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Stihl BG 86 C-E

Stihl BG 86 C-E

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Rip off

I too was a dealer for stihl for over 25 years and found the same dramatic drop in quality without a drop in the price from stihl, especially since most parts are made in china now. Very disappointing from stihl as they are abusing peoples trust in their quality, which is now no better than all the other chinese equipment you can buy on ebay ( but which is much cheaper than stihl equipment). Have shifted to selling Japanese brands which have always been great but not well known due to lack of advertising and promotion which is the only thing that stihl has done well ( but without product quality to back up their quality claims)

Purchased in April 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Really Stihl..... Really

I've been in business 23 years and I've always used Stihl blowers and trimmers. I'm a one-man operation . You used to be a great company that made things that last now you're lucky if you get one and a half two years out of them. Got a blower in 2016 that froze up and 1 in 2017 that froze up on me today. I always use the same gas oil mixture. I still have blowers from 10 or more years ago that still run as long as you play with the choke while running it... But it runs!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Stihl BG 86 C-E

Have used the Stihl BG 86 C-E commercially, often up to 8hrs per day without any issues.

Suitable for use in very dusty areas, thanks to the HD2 filter. With STIHL anti-vibration, Easy2Start, 2-MIX engine and locking throttle. The BG 86 C-E is the professionals choice for clearing large areas.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Stihl BG 86

Just bought a new BG 86 after my old one of about ten years died. Yes the new one is easy to start but has half the power of the old one. I have had it back to the dealer twice and they claim this is the best it will run. And the best part is I have had this blower for a little over a month and the return policy is seven days. So looks like I have to eat the $250.00

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Best petrol powered blower around

After wearing out my BG56 blower it was time to upgrade. I did a little homework and was disappointed to see some poor reviews on this commercial model blower. It appears Stihl decided for a short period of time that their gear was that good it did not require 'tuning' and removed the mixture screws from their units. After trying out a few blowers such as Atom 2 stroke and Makita 4 stroke I just could not go past the new Stihl BG86C.
Fortunately my 2018 model is now back to the good old days with Hi and Lo mixture adjustment along with idle adjustment.
Moving with the times I have to say the easy start is exactly that. It is easy to start!
I can only add that in cold weather let it run on the choke for at least 8 -10 seconds before applying the throttle (this disengage the choke) and take it easy as this machine does take a good 3 -4 mins to get up to operating temperature.
Light, power full and easy to start. It ticked all the boxes for me.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

My old one was better

I purchased my second Stihl BG86 about 6 months ago. The biggest problem I've had with it is the muffler screws keep coming loose and snap off, I've taken it back to the Stihl shop to be fixed twice now, but the same problem continues, also it seems a lot harder to start and warm up compared to my other one. I think i'll try Husqvarna next.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A Good Blower with a SideStep

I bought the BG86C-EZ to replace an old and extremely high hour use ( and still running ) BG75 ( given to my son ). After six months of use, its well run in and probably giving its best now. The unit is slightly quieter than the old one, and moves about the same amount of air. I like the ergo mounting as it minimises engine vibration, good when you are a little arthritic. The easy start function works well, but is it something extra to break down in a few years? The old blower didn't have it, but still started easily. The BG86C-EZ doesn't appear to work as hard, to move the same volume of air as the old blower. Personally, I like the throw away, dry paper air cleaner element, very easy to blow clean or replace. I like that the choke will turn off with a blip of the throttle. In all, a nice blower. For longevity, time will eventually reveal that.
OK, the sidestep('s) now. The ergo mounting is good for less vibration, but when you sit the unit on a flat surface to refuel, it looks like a drunk leaning against a post. I think given my time again, I would have gone for the solid mounting version.
The fast run/stop lever. What on earth was wrong with a simple on/off switch. If you use the fast run position, when returning to idle, the unit shuts off and requires you to restart it. If I want a fast run, I can easily hold it with the trigger.
The blower requires a good 2 - 3 minutes of warmup before it will even think of holding maximum revs. Maybe not a bad thing as it probably helps to minimise wear, but it didn't seem to affect my 18yo BG75!!
As per the number of stars I gave it, generally speaking, a good thing with a couple of little quirks.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


