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Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

4.4 from 44 reviews


Sukin night cream is so good it makes my face so fresh and filled with moisture. My skin is quite dry and dull however once I use this product my skin has changed and is more brighter and clean.

I love this moisturizer

I work in air conditioned environments day and evening, and live in a basement apartment which gets VERY dry. This has taken a huge toll on my skin. I picked up this night cream and I actually have been using it morning and night. It applies well, and a little goes a long way. I have noticed a visible difference in my skin's moisture... and I have been pairing this product with the Sukin Oil Balancing + Charcoal Pore Refining Facial Scrub and the two products have been amazing. I can't say this product will work the same for everyone, but I LOVE it and will continue to use these items. I have NOT had any breakouts as a result of its use. I HAVE noticed a difference in the appearance of fine lines under/around the eyes, improvement in my skins moisture and appearance. I don't apply too much, so makeup seems to apply over it well when I use it in the daytime. I definitely recommend this product

Okay not too revolutionary

I was a Clinique Moisteriser person for past 3 year and was looking for affordable alternative in market. Since I have a dry skin, i cannot compromise and guess diffcult to satisfy. I have been using sukin moisture day/ night and I feel nice and soft throughout. It obivously does not change the texture of my skin but I have not experienced any allergies, oilyness or any sideeffect. I guess this is a good alternative. Happy with the cream texture and smell. I will buy this again.

I hope I NEVER make this mistake again . .!

My whole face broke out into an ugly rash after sleeping with this stuff on my face all night. I have NEVER had this sort of reaction from any other night moisturizer. Horrific rash now from ear to ear that looks like acne. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction but after consulting with my GP, he said it's more than likely the heavy chemical content of the cream. as I have no known allergies . . .except unnatural chemicals


Every time I used this cream I would wake up in the middle of the night and start coughing prefusly! No idea what was in it, that caused such a reaction in my chest. Had to use a puffer. Don’t get me wrong though, my skin felt amazing.

Can’t not use it everyday now!

This is my first week using this product, and now I won’t ever not use it. Leaves your skin nourished and moisturised overnight, I love it! Will be definitely sticking to it!

Love it!

It is nice and smooth. I tried other natural creams claiming natural / organic but clogged my skin!
With this one my skin glows naturally. no clogs or anything. I like the fact that It has natural and organic ingredients too. It is my 3rd sukin face cream. Still love it.

Great Cream but sticky on hot days

Its a great cream works as its suppose to. Overall I am happy with it except its a bit sticky on hot nights(spl with if you sit lose to heater in winters). I will recommend it.

Wasted my money on this product

Bought this night cream for my wife yesterday and it went on well. One hour later her shin came up in red irritation & rashes. She couldn't sleep all night. She was so upset with me for buying it, when she had originally wanted a natural moisturising cream instead. I won't make this mistake again too soon. Almost cost me my marriage.


I used this nightly and in the morning my skin looks and feels great. It is non greasy and absorbs readily into my skin. I make sure I have a cleansed face with toner and then in the a.m. I just rinse my face and add the day cream. No animal testing is what got me going on Suskin products. The price is right too and better than off the drugstore shelf products.


Very average product. Not sure if it worthy of rave reviews, but there are many other good products to choose from, besides Sukin. Try some of them out and compare..

Love it

The texture is just amazing, and leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. I'm so happy with this product, and get it all the time now! It's not greasy so sometimes I use it during the day as well. Gentle fragrance.

Great cream

I really love that sukin night cream is made in Australia and is cruelty free. I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. It has a really nice smell and is easy to apply .I have been using Sukin night cream for a few years and love it.i also use Sukin day cream and rosehip oil . Sukin night cream is not expensive and is a really great product .I have tried many creams and have always come up in a rash and never used a full jar . With Sukin have never had a rash .I will use Sukin night cream during the day if I run out of day cream. Love Sukin night cream

Fabulous Product - Love It

I bought Sukin Calming Night Cream for Sensitive Skin two weeks ago and I was so happy with the product I went out and bought the Day Cream to match. Being made in Australia and using all natural products appealed to me, not to mention the very reasonable price. My skin has improved immensely in the two weeks I have been using this cream so I think I will be using it for quite some time to come.

