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Supercoat Adult Dog Food

Supercoat Adult Dog Food

Real Beef, Real Chicken, Real Kangaroo and Real Lamb
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Supercoat dog food

Just one smell and look of it says it all no smell and dry as a bone, my dogs arent stupid took one bite and started to cough ,australia needs to regualte pet food industry so they will stop lying, grain isnt good for human or pet consumption.

Purchased in April 2019 for $15.99.

Value for Money
Side Effects Yes

Dog doesn’t eat it

Dog doesn’t eat it anymore I had super blend didn’t like that so got large breed puppy chicken he doesn’t eat that either and sloppy stools and itching I’m switching him to a more expensive quality one now

Purchased in March 2019 for $45.00.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects Yes

Big problems for my cocker spaniel

My dog liked this so I changed from a very mixed good diet to this dry food. He has been on this since last match so more or less a year. During this time he has lost most his coat from his rear end and legs and stomach and the rest of his coat is horribly thin. I took him to the vet who said it was an allergy and treated him so but in think it's linked to this food and was so interested in reading these posts. I'm stopping tonight and giving him a really good diet which does not consist of this product. Fingers crossed that this works as he looks just dreadful and I cannot believe I didn't consider his diet earlier. Not only has he lost his fur but his skin is red and wrinkled..poor thing

Purchased in March 2019 for $38.00.

Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects Yes

Not even ants go near it.

So toxic is this dry dog food my great Dane was immediately covered in an allergy. The pain of an allergic reaction is terrible to watch. On closer inspection the ants would crawl all over the VIP natures goodness and market garden but nowhere near the supercoat. Which would suggest a radioactive element in the dog food. DO NOT FEED ANY DOG THIS POISON.

It is a ok midrange dogfood.

Dog likes the food, however, i found its not much filling for the dog . No change in bowel formation.

Dog loves it

My pup loves this will not eat anything else but this one, it’s very cost efficient can always find it at a good price between coles and woolworths

Great for my babies

My baby has pancreatitis and can only eat dog food under 10% fat, this is an excellent brand and the dogs love it. It is also very reasonably priced as i have 2 dogs to feed a bag can last me up to a month, so I would recommend this ood o any dog lover.

Supercoat healthy weight. Definitely not for everydog

My dog loved the taste but after a few days of feeding (and yes I followed the instructions for slow intro of new food) experienced severe diarrhea and vomiting, blood in diarrhea, straining to poo and pain. I spent over $800 at the vet (tested for pancreatitis, liver and kidney function and a bunch of other things) and they found nothing wrong except dehydration and recent change in food. His “Illness” abated after I changed his food.
This week I took on a second dog and since I still had a heap of the food left over I thought perhaps my dog old was sensitive and this young guy might be fine with it. Three days in and the diarrhea has started. This stuff is literally the worse dog food I’ve ever fed my dogs.

Dog food

My dogs love this brand and their coats are really glossy price is very good as well highly recommend this product


I'm not sure why everybody here is bashing the brand but my dog loves this food. I buy the 18 kg bags from PetCircle for around $40, which saves me a lot of money compared to buying Royal Canin or Hills. My staffy is thriving off this food and his coat is shining. He has pyoderma as a result of a flea allergy which has resulted in hair loss and scaly skin. His skin looks beautiful now and his hair is growing back. I'm guessing that reviews which state that their dogs experienced vomiting and diarrhoea is because of them changing their dogs food after sticking with one specific brand for a while, resulting in an upset stomach, or their dogs have food sensitivities and hence they have to eat foods e.g. Royal Canin Sensitivity

my dog lost his coat ... terribly

My dog had terrible reactions to this “food”... terrible skin reaction and a mange like appearance lost almost all his fur, changed to a vet brand food and now enjoying his luscious long hair again... don’t feed your dog this stuff!!

Do not feed this to your dog

This dog food has caused severe diarrhea, vomiting and excessive shedding to my German Shepard and has caused him discomfort in his bowel and backside. My husband actually wanted to sue them for poisoning our dog. Do not give this to your dog you will poison them slowly.

Caused severe diarrhea

I bought this brand for the first time and my dog got me up four times in the night, each night, after the two times I fed it. My dog can usually eat anything with no adverse consequences.

Last night after a change of food, we both had some peace.

Two nights and days ruined for me not to mention the dog. Cleaning the back yard was also most unpleasant. The Purina is going back to Cole's now.

My dogs love this food!

My dogs love this food! I’ve seen such an improvement in their coats and moods! They stay fuller for longer and they love the great taste. I get it in 20kg bags from my local Tucker’s store. It’s always on special so it’s not too expensive. They also sell it online at www.tuckersstore.com.au
I will mix this with other foods and sometimes wet pedigree cans too. So happy with it!

Our dogs love this produce and I know its good for them as their coats are shiny

We have been buying this produce for a long time, only occasionally changing to other brands when what we wanted wasn't available. Our dogs never seemed to like these other products so we always searched for what they liked keeping in mind where we could purchase it for the best price.

