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Suzuki Jimny
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easy to park, gutless for freeway

Missus bought this car in 2016 second hand with 24000k's on it.
Few weeks later started stalling.
Useless Stealership couldnt find problem after many attempts.
Finally they threw parts at it and fluked a result, the Throttle Position Sensor was faulty.
Apparently has become common problem on later model Suzukis.
After 2 years of this fix and out of warranty it is intermittently doing the stalling again.
Easy to drive around town at low - mid speeds and a breeze to park but ask anything of it on the highway and trucks overtake you up hills. The 1.3L engine is too small and gutless. Certainly don't get the stated fuel economy. Had my foot flat to the floor going up a hill in a 110 zone and it was doing 75 by the time we reached the top, not even that big if a hill tbh.
No wonder they now come with a 1.5L engine.
The ride is so harsh on anything slightly bumpy.
Just not a comfortable or enjoyable car to drive.
Cheap to service myself though but has to use 95 RON fuel, what a waste.
Tyres are expensive for something half decent due to the type required.
Generally have liked other Suzukis we've had but this one dropped the ball somewhat.
Also no bluetooth on a 2014 stereo? Seriously pathetic.
Hopefully it will last the distance in reliability like previous ones we've had.

Purchased in February 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

I Love My Little Mate

If anyone is looking for a 4x4 that can do what the big suckers can do. buy a jimny. awsome 4x4. This can do some tracks that big 4x4's cant. Love my little Jimny.
and the fuel is very good for such a small car!!

Purchased in July 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Awesome 4wd

I use this car to commute to and from work everyday and to go camping in the hard to get to places I love this car and have never had a problem with it
It’s an awesome little 4wd and I couldn’t live without it I absolutely love my little zook

Date PurchasedNov 2017

A rugged 'go anywhere' little mate

I bought my new 5-speed Jimny in 2001 and have covered 225,000 almost trouble-free kilometres (only a faulty oxygen sensor and spark plug prevented a perfect score). For all that time it has been garaged at the top of a 3km rutted and rocky bush track. In addition to scheduled servicing I renew the engine oil and filter every 5,000km. Although equipment is basic, it has everything a driver needs and is ideal for one or two occupants. Its sole modification has been the removal of the rear seats in order to lighten the car and increase load capacity. A steep windscreen and vertical windows mean that air conditioning is unnecessary, even on 40 degree days (I use the aircon mainly to dehumidify in winter). Build quality is both high and Tonka tough, visibility from the driver's seat is exceptional, it is a doddle to park and can get into places and spaces that would defeat all but an off-road motorcycle. Performance and fuel economy are acceptable and consumable parts are cheap. Tyres are good for 60,000km. Total running costs, excluding fuel but including servicing, registration and full insurance, has averaged only $1500 per annum. To top it off, it is nice to look at and gets plenty of compliments. I feel confident that it will easily exceed 400,000km. If I outlive it I will certainly buy another new one.

Date PurchasedApr 2001

Awesome 4x4

Reliable to a fault. Bit heavy on fuel if you keep the mud Tires on. Nothing fancy about the Jimny, it is a toy, but can be a work horse when you need it to be. it has a surprising amount of leg room, I am 1.89m tall and no worries. The Lo and High range ratio is awesome one button 4x4. smooth as. it takes a bit to get used to but I will try to always have a Suzuki in my drive way.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Little Rhino 4x4

In my 50 years of bush bashing in Africa and Australia, I have tried most 4x4's on the market. These would include both big trucks and today's wagons and pickup's. Then in year 2000 I changed from Hilux 4wd to Suzuki jimny it had 40000 km on clock and I put another 140000 on it doing some pretty tough tracks. Apart from normal service's such as oil change, shocks, brake pads the only major repair was the heavy duty clutch replacement for towing a camper. Then I decided to upgrade to a bigger 4x4 because of towing a camper. Six month down the track I new I had made a blunder. The suzuki used to get through mud on narrow tracks without any hassle where as my heavy 4x4 would drop in ruts or sink in the mud. This year in May I had had enough of big 4x4 I got my self a new Suzuki jimny I have already done a trip to Ayers Rock on the back tracks and could not be more happier with the performance. I am in the process of fully kitting out for off road use.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Lives up to Suzuki's reputation 100%. Reliable, capable, affordable small 4x4

