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Tamar Valley Dairy Greek Style

Tamar Valley Dairy Greek Style

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Misleading "No Sugar Added" label

Tamar Valley Dairy 'Vanilla Bean' Greek Style Yoghurt had a large "No Sugar Added" label on the lid. Yet the ingredients stated were "Milk, sugar, cream.....etc" I won't be trusting this Tamar Valley labels again.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

tamar valley mango yogurt

purchased 2 mango ones.the yellow whatever was in it was devoid of mango taste. 170g has 13.3g sugar!!!
real mango would have given it taste without sugar.i guess last time i bought this product.

Purchased in March 2019 at IGA hurstville for $2.00.

Unexpectedly Awful

I purchased a large pack of the TV yoghurt for a visitor who said it was okay.
I then got myself a six pack of the variety - Strawberry, raspberry, mango, cheesecake something - and tried one. Couldn't even eat a second spoonful. So I tried the next and the next, same result. The white liquid was pretty bad, the flavour for each pack was just yuk.
How could all six flavours be consistently so bad? Binned the lot. $6.49 down the drain.
I'll go back to Ultimate, it's quite yummY.


Yuk !.
Greek style ? yeh, before Greece came in to existence more like it.
The gods would be angry if they were dished up this slop.
Release the CRACKEN !
Epic FAIL !.

Yogurt milk

Tamar valley light greek style yogurt. The name is all it has in common with yogurt. When I opened it, I thought it may have been off as it was grainy and milky thin. Stired hoping it would thicken, but no. Decided to try some, tasted ok but nervous about its consistently. Down the sink it's gone. Give me a creamy yogurt.

Strawberry and blueberry yoghurt an absolute cracker! 10/10

Very delicious and like others to comment on the quality. One could certainly devour the entire contents in one greedy sitting!

Best yogurt I've ever had

So good i could eat the whole 1kg tub a once.Definitely my favourite yogurt,so thick and creamy it beats the big name brands.

Passionfruit yoghurt

I have bought the Tamar Valley passionfruit yoghurt and although they say no sugar added there is a horrible saccharin taste to it. I won't buy it again.

I buy the Tamar Valley Yoghurt Kids and we love it

I have finally found a kids yoghurt (in a pouch) that has no added sugars or sweeteners and they still taste delicious. My toddler loves them! They are so worth the extra $0.70. Most other kids yoghurts are packed with sugar and I love that I can give this to my daughter with out worrying about her having too much sugar.

Sugar is a better flavour than artifical sweeteners and probably better for us.

I've enjoyed the six-pack flavoured yoghurt for quite some time but suddenly it is not in either Coles or Woolworths. So I purchased Soleil (no added sugar!!!) and it was very saccharine sweet. I contacted them accordingly and they advised yes they do use sweetener however the taste was not to my liking. Yesterday I bought Tamar plain Greek yoghurt and will add my own fruits..


Purchased No Added Sugar-Low Fat Greek Style yoghurt and at home (with my glasses on to read the small print) compared to Greek Style All Natural Yoghurt.
The No Added Sugar may not have added "actual" sugar BUT per 100g serve it has 7.4g of sugar (of 8.1g carbs) compared to the 5.2g per 100 in the All Natural. About 40%more sugar.

Aren't you being very deceptive and misleading Tamar Valley Dairy? Most buyers would think no added sugar means less than in other products not similarly labelled. Considering many who buy products shown as no added sugar probably do so for dietary reasons you really are not doing them any favours.

Shocker, fake advertising

Got this for grandkids who are on sweet reduced diet, didn't check the fine print (why should I have to with the huge "No added sugar" on the pack?) Now the pack has been binned and I'll never touch Tamar Valley stuff again.

Deceptive advertising won't buy again

This yoghurt proclaims to be sugar free but it's only when you read the fine print that you find its artificially sweetened. Shame on you Tamar Valley!

Love it buy it everyweek 3 lots of 6 for breakfast

We love their yoghurt use it for all meal depending what we are having at the time we have tried others but Tamar is the best ...we love how its not realy sweet like others

Too sour

I first tried Chobani Plain Yogurt.
I thought I'd give this a try. It's too sour!!! Like exceedingly sour and not even creamy.
I regret buying this. I should've sticked with chobani.

No added sugar. What a joke,

No added sugar just poison sweetener 955. Why say no added sugar, the other yoghurts don't have sugar . So disappointed

tricked again

I can't believe i was tricked by your words no added sugar only to find artificial sweetner added as 955. I'm tired of reading labels when food producers are dumping toxins into their foods willy nilly. bravo guys, i took mine back to Woolworths.

Love it, happy to support an Aussie company

Really tastes great. Have tried most of the flavors and options. Happy to buy this instead of the other brands any time.

Why ruin a good product by adding a toxic chemical !!

I purchased what appeared to be a agreat product from the TAMAR VALLEY Co . The packaging states that it is low fat Greek style yoghurt
Well I have wasted my money and got sucked in after reading on the packaging: NO ADDED SUGAR. I discovered to my horror that it contains SPLENDA or SUCRALOSE or 955. Each tub contains at least 8.5 grams of it !
Has someone in your organisation deliberately set out to sabotage TAMAR VALLEY ! !
I hope you have not bought too much of this 955 . DUMP IT IN A TOXIC WASTE BIN, BEFORE YOUR CUSTOMERS DUMP YOU !

Delicious and creamy (if you get the right variety)!

The Greek style yogurt I have from them is just milk solids and live culture; it's way tastier than Farmer's Union Greek style. Tamar Valley have another variety called 'Greek style no added sugar' which has tapioca starch and sucralose (955) added to it. The 1 star reviews are really over the top, just check the bloody ingredients before you buy. The normal Greek style has always been available, it's not like they discontinued it & only made the sucralose version.

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Questions & Answers

Which mild solids do you use in tamar valley Greek yoghurt?
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Is it made from pasteurised milk?
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Well the Jalna pot set greek yoghurt says specifically on the label that it is made from pasteurised milk. Looking at a Yoplait pot it just says Milk and Milk solids, and the same with the Tamar Valley Greek style yoghurt. It doesn't SPECIFICALLY say pasteurised milk but my best guess would be either contact the company that makes it or believe that (like the Jalna one) they are all made from pasteurised milk these days.It goes without saying Tamar Valley Greek style yoghurt uses only quality Tasmanian milk products.If you think Tasmanian milk is quality, simply try a block of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate then tell me what you think !

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