A good lightweight blower I guess. It mostly starts on the first pull. However it warms up like some medievil tractor and the carby fuel adjustments are factory locked. The unit has a high centre of gravity, once placed on unusual terrain it tips over on as little as 5-10 degrees. It struggles to get power. The first top range blowers used to have an electric switch. They foolishly did away with that award winning design and replaced it with levers. The throttle set lever is good but when you try to turn that feature off you end up turning the blower off completely. So its a good lightweight blower that doesn't stand upright, with some levers, rest in peace award winning design.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Early days, but plenty of grunt

This is my first Stihl product. On acreage and didn't want to mess around with cheaper blowers. Came at a good price with bag and tubes. First time started no problem. Gave it a solid 45 minutes workout front he get go. Found it clears out heavy gum leaves, sticks, stones no problem. Then used vac to clean up. We have lots of gravel / decorative stones with gum leaves covering them. I found the BG 86C on idle is perfect for sucking up and mulching gum leaves off these areas without sucking up stones / gravel. This is absolutely perfect and such a major time saver. Stopped it for 5 minutes, then starting again took a fair bit of fiddling around which was frustrating. It did start again and continued the job. The mulcher tore small sticks / gum leaves etc to shreds and am overall happy with the product and would recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

much better than the Ryobi petrol I owned for 2 months then returned

Initially I was going to purchase the BG56 with Vacuum kit,on special, after speaking to the mechanic at the Stihl shop and because I'd sooner have over engineered equipment and still within my budget. The BG 86 has spring loaded handles for comfort and rubber inside the fan chamber for better comfort and vibration control. Initial use I thought the unit was way under powered than the Ryobi I owned, until I clicked, it was the springs on the handles that made it feel under-powered and my body was not fighting the machine. After assembling all the leafs in the corner by the fence with the blower, I proceeded to use the vacuum, well more comfort the bag sits well, it is bigger and better built than the Ryobi bags and after use I don't have an sore back like I did with the Ryobi. Assembly and removal of the tubes for conversion is easier while they say use a screw driver should be used, I used a spare key on my keys to push in the tabs. It is better design. This blower is powerful. I had a metal mulching blade installed on purchase for an extra $10.

In the picture above and on the Instructions the blower 86 is shown the front cover with a round nozzle, the above picture shows the blower with items #20 the fan nozzle and #19 the round nozzle because it is not boxed from the shop I'm not 100% sure if both should be included with purchase, the instructions don't have a comes list, but has Main Parts list with a * next to #20 which is depends on version - special accessory, I take that as you get both parts. but I didn't, just hope the shop isn't keeping them to sell for a extra $30ish dollars because that would mount up after a while.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Stihl product problems

Had a BG-85 for nine plus years until the piston rod snapped. Bought a BG-86 model in 2013. From the start the Muffler bolts kept coming loose. I used locktite on the bolts but they still kept coming loose. Constantly tightening. In this past year I have noticed black residue seeping from the bottom of the blower. I suspect it is coming from the muffler exhaust. I use only 89 Oct. gas and Stihl Ultra oil mixture. The other day the engine slowed and locked up. I was able to free up the piston, restarted and after a few moments the engine seized again. I am going investigate by tearing down the engine. Have noticed so many complaints about STIHL equipment on line especially the BG-86 model I don't feel comfortable purchasing a new unit. But what else is there that's better? Stihl doesn't want to acknowledge any problems with their products!

