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Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450 / GR8450B

Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450 / GR8450B

GR8450B and GR8450
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All the Bells & Whistles come with the GR8450

As the name suggests it is a toastie press as well as a grill. The floating hinge allows well filled toastie sandwiches to be cooked without being squashed during cooking. The adjustable height enables one to grill as well. I have grilled bacon, eggs, peppers, zucchini slices, hash browns etc. In this mode my favourite is banana pancakes. (Mix together 2 whipped eggs with 2 mashed banana's pour onto plate cook and voila! 2 min breakfast.) WOW. Wipe clean everytime with a paper towel. I just love this machine and so do my grandchildren who use it almost every day. Other points of interest: Does rolls, wraps, croissants etc. Heats up very quickly, 2400 watts power. Power indicator light as well as Ready indicator light. Cord wraps around bottom ensuring easy storage. Good looks with its stainless steel housing. I highly recommend this machine.

Purchased in July 2019 at Targert Online.

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Hi Molliet, Thanks for the great review! Kind Regards Sunbeam

Compact & Convenient

The cafe press heats quickly and the adjustable height allows for various thickness of bread.

The best feature about GR8250B is that it is simple to use. It is easy to clean. In having a flat cooking surface ,it eliminates the squashing and cutting up of the food.

This Sandwich presser has a classy finish design.We bought this approximately about a year ago and it still looks brand new. I have recommended it to colleagues, friends and family. Highly recommend it.

Purchased in September 2018 at Myer for $79.00.

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Hi Chelam, Thanks for the great review!!!

Most impressed

My first press, and more than impressed. Could not believe how quick it was to heat and still melt cheese.
Solid build, easy to use. Did not realize how many things I could cook in it. Thankyou reviewers for expanding my culinary horizons.
If you see this Trish, what are "pigs in a blanket ? "

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Thanks for a great review Happy Wanderer!

Only lasted a couple of years

I purchased my Sunbeam Cafe Press a couple of years ago for around $100. It smelt when I used it at first but after a few uses the smell went away. This machine was great for making toasted sandwiches and was easy to clean. Unfortunately it stopped hearing up. When I plug it in the green light comes on but no there is no heat at all on the pad plates. I only got to use it a couple of dozen of times so I’m very disappointed with the quality of this product.

Purchased in September 2016.

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Hi shanexu3, So sorry to hear this. Your feedback has been passed onto our product team. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Not just a sandwich press!

I absolutely love this little machine. So versatile and besides toasted sandwiches I’ve made pikelets, wraps, pizzas, pancakes, bacon, eggs, French toast, hash browns, roasted pumpkin and I’ve browned meat for the slow cooker who knows what’s next! Wipes clean with a damp cloth and paper towel and easy to store.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Jo, so happy you are making the most of this great press, thanks for the review!!

It seems that there is a fault that needs to be fixed

I bought this Sunbeam Cafe Press four years ago. It gets minimal use. After about a year, one of the indicator light covers broke off. About a year after that the other one broke off, leaving an obvious hole in the lid and revealing what seems to be a view into the electric workings of the machine. I would have thought that this is dangerous. I then phoned Sunbeam and was told that they did not have the spare part.

Unfortunately, without having read these reviews, four years after my purchase, I bought my daughter a Sunbeam Cafe Press, not realising that it was the same model. It seems that if this was a fault, one would have thought that Sunbeam would have fixed the item at the manufacturing stage by now. It seems that this has not happened. I recently visited a friend and saw that her indicator lights were also broken. This led me to peruse this PRODUCT REVIEW website. Other reviewers have reported the same issue.

This seems to be a manufacturing fault. Does someone have to suffer a serious injury before it is fixed?

The ACCC website states that goods are to be of an acceptable quality - the goods must be safe, lasting, have no faults and be fit for purpose. Does the Sunbeam Cafe Press meet these requirements?

Other than this issue of the broken indicator lights revealing the apparent accessible electrical workings of the machine, the press works very well. Is there no way to fix it to make it safe for use?

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Versatile appliance with many more uses than just sandwiches.

While visiting my sister for lunch she cooked asparagus wrapped in prosciutto on her Sunbeam sandwich press, she said she uses hers for cooking all sorts of things. I bought one for a friend I was staying with and together we cooked a full fried English breakfast, followed by Turkish bread rolls for lunch followed by fillet steak for dinner with everything coming out well. I bought one for myself and my friend and I send each other photos of whatever we are cooking, so far she has make onion marmalade, pikelets, crumbed lamb chops and seared vegetables on hers, I have made Welsh drop scones, pigs in blankets as well as toasting bread and heating sausage rolls. Having a lid that has a height adjustment makes keeping the top plate at the right height for perfect results. It is so easy to clean with just a wipe with kitchen roll.
Even if you only use this for making sandwiches it is a good addition to your kitchen. I would recommend this appliance.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A great addition to the kitchen

