the retention process. Remarkably, the staff member insisted that the required face-to-face cancellation meeting was not at all for the purpose of retention, but rather to give me the benefit of fully understanding the throws of cancelling a contract. I note that the 'Membership Cancelation' form she provided me during the required face-to-face meeting prominently and in detail describes 'alternatives to cancelling'. In fact, almost half of the form is dedicated to 'Alternatives to Cancelling'.

The friendly demeanour of the staff member disappeared after expressing that I was not interested in alternatives to cancelling my membership. After raising my concerns with the staff member, they told me I wasn't able to cancel immediately because I had not provided 30 days notice to do so. I advised that I had already called to cancel and was told on the phone that the earlier conversation would amount to notification of cancellation. Despite this, the staff member refused to accept this as notification. The staff member stated that they would ask head office to assist. This assistance was denied.

After the meeting, the staff member handed me a carbon-copy of the membership cancellation form. She had earlier asked me to sign the original. Approximately half of the form is dedicated to 'reasons for cancelling membership'. Again remarkably but perhaps not unexpectedly, the staff member left this section blank. This was despite my iterations of what concerned me.

Value for Money

Exceptionally difficult to get out of the membership, make empty promises.

I signed up with this gym earlier this year.
Firstly, the initial information I received both and writing and verbally, indicated to me I could use more gyms, than just Mentone. Their first letter said that I had access to 4 x 24/7 gyms. This was not the case. When I let them know, they gave me access to a gym that when I looked at their schedule, didn't have the classes I was after.
After a trial period, when I found that the average staff member couldn't help with simple questions about my basic routine, and that instead I needed to make an appointment with the trainer again, I said I didn't want to continue. I knew, based on the contract that you need to go in there to fill the cancellation form out, but what they don't tell you is that you have to make an appointment and that this will be for a very hard sell to get you back into being a paid member.
Each time they really didn't listen and insisted I see a trainer again, I was very reluctant, but both times the membership was reinstated. It seemed my concerns and insistence that the gym membership wasn't for me wasn't listened to. I was even telling them about my financial difficulties, and that didn't phase them either. I finally got out of the membership today. I took my daughter in with me today as back up and that seemed to make a difference. I haven't been in there for months, but still had to pay the full 30 days ahead (well I expected that). Also they didn't hand me the membership form to cancel. Instead they filled it in, and got me to sign, and failed to complete the options of "please tell us your reason for cancelling your membership". It was left blank. They're obviously not interested in feedback.
I have not been in for one gym session since I first decided to cancel, and let them know, but all of this time I have been charged for a membership.
I have to say they always seemed to have a smile on their face, which I find very inappropriate when you're telling them you're very dissatisfied.

Rude and incompetent staff

Reception staff do not know things they are supposed to know and also they are rude. Like parking options. If you ask them, their attitude is like it's your problem not ours. Talking to them feels like you are getting paid to go the gym and not the other way round. I was never told about the weekly parking options and ended paying a lot for the daily parking. Also were not helpful with my queries. Trainers are good though.

South Pacific St Kilda

I was a member for over 12 months and then tried to cancel. In addition to the rubbish you must come in to canel they are also that desperate they would not allow the cancellation until i had paid the 26 full payments of $49 even though i had paid 26 plus payments 3-4 were for a suspension at a discount rate. Effectively forcing a 14 month subscription on me as one of the reasons i joined was the suspension option.
Disgusting service i will never go back and will warn others to go any were else.

South Pacific Chadstone

Not enough people share their positive experiences. South Pacific Chadstone has empathy for people with mental health issues. The staff have the ability to bring happiness and light into your life. This is the case for this mother and son. Initial contact with general manager Nick Corsini was so telling of what we were to experience.

Nick had recommended personal trainer Nicole. Instead we chose personal training manager Steve; why? Steve has a breadth of experience in dealing with mental health issues; an extraordinary find. He has the deepest level of empathy and his training regimes reflect this. Steve's foundational work was exceptional - correct use of equipment, a program to avoid injury, personal training was methodical, logical and delivered with intent. He was a perfect fit.

