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Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk & Dark Ball

Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk & Dark Ball

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It’s changed and not for the better.

Orange & chocolate would have to be favourite combination of all times and I never use to mind paying $8 for a Terry’s orange ball as I don’t care about paying for quality but this has changed and it’s not quality anymore. I will go back to buying a couple of bags of Jaffa’s for cheaper and 3 to 4times as much. Please go back to producing it the way it was.

Like eating Wax

What has happened to Terry's chocolate orange. It is just like eating sickly sweet wax. I would like it to those very cheap nasty chocolate bars that we all avoid. Revolting!

YUM & Easy To Hide From The Kids

When you have a hoard of kids that are more like vultures, kids that will devour anything and everything with or without sugar, trying to hide your own stash of goodies from them becomes almost impossible.

Well, Terry's Chocolate Orange is the solution in my books.

Apart from being a super chocolate with that traditional English coco grit and superb orange taste that's melts in your mouth, hiding it from the kids has been no problem at all.

You see, when kids are looking for food, they're on a mission but, they're also in a daze with blinkers on.
What they are looking for, has to be right in front of them in packaging that spells out food or chocolate.

To put my idea to the test, I positioned a Terry's chocolate on the shelf above my home office desk, in-between a golf ball, tennis ball and a baseball for a month and no takers. I then opened it after a month and started eating pieces and folding the foil over as you do.
And finally, after 4 months of experimenting with this idea, still no takers.

Arhhh, the joy of chocolate indulgence and out smarting the hoard of vulture kids.

Does it get any better ?.

Taste has changed.

I love "tapping and unwrapping" and as a child in the 1970's in the UK, this was my very favourite chocolate. But they must have done something to the recipe. It use to be so delicious and intense. But the one I had recently was disappointing and just so blah. Nice enough really but I keep comparing it to how it use to be.

Delicious chocolate experience in every way

I thought I had tasted the all best chocolate there is, until I was gifted this for Mothers Day.
Once opened, each little segment was quickly savoured until suddenly there was none left.
I was able to share it's deliciousness with someone else, once, but it was all mine, all mine. I am now hunting it done for more

Orange chocoalte is evil.

Don't do it to yourself, orange chocolate is pure evil. I've just run a poll in the office and everyone agreed (well, except for that one weird guy that nobody really likes to talk too) that orange chocolate is not real chocolate.

lets look at some of the people who like orange chocolate:
Darth Vador for one was partial to that evil chocolate poison.
Hitler was also known to snack on orange chocolate in his spare time.
Satan was the inventor of it. In fact he even tried to tempt Adam and eve with it, but they wouldn't have a bar of it.

so take my advice, don't do it to yourself steer clean of it and the world will be a safer place.


This is a favourite in our house - the kids have always had one in thier Xmas stocking for years as a special treat!Xmas wouldn't be the same without them! love the smooth chocolate, and the decadent wrapping, makes you feel very spoilt. I try to have one segment a day to make the luxury last - but it never works lol! Cadburys orange ( both favours) make great small gifts that goes down well with everyone.
A classic! great packaging! tap and unwrap, and segments of orange chocolate fall open. very smooth,delicate orange flavoured chocolate.
none really - maybe a touch pricey - but worth it!


a very enjoyable milk chocolate organge combination that is enjoyed time after time. is available in dark chocolate if you prefer
a nice smooth chocolate balls that has pieces that break apart when you break open on bench top to make it easy to share, although my preference is to eat it all. A combination if orange and milk chocolate falvour makes this a chocolate hard to resist. not over the top with packaging, yet can be given as a gift or included in hampers and known will be enjoyed each time eaten, comes also in dark chocolate yet milk chocolate is my favourite
for the quality im happy to pay the slightly higher price


There are not that many brands of orange chocolate around and this one really is something different. While you do pay more for this chocolate as a treat I think it is worth it.
This chocolate is just so yummy once you start you will not be able to stop. I like that it is different to other brands in that it is shaped into a round ball and you can share the slices around.
A bit more expensive than other brands of chocolate but there are not that many ranges of orange chocolate and this is a good one to share with friends.


A truly delicious treat for a chocoholic. A good choice of Christmas sweet gift because of the old fashioned associations with oranges in a stocking.
This is a real treat for me. Delicious dark chocolate spiced with orange which is quite fragrant, and attracitvely enough packaged to be a gift. If you want to make a British Friend happy, give the one of these. I enjoy slamming on a hard surface to split oepn the orange segments for easy sharing.
They can be rpicey. I have found they are around $5 in Woolworths and can be more in specialty sweet shops. Not every likes having to slam it to split the pieces.


I love the terry milk chocolate orange. Its a little luxury that is always a 'reward' for me. I don't like Jaffas as much since they're so hard. But this is nice, soft and creamy. You can find at the supermarket or the even the department store. They're not as expensive as some chocolates so I do find them affordable to give out to teachers or people as a little reward, and don't look as cheap as giving out a big block of chocolate. Well worth it.
The taste is great. Orange and Chocolate go together so well
The price but you can sometimes find on special


This is a little bit of affordable luxury. An inspired combination of chocolate and orange flavours that has stood the test of time.
This has been a stocking filler during most of my long and seemingly endless life. I still keep a few in the cupboard for last minute gifts, and for when I crave a special treat. I have even dropped a few segments of this fabulous orange into hot milk with a hint of brandy added -- divinely decadent.
I wish the manufacturers had left the packaging alone - still, I have to admit that that's possibly an old age thing


overall i love this chocolate, i prefer the milk one, im not a big fan of dark chocolate. i love the gorgeous combo of chocolate and orange, its so delicious and so creamy but it is rich so only a couple pieces are needed
i love terry's chocolate orange, its so creamy and yummy, they are a great size so lasts a while, they are quite rich so i find you do not need to eat too much to be satisfied
the only thing is the price, so i generally wait till they are on special and buy a few


Worth every cent that is spent! I am actaully not a fan of 'jaffa' flavoured chocolate but this is a different story! The little segments just melt in your mouth and a truly tasty and indulgent. Love the packaging so makes for a great gift too! Go and get one now!!!!
Great taste and packaging. Simply tap...and unwrap!!


I love this chocolate not the dark one as I’m not particularly a fan of dark chocolate. But the milk chocolate one yes please absolutely gorgeous I love the fact that you have to smash the ball to get a segment it helps to release any pent up anger that’s for sure. Tastes really gorgeous and fresh and very Moorish. The orange in the chocolate is a very clever idea is just a beautiful combination. I would defiantly recommend they also make great little gifts as something extra to give to someone.
Yum yum yum yummy!!
Its like pringles one you pop that ball open you just cant stop eating them!!


I received this chocolate from a friend I have never seen this shap of chocolate before so I was surprise and curious as to how to eat it this was an interesting eating experience very tasty melted in the mouth and very nice orange flavour not to strong just right
The different chocolate experience I opened then pealed back the slices like an orange but a chocolate very appealing
No dislike very appealing packaging

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Where to buy terrys choc orange on the gold coast?
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No idea. But I would imagine Coles or Woolworths has it. Or check out: http://www.britzinoz.com/british-food-in-australia

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