Bought a used, nice condition ( I crawled underneath with a torch and checked every inch) low km Sierra Jimny with 50,000km on it. It's auto which was because it was what was available and around town is much more convenient too. We have now owned it for 6 months and put 14000 km on it with no issues at all. I'm pretty anal about mechanical stuff so have changed the oil three times to give it a good flush and coz of the short trip running we do. Running full synthetic oil in it as it's cheap insurance in the long run. Performance is good, only a 1300 (but twin cam) so runs out of puff on long high speed uphills and the plus side is it's pretty good on fuel, getting 400km per tank, which from memory is better than my old 1300 Sierra. This is my third Suzuki 4x4 after a break of 10 years and my first 1000 cc 4 speed ,1980 something one. Handling and ride OK, much better than my old Sierra and you can have a conversation or listen to music so much quieter too. Auto is great for convenience but I think loses out to a manual on dirt roads where I prefer the feel of a manual gearbox. Like another reviewer commented, the window switches are in an annoying place but..........
My wife and myself just did a weeks camping dirt road tour and had a ball. Zero issues, though I would like a spare battery or jumpstarted with an auto transmission as you can't clutch start it. Bought a spare tyre bag for firewood and rubbish, just enough room if you pull out the rear seats and pack conservatively. We saw some great out of the way places. Dams, bush back lots, mountains, fire trails etc etc
Recommend highly, but I love Suzuki's, I like reliability and longevity.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Just drove mine on a very windy day and remembered how much they blow around. Not unsafe, just need to slow down a bit compared with a car. Weighed mine on the weighbridge at work with me in it (95kg) it weighed spot on 1200kg. Oh, and after getting a puncture with standard tyres I just fitted some Bridgestone Dueller ATs. I think these have light truck construction and two steel belts. And bought a spare battery and stuck it in a plastic box with jumper leads, just in case.And please, don't buy a small 4x4 when you need a large 4x4 and then complain that it's too small.Now got 83,000 km on with zero problems. Battery needed replacing, but on a 6 year old vehicle you can't complain. Kids have been driving it too. Suspension rubbers looking a little perished but still handling OK, so when I get around to it I will buy a kit. Look pretty easy to change.

Would buy another

Owned a Jimmy from new. It's now 5 years old and has done 90,000 kms.
I live in the city but occasional have to drive to outback Queensland for work. Have been half way up Cape York and the dry dusty lands of western Queensland. I wanted a four wheel drive just in case and it has been a great car. Just replaced the battery after 5 years (the battery didn't die but was on its way out). Tyres will need replacing soon.
I'm 6 foot tall and it is comfortable for all day driving. I occasionally sleep in the vehicle when out bush, I have a board with some padding on it for a mattress. Wouldn't want to do this too often but it suits me now and again. Not sure how it would be if there were two adults, probably a bit of a squeeze.
Fuel consumption is usually around 6-7 l/100k, I drive very steady. On long runs usually sit at 95-100.
No problems with the engine or any parts. Just have it serviced once a year.
In the future I might buy a light camper trailer or a roof top tent.
Met a lot of people who have owned these cars. Rarely find anybody too upset by them. Just bear in mind they are not Landcruisers but take it steady, travel light and they will take you almost anywhere.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Great for weekend adventure, poor otherwise!

I have the facelift wich I have owned now for four years. Mechanical, it has been sound, reliability has been satisfying. This is a small load limited vehicle so it's not for a family or the adventurer who wants to travel great distances.
The good: - it's easy to park in a busy city
- the interior is neat and controls all though at a bare minimum are well placed and functional.
- the 4x4 system is effective and well suited for this size vehicle, it makes tackling the beach or the roughest terrain a relatively simple adventure.
The Bad:
- not a family car, interior is too cramped for four persons
-not a towing car as the engine size is just enough to move the vehicle.
-the fuel consumption at 8.7 l p100km is poor
- the fuel tank is 40 L so outback touring is not encouraged.
- has little power so going up hills or overtaking is a slow process and highway travelling is noisy with the seats becoming uncomfortable at about a 100km of driving.
- 4x4 clearance at 190mm is not adequate
- beware aftermarket modifications like snorkels, bullbar, towbars, differentials are not easy to come by as 4x4 manufacturers of aftermarket parts have not catered for the facelift model so if you are into modifying then be prepared to modify the vehicle first before adding the modifications.
- the stock size tyres are not suited for off road and tyre manufactures don't make an all terrain or mud tyre size for the stock rims. This means larger tyres are required wich means a suspension lift , all at a great expense!
Encap safety rating is extremely poor so this is not well equiped with crumple zones, airbags or safety warning engineering.