Date PurchasedJun 2013

A step up from my last Sthil Blower

I decided to pass on my previous Sthil blower the BG 56 which provided 7 years of service never missing a beat to a relative and upgrade to the next model up the BG 86 for the suspension handle. As i had read previously the new blower does run at less RPMs but still seems to put out the same amount or slightly more volume of air. It is more comfortable with the suspension on the handle and the other good feature is the ability to lock the throttle on so you do not have to keep your finger on the throttle and frees up your hand to move the blower around at different angles which is good in tight places or corners. Overall very happy so far with the new blower but really the lesser model will do the job just as well just without a few creature comforts.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Early days but worth every cent

The BG 86 C-E starts easily every time, revs easily, but still moves small sticks and leaves easily. We have a large cement driveway and heaps of eucalypts and it moves the twigs and wet leaves easily. Have owned less than a week but very happy. After slaving away trying to start and use a 5 in 1 slasher/trimmer from Yukon, the BG86 is a dream.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Cadillac of Leaf Blowers

Over the years I have had a number of great blowers including: Echo, Huskvarna and Makita/Tanaka. Each had its good points as well as bad. My last unit (the Echo) was a Dual purpose Shred and Vac 230 which was 9 years old. Without a doubt my favorite. When it finally died (due to a cracked flywheel) I decided to check out the Stihl BG86 and the 86C. My Friend has been using the 86 for some time now. First was not impressed with the 86C with the "Easy2Start" feature. Small engines like the ones used on leaf blowers don't need the extra parts and spring the 86C uses and just adds another thing to break. I also did not like the feel when pull starting. Anyway, I purchased the BG86 and have been using it for a number of months now. Even though it does not seem to rev as high as the other units mentioned it easily produced as much if not more air flow and easily moves wet leaves, rocks and small branches. My opinion is that Stihl lowered the operating RPM of the unit (in comparison to older units) but changed the flywheel to produce a larger air volume at lower RPM. This coupled with the spring mounting creates a unit that can be operated for hours with little or no fatigue. In comparison to my friends older 86 it is true my unit does not seem to rev as high nor is it as loud. BUT there appears to be no difference in air volume and mine seems be be more fuel efficient. I do believe the newer units have a screen cat in the exhaust which as I understand it can easily be removed and left out. Bottom line, I am very pleased with it and would buy it again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Blow hard.

Have always been a fan of Tanaka and Shindaiwa gear and thought Stihl had been living of it's reputation until I happened to land one of these by accident. Already owned a Tanaka 2510 blower which is Japanese made and after 10 years of trouble free duty still goes hard with never a problem. However my daughter recently purchased a home and said as a house warming gift a petrol blower was number one on the wish list. Was all set to head down to the local dealer but when checking prices on the net ,happened to come across a twelve month old BG86C-E for sale at $200. Thought as where it was for sale was on the way to the dealer anyway so dropped in to check it out as the RRP for a new one was $579.00. Without a doubt and as much as I hate to say it , this is one impressive bit of gear and being honest - definitely leaves the Tanaka in the shade. Switch gear appears to be better made and operates more smoothly and plastic / poly housings also seems to be better quality. Stihl motor is rubber mounted so vibration is also negligible when compare to the Tanaka. Not quite sure why but although the Tanaka seems to go / rev harder , the Stihl seems to produce a stronger air flow . Stihl handle is rubber while Tanaka's is hard plastic and the Stihl simply feels better balanced and nicer to use. Not sure as to whether this is a plus or a minus but while the majority of Stihl gear is now made in Brazil - these are put together in the U.S. and while a lot of contractors have gone away from their chainsaws and brushcutters their hand held and back pack blowers still seem popular. Dawt,for now at least, will have to live with the Tanaka. Will see in ten years time if this new found faith in Stihl is still warranted.


I had a BG86C for several years which was powerful until it finally gave up, so I bought another, this time a BG86C E. It would seem that this machine has lost its power all in the name of emissions. It is hopeless compared to the older model. I took it back to the dealership who told me that they are now made with very little adjustment so it simply won't do what the old one did. Don't buy one, this is a premium over priced product with cheap product output. Stihl seem to be loosing the plot in their complacency.

