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Good front loader for medium/small loads

The 6kg barrel will 'just' wash a large queen sized blanket but not a queen sized quilt unfortunately.
It can wash a load of clothes in 15 minutes which is super helpful for people short of time and can heat up the wash water to 60 degrees for a more through and hygienic wash. Lots of wash cycle options and ability to add a custom wash programmed to your settings.

The spin cycle is quite loud (runs up to 1200 rpm) ,but apart from that and the smaller barrel size, the ALDI warranty guarantee is what sold me on the well priced and modern looking machine. Looks more expensive than the $349 I paid for it and I have no regrets.

Purchased in July 2019 at ALDI for $349.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Great washing machine. Awesome warranty offered

We purchased from aldi. Great machine. Large enough for our family of four. Quick wash cycle works well and I find it easy to use. I had a small issue with the machine and it was repaired in my home in a timely manner and fixed well. Price was great at $499. I would recommend this machine. Excellent A+++

Purchased in May 2014 for $499.00.


Cheap yes but try and get it fixed when it breaks down that's when they palm you off. Error E62 RRR Never heard of that, must be technical. No hot water and over 2 hours to do a wash. Worked fine until about 4 months out of warranty. Not worth fixing even if I could find out what was wrong with it

Great machine

I bought a Sterling front end loading washing machine from Aldi in 2009 and cost me half of what the going price was for the front end loaders in the electrical stores. I love it. Cleans the clothes very well. Yes, I have had a couple of problems with it but lets face it, you are going to with any washing machine.

Hardly German Quality

A terrible disappointment! Yes it was cheap, and that is about it. It does not wash clothes properly and even on longer cycles, clothes do not look washed at all. Clearly misrepresentation of product. It sells as a washing machine, and performs as a water and power waster. I would have expected more from Aldi as their food is good, but their white goods sometimes miss the mark. This one certainly did. Just a hassle to try to return it again as it is a large object and the service for Stirling white goods is appalling! There is no after sales service. The company is called Tempo and they offer little to no assistance at all.

waste of money

i bought this washing machine and from the start it was noisy ( you can hear it a few houses away with all my house locked up) it sounded like a machine gun and thats no exaggeration! then it kept pouring water all over my floors with every wash, i called the warrenty company and they sent a repair man who said the job was too big for him as the inside drum had shaved a whole in the barrel that holds the water, after 4 weeks of hearing nothing more, i called the company again to ask how long they expect a household to live without a washing machine for especially having 4 kids! they then said they were trying to source parts from the manufacturer, after another week of no word from them i called again, only to be told, i had to take the washing machine back to aldi for a full refund! i only owned this machine for just over 2 years, luckily, it was covered by a 3 year warrenty...

No after sales service!

My machine is not holding the softener back until last rinsing cycle.
Softener disappears with first washing cycle.
Tempo, a contractor to ALDI should handle after sales and warranty issues.
After explaining my problem Tempo declared this as a NONE fault and as a normal behavior of this particular machine.
ALDI customer service is repeating this unprofessional diagnose after I complained the unprofessional behavior of Tempo.
End of story for ALDI but not for me.
I logged now a complaint with NSW Fair Trading.
I will never buy anything of value from ALDI again!

Broke down 6 months out of 2 yr warranty

Initially I said it was excellent and while it worked it was. My initial review said :

'I paid $349 (it came into the shop at $499 but was reduced). For that price for a top loader that is so far working fine (cleans our clothes well on the one hour cycle. I think it is a good machine so far and has a good warranty (2 years). The instruction book lists the “Ordinary clothes” cotton cycle as being 1 hour and 37 minutes in duration, but this is incorrect. The machine shows it to be 2 HOURS and 38 minutes! Tempo confirmed this with me on the ‘phone. Tempo Australia also gave me the following error reset instructions (these are exactly as given to me. They had no other reset code for any error apart from E11 and hadn’t heard of other errors):

Pre-Wash = K1
Delay = K2
Temp = K3
Spin Speed = K4
Add Garment = K5
Extra Rinse = K6

1. Press K3, K5, K3, K5 in 30 seconds after power on to enter serve mode (txx selection mode). The display will show t01.
2. Press K1 or K2, it will change from t01 to t12.
3. Press “start/pause” key to enter txx measure mode. Run txx after “start/pause” key. You can go back to txx selection mode if press “start/pause” key.
b. t02:Show fault code test
Press K1, K2 can see all record fault code EXX after enter t02. You can cleanup the fault code per hold K2 for 3 seconds.

If error code 11 does not go away after doing the above 3 times, then there may be something wrong with the inlet valve, drain pump or PCB.'