Cleans easily and quite versatile. I used mine to grill bacon and egg today, so it is not just for sandwiches. I like the hinge lock for use and storage. Just about to buy another one as a gift, so hope it is as good as my 3 year old one.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Just what I wanted@

I used this a couple of times now, and it is fantastic! It has high heat and sandwiches turn out great,panni,kebabs too.It was a replacement for a deep fill sandwich machine, which didn't heat up and burnt the edges,I'm glad I chose this types it will get a lot of use.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Light covers break

As per another review - I have this press and the smaller press and the plastic red and green light covers on top of both have broken leaving a hole in the top of both machines - both just over a year old and still look new except for this - very annoying - Surely they should carry these as small replacement parts???

Date PurchasedJan 2016


First time out of the box. Hinges moved freely while cold. Turned on to "season" as per the instructions. Once it heated up the hinges stiffened up and the base lifts with the lid. The heat from the plates was transferred through the hinge and into the handle. The side of the handle was as hot as the plates. Returned immediately to Harvey Norman.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

works well

Does everything you expect of a sandwich press. Quick. Hot. Has a lock mechanism so is easily stored on it's side. Easy to clean - just a wipe over with a damp cloth. I have noticed there is a scratch where I used a metal spatula to lift the sandwich - even tho it says "won't scratch". I use plastic spatula now.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not happy with my Sunbeam Cafe Press GR8450B!

I purchased this product to replace an older model Sunbeam Cafe Press that failed after the hinge screw fell out and could not be fixed. After owning the current model for just over a year, the plastic covers on the indicator lights (red & green) became loose and fell out. They could not be put back in as the clips had broken off. After contacting Sunbeam to request replacement covers, I was told these parts were unavailable and not in the catalogue of spare parts for this unit. Very disappointing considering this is their current model and no parts available?! I was also refused a replacement. I am reluctant to use the press now as there is a hole in the top allowing possible debris to enter the exposed components and I'm concerned it could potentially cause a fire risk. This product has failed to meet my expectations due to poor quality, failure to have all replacement parts available and the unsatisfactory aftersales support. Since this is the second Sunbeam Cafe Press I have purchased with a problem, I will not reconsider the future purchase of another Sunbeam product.

Update - So it seems the issue of light indicator lenses falling out is quite common with this product, yet Sunbeam choose not to offer spares. Unacceptable Sunbeam, your product, as well as your customer service, has failed your customers. I choose to no longer purchase Sunbeam products.

Purchased in August 2014 at The Good Guys.

A Good Replacement of our old Sandwich Press

Our Breville Toast n Melt 4 Slice toaster which we had for a couple of years was on it's way out over the last 12 months, as we had to wiggle the power cord to get it to work. In the end it was sparking and so it was time to ditch it. Decided to give the Sunbeam a go and we are very happy with it so far. It toasts the bread evenly and the sandwich contents are hot. The old Breville was way too hot and so it would toast the bread without melting the cheese, so we were never really happy with it. From what I've read of the reviews from both appliances, I think you can be unlucky and get a lemon. I'm happy to say that this time we got well working appliance and I am happy that we decided on the Sunbeam!

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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We have had this sandwich press for 2 years now and we are still reasonably happy with it. My only gripe is that sections of the plate appear to be stained and are impossible clean and a section has worn away on the top plate but it doesn't affect the operation of the appliance. If I could buy a stainless steel press that was made for regular households, I would.

Highly recommended

Couldn't live without it. Heats up quickly and cooks the best wraps and sandwiches. My husband cooks our big breakfast on it on Sundays which includes egg, bacon, mushroom and tomato. Not sure if we should, but it turns out great and the machine is still working as new after 20 months. BUT they could have made the cord longer.

Date PurchasedDec 2013
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Hi gettingthere, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam GR8450B! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kindest Regards Sunbeam

Awesome product

Easy to use, fast and clean. Best snacks ever! Makes toasted sandwiches quick, easy and stays so clean. No mess No fuss......best electrical product in my kitchen!!! Don't buy any other ones...this is one you are looking for....Doesn't squash your sandwiches, set to the thickness you want and it locks there for next time...........

Dear Gina G, Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate you taking the time to review our GR8450B. Kind Regards SunbeamNo, thank you Sunbeam

sandwich and toast maker

This unit I purchased from the Sunbeam shop in highpoint and it replaced a smaller model that I had purchased from Aldi . It was great at the beginning but eventually it was taking longer to heat up and eventually it wouldnt heat up some times.
One day the unit was tripping the safety switch on the house so I packed it up since it is swill under a year old and took it back with my receipt.
Sunbeam replaced it and it has been 3 weeks with the new one and the screw on the right hand side is coming off on the hinge lid. It is a security type screw so I can't screw it back on with out buying a special screw driver.
my wife said that they have Breville at her work and everyone uses it all the time and never had a problem.
Would not buy this again if I had a choice. Let's see how long it lasts.

