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Suncorp-Vero Travel Insurance - Pre existing condition - Non Travelling close relative causing a can

Have (soon to be had) all our Insurances with Suncorp. With previous good service felt safe when taking out Travel Insurance over a year ago for a trip overseas. Had to cancel when my husband, who was not travelling with me, fell ill and required heart surgery, claim rejected "Pre Existing Condition" so don't believe that statement they advertise " due to unforseen circumstances, or out of your control" I had myself insured for cancellation, never for one moment thinking I need to have Insurance for someone who was not travelling with me, still don't know if there are options for that.
When you take out your Insurance no one will tell you, nor will you find obvious/informative information under, Contents, Cancellations or Pre-Existing conditions, that makes a reference to a relative who is not Travelling with you, and could cause a cancellation.
It is left up to you to find the hidden "four lines" in the Exclusion section towards the end of a 66 Page Policy (PDS) with a clause beginning with "Pre Existing Condition" not forgetting you have already read through all the Pre Existing Conditions previously listed at the beginning of the Policy on a personal level to what your Insurance needs are, and you are 100% unaware you are supposed know this information, Something like "looking for a needle in a haystack, when you don't even know you have to find that needle in the haystack" with their lack of information and transparency in all levels.
Although it was 14 years ago since the first stent, and 10 years since the last, and Doctors reports that there had been no symptoms or conditions that indicated any further medical problems for 9 years with the heart, they still rejected the claim. Be aware they will make demands that just about put you over the edge, in the hope you will let your claim lapse, eg: "time stamps for Doctors visits" somehow, they will not have reports that you know they definitely have in their possession, and so it goes on.
I am still fighting this claim 14 months after lodging it. , .

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