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Tamar Valley Dairy Tasmanian Creamy Yoghurt

Tamar Valley Dairy Tasmanian Creamy Yoghurt

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Great creamy sweet yoghurt


I really enjoyed this and all the other no added sugar Tamar Valley yoghurts. I have read a number of whinging reviews below and have to say yes there is aspartame in the yoghurt but where did you think the sweetness was coming from? It isn't rocket science just read the package. Anyway I love the Tamar Valley no added sugar yoghurts, especially the six pack of mixed flavours, and they are sweet yoghurts that don't have excessive kilojoules. A big thumbs up from me!

Misleading - disgusting artificial sweetener in it


Bought this "no added" sugar yogurt, but upon tasting it all I could taste was the horrid chemical artificial sweetener. WHY can't you just let the yogurt be unsweetened??? Ruined the brand for me, won't be buying again.

Not Happy Jan


I should have had my glasses on, but I saw "Tasmanian", "Greek", and "No added sugar" and passion fruit (which was visible). I like buying local products. I assumed the sweetness would come from the generous amount of fruit, but when I tried some it had a horrible artificial taste. I looked at the ingredient list (with my glasses on) and discovered an artificial sweetener. Please don't do that. If you must do that, at least put "artificially sweetened" in large letters. That will save you from lots of bad reviews from people who see the wholesome wording (in big letters) as being deceptive. It's not exactly cheap, but I'll have to bin it.


Ronnix1960Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Fantastic product.


I have only just discovered this yoghurt, and it tastes awesome, I have even used to make myself some fruit smoothies 10/10.



In the bin


After about four spoons I felt sick, has a horrible taste I'm not one who usually would throw something out but it was so bad. Please remove the horrible sweetener and add a bit of sugar.

dangerous container lid


I purchased this yougurt the taste ok but the lid is so sharp when I open it did cut my finger so will never buy again terrible.



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Deceptive Product Labelling


This was the first time we purchased the 'plain' yoghurt advertised as having 'no added sugar'. We support Tasmania produce because we born and raised on them. When we prepared a greek dish on Xmas day we the dish was sickly sweet and inedible.
Be warned. read the fine print. it contains artificial sweetener Splenda which is 600 times sweeter than sugar.
So in the bin and never buy again.
Shame on Tamar Valley Dairy for exploiting the reputation of pristine Tasmanian produce with rolling Tasmanian hills on the label, while offering an artificially altered product at a premium price.
Should have read the fine print but didn't. Trusted the Tasmanian brand. Got caught once, never again. It's a shame.



Deceiving Labelling



extremely disappointed


I have purchased your product on the understanding that there was no added sugar. How pathetic. Will no longer purchase your crap product and stop your pathetic misreading

Lovely tasty yoghurt


I've just resrarched 995 sweetner and happy to enjoy Tamar Valley Yoghurt as a part of my plan to increase my calcium intake. Give me a drop of 995 sweetner in my food any time, over any other sugars.



I tried your Apple & Rhubarb Greek Style Yoghurt whilst staying at my daughter's house but I haven't been able to purchase this particular combination. I do not wish to purchase the six/eight pack with different varieties so could you please help me by informing me that you are still making this combination.



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Disappointing. Feel deceived.


"Tamar Valley No Added Sugar Plain Yoghurt" on the label and yet it is full of 995 sweetener I realized after tasting it and reading the fine print on the back. That is not a "plain" yoghurt I'm sorry. I'm not into artificial sweeteners and if I'm buying a "no added sugar" yoghurt I don't expect it to be full of chemicals instead. I won't buy any Tamar Valley again. Horrible stuff- not to mention deceiving.

Artificial aftertaste


I love the beautiful Tamar Valley in Tasmania, love buying local Australian products, love the idea of eating greek style yoghurt sweetened with mixed berries (no added sugar is assured on the label), but really dislike being duped by the fact that sweeter 955 has been used and the artificial after taste in this yoghurt. I won't be a repeat customer.

No Added Sugar.. but beware packed with artificial sweetner! Not good for kids. Disappointed.


Feeling deceived...I was pleased to see a sugar free greek yoghurt with fruit syrup. Packaging clearly states " Sugar free" I checked the sugar content and figured it was from the fruit.
on first taste it was clear this product is full of artificial sweetener.

I'm glad I tried it first and did not give it to the kids.
I feel disclosure of the artificial sweetener should be more obvious than just listing the number 955 in the ingredients list.
People who do not notice will be feeding this rubbish to their kids thinking its good for them!
I don't ever bother writing reviews, this is my first because I feel others should made aware.



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Misleading information on pack


I bought 4 tubs of Tamar Valley strawberry yoghurt Greek Style, with "no added sugar" yesterday, thinking that I was buying a" healthier" product. I took it one mouthful and could easily taste the artificial sweetener in it. On further investigation, I see it has 955 in it. I did a bit of research and found out...oh how surprising, it's artificial sweetener!! I think your advertising/ product description is extremely misleading. What else don't you tell us? Not so keen on your products anymore.

Disgusting and immoral!!


Your Tamar Valley NO ADDED SUGAR was the most disgusting yogurt I have ever tasted and contains SWEETENERS. This is misleading advertising. Shame on you. Straight in the bin...A very expensive error on my part. Will never purchase Tamar again

No added sugar product was disgusting


Buying plain Greek yoghurt with no added sugar displayed on the label. What a rank product with sweetener 955 it was sickly and toxic. That's a no from me. Had to throw it away.

Tamar Valley - Very disappointed !!!


I recently thought I had found exactly what I was looking for when i bought 2 x 700g of your No Added Sugar yogurts. As your yogurts advertise themselves as straight from Tasmania, pristine etc and not cheap. I was excited about what I was going to taste. But alas they tasted quite horrible. Very sickly sweet and of course there it is in the small print on the back - Artificial Sweetener !!! Ghastly, so in the bin they will go. What a shame!!! If you worked on making a yogurt without the added sugar (cane or artificial) you would have a winner. And yes I have had fruit yogurt like this before (without any added sugar or sweeteners at all) and they were delicious. Unfortunately though very hard to find in your local supermarket.



Falsely advertised


On the front of the tub I read Greek yoghurt, low fat, no sugar. Perfect! At first mouthful I was dismayed to find it horribly sweet. I couldn't get rid of the artificial sweetener taste. Then I read the small print. This type of yoghurt is typically not sweet so I feel cheated. I'm so annoyed I'll phone Woolworths. Tamar Valley you have let yourself down!

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rosemary  hamilton

rosemary hamiltonasked

i'm having trouble finding your product which my family adore i would love a suggestion to where l might be able to find tamar valley .greek style yogurt in the mixed 6 pack x125g snack size tubs i live at ningi which is near bribie island qld

2 answers

It should be at the Woolworths up there. My woolworths store online for some reason picked a QLD store for my order...

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Woolworth's stopped selling this product in 2016 now it can only be purchased thru Coles

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