BUT the machine broke down (faulty mainboard or motor - the repair guy couldn't tell) only 6 months past the 2 year warranty so my review must be downgraded from the initial 5 stars to 1 star.
It was good until it broke
Misprepresented time in the instructions for cycle time. Broke down 6 months out of warranty.

In the review I said top loader and must have been having a brain melt down - the machine is a FRONT loader.The Cotton Cycle does take 1hr 37min if you make sure the temp is set to cold.Well well. Thanks for that - will check it out.

Good when it works

The machine is still kicking along.... probably close to 5 years now. I did have problems with error codes before, but the reset seemed to fix it. Had to work out how to fix it myself as I wasn't prepared to pay for the distributor to send someone out. It's been working perfectly since I reset it! Thanks to whoever put the reset codes here! Cleans well with cold water! No issues with the way it works. I'd probably buy another cheapo washing machine again, especially with the ACL now in place!
Cheap, Delay timer, wash cycles wayyy too long! (3hrs)
Poor after sales service, incompetent distributor.

wanted to purchase one of these washing machines as I think it is a good price for a direct drive inverter model washer-but was unable as aldi put it on its special buys for Saturday 15th February 2012 but after visiting 4 aldi stores and ringing head office all to no avail- I was left with no option. None of the stores I visited had any nor did they actually receive any. I think this is false advertising at its worst. They should get at least one washer per store. None of the 4 stores i visited received any!Meant Saturday 15th February 2014 NOT 2013 sorryam buying one of these today in the ACT, not sure where you are but there were plenty available in my local stores and they are selling the final few units (getting last one from Belconnen)


This product is the bane of my existence, within 24 hours of buying it we had an error code (e11) come up on the screen and then had to wait 3 days with our clothes stuck in there for a repair man to press a random button combination to clear the error. Now less than 6 months later it has happened again and it's right on xmas so once again the clothes are going to be locked in the machine for another 3 days and have to be thrown away. There is no online forum help either so do yourself a favour and spend the extra couple of hundred bucks and buy a DECENT washing machine and not this error prone Chinese [censored word removed]
NONE!!! except it was really cheap but apparently you get what you pay for
See "Overall opinion"

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So what eventually happened? How did you get it repaired?

Buy a brand repair men will service

Cheap, descent wash, but when it breaks your stuck and stuck for good.
After 6 months I am still looking for a repair man willing to look at my machine.
Cheap and decent wash
2 weeks before the warranety expired my machine came up with an errror code e21. I couldnt find the receipt in time so the warrenty people told me to go away. It's been six months and I think I might have found a repair man that will LOOK at it. Lucky my parents live close and have a machine I can borrow.

a hopeless wash

This washing machine is rubbish. I gave up my fantastic electrolux front loader to my brother when my parents bought him this one because it was bigger and thought it would suit our family.
Unlike other people who have reviewed this product, I've had no problem with error codes...I actually wish i had so i had a more tangible reason to get rid of this crap washing machine earlier.
This machine does a terriblejob at washing clothes. So much so i'm noticing that nearly every item of my children's clothing is growing mould on it because food is just not getting cleaned off the garments properly. I never had this problem with my other machine.
It's noisy, jumps around, doesn't wash clothes properly (and that's what it is designed to do isn't it? wash clothes?) and my husband reckons the clothes don't come out near as dry after the 1000rpm spin speed as the same 1000 rpm spin speed of my electrolux.
More things painful include: can't fit washing basket under door and open door over the top of it (minor concern that i got over) and you have to set up your wash settings every time you reload, that is, press rpm about 4 times to get it up to 1000, press wash level about 4 times to get it up to full, not to mention adjusting the temp too. All this has to be done manually at every single wash.
The quick wash is hopeless so I've managed with a 1.5hr. everything else is ridiculously long! (like 2.5hrs, give me a break)

doesn't wash properly! have to press the settings for every wash over again even if only everdo one kind of wash

We use our machine on the colour setting which washes our clothes fine. It takes about an hour. I used this after someone else on this forum said that they used it - and I agree, it washes fine on that setting. Only need to adjust the spin setting to 1000 RPM and sometimes the water level, but that's no big deal - it takes only a couple of seconds. Re: the jumping about, we took some time to make sure the adjustable feet made the machine level, so it is rock solid.I believe you're talking about the top loader as opposed to the front loader. I agree that the colour setting is the only setting to use, which must be common to both the top loader and front loader but the wash quality for the FL was still second rate. I now have one of the LG direct drive front loaders which are fabulous.No,. I am talking about the front loader. Model QG65-908E.