Love this cream. I stock up whenever I am in Australia.

I find it light and not greasy but with staying power. It is more effective than many more expensive products They have a nice day moisturizer as well. I like to use it with their rosehip oil for added skin benefits.

The reviews are true! Makes your skin soft.

My skin fell into this cycle where it was dry all the time. All of my usual skin care didn't seem to work so gave this a try after not wanting to spend sixty dollars plus on the high end facial moisturisers. This was less than twenty bucks. After two times, my skin is noticeably softer. Good price and great results. Smells great, too. Wish I'd tried it sooner.

The best moisturiser to date!

Love this moisturiser, i used a cetaphil moisturiser before this and noticed that it was giving me burning sensations on my face and now sukin is my favourite brand!
It is non sticky, easily absorbed and super hydrating at the same time. Love it. Definitely repurchasing.

Beautifully moisturising for my very dry skin

I use this a day cream, as it's just the right amount of moisture for my mature, dry skin. I've been using this daily for the past 2 years and it's an excellent, quality moisturiser without the hefty price tag. Even better if you can buy it on sale for $15 at Chemist Warehouse or Priceline. i use pure rosehip oil at night and that has improved the appearance of my scars and wrinkles. Sukin products are great quality and affordable natural products.


Awesome.Great price.Put it on before bed.Tried the rest and this is the best..Skin feels nourished.Great smell.Skin looks and feels revitalised.Doesnt make your skin feel oily either. Easily absorbed into the skin

The best ever!! and I have Tried all expensive brands!!!

This is FABULOUS!!! I found it at Winner's in Canada here and bought it because it was inexpensive and when I READ the label of natural contents I figured I couldn't go wrong for $6.99, it was worth a try. Besides I can't afford the others anymore I have used for years (with not as much results) such as Estee' Lauder, Biotherm etc..that cost an arm and a leg. With Sukin my skin felt WONDERULLY NOURISHED and SOFT after the first use. I LOVE IT and it's fresh smell. I continue to use it both night and day and I am only 10 days in and have found my skin tone to be balancing, my skin has a wonderful softness now without grease, it's fading my dark spots and erasing my wrinkles and lines and a scar I have on my chin is slowing disappearing! I have searched for years to find help for my lines and scar, used Vit E as well, but so far this is far better. I think all the natural contents together are a great mix for the face and neck area. I will update again in 2-3 mos. I would sell this brand and would like to try others. :)

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Questions & Answers

Is it non-comedogenic?
1 answer
Thank you for your question. I have no idea. They are an Australian company so maybe you could contact them on 1300 858 898 or info@sukinorganics.com. I'm sure they will be able to help you.

Howdy - I bought the sukin skincare washing liquids and found that they weren't good for my dermatitis / are the sukin creams more likely to help better than the washes?
5 answers
Sukin have a Dermasukin range which is specifically for people with sensitive skin, maybe check some reviews on these products as there may be people with similar skin that may give you some feedback :)Ok thanks - cheersHi Brian, apologies for the late response. (This notification made it to my junk mail)..... I agree re trying the durma range. I love sukin's body wash but alternate it with Natural Instincts & Natures Organics brands to help with price & managing specials. Another night cream I use and love is Australian Organic night cream that I slather on over the same branded rose hip oil. I hope you get a good solution. I've noticed an improvement after the rose hip oil and sukin's combo!

What age should use sukin night cream
3 answers
Any age!! I'm 22 with combination skin! The whole range is great for anyone with combination through to dry and sensitive skins. A good night cream is imperative to skin cell renewal overnight! Hope this helps! :)I'm 64 and have just started using this night cream and love the texture, smell and the lasting ability of the product.Yeah I agree with the other answers / any age is probably suitable to use the skincare products


Moisture Restoring Night Cream
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