Gr8 Blower

Been using this model for a year now and I'm very happy with it. I upgraded from the BG 56 as the BG 86 specs stated lower vibration levels. The vibration is much lower (hard to gauge from the specs alone). If vibration is a concern for you, then this machine is a definite option.

Handy for right handers as your clothes don't get sucked against the air intake (which is on the right hand side of the machine). There's a handle on the base of the frame which allows two handed operation. A flat nozzle comes standard. Takes 3 - 4 pulls to start the machine and all the controls/primer are easy to access.

The start/stop switch automatically goes to the 'start' position when you turn it off so the machine is always ready to go - no pulling of the cord only to realise that the switch is 'off'.

Very glad I upgraded as for me it's been money well spent.
Very low vibration, comes with flat nozzle, easy to start and use
Didn't get my round nozzle

very good, and they've improved on their old modal

i owned the old BG 85 for 12 years as a contractor, and in the last months it was still powerful, but sometimes not a reliable starter, so i gave it to my brother in-law,
bought the new Stihl BG86, and it seems a little quieter and to run more smoothly, you have to get used to starting it, but once you get used to the choke and when you should use it, it's very good, and even starts when pulled straight out of my hot tool box on the back of my ute, like the new controls, how the choke automatically switches off, on starting, and how the stop lever works, so you don't have to switch the blower back on, just pull the start rope.
I'm impressed and recently went and purchased the Stihl SH 86 blower/vacuum

Cheap brands are just as powerful.

Bought stihl bg 86 after my old blower is starting to get abit old ( 10 yrs ) i had a GMC and it worked great, was just alittle loud and sometimes didn't like me. had a test with this model bg 86 in the shop, and thought was way more powerful than the gmc, got it home and it's no better at all and for $400 VS $90 i am very shocked!
Works and blows
Bogs down, expensive, doesn't have as much power as it says!

Problems with product

Nothing but trouble,have bg85 as well and never had a problem.have spoken to dealer and they guietly admit they have a lot of the same problems i experienced from day one.this new model is a disaster,have given up constantly working on it,and continue to use my other 2 bg85,s which are 5 years older and have never been worked on except for replacing starter rope
Is guiet and smooth
Rxhaust constantly falls off,snapping bolts off in the cylinder more than once,recoil unit falls to pieces,bolts in housing always coming loose jaming blower fan.should never of changed them from thebg85which i have never had trouble with in over 5yrs commercial

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wish i had read this review before spending money i don't have on this machine. mine still works for now, but it sounds nasty .

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The casting under the flywheel is held on to the blower unit by 3 flat head bolts. My BG 86 C was making a rattling noise and it seemed like something was loose, though it still ran. After a minute or two the rattling got louder and then seized. I could not pull the recoil so I took it to the local Stihl dealer and for $50 they would diagnose it. They said the engine was probably seized though I was skeptical because it still ran while it rattled. Instead of leaving the blower with them I decided to see if I could trouble shoot it myself. I took off the fly wheel and found several pieces of casting laying underneath the flywheel and when I looked at the back side of the flywheel several fins had been cracked off. Was it a bad casting? No. Upon further inspection I saw one of the 3 bolts holding the below casting had either vibrated loose or had not been torqued correctly and had risen up and was chipping the fins as the flywheel spun. And the seizing was not the engine but most likely these loose pieces of the flywheel jamming. Is this a fairly common problem with this BG 86 C blower? I am replacing the cracked flywheel and will use high temp LocTite on the three screw and expect to have it up and running like new. Please respond if anyone else has had this experience. The blower is 2 or 3 years old. Thanks,
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Do you have a pull start recoil for Stihl BG 86/c blower?
1 answer
Sorry I have never needed any parts for this blower. Try Outdoor King on the net. Not sure if anyone makes aftermarket parts for these.


Stihl BG 86 C-E
CategoryPetrol Blower Vacuums
Price (RRP)549
Maximum Air Velocity248
Vacuum FunctionYes
Release dateFeb 2010

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