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Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand JM6600R (Red)

Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand JM6600R (Red)

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First time use Motor stopped working due to over heating.. when we used second time, Motor stoped working with in 1 min and we have to wait for at least 15 min to get it to operate.. also, I noticed that it's mixer blade got rusted.. I don't recommend this to anyone..

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi Keira - apologies for the issues you have experienced with your Sunbeam mixer. Please contact our customer care team on 1300 881 861 and we would be more than happy to assist.Hi, Thank you for your response. I have returned this product to carousel Myer.

Much quieter than other hand beaters I've used

I've been very happy with these hand beaters. I like to cook, and often use them: cakes, pancakes, bread, meringues etc
Firstly, they are quieter than all my previous hand beaters. The lower settings are quite tolerable for even my children to hear (the higher settings not so much!). They're easy to clean and come out great in the dishwasher.
Haven't used the whisks, much - I prefer to hand whisk or use the single whisk attachment on my stick mixer.
I'm not a fan of the dough hooks. It leaves a huge vibration in your hands, hence I've only used them twice! The vibration on the normal beaters, however, is extremely manageable - I've had no issues with it and in fact do not notice any vibration problems when/after using it.
I LOVE that it has an overheat function! I thought I'd broken them once (it was a thick mixture!) and was so surprised that they worked again later on. I've had so many small appliances die from overheating that it was a welcome change!
I guess the cord could certainly be longer. Not everyone has electrical sockets at the right places in the kitchen.
It IS a bit annoying that you have to pull each beater out by hand; there is no beater release button. So long as you grip them properly and at the right place, one does not make a mess!
It's kind of good the way it stands straight up when you're not using it - no more resting on the mixing bowl! The only downside is when you have dripping mixture...and then you have to hope your mixing bowl is low enough for the beaters to rest over it, otherwise you mess up the kitchen bench a lot.
Overall, I really like these. I never wanted a proper Mixmaster as I like to be able to manoeuver the mixture myself.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Thanks for the great review RobynS!! Keep up the great baking!!

Have been using Sunbeam over many years not all products are worthy but this item is great very happ

It is perfect for my jobs enough power easy to use Came with dough hooks,balloon whisk and standard beaters. .Great product ..Ordered from Kitchen warehouse online came quickly well packaged with emails to track. Happy all round

Date PurchasedNov 2017

So far so good

Just bought this item from Myer on sale at $34. Looks good but have only used it once for a short while. Power on 1 is pretty fast. Cord is qt short too. Otherwise pretty happy. Only read about negative reviews after buying this. Hope I won't encounter these problems.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Didn't last two minutes :/

Bought it because of the extra attachments and power. But didn't last two minutes without overheating.
What a disappointment! Don't they have quality control. How can you expect to sell these to customers !
Now I'm getting a mouth full from my wife for getting this.
Unfortunately cannot recommend this product.
I thought I might have been unlucky to get a lemon, but after checking this forum, it looks like sunbeam is in the business of selling lemons


Date PurchasedApr 2017

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Mixmaster Hand JM6600R (Red)
Price (RRP)69.95
Mixing Speeds6
Motor Power350
Release dateOct 2011
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