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Tefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61

Tefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61

3.3 from 36 reviews

Great multi-purpose appliance

I sought to upgrade our jaffle maker with something that did a little more and was delighted to learn about the Tefal Snack Collection and it's wide collection of plates. We picked ours up second hand (barely used) and now use it multiple times a week for toasted sandwiches, and weekly for waffles.

Although ours was obtained second hand, as it was barely used there was the slight plastic smell noted by others, but that disappeared after a couple uses. Quite a bit of steam does emit when making waffles, and jaffles with certain ingredients, and you get some moisture inside when you open it, but that is not unexpected and not enough to warrant concern.

As others have mentioned, the jaffle plate is a little shallower than normal, but I don't tend to overload my toasted sandwiches. I can see there is a little overflow for ingredients that may become a little more molten, but the design makes it quite easy to clean for minor overflow.

The waffle plates took a little practice to get the quantities and consistency just right, but upon the advice of user @jpcntti, I found the right volume to ensure the waffles are appropriately filled out. He established that the ideal quantity is approximately 65mL, which is perfect, and for our batter thickness, it takes about 2'15-20" to cook the waffle. What's also great about these waffles is that leftovers can be frozen, and popped into the toaster.

Been very happy with this so far, but the reduction of one star is due to similar sentiments as other reviewers about the availability of the plates. These are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and while I would love the madeleine plate, I can only find it from an overseas vendor for twice the cost. I've found a handful of other domestic vendors of a few of the plates, but these vendors are increasingly responding that they are no longer getting these in which is deeply disappointing given what you're paying for this appliance for the 'flexibility'.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Poor product management and supply.

Before I took to buying a Tefal Snack Collection Multi-function Sandwich Press SW852D61 I read a few reports on the item. I was not impressed to say the least as it appears that Tefal will not import the different plates for this machine. One retailer I know gives two plates with that machine, waffle and flat plate. To buy added plates from overseas is expensive in postage. Also depending on our dollar it could also be a more expensive item. Looks like my love affair with Tefal is at an end. Like another seeker of goods I too found Tefal doesn't import attachments. So if you want a Tefal waffle maker. Find out what extra plates you might like.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Various snack plates unavailable IN THE LONG TERM

While my ultimate would have been a cast iron version with no coating, settling for this Tefal product was my choice mainly because of it's multifunction, swappable plates. Yes there is a plastic smell that does wear off, but my main objection is that out of the advertised 16 plates, only 4 are readily available to buy from Australian online retailers, and contrary to Tefal previously saying here on productreview.com.au that if customers ring the 1300 number Tefal can sell them direct, they now refuse, saying there is no system to do so. Customers have to import any other snack plates from overseas and pay twice the price per plate set. Feature wise, I wish it had temperature control, so it could have more value with some snacks as an oven replacement that is quicker and uses far less energy. Overall a reasonable product, but terrible stock and supply service by Tefal.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

It’s an excellent appliance

I am not cheating, I got mine on sale in France way before it came in Australia. I was looking for a waffle maker with removable plates as it is always hard to clean them. Then while doing some groceries over there I saw a demonstration of the machine and all it was capable of. That was it I needed it!
Got back to Australia got the plug changed and started using it. It was great, i only had 3 plates, waffles croque monsieur and pancakes, I used them every weekend, and I thought why did I only bought those...
Well I was sad not being able to complete the collection as it wasn’t available yet in Australia.
The concept is fantastic, it’s a space saver for me and also very hygienic because you can clean the plate after use with water and detergent. It has a mon stick coating like the frying pan of the same brand, so you know it is of a good quality.
I have a cheap jaffle maker, it is a pain to clean when cheese gets out. This one as long as you don’t overfill the pans you are ok.
I have a ladle from a previous tefal appliance and it is the perfect amount of batter for the pancakes and waffles, I wish they would put it with this machine so everyone could avoid having the issues of overfill the pans. As if you do have this problem, cleaning the machine is hard, but not harder than the regular one you buy for single uses, you would have the same problem.
Not so long ago I discovered the pans were available in Australia, so I bought some more, actually one more, panini pan...
Well it doesn’t disappoint, the plates are doing their job, but it is a versatile machine, it will not have the weight of a proper sandwich press. But close enough in results, my kids love it.
My opinion on the machine, it’s a great buy, imagine having 12 individual machine in you cupboard, it would take you a huge amount of space, with this one, each pan set take the space of an old vhs, so you can stack them up. It is also very easy to clean because you can remove the pans but not in the dishwasher.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Good for space

I’ve had this for a while now.

