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Sukin Facial Moisturiser

Sukin Facial Moisturiser

3.7 from 79 reviews

Allergic reaction

I now have a dermatitis like rash all over my forehead after two days of use and have to teach a class today and tomorrow. It burns and is unsightly. I will not recommend or continue to use this product.

Purchased in March 2019 for $9.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeNormal Skin

Skin reaction

I have had a skin reaction to cleanser & Moisturiser . I now have a face rash, redness and bruising in corner of the eye socket . I’m not sure which product caused this .

Purchased in March 2019.

Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Clogged pore caused pimples

I have found my usually flawless skin, apart from my hormonal period chin pimples once a month, this product has turned my skin to pimples that won't go away scabs in my nose, all blind pimples all around my mouth, chin and forehead. I have just stop and gone back to old sorbelene and after a day my skin is clearing up again. Though still a bit scabby . Not happy at all

Purchased in January 2019.

Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeCombination Skin

My skin went so bad

Gutted that this product didn't work for me. Their body lotion is okay but this product caused me awful dark patches to develop on my face. Improved when I stopped use

this is ok but better alternatives are available

In general not a fan of the signature range, the greens range is great, wish they had a cleanser in the new range

Nice and light

Lovely product nice and light on skin, doesn’t leave you feeling oily. Great price and lasts a few months. I would repurchase.

Natural, Effective and Affordable

This moisturizer makes your skin hydrating and doesn't have a sticky feeling ..... light in texture... very good quality product which isn't heavy on your pocket... easily available in all drugstores...


Used this brand on my 4 year old because it was meant to be better for skin rather than the cheaper stuff. Boy was I wrong! Should of stuck to the cheaper brand as within and hour her face was bright red with a rash. Really unimpressed


Love this product so much! So simple but actually works! vegan friendly and Aussie made! it has such a lovely smell and is so creamy to perfect for all skin types


Bought this item from Giant chemist and put it on before bed. Woke up with a face covered with rash. they said in their advertising that it was "natural", but this junk is about as natural as a McDonald's hamburger with all the chemicals they stuff into it . .


So good and non oily moisturiser that I use every day. It has a matte effect and dries immediately. Would recommend to anyone that has oily skin and doesn’t want that oily feeling

Didn’t do anything

I saw this product contained natural ingredients, thought it would work really well - it didn’t do anything: made no difference to my face. Tried neutrogena and that worked wonders.

Bad reaction

Very bad reaction to Sukin products my face is red and swollen lips and eyes just do a spot test before use, as because it is a lot of plant based products can cause reactions as I usually never had an issue with care range.

bad reaction

Try on a spot before applying your whole face, the first day my face started itching in a few spots, second day the whole face turn red and hot, sore and then dry and peeling feels like eczema (I suppose as I dont have any eczema), the doctor put me on antibiotics, after the third dose improved a lot

Everyday Staple.

I use this product everyday and it's amazing for my skin. Works great for combination skin, so oily girls, don't be afraid from using this product. Makes my skin so soft.

Spot test first to avoid reaction!

Unfortunately for me, this product brought my whole face out in weeping eczema. Horrific swollen and sore face which needed antibiotics and steroid cream to heal over a week. I think it may be the horsetail extract which, after researching, can cause this reaction. Please do a spot check on your skin in case you're sensitive, which I never did before slapping it on! Don't assume organic, natural ingredients can do no harm. Lost over a week of my life trapped indoors with weeping, crusty, swollen face. Hope no-one else suffers the same fate and this review has been helpful.

I thought I'd stumbled upon something amazing. Boy was I wrong.

At first like many others I thought I'd discovered something amazing with the Sukin range. I was so excited to have an affordable vegan and cruelty free option! I purchased this moisturising cream as well as the over night moisturiser, a cleanser and the scrub.
It wasn't long before my face had changed texture entirely though. It was rough, bumpy and dry, and I had what looked like eczema on my eyelids, in my hairline and in one spot near my mouth. This one also clogged my pores and resulted in little pimples everywhere, more so than the night cream which I'd have thought would be more intensive.
I really wanted to love this because it's cruelty free and smells divine. Now to get rid of it all :(

Affordable everyday moisturiser

Perfect affordable everyday moisturiser that works well with my redness and reactive prone skin. It smells nice, is carbon neutral (+1 for the environment!), and doesn't have any potentially harmful ingredients. Got my boyfriend into using it too so it's great for both women and men!

Oh, pretty skin!

Hi, I recently have been using this moisturizer for my face. I have dry skin and I have eczema. I use it after using my Organi toner or my Micellar Water by Garnier and it ALWAYS leaves my skin so touchable and looking lively. I love the smell, I love the texture, I love how you place it on your skin and rub into your pores and you feel the freshness. I love it a lot, my skin on my face hasn't looked this good. It also has helped with some little scarring.

Lightweight, easily absorbed

This moisturiser is amazing! It goes on very lightweight, doesn’t look greasy at all and completely sinks in within 5 minutes. It keeps my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth and isn’t heavily scented. I have combination skin and it doesnt make my oily areas more oily, i’ve never broken out using this. I’ll definitely keep buying it.

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Questions & Answers

I want to know the texture and color of this moisturizer.. can you please tell me?
No answers

I have the moisturiser and it doesn't smell that pleasant - does it have a weird smell - - it is only a new bottle
1 answer
Mine doesn't have a weird smell, it kind of smells like plants or something.

I'm really hesitant to try this because I'm scared it will give me more acne. Has anyone experienced more breakouts after using this product? (I'm a teen)
3 answers
Hi Vicky, I'm not a teen but I haven't had any acne from this product and its not really oily. However, if you have acne problem go for oil-free products Like neutrogena.My advice is to STAY AWAY from it. It's packed with chemicals!I have found my usually flawless skin, apart from my hormonal period chin pimples once a month, this product has turned my skin to shit pimples that won't go away scabs in my nose, all blind pimples all around my mouth, chin and forehead. I have just stop and gone back to old sorbelene and after a day my skin is clearing up again. Though still a bit scabby . Not happy at all


Facial Moisturiser
Price (RRP) $10.95
Skin TypeAll
Day/Night UsageDay
Opening TypeCap Top / Pump Top
Release dateApr 2009

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