Will I buy another one ... No!

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Good Things Come in Small Packages!

I am impressed with my Suzuki Jimny. It was money well spent. Like everything else it has both good and bad points but the good far outweigh the bad. Suzuki Jimny is both stunning to look at and a pleasure to drive. I do not think the looks will ever be outdated. It does lag a bit when climbing hills but that is to be expected due to engine size. The engine is great though. Older and proven technology that outlasts its rivals. This car is great in town, in the bush, in the snow and for moderate distance drives. The blind spots are minimal and due to its design it is very easy to see all around the vehicle both in the bush or in the town. Parking is a pleasure, due to the large mirrors and visibility all around. Driving in windy condition can be a challenge if driving over 90 kph due to its height and being a small car. But once you get used to it and drive to conditions, it is not an issue anymore. Fuel economy cannot be faulted. I have owned this car for just under 4 years and I am still happy with my Suzuki Jimny as I was on the first day I got it. The perfect little car for a new or seasoned driver who wants a town car, a car to venture into the wilderness and for those trips away. The perfect all purpose vehicle without breaking the bank.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Little honest car.

This car is honest and easy to work on.

Pros: cheap to run (rego and insurance). It's a proper 4wd with low range. It sits high, so view is really good. It's narrow and short, so it's easy to find parkings in city or pick your best lines when going 4wding. It's simple yet functional. It has front / rear live axels. So far for what it is, I have no complains. Some wishes are listed below.

Cons: 8.5L/100, hmmm, I thought 1.3L can do better. It's not a race car nor I won't use it to tow, but 1.5L would make much better sense. When going uphill on a high way, I wish I could use a slightly more powerful engine. Even though it's a proper 4wd, ground clearance isn't very good. I'm thinking about changing to a bigger tire to increase ground clearance and give it a 2inch lift. If the fuel tank is a 60L, this would be fantastic. Find a suzuki dealer is rare these days, nor they want to provide good service.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


There is no other small 4wd anything like it and don't let the 1.3 litres fool you, it's better everywhere than the big trucks except on the highway. So unless you are a regular interstate traveler it's the best 4wd around. Great on fuel. Fun to drive and goes anywhere

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Cheap and reliable off roder

Good small 4X4, cheap to buy and run, super reliable. Not a great highway car but OK for odd long trips. Narrow track and just adequate power. Good in bush and sand. Fishing or shooting buggy, not drive 50 km per day to work up hills etc. Adequate room for two people and gear, if you're not a kitchen sink type. I'm a motorcycle mechanic who loves Zooks. My uncle has two original Zooks from 1970 something. If you need a status symbol or you're a bit overweight then get something bigger.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Jimny Ragtop 2000

I've had this little 4wd ragtop for 16 years since new. It now has 470,000 kilometres on first engine and 3,500 k's on the larger (1600) Baleno engine. Love the car, love the reliability. Love its' ability to go anywhere, usually without having to let the tyres down. I live on the Mallee Hwy in Cowangie Vic 3506. Murray-Sunset National Park 15mins north of me, the Big Desert 10 mins south of me so I am always out in the bush on any day ending in y ;) Travel all over Oz, love the Flinders Ranges and the Coorong in South Aussy and the top end and all parts west in WA. As a bulldozer operator, my Jimny goes wherever the dozer goes and some places it can't :D I have a mini speedboat and a small sailing dinghy (Fairy Penguin) either of which I am happy to take anywhere with the Jimny.

BadgeJLX Santana Suzuki Spanish-built Soft Top
Date PurchasedOct 2000

Most overrated, petrol guzzling shopping trolley non event.

It's nippy, quick steering in town and good for shopping, that's it. I wanted a change my from Mazda Bravo double cab, something less bulky and easier with fuel. I was told the Jimny will everything the Bravo can, all be it a bit smaller. Ok, it has 4x4, low gearing and low ratio, why, it can't carry anything of weight and it has no room, why? The engine is a gutless 1.3 ltr. I hoped it would do to take me hunting to the edge of the rough stuff, NO. With the back seats out and floored I have to put a rifle in diagonally in the back, so much for packing camping gear around it. There is no ground clearance, forget the snazzy video, that's guff. The fuel tank is SMALL, the Bravo gave 11kms+ per litre, the Jimny 13kms+ driven cautiously. But, when in any kind of rush that drops to 8kms per litre, that's appalling. On balance I really find nothing to justify it's existence in the real world.