Much better options out there

I was lured into the brand at first by the name "Supercoat", believing the food would do justice on my dogs' coats. The food has caused many problems in my dogs, such as diarrhoea, vomit and actually excessive shedding. Guess it's all marketing at the end...

"Meat by-products"
"Wholegrain Barley and/or Corn and/or Sorghum"
"Ceral by-products"

Those does not scream out quality products. With all the "and"s and "or"s, I'm guessing the company is using which ever ingredient that is cheapest at the time to manufacture. It's good to see meat as the first ingredient, but considering the rest of the list and the price tag on the product, this is not the best choice. Since it is now not rare to find much better quality grain free brands out on the supermarket shelves, Supercoat's quality falls behind the average. It's not the worst, but definitely not even close to good.

Smaller bag but same price.

Having 3 large Dobermans means the cost of feeding can be significant and when I started running out of food before the normal timeframe I began to wonder why. It turned out that the 20kg bag is now only 18.5kg. That means a drop of 3kgs over my buying cycle. Funny that the price didn't drop. No notice to my knowledge.

Get what you pay for

Per vet and pet food wholesaler supercoat is like feeding your dog cardboard. Our bordercollie was constantly itching and had lots of loose poop but it has all stopped with change to dry food who's top 5 ingredients are not crap left over from making beer, husks of things and cereal leftovers...with a bit of meat by product thrown in so it qualifies as food. Shame on the company.

Constant Diarrhoea with new pack containing "SmartBlend"

I have fed my 2 German Shepherds Supercoat Large Breed chicken for several years with no problems. In recent months since the new "SmartBlend" package came out one of my shepherds had constant diarrhoea. On going to the vet and having multiple tests and treatments it only cleared up when we switched to the Hills Prescription ZD dry food. As this is extremely expensive and after a month or more on it I switched back to the Supercoat for a trial (no other changes to his food). Within a few days his diarrhoea came back, never having a solid stool. I switched to BlackHawk Large Breed (still much more expensive than Supercoat) and the diarrhoea has totally settled again. Meanwhile my other Shepherd has no problems with the Supercoat and we continue to use it for her. It would appear that some dogs have a poor tolerance to the new blend.

Supercoat caused MOTHS in my house since 4 weeks ago every night

I will never ever use super coat dry or wet food ever again... I've always kept my dry food indoors and now i've switched to Supercoat my house is FULL OF MOTHS.. because of one bad bag i always empty the bag into a 20 kilo fully sealed container. MOTHS every time i open the container they fly out and now they have laid eggs somewhere. I kill about 10 - 15 per day then next day i get home from work and there back... I find the nightly killing moth rampage is really killing me...Sure i now keep all dog food outside now the moths are still around... they swarm all over me while i'm even eating dinner....I contacted Supercoat last week and i still await a reply

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Hi Just got a bag of fish and Salmon supervisor. My dog had eaten the kangaroo variety before with out issue My healthy beagle got sick in the first week, lost weight would eat anything,. Laboured breathing started this week died today Vet found blood healthy, no fluid on lungs, didn't know what was happening No proof that it was the food but had anyone had similar experiences Dsvid
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my dog is not well and I think its the food. he has lost so much of his coat and generally lost condition. I have taken him of this food and im feeding him a different diet, plus he is on medication from the vet. please be careful I would seriously not give my dog another bite of this product.

I have fed Supercoat to a numer of my dogs for some 15 years but now my 7yr old dog has had some problems with his digestion and I am very concerned. Please let me know how much of each preservative (eg %) is in each bag of Supercoat and if the New variety has a different content? I note there is very little differences between the different types as a variety of meat is in the different type. Please include Kangaroo flavour in your response. I am very concerned about kangaroo as it is carted long distances and probably has more preservative because of this. How much Aflatoxin is added and is it according to the Australian Standard. Do any dog food producers stick rigidly to the Standards and when will this stop being voluntary and producers prosecuted for using rubbish (eg chicken feathers and carcasses, stale meat, skin, fish (without listing it) and other inappropriate 'filters'.
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Our dog has always had Purina Supercoat for small breeds,I purchased a new bag last week he ate some and within 5 mins had vomited it straight back up.As he eats it all the time just thought he was a bit off color but as soon as he ate it the next time same thing happened.Read on packet it is NEW formula has anyone else had this problem?
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i went on this site to see if this has happend to anyone else .. yes my dog hasnt been the same on the new formular .vomiting and not been himselfThanks Kristy I thought I was being a bit paranoid I am trying different foods to hopefully find one he likes.I have offered him the supercoat a couple more times and he won't even touch it now.I don't know why they felt the need to change it.They haven't even bothered to reply.My boy wouldn't eat the new formula at all. He had been eating supercoat for 6 years and now wouldn't go near it. Purina were great, sent me a refund card and a postage bag to send a sample of the food to them, along with photos of the batch etc.


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