I love not needing a lot of different appliances.

However, finding all the plates in stores is a challenge and they are expensive.

And cleaning the actual machine when waffle mix spilled has been a struggle, lots of little cracks the mix disappeared into.

The Jaffa plates also aren’t very deep, disappointing as you can’t fill them too well or cheese gets into all those little cracks the waffle mix got into.

Once you get the hang of it it’s gear. I just hope to finish collecting all the plates this year.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Replaces the Need for Ten Machines

I was always looking for a machine that was exactly like this. One appliance with interchangeable plates. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

This is just that. The machine itself is fairly cheap and you get a set of snack plates with it. Since I have a small problem with collecting things, I now have six kinds of plates. Really, they are the most costly part. But, also the coolest. I want stuffed sandwiches... done. I want waffles.... done. I want pancakes, cookies, done and done.

The only thing is that my actual device has a problem with it. It never switches over to green and sometimes makes crazy spark noises..... wow! So, I’m assuming there’s a problem. Still gets five stars.

My better half works away. This little gadget is perfect for either just me... tuna sandwich melts omg. Or waffle Saturday when all the family is here. I like that each set of plates has a nifty box and set of instructions with recipes. The recipes work incredibly well, so no need to endlessly google what may or may not work.

So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend this product. I’d like to see all the plates released in Australia that are overseas. I’d also like to see the quality of the actual unit up a notch slightly.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent once you get the hang of it.

What a brilliant idea. Removable plates. So easy to clean up, just remove the plates and soak unlike other snack makers with fixed plates which are a pain to clean.

The included sandwich plates are the downside. The filling spills out and overflows and you have to clean the machine afterwards as well as the plates. Your better off making toasted sandwiches on a different type of machine, one with flat plates. Much easier to clean up afterwards.
The other plates are much better. You just have to watch how much you add so they don't overflow. We bought an extra 3 plates and they all work very well.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Love the machine

We have had this appliance for nearly a year and overall we are extremely happy. We now have sandwich plates, waffle plates, mini donut plates, and pancake plates. They interchange easily. They wash up easily. They come in VHS size boxes that store easily. As a previous poster has said, the sanwich plate is small but store bought bread in Europe (Tefal is in France) is small so this is likely why. Trimming crust helps. Cheese can ooze out but not always. I actually love those bits of fried cheese. The Waffle plates take practice to get right amount of batter just right else it might spill out and run down the sides. It cleans off easily if you wipe straight away. The mini donut plate is brilliant! I made mini donuts for my daughter's class for her birthday instead of routine cupcakes. It was fantastic! The pancake plate is too! I want several of the other plates but at roughly $25-29 per plate it can be costly so I will collect as I can afford. Having a multi-purpose machine like this is a great kitchen space saver too. Some people have written about moisture going under the plates. I have experienced this very rarely and it isn't much and some plates don't do this at all. Overall I give it 5 stars and I don't hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Horrible machine

We've had this machine for just over 2 weeks. Takes forever to heat up, sandwich plates are alot smaller than a standard slice of bread, cooks unevenly, sandwich plates are really shallow and so cheese goes EVERYWHERE, including into parts of the unit that are impossible to clean. Dont waste your money on this gimmicky machine.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Good machine that we enjoy using.

We bought this product for the interchangeable plates as we were after a waffle maker and liked the idea of having something with additional uses. It comes with a toastie making and rectangle waffle plate.

As with most other reviewers we overfilled the waffle tray on our first attempt and it spilled out the sides. This was easy to remedy and we have got the correct amount for all waffles since with very little spillage. It cooks the waffles well and we adjust the cooking time depending on whether we want soft or crunchy waffles.

I found that the Jamie Oliver waffle recipe is quick and easy and tastes great so that is what we use. Sometimes we top the batter mix with sliced bacon before closing to get bacon waffles and they cook beautifully. It is so easy to use that my 10yo can whip up his own breakfast easily and safely.

The toastie plate is good but we have had the cheese seepage issue a little, we just adjust the amount of cheese. The only time I struggled to close it was when I added some slices of tomato to our sandwiches too.