March 11th 2018 Update: A Joke

Bought new I took out the back seats for space for the bush. I`ve put up with little space, low power, high fuel consumption, jerky ride and poor towing ability. Now I have a new Hilux, more room, towing ability comfort and lower fuel consumption. Yes the Hilux burns less fuel. The Jimny is a town toy, a shopping trolley at best.


Fills the niche

It does what it was built to do. For those who want simplicity,reliability and economy for a minimum price and also have the option to drive down any 4x4 track you'll need not look further. I first drove one of these on Fraser Island years ago. It was a hire car and I still remember the instructor teaching the clients how to operate their hire 4X4s in soft sand so as to avoid becoming bogged and burning out the clutch. As me and a mate were the only ones to hire a Jimny he turned to us and said don't worry most of this information won't apply to you. Just drive it and she'll be right. If it gets stuck give it a nudge from the back and it'll keep moving. He was right. We just got in and sailed over everything. Indian head saw full size 4x4's bogged up to their axles and we'd initially wondered why everyone had "parked" along this stretch as the Jimny drove up with impunity. Since then i knew I'd one day own one of these neat little gems and I haven't had any regrets. I will say that anyone on the lookout for a luxurious high tech 4x4 with all the bells and whistles need not apply. This isn't a sophisticated office clerks BMW or a fuel slurping bogan paddock beater. It's old ,but not obsolete. Awesome!

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Been over 6 months since I bought my Jimny. It has really grown on me. I've become accustomed to it's nimble handling and the advantages of having such a diminutive offroader. In the waterlogged paddocks where my landcruiser sinks into the mud the jimny's light weight allows it to sit on the grass without breaking through. The visibility on the road is amazing and it's quite zippy around tight traffic. Fuel economy has been around 7-8l per 100km and creeps up to 10l with a lot of offroading and dirt tracks. Can get excellent highway mileage under 7l if cruising at around 100kph. By modern standards it's not great but again it's not a modern car and gains traction in the reliablity department. The only thing I would have liked to see less of is the carpeted interior. Get's dirty easy and is very difficult to clean. I'd have preferred simple all plastic.

Understand it and love it

What the critics say
It’s slow, noisy, handles poorly and is small. These are all valid observations, if you “don’t get it”. The reason is on the outside it looks like a cute city SUV a twenty something woman might own, under the skin someone has got an original Toyota FJ land cruiser and built a scale model. So full ladder frame chassis, transfer case with real hi/low range and solid axles. Just like a real 4WD this adds weight and upsets handling (compared to a modern car).

What the owners say
Robust, reliable, cheap to maintain, excellent 4WD ability, great visibility, good economy (by true 4WD standards)
On the dirt this will outperform any SUV, and keep up with real 4WDs easily. I've been off road with land cruisers, Navara’s and Hilux’s and never been caught out. So on the road its rubbish, right? As long as you understand what’s going on underneath its fine. Cruise around town or at 100 on the highway and there are no problems, dream that it’s a sports car and it will bit you. It has plenty of lean in corners to warn you, but if you just keep pushing on it will let go. During the daily commute to work it’s great in traffic with big windows for visibility, nippy if you keep it on the boil and a breeze to park. When my wife needs to drop the kids at sports or go the shops, rather than take her behemoth SUV with poor visibility she steals the Jim.

But it can’t all be wine and roses?
The first thing is you have to get the concept, If you like modern cars with no engagement, where driving is secondary to streaming Pandora via blue tooth this isn't the car for you. If you can understand how people would own a classic mini, classic beetle or land rover defender with their “character flaws” that bring both pain and joy then you get it

So on to actual design fails as opposed to the concepts execution.
The electric window buttons are in pod that sticks out right where you knees are, so you sometimes rub your knees. They should have just gone old school and put the controls on the dash.
The rear seats don’t fold flat like the old sierra, and are not easy to remove like the old sierra. For camping or carrying big loads this is a major fail. When going away I just spend the 20 minutes completely removing them.
The stereo is absolutely terrible, factor in a few dollars to both replace the stereo and the speakers. If your handy search the web, it’s very simple.
Its false advertising, it looks like a toy but is built like a tank. So the critics don’t like it and people buy it expecting a simple SUV city runabout with the underpinnings of a normal car.

