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Stokke Scoot

Stokke Scoot

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Fancy looking stroller but not comfortable at all

The stars goes for the looks, yes looks fancy and beautiful but I feel like my child is not comfortable at all in the seat. Feels like she keeps slipping down and she’s always trying to move into a more comfortable position... but no luck. The black rubber thing that’s right above the foot break cracks and looks ugly you can see the resorts or whatever it is there. At some point there’s a problem when trying to close it... it can get stuck and doesn’t close at all... have to get some oil and put it where the closing is supposed to slide. For a luxury expensive stroller this shouldn’t be happening.... I’ve had cheaper strollers that even after years still work like new. If you’re trying to go for the looks and don’t care about if your child is comfortable or not then yes get this. Not sure how the bassinet works or how comfortable it is. I have a scoot and my daughter is 1 and even after “reclining” still feels like she’s slipping down. By the way this is kind of compact but yet somewhat heavy, definitely heavier than an umbrella stroller.

Pretty good pram

Fold and unfold is easy- but definitely not possible with one hand.
Comes apart easilly- you'd want to take it apart to put in boot.
Seperate sections easy to hold- but on the heavy side.
Actually manages to fit in the boot of my 2015 Mazda2- with no space to spare.
Great quality fabric and accessories- accessories are pricey.
Front to rear facing transition is easy and a great feature.
Would recommend if you can buy it on sale.

good practical pram that does the job well

small, easy to use, and good when your amongst tight places. only issue is that its not so good off road and sometimes the wheels lock when you have stopped. i like how i can place my son forward or rear facing and has a good amount of room to put items under.

Scoot V2 - great overall pram!

The Stokke Scoot V2 is the second and improved version of Stokke's more compact pram. The main feature changes are the more robust wheels, differing adjustable handle and additional vents while in the most reclined position. I have only used the pram a few times and here are my initial thoughts.
The most important thing is that bub seems very comfortable in the seat in the most reclined position and has great ventilation both on the sides as well as the unzip panel on the canopy. It pushes very nicely, although it is a bit on the heavy side, but that is due to the solid construct of the pram overall. The basket isn't huge, but it is substantial, and the larger tires allow the Scoot V2 to cover most terrains. I have noticed however, that it can be a bit cumbersome to hop a curb, but again due to weight. The canopy is awesome! When seat is all the way back my infant baby girl is amply shaded and hidden. The seat is roomy and of course reversible with a VERY easy lever to remove it and a nice click and green light to indicate it is placed correctly back on the frame.

Now, to the only really negative aspect - it is VERY heavy when folded...especially with the seat attached. I found it much better to take the seat off first then fold frame, plus this is the only way I can fit it in my car when have all 3 rows of seats up in my X5. Maybe it is post baby weakness but I do find I have to really watch my back lifting the pram in and out of the car. If you can get past this or have more upper body strength that i do currently then the Scoot V2 is a great overall pram. It folds quiet compact and the higher seat makes allows even closer contact with bub. In addition I am wondering how I will eventually find the clip/strap recline system, which won't become an issue until baby can sit up more. I will update in a few month.

Stokke scoot v2

I have used this since birth. It's a great pram easy to steer with one hand. It folds easy. When the pram is reclined it's pretty long so it does get in the way. The pram is 12kg so also heavey to get in and out of the boot. I love it.

Great all rounder

Great all rounder. Easy to manoeuvre and fold one handed. Dual facing position is great bonus too. Height is perfect to double as a high chair. Have v1 and think any complaints I have have been rectified eg breathability of canopy (added air vents) and the inability of the front wheels to go over anything larger this about two inches (new foam wheels). Great pram for travel too. Perfect for city living and catching public transport.

Excellent light weight stroller

Love this stroller as it's light weight and very easy to fold and I can even fold it quickly with one hand. I had purchased red it different from the rest and I love that the seat can face forward and towards me. The cup holder is great as well. I use it to put my mobile phone when I am out and about.

I love this pram, but I have a few small quibbles

This is a very attractive light and portable pram - when i'm out and about i get quite a few compliments on it.

I have used it since day one with my bub by using the seat in recline with the infant insert, you would want to purchase this if you intend on using the pram with a newborn because without the insert its not very supportive of babies who can't yet support themselves!

The pram claims a one handed fold but i have to say, its incredibly temperamental and I usually remove the seat to fold it up and even then it doesn't always work like it says on the box.

The only other quibble i have is it tips very easily if you catch the front wheels on a crack or bump! I know it's not meant to be an off road pram but its VERY scary when your pram is going head over heels in front of you. We've not had any serious accidents but many a swear word has come out of my mouth when this happens.

Those aside, i love that you can turn the seat to be front or rear facing, and its very light and easy to steer (even one handed). I hope to be able to continue using it until bub is old enough to not need a pram any more!

Excellent compact stroller

Its a great pram for out and about and for quick trips. It folds up and down so quickly and you can do it one handed. The seat can be forward facing or rear facing and you can fold the pram up regardless of which was the seat is facing.
The seat itself is a really generous size and even my 5.5yr old sat in it ok (just). The fabric is excellent quality and all the bits are removable so you can wash them.
I bought it to travel with - because it is all in one piece and folds so quickly both up and down and it is so compact. Also I was sick of assembling my pram every time I wanted to go anywhere.
There are only 2 seat positions - upright and reclined (which is almost but not quite flat). This works regardless of the way the seat faces. Some might be put off by this but the reality is you really only end up using two positions - well I have anyway (this is my third baby).
The other great thing is the slightly higher seat position means that it can sit at a table as a high chair substitute.
It may be a bit upright for newborns but there is a sleeping bag that may make it work - it also has a carseat attachment. I bought it for my 18 month old daughter so it wasn't an issue for me.
I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone who has a small boot or who doesn't want to put bits of prams together all the time.
Great quality - Stokke brand - 3yr warranty, all parts removable and washable, higher position, reversible seat, one handed fold, can put a car seat on it.
5 point harness - you have to put 2 bits together and then click them into the belt on each side which can be tricky if your toddler is squirming. The footrest doesn't provide any support for little legs if the seat is reclined. The wheels can be a little wobbly if you run fast with the pram but its not something you probably should be doing anyway!

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I've been using this pram for about 4 months now - its still great but my only criticism is the one handed fold can be quite temperamental - I had to return my first one because it wouldn't fold and they replaced it for me. It is also a little heavy to lift into the car. Oh and the harness drives me crazy - four bits to put together to lock your little one in. I still would recommend it but check all of these things out first before you buy it...

Waiting for new pram stokke scoot

I just buy stokke scoot today at baby kingdom and have to wait for 2weeks for the pram, i found it the baby kingdom is the cheaper any pram is 15% discount i call to david jones and baby bunting they dont sale for this stokke scoot.. Im waiting for new pram for my new baby...
I disscuss with tou when i use it already
No comment at the moment still waiting for the stokke scoot pram

Questions & Answers

With adapters the maxi cosi seat will be compatible. What about a true bassinet from any other manufacturer ? Stokke scoot .
No answers

Does the seat of the scoot fit as a sibling seat in the crusi (in order to make the crusi a double pram)?
No answers

Hi.. My Stokke scoot is not folding as it should, I press the botton down like I should and nothing happens... it is just stuck. Anyone else have this problem?
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Price (RRP) $1,049.99
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 15 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesHeight-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight13 kg
Folded Dimensions32 x 55 x 72 cm
Release dateApr 2013

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