Had machine for 18 months. Good machine, no real problems, except for the error E11 message which needed reset instructions, but after receipt was able to fix machine myself. Would buy again.
Good Price from Aldi, but had to arrange transport home & install myself. Washes well. After 18 months had an error E11, which was not listed in manual. Contacted service dept, who emailed me the reset codes, then got code advising filter blocked. Cleaned out filter and all OK.
Manual needs improving.

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Hi i have exactly the same problem as you after 18 months of haveing this! Could you send me the reset codes by any chance as the after sales team will not as i can not find my proof of purchase. Thanks Sam


Happy with machine. Would buy again.I like the count down timer.The 2 year warranty is good also,they must have confidence to have a warranty that long.
Had the machine 22 months.no problems so far.It is quiet & well balanced.Does a good wash.
Manual could be easier to understand.

Purchased in January 2009.


Seems to be going alone OK. Probably should have bought this instead of my very expensive and no warranty any more Kleenmaid KLF1600.
I purchased this product while my Kleenmaid KFL1600 was being repaired. Nice and quiet no problems so far.
Main wash is 2.55 hours long and only has cold water attachment, so energy rating is only 2.5.


sent emails 3 now in total and 2 phone calls with no action to either would seriously consider not purchasing whitegoods from ALDI again.
Washs well happy with it first time front loader user until error message E11 appeared!!! Purchased machine 14th January 2010 broke down 31st May 2010.
Trying to get it repaired while still under warranty. No after sale service.


cheap, gutless machine. not very good even with light loads. (here are some more words to get to the twenty word limit.. am i there yet?)
has a digital screen & countdown timer, cheap price.
doesn't wash lightly soiled clothes clean. washing cycles take longer than the timer indicates. can't reset the machine after an error code meltdown.


E21 and E11 fault codes locked the door until repairman arrived 3 days later. Took a few calls to get service but was repaired under warranty.
Cheap. Washes clothes to good standard.
We use the Cotton setting which takes 1hr 37min. We wash in cold only, but if you use hot the machine has an internal heater element as it has no hot water in hose. After each wash machine goes back to default settings, which includes warm water wash, so have accidently not cold washed a few times.

It's now July 2012 and we are totally happy with this machine. Have not had a problem since initial hiccup. Wash quality has been fine. Bought from Aldi.Now 2016.....still going strong.

Questions & Answers

Is there an indicator to let you know your detergent or conditioner drawers are empty with the Sirling Black Edition 6kg Front Loader?
1 answer
Not that I'm aware of- you should be able to just open the drawer to check

Why can’t I see suds or bubbles in my front loader machine? I’ve tried using both powder and liquid detergent and I still can’t see any suds/bubbles or much water when the machine is washing? Is this normal as I feel like my clothes are not getting cleaned if I don’t see any suds or bubbles in the wash? I’m well aware that front loaders washing detergent does not make much bubbles but my old front loader machine used to make suds/bubbles and I was using the same washing detergent? Please help
No answers

Just got a Starling 6kg Front Load washing Machine, will not spin dry one item, only spinning slow.
No answers


ALDI Stirling 7.5kg STR-FLW75 (July 2018)ALDI Stirling 7.5kg XQG75-F1128BW (Dec 2013, Feb 2014)ALDI 7.5kg Front Loader (Jan 2011)ALDI 7.5kg Front Loader (Jan 2009)ALDI 6kg Front Loader (Jan 2008)ALDI Stirling 6kg SFLW6 (July 2019)
CategoryFront Loading Washing MachinesFront Loading Washing MachinesFront Loading Washing MachinesFront Loading Washing MachinesFront Loading Washing MachinesFront Loading Washing Machines
Price (RRP) $379$499$499$499$399$349
Capacity7.5 kg7.5 kg7.5 kg7.5 kg6 kg6 kg
Household Size 2-3 people2-3 people2-3 people2-3 people1-2 people1-2 people
FeaturesDoor/Lid Lock (Child-proof)Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)4 star(s)2.5 star(s)
Water Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)4 star(s)
Drum MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Colour / Finish WhiteWhiteWhite
Dimensions 850 x 600 x 615 mm850 x 596 x 600 mm850 x 595 x 495 mm
Motor TypeDirect DriveDirect DriveConventional
Max Spin Speed 1,400 rpm1,200 rpm
Number of Spin Speeds44
Number of Wash Cycles1616
Temperature Settings 55
Weight72 kg71 kg61 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateJul 2018Dec 2013Jan 2011Jan 2009Jan 2008Jul 2018
Discontinuation dateJul 2018Feb 2014Jan 2011Jan 2009Feb 2008Aug 2018

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