You said it’s reliable what about the “Death wobble”?
I had a sierra, and then did the family mortgage, boring car thing for decade now have the Jim. I never had the death wobble. The car is excellent off road without modification, but when you put on big rims and tyres and / or lift kits things go wrong. If you’re honest with yourself and it really is used mostly on the road then leave it standard. The best return on investment without major modifications is replacing the H/T tyres with A/T, in the sierra and this car it makes it almost unstoppable without worries of mechanical issues.
Robust, reliable, cheap to maintain, excellent 4WD ability, great visibility, good economy
False advertising (read the review)

It’s been nearly three years since I bought the car new, so I thought I’d add an update. Problems Nothing has gone wrong requiring a visit to the dealership Recalls In its 17 years since release it’s had two recalls once early on and one just recently. The recent one was for my vehicle was not enough lock tight on a nut which may come loose. In comparison my wife’s three year old SUV has had two which may cause engine bay fires. Ownership It’s listed as 9/100 litres for suburban driving and 7/100 for highway. I constantly get mid 8 and mid 6 respectively. It’s the first car I’ve owned that not just matches the numbers but beats them. Every other car has been between 20 and 50% more fuel. It is the weirdest car I’ve owned for running in driveability. In modern new cars they feel pretty much the same when new as when they have 30000 KLMs. When I first got the car it felt tight, and harsh and slow. Having come from a six cylinder sedan for the first few months I thought I’d made a massive mistake. But it has loosened up, become easier to drive and (slightly) faster. I thought this was a placebo effect from becoming familiar with the way it drives. I live at the base of a mountain range with some of the nicest twisty roads in Australia, not the natural habitat for an underpowered 4WD. I recently took it across the range, it was much better to drive, almost enjoyable. Long Term I normally get rid of cars after they come out of warranty being worried something expensive will fail; I think I’ll keep this one longer. Yes it’s slow, and bouncy and small but its fun. deleted double entry

Looking at my 3rd one!

Where do I start?Purchased my first Jimny in 2001.Yes,they are a bit rough suspension wise,but handle better very well for what it is.This 1 did Fraser Island easy,seeing all the sites to be seen.Great on the sand!Drove it to cooktown on the bloomfield track which was a walk in the park!Super reliable,never missed abeat till I traded it for a 2nd after 3 years(cause I could).The 2nd jimny now has 200,000 on the clock.Has been eveywhere!been to the tip(Cape york)twice(and yes did the telegraph track!)Karumba 3 times towing the tinnie,and to top it off,Coast to coast around Australia towing the same tinnie all the way!There has been natural wear and tear along the way,but the motor has never failed me once!Have even pulled out other bogged vehicles on Bribie Island surf beach a few times!Even did the legendary CREB track when it was not ideal conditions(took 12 hours,lol!).All in all,one tough little truck,and looking at my next one right now!Update as of 26/05/2015-Now has 240,000 kms(no problems!),and has done the Creb again,and Cape York again!I have inherited smithy Jimny(so now have 2!)The newer one has 150,000 on the clock and has done a little bit of off roading...But the biggest achievement has been made in this vehicle doing the Old Coach Road from Maytown to Laura(with no assistance!).And a bit of advice for buyers,DO NOT use Coopers as they may be hard wearing,but are almost impossible to align and are extremely slippery in the wet!Best tyres(and ones I currently have on are Yokohama Geolanders AT,which I can't fault and are awesome in the wet!More updates in the future.Update as of 6/2/2017.Well,the silver jimny is now being retired...It has had a hard life,and now at 290,000 kms,and being a loan vehicle to friends and family,it is time.let it be known that the engine still purs better than my new one,but the alternator died(original),and the cost of owning 2(rego and services), doesn't justify holding onto it.My current Jimny,which is a 2004 model,has 190,000 kms,and is going strong.Has done the Creb track a couple of times recently,and the Yokohama tyres still have more than half tred since the last update.The only issues and one worth keeping an eye(and ear) out for are your belts.Any sign of weird noise from this any,get them checked or replaced,as I have had one give way and thus can lead to issues if you aren't into it straight away!Otherwise all is good!
Goes anywhere,super reliable,pretty efficent when driven right,and easy to clean if you get the bare bones JX model.
Wear on the front knuckles is the only problem,which I have had done twice,and due again now,but it has been driven hard when off road!Bigger fuel tank would be good.