I do find that I have to flip the sandwiches to get it nice and brown on both sides as the bottom plate cooks better than the top with this plate.

We haven’t purchased any extra plates yet but are going to get some more as we like using this machine.

The improvements of a timer and something to stop seepage into the base would be handy however we love this product and use it 4-5 times a week so it lives on our kitchen bench. We don’t have an issue with the time it takes to heat up or cook but maybe we are more patient that others

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best waffle maker I’ve used

I redeemed my flybuy points on this machine, I got the sandwich press and the waffle maker plates included. I only wanted the waffle maker and I’ve only used that, so that’s all I’ll review. I used a recipe from Pinterest for light fluffy waffles, watched the youtube instructional video and went ahead and used it. The first batch I put too much batter in and it went all over the sides, so the second and subsequent ones I’ve gotten right every time. It produces lovely light fluffy waffles every time, I put them on a rack to let the steam out and the batter I use makes about 12 at a time which is heaps when my family come over. I also make a batch and freeze them. I can’t really fault the machine, it’s easy to take apart and clean and it heats up easily. It did have an awful smell the first and second time, but that has now gone, so not sure if it was a coating on the machine or not, which is kinda an icky thought that we were eating something not nice, but it didn’t affect the taste of the waffle. I really like it, I think the waffles are perfect and I like the fact that I can buy more plates if I want them in the future.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Such a great concept

We have used this often. It is absolutely impossible to clean - cheese comes out every time as the plates are very shallow and we use good bread and wraps and i cannot get the machine clean in the hinges and under non-stick plates - makes amazing waffles and so quick. Needs a timer.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good points and bad points

The good outweighs the bad for me. The good points are that it is one appliance that can change to make different things. There are about 12 different plates that can be used. Some of the plates are not things I need - I have a toasted sandwich maker and a grill that does pancakes etc. I mainly purchased it for the waffles, Bricelets, donuts, wafers. I love using these plates.

Bad points are that as the previous reviewer said, the club sandwich (or filled sandwich) plates are too shallow and you can't fit much in. The fillings then overflow and is a pain to clean although using a sheet of baking paper under the bread can help with this. Bread slices are also bigger than the plates. Plates are also expensive making it a very expensive appliance if you purchase a lot of them. This is why I have deducted a point but I now don't use it for club sandwiches.

For my waffles, wafers donuts and Bricelets - it is great. You just have to be careful how much batter you put in.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Impossible to clean

I've had the Tefal for a two years. I don't like it and it's going to be replaced. The sandwich plates are shallow so anything thicker than a slice of cheese is hard to fit in. It cooks sandwiches OK but is impossible to clean properly. If any cheese or other filling leaks from a sandwich (which is inevitable) it collects behind the bottom plate where it contacts the element and burns on. It also leaks into the hinge area where it is near impossible to get out. Anything you missed (and you will miss plenty) then leaks in your cupboard when you put it away. Yesterday was the last straw. The smoke from overheated and burnt-on previous sandwich fillings mean I had to use the fan.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Takes to long to heat up

If this products main purpose is for helping make breakfast than I would be late to work every single day because it takes to long to heat up. I love the idea of the product with the interchangeable plates (although only 2 are available upon purchase) its compact size and price is average but I cannot wait 10-15 minutes every morning so the grill is hot enough so I can have a toast.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great concept - design needs work.

Loved the idea of this & have purchased all of the plates that I would use (can see potential for yet more). Only prob, as per another reviewer, is that the batter seaps down into the element area & in my case, I make a recipe with a lot of oil in it but then it takes 2 days for the oil to drain out - first from the feet & then I have to lay it up on its back so that it can empty out of the back somewhere - it's only a matter of time before it fails as a result &, naturally, it will be out of warranty. The design needs to be amended to allow the use of the existing plates but with some kind of barrier to stop leakage into the element area. Otherwise, this would be an absolutely awesome product.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

I can't believe there isn't more buzz

A single machine with interchangeable plates is a brilliant idea. Apart from the obvious - pancakes in the pancake plate, donuts in the donut plate.... just the imagination limits what you can make in this machine. I make dosa batter waffles, frittatas, rosti, patties, stuffed mini-naans, mini chimichingas. It's also great for grilled sandwiches. This little toaster has made me enthusiastic about cooking and I'm constantly thinking of innovative things I can make in it.