Like all great staff, Steve was offered a manager opportunity elsewhere. What a loss for South Pacific Chadstone, moreover what a loss for us. Nick again recommended Nicole and we accepted. Well, she is dynamite; we clicked the very first day. Nicole's zest for training is infectious. It is like hating mathematics but your mathematics teacher is a gem. Nicole understands our feelings and is genuine in her concerns for us. She is the definition of empathy and compassion. This is why we remain at the gym; Nick was right. Nicole exceeded our expectations and we have formed a "family like" bond; what more can we say?

I guess, if you have leadership that employs the very best staff, then the gym runs itself. It is staff, this is why South Pacific Chadstone is outstanding - nothing but praise!

I am happy for South Pacific Chadstone to pass on our details should others wish to confirm our reflections.

Absolutely horrible!

I've tried to cancel my membership and it's been almost impossible plus they still want heaps of money of me for canceling despite the fact that I've been a member for 3 years. I tried to pause my membership at first but the terms for pausing were absolutely ridiculous (they were still going to charge me). The staff are rude and more interested in their own reflection in the mirror than the customers. They gym is so sorry with thick layers of dust around the gym. Wi-Fi doesn't work and the TV'S by the cardio machines are rarely working either and the AC is not functioning at all! Stay away, save yourself the money and the hassle! I'm actually appealed at how a business can be run this poorly.

Appalling with some horrible trainers

They are very pushy with their sales techniques. Then the showers don't have any hooks on the inside so makes getting changed very difficult. Never enough spots for hair dryers especially in the morning. But the worst by far is the demeaning and belittling way some of the trainers treat new members of the class. Some of the trainers are lovely, there was a yoga teacher who took the core class who was particularly good. But I would definitely avoid the aggressive egos of some of the trainers. They're not curing cancer- perhaps get some lessons on how to talk to people without acting like you're going to deck them. Of course, as others have said, complaints to management go unheeded.

Variety of classes, great facilities and clean

I am a member of the city gym and while I'm not one to 'pump weights' I love the classes. From anything les mills to reformer Pilates, yoga, core, strength classes or spin there are loads of classes to choose from and multiple different time slots. The staff are friendly, bathrooms/change rooms clean and I never have to wait for a shower. Highly recommend.

Refusal to put the cost in writing completely put me off

I rang to ask about the prices. Was told I had to go in, they wouldn't tell me over the phone.
I went in and was greeted by rather abrupt and rude receptionist who told me to wait at the couches. This guy eventually turns up and proceeds to give me over the top sales routine.
I repeated numerous times that I just wanted the costs.
After almost an hour, he finally/reluctantly writes the cost down. Then it just got confusing with the additional joining costs, personal trainer costs, which were reduced (of course only if I joined today!), then the weekly costs were adjusted.
Finally I said I wanted to think about it, but he wouldn't let me have the costs he'd written down - he said they were on the website. I said 'no that's why I'm here'. Then told me I couldn't take the written down costs away with me because they don't like to give them out. He also refused to give me a copy of the contract (suspicious).
Then tried to pressure me into a 'free week' membership. Again I said I wanted to go away and think about it.
Eventually I just walked out. I can only assume these people work on commission.
The over the top sales techniques, and the refusal to put the costs in writing has completely put me off. After reading the reviews on here, I'm definitely staying away.
MENTONE location

No soap in showers for days

No soap in the shower is for days on end I have spoken to the cleaners and been advised that the property is subleased and no money will be spent on fixing the basic item

Such as hooks to hang clothes missing for months

Cleaning Chadstone

Hello I'm proud to say that I'm a member of chadstone health club and I will like to say that is one of the best cleanest and fresh to work out in the gym! Thanks to EcoWave Cleaning for excellent job.
Highly recommended!

