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Suncorp Clear Options Standard

Suncorp Clear Options Standard

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Suncorp Clear Options Standard
CategoryLow Rate & Zero Interest Credit Cards
Card TypeVisa
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000
Maximum Credit Limit$20,000
Minimum Income $20,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2.5%
Contactless PaymentsSamsung Pay
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate12.74% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3.5%
Late Payment Fee$30
Annual Fee$55 p.a.
Foreign Transaction Fee 3.4%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$2
Interest Free Period 0 days
Cash Advance Rate21.99% p.a.
Release dateAug 2006

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Good Credit Card

I have 8.74% on this credit card, has no interest free days but is a good card to have as a backup.

I haven't had to use it overseas, but have used it as a backup to buy appliances and pay it off etc.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateApril 2017
Main Point of ContactBranch
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Slowest credit card approved in the world

I had a home loan with suncorp and thought applying for a credit card with them was going to be a breeze. I applied online and within a few days got a call back from the India Call Centre asking about my personal details, I felt uncomfortable and decided to hang ups. Then they called asking about my employer details which I gave them, but after 3 weeks heard nothing and I called back and they said the application was on hold. Later I found out that the SUNCORP Credit card was underwritten by CITI GROUP or CITIBANK whereby all the call centre in India which I found to be very dodgy. 4 weeks and counting, no credit card from suncoorp.

Then I applied by calling the call centre in Brisbane, spoke to them for 45 minutes with local aussie call centre guys and in 3-5 days received my card.

Worst Procedure Period

10 faxes, 2 emails (no exaggeration) and countless phones calls, sometimes 3 times daily to be told "the fax didn't come through, did you send it to the right number?" (let me think, no, I faxed it to 1300 301 304 which apparently is not the departments number yet I know it of by heart and it's on the email reply) or "I have the documents, everything is good" to "the documents you sent are to dark to read" and "we didn't receive the documents".
Exactly 4 weeks later, "we have received all your documents and will now forward it to our processing department". By now you can understand my frustration!

I then tell them because of the time it's taken to get this far, by the time the card gets sent (if it's approved) I may be at my new address. "You'll need to provide new documents to confirm the address". I ask can the card be sent to a branch like sun Debit cards until I actually move into my address to make it easier. "No it can't" ?????

Moral of the story, go to ANZ to avoid this junk of a procedure. Suncorp is not even worth considering. I will be cancelling all my accounts and moving them ANZ.
Quick 'conditionally approved' email and follow up calls for request of documents
Follow up calls stopped and didn't know the document weren't adequate. Procedure is ridiculous and poor customer service

Biggest waste of time

After submitting an application for an increase on credit card, the pay statements they requested were lost 3 times! I had to constinatly call back reg updates only to be asked the intial application questions time and time again. After two weeks of this fiasco, I pulled the application as I've never witnessed such unprofessional procedures and incompetent service. I have since applied at bank west had the application sorted in one phone call and even received a follow up phone call after application was complete to make sure everything was going well. I had free monthly fees with suncorp but I would rather pay them at another bank else where just to have a little piece of mind.
The first 6 months on a low intrest rate
Everything below and the failure to go into detail about fees and charges.

Incompetent Service

We have been with Suncorp with our home loan for many, many years. Up until their Credit Card dept were taken over by Citibank, they were fine. Ever since then, we only occassionally receive our statements and are always having to phone them only to find that our credit card statements have been sent to various addresses that we vacated over 10 years ago!

Don't ever expect to be able to sort problems out face to face with a human being at a Suncorp branch as, as stated earlier, it's CITIBANK and not Suncorp who run the Credit Card Department. The Suncorp staff simply roll their eyes and shake their heads whilst telling you how there's 'nothing we can do. We don't 'handle' that anymore'.

We've finally had enough and will be cancelling our credit card account with them today and will be getting one from another bank. May as well, Citibank is not Suncorp either ...
Interest free period; When run by Suncorp it was good, it's now crap since Citibank took over.
Incompetent. Can't even get address correct after constantly being told by us where to send our statements!


I am happy with this card it is very suitable for my needs. I also can offset it against a future home loan.
55 interest free days,low annual fee,conveniance of banking with suncorp also, choice of 3 colours and wallabies card
could be no annual fee


The features vary in all the credit cards so just find the ones that you are comfortable with and dont pay annual fees to be part of the awards program if you dont really need it(I know a few people who dont end up reediming their points-they think its colourful to have additional features)
Iam settled with Suncorp--the account provides unlimited withdrawals from any banks ATM in NSW and you can link up to 3 additional sub-accounts.
cant think of any as yet

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