I love how portable it is for serving up hot-off-the-grill food just about anywhere that has a plug point.

I enjoy being able to wash the plates instead of just wiping down as with most snack-toasters. This in itself is a feature I'd pay a premium for.

The material quality and build are excellent. I've had no issues with smell like other users have reported and find everything I attempt to make in it turns out great. I have 6 plates so far and just ordered 2 more online.

I'm glad I bought the Tefal Snack Collection.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Didn't live up to expectations

I was really excited to get the Tefal snack collection, did my research and it seemed the only gadget out there that could have multi purposes. I bought it with the toast and waffle plates and then additionally purchased the french toast and pancake plates.
Unfortunately when I came to use the press I discovered that the plates have very little depth to them and there was constant leakage (I experienced this with pancake, waffles and toast plates). This became a real issue as any leakage seeped between the plates and into the element area making it extremely difficult to clean. And I wasn't putting too much filling in - even a toastie with one slice of cheese did not seal and leaked everywhere.
It's also worth noting that it takes a good hour for the plates to cool down and swap over.
I wanted both a toast maker and a sandwich press and thought this would fit the bill. I think I will pull out the old Breville and buy a standard sandwich press.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Rachel, Thank you for your review of the Tefal Snack Collection. We appreciate your feedback and this will be passed onto our Development Team for future improvements that can be made. Thank You Tefal - Australia

We love it so very happy with the purchase

We weren't sure about buying this as we already had a sandwich press, however we were very surprised with the ingenuity of the concept of the removable plates and the different types of uses like waffles, sandwiches doughnuts. It works really well. It has the regular red light for warming up and green light when heated to the correct temperature. They have something like about 15 different plate designs that can be used as they are interchangeable. We have the waffle, doughnut, sandwich, and bagel plates. They all really worked well with good results.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi DockersMad72, Thank you for your review of the Tefal Snack Collection. We are glad you decided to purchase this product and are now enjoying using it. Maybe you may get some more plates and try some more wonderful snacks this little maker can create! Thanks Tefal - Australia

Burnt waffle

Waffles were burnt when taken out. No timer control. Found water on the plates of the machine which I don't know where it came from. The machine produced spark sounds thereafter. Scary. Called customer service to ask why instead was asked to return the machine. could be faulty machine. returned and refunded.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hello. Thank you for your review of the Tefal Snack Collection. We are sorry to hear about the troubles you have had with the machine. We will pass this feedback onto the correct team for further assessment. If we can be of any assistance in the future please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

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Questions & Answers

Hello Tefal, I love my Snack Collection, however having an important Question. 2nd use, my first Waffle Plate- plastic was smelling much more and while cooking waffles - which came out perfectly!!- the steam(water) from cooking stayed on the frame where the plate locks are And on the connector- the middle. So I guess the small splash of water(?) dripping at the back is OK?? also, when the water collected that was when I started hearing this popping noise. And not once but more often, like the end of making a popcorn. Is it still safe to use Again? Steam wasn't released evenly in my opinion either, more to the right side and only a little bit from the left while the waffles cooked even in size. Unit stood in an open space so plenty of air circulation. The unit lookes okay, no visual issues, heaters very bright orange. Can you please, help me figure it out? I am so scared too much popping would cause fire due to the water after steam. Thank you
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Hi all I am wondering is a burnt under-side when using the donut plate and waffle plate a norm with this? I tested a couple of recipes and they all get over cooked... I would like to love this! But so far I am not sold on this device...
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I've used both waffle and donut plates several times and I've not experienced a burnt underside. With doughnuts, if the height to which it rises isn't enough to make contact on the upper plate, the lower side cooks faster. So I flip half way through cooking. If you wait for the top to be cooked enough, the bottom could likely burn. I've never had this problem with the waffle plates - I suppose everything I've poured in has risen to make contact on both sides. If you are having trouble try adjusting to use more/thicker batter or flipping half way.

We have just received our Snack Collecton and cannot figure out how to open the box containing the various plates without damaging the book like box. Could you please help us? we are hungry. jack_ray@bigpond.com
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Yes we had the same issue....must be gold bars inside... anyway... had to use a small screwdriver on the side and gently pry open the box...Thanks for your answer tennis888, it was a relief to know that I was not alone in this sad and hungary situation; all was resolved when my grandson arrived and effortlessly opened the box. Hungary no longer. Old Silver

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