Date PurchasedSep 2003

Suzuki Jimny is an excellent compact and true 4x4, there are some winter climate challenges though

The Suzuki Jimny is an excellent compact and true 4x4 for all the reasons stated by other reviewers (ground clearance, hi-lo gears, a simple robust engine, etc.) As others say, Jimny drive best at not more than 75 or 80 mph on the open roads because of the small normally aspirated engine (1.3L)
One thing the Suzuki Jimny is less good for is the Nordic winter climate, for the following observations:
Damp and condensation are daily challenges (at least in the variant without AC) I suspect because there is very little insulation in the bodywork.
I also suspect the glass is thinner than normal because it is harder to scrape frost off the windows than from my Audi's windows. It takes more effort and, worse still, the inside of the windows are prone to frosting too, which exacerbates the dampness issue.
Another observation regarding the wide gaps in the bonnet air ventilation - they let leaves in too easily. The Jimny has had the Autumnal issue of leaves getting into the air ducts due to wide bonnet ventilation gaps that ought to have some wired net beneath to keep leaves out.
So my overall hunch is Suzuki did not give much winter climate thought to the Jimny's design, rather, designing it for the warmer Southern and Eastern climates.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining - these are just my personal experiences with a Suzuki Jimny. If I had designed it, I'd have ensured the following:
A turbo for the engine, better bodywork insulation, thicker glass, and AC standard.


I love this little truck....everything about it.

The only thing I'd do if I could, would be to whack a turbo on it. I'm doing the Simpson Desert next year and am a little worried that it doesn't have enough torque for the big sand dunes.


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Hi can I put a 2005 Jimny motor in to a 1999 Jimny without to much drama TIA
1 answer
What psi could I put in my 2009 suzuki Jimny if I don't have power steering

my son has bought a soft top 2001 jimny which he loves - but the vinyl roof/back needs replacing as the zips are broken and velcro worn. Seems we can only get the new model ones and wondered how the fit would be and what would need doing to convert it from velcro to press studs?
2 answers
Hey, I bought many years ago a soft top from the Suzuki store online. Usually if you ring the right bloke you'll get the answer you are looking for, just to find him is hard sometimes. But a wrong part will be costly. Good luck.Thank you!

Why my Suzuki jimmny 1998 1.3 automatic consume so much fuel?
2 answers
There is no one answer to question. As there are number of factors involved in this such as as the your driving style, tyre pressure, condition of your engine and drive train,and the list goes on. However the normal fuel consumption should be between 6.5 to 7 lt per 100 kmmine is fairly heavy on fuel consumption, But I do have big mud tyres fitted. and the automatic may have a higher engine revs?, in top gear. I do find that mine likes 80km/h and 98 octane fuel.


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Starting Price $23,990$25,990$23,990$25,990
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Wheels15" Alloy15" Alloy15" Alloy15" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Fuel Consumption6.4 L/100km6.9 L/100km6.4 L/100km6.9 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L40 L40 L40 L
Engine4 Cylinder, 1.5L4 Cylinder, 1.5L4 Cylinder, 1.5L4 Cylinder, 1.5L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L4 Cylinder, 1.3L
Max Power75kW@6000rpm75kW@6000rpm75kW@6000rpm75kW@6000rpm
Max Torque130Nm@4000rpm130Nm@4000rpm130Nm@4000rpm130Nm@4000rpm
Country of ManufactureJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapanJapan
Safety Features ABS (Antilock Braking System), AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Reversing Camera and Traction ControlABS (Antilock Braking System), AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Reversing Camera and Traction ControlABS (Antilock Braking System), AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Reversing Camera and Traction ControlABS (Antilock Braking System), AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Reversing Camera and Traction Control
Extra Features Bluetooth Connectivity, Built-In Navigation System, Immobilizer and Voice ControlBluetooth Connectivity, Built-In Navigation System, Immobilizer and Voice ControlBluetooth Connectivity, Built-In Navigation System, Immobilizer and Voice ControlBluetooth Connectivity, Built-In Navigation System, Immobilizer and Voice Control
Ground Clearance210 mm210 mm210 mm210 mm
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg1,300 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg350 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
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Discontinuation dateDec 2017Dec 2008Dec 2009Dec 2008Dec 2007Dec 2012Dec 2007Dec 2007Dec 2008Dec 2004

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