Sincerely Peter
Member Chadstone

Review of the reviews

I cant speak for other SP gyms but I am a foundation member of Mentone, after being at another gym for over 10 years and I cant speak highly enough of them. From the club manager who is fantastic and listens and initiates changes where she can, to the PT's who are always on the floor and happy to help, to the reception and sales staff who brighten my day every time I walk in.
The equipment is new the staff over the top friendly and professional all I can say to the negative reviews is that they must not have come to Mentone. Do yourself a favor if you live in Bayside drop in and check it out for yourself all the members there will tell you how great it is.
To have reformer Pilates, virtual spin (you can do whenever you want), hot yoga, normal yoga and Pilates, a full timetable in the group fitness room, and 24 hours, for less than I was paying at another "top" gym. I am only writing this as I feel very passionately about 'my' gym and some of the other reviews couldn't be any further from my experience. Come down and see it for yourself


The facilities are great but the member policy is a scam. They don't deserve your money. Go jogging or buy some weight it's way more cost effective

Unfair Business Practices

Went to Williamstown club Saturday around lunch time to join the club with my wife, was told to leave details and come back sunday ( next day )?? how painful ..cant even join the club at piece....
Anyways I got a call sunday morning by someone asking us to come back on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon after i mentioned already we both work full time ( obviously he wasn't listening). I then asked how about today ? person on other side said ok ..come in 20 minutes!!!! I said no we are not ready but can we come at 12 o clock ( it was 11am when I was speaking to him )? He agrees!! and we got ourselves ready and arrived 10 minutes before 12...and was told by reception to wait and he will be with you shortly ( which we were happy with ).
Guy with grey beard arrived in 5 minutes ...and started the conversation with ..i was having my lunch you guys arrived early!!!
he wasnt very happy at all...
Well then he went through the gym and what we can do and what we cant for 1 hr...and then finally gave us a choice and numbers to look at ...$199 setup cost and $34.90 fortnightly debit per person.
I questioned $199 cost and he goes we are having a promotion and I will reduce $199 to $29 per person which you have to pay upfront ...and reduce $34.90 to $31.90 per fortnight. ..plus one month free for both of us..
sounds like a deal and we both signed up ( after 1.5 hrs of one way conversation where beard guy didnt wanted to hear anything we sharing just kept going his way or highway ... )

We were tired and 8 yr old with us was distracting us too so when we went to reception to pay $29*2 = $58 , i didnt really looked and did pay pass...

One week later i looked my credit card transaction listings and found crazy amounts charged by South pacific health club using two different names?? as per below:

South pacific Health club $351.00 ( not sure where this charge came from )
South Pacific health Club $34.90 ( this should be $31.90 after a free month?)

STH PAC HLTH $68.00 ( where this should be $58 as one off fee ), overcharged!!

Called and emailed the club and funny part was they had no idea and cant trace transactions ...so I called my bank and cancelled the credit card and disputed all transactions ...

Emailed the club and cancelled my membership ( was within 7 days cooling off period ...thank god ! other wise more headaches )

my advise is stay away from the club .....

South Pacific Health Club Williamstown.

The only reason i joined South Pacific Health Club Williamstown. was for Yoga and meditation but one can not help get the impression. they are trying to Drive. these group classes out to replace them with any thing Les Mills even to the point in the yoga room they bright lights highlighting Les Mills. THere a lot of disgruntaled customers in the yoga classes and should they continue down the direction i suspect more will contunie to leave.

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Questions & Answers

I already have an MSAC aquatic membership and want to supplement this with a gym membership at Port Melbourne as it is walking distance. They do not seem to advertise any pricing which I find suspicious. Can anyone share some info before I go in?
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is anyone signed up for their 5 days trail membership and want to cancel but they refused to do that?
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They said only the person I signed up with could do it and I had to email him. I emailed and he didn't reply so I cancelled my credit card.

What are the membership prices??
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Which Club are you wanting to join Alexandra?Port melbourneJoin another club

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