Since I published this review I have desposed of the toaster and have yet to purchase another. It was falling apart the light on the top had caved in and the screw on the side was constantly falling out.

Purchased in May 2013.

Dear Ncc1701d, Thank you for your feedback. Please call our Consumer Support Team on: 1300 881 861, for further assistance with your product. Kind Regards SunbeamSunbeamThere is not much I could provide in feed back as I have disposed of the unit.

Poor quality / Poor response

After only a year of casual use two to three times a month, the Teflon non-stick coating began to disintegrate on one side of the bottom plate - seemingly due to uneven and over heating on one side, which had been a problem since day one - got around to contacting Sunbeam as it became worse a few months later. Asked for a replacement or a discount off another one, but despite an automated promise of a response within 24 hours, I didn't hear back from them. Have decided to replace with a Breville (with variable temperature control, and, hopefully, a higher quality non-stick cooking surface) Very disappointed.

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Update: Sunbeam very kindly agreed to replace my grill - and in fact have already done so. I was very pleased with this outcome - I was originally planning to replace my grill with a Breville, but after research, found they had far more complaints about their non-stick coating coming off than Sunbeam, and Sunbeam now clearly states on their packaging that their non-stick coating does not contain any PFOA - Breville's marketing seems somewhat misleading, as they make out their non-stick coating (on every grill product page) is advanced, but in fact, their advanced technology coating is only present on their most expensive grills.

Quick and easy meals

The Sunbeam Cafe press is great. Nothing is faster or easier than a toastie, and you can fill it with whatever you want. The plates are good size so you can do several at once (I recommend the smaller one for singles or those with small appetites though). The non-stick surface is superb and easy to clean (make sure to season it once in a while).

I don't think it is easy to do an even "open melt" because the top element couldn't be perfectly flat, but I don't think it's possible with the floating hinge design. I mainly do both sides at once anyway. I tried char grilling some zucchini on it but with no place for the steam to go it didn't work so well (maybe I just did too much).

I like being able to store it vertically when not in use. It does have a few flaws though, firstly the stainless steel exterior gets extremely hot, hotter than the Breville we have at work. The rubber feet are also small, so on certain benches (like mine which is a very slick marble with a perpetual thin layer of grease due to its proximity to the stove) it is not non-slip (which you need to use the latch to push down).

These two combined mean to effectively press down on my toastie, I often need to use a silicone pad on the very hot top surface.
Good seal on toasted sandwiches, even heat, easy to clean
Gets very hot externally. Non slip feet do not grip bench top very well.

Great, except:

I have the compact one, bought it because we have the grill model at work & that one is brilliant.
This one would be fabulous, except it doesn't toast very well on the bottom! Always have to flip sandwiches over to toast the other side (would be pretty impossible with an open sandwich!)

I know it's not something I'm doing wrong, as I've tried every possible variation to make it work - no butter on the outside, a little, more, lots . . . .
I thought I just had a dodgy model, and Myer exchanged it, but the new one is the same.

Called Sunbeam, who weren't very interested, and told me to take it back to the retailer and try 3rd time lucky. I suspect it is just an isolated fault, but one that's affected a whole batch, rather than just one item. I could exchange it again, but my patience for going through the whole thing a third time is wearing pretty thin.

I think I will take it back, but will reluctantly try a different brand this time.

Very disappointed, as I love all the features of this one, and I know it'll be a great little workhorse - if it'd just do what it's designed for and actually toast.
Design, floating hinge, Roto Dial, upright storage with cord wrap, reliability, versatility, so easy to clean.
Bottom plate toasts very poorly or not at all!

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I did exchange this again for a third attempt, and happily it was third time lucky! I use it a lot for toasted sandwiches - the bottom still toasts noticeably less than the top, but at least now it does toast! Have tried it once for an open melt, but found it didn't melt the cheese very effectively - the top plate just didn't seem to be quite hot enough. The locking system to do this seems like a good idea, but I'll do open melts under the grill from now on. I've done eggs on it a few times, quite successfully. I use it several times a week and after a bit more than a year it's doing well. I'd buy this model again.

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Questions & Answers

There was no manual in the box - where can i get a manual before i use it?
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Have you tried,looking online! Although the company probably would send you one or tell you where to get one.But from memory,it heats in 2-3 minutes.They say dont butter the outside of your sandwich ,but I do.Do not immerse in water.The hinges are self explainatory.Happy Grilling.

Can I get a replacement Manual for this product i.e. GC7850B?
1 answer
Hi Helen, could you please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861 with your email address details and we can forward a copy of the instruction booklet for you.


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