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The Body Shop Seaweed

The Body Shop Seaweed

3.8 from 28 reviews

Under the sea overachieves.

This product is great for combination skin it is light weight and not oily at all there is no real fragrance but a light scent that is neutral. it was good for my skin and kept the acne away .

Purchased in February 2014.

Atlantic Seaweed Body Cream

Bought this cream approximately three weeks ago and love it, not only smells fantastic, but is actually good for my skin. I suffer from heat rashes and various other skin conditions and have found this cream to keep my problems away. My skin has improved so much, love, love, love it.

Skin feels great, but still gets oily

I bought the seaweed gel wash, toner and moisturiser. I have combination skin that's quite sensitive so I really struggle trying to find products that don't hurt my skin. These products actually make my skin feel really good and I'm definitely not breaking out as much, but my t zone still gets pretty oily throughout the day. You're meant to give it a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to the new regime, but it's been 3 weeks and still the same. Great for clear and clean feeling skin, doesn't do so much for oil control though.

Burns and caused breakouts

I usually love the body shop products, I have tried some of their products and I love the mango range. I have combination skin and I usually don’t have breakouts or have irritation to new products, as my skin isn’t really sensitive. I bought many of the seaweed skincare products (Deep cleansing facial wash, Pore cleansing exfoliator, Oil-balancing toner, Ionic clay mask & oil control gel cream) So I spent a fair bit of money on these products hoping that my skin would be fine. First time I used the mask, I read the instructions on the back and left it on for 10 minutes and a bit longer as it didn’t seem dry in certain patches. Taking it off my skin burned and I have never felt such an awful pain in my life, It literally felt like my skin was dissolving. The cleanser is okay, and has a foamy gel like texture to it, however my eyes water even if the gel is no where near them. The toner once again feels like it is burning my skin after the cleanser, which isn’t a pleasant pain, and then the moisturiser leaves a sheen instead of a matte finish like it claims to. My skin feels clean afterwards, yet red patches show up from the burning, acidic like pain from before. Would definitely not recommend since I feel as though it is a waste of money, and after using for 2 days my skin has had breakouts along my chin and forehead.

Skin irritation and break outs

I used to use tea tree oil and decided to switch to seaweed when I saw that it was for oily skin and combination skin. I thought that my skin would be less oily after using seaweed product. Instead after just a week of using the product, my t zone became noticeably oilier, my skin had splotches of irritation, and I was breaking out more than usual. My skin felt like it was burning today when I applied the night gel.

Seaweed Balancing Toner is incredible!

So I have always had oily skin and severe acne as a teenager. Most toners I used was either Proactive or something along the lines of quite harsh chemicals. It would redden and change my skin significantly. Since finding this range, the reviews have been extraordinary and I like the fact you CAN take home a sample for a week and try it for yourself and see how your skin reacts.

Didn’t work for me

I have very oily skin so I bought their seaweed oil control lotion. I thought it would help, but it’s actually made my face even OILIER then before, and also gave me more acne and pimples after using it for 3 days. Never touched it since. I suggest getting the tea tree ones- I used that before the seaweed and it works very well.

Absolutely brilliant range!

My skin type changes throughout the month, and for about two weeks of the month my skin is quite oily. I initially bought the tea tree range, which I then found made my skin super dry, and as my skin is quite sensitive it was too harsh. So somebody recommended the seaweed range, and I love love love it. It makes my skin feel lovely which is super nice, and even the exfoliator doesn't irritate my skin.

Made my skin more oily

I have been using this for 2 weeks now and it has made my skin more oily than before and made my pores look huge. The mattifying moisturizer definitely doesn't mattify and my skin is looking worse than before.

Amazing for my hectic skin

I suffer from endometriosis and my periods can get so wild and as a result so does my skin. Having combination skin already it goes nuts and I use the seaweed range all the time it's my favourite and love that relaxing cooking feel. After using a mix of this range and their tea tree range my skin is manageable and stays hydrated longer xx

would not recommend!

I bought the face wash toner and moisturizer expecting it to be all worth the price! i used it one night and woke up with horribly dry, bumpy and aged skin. i have combination skin myself and it is usually relatively clear but knowing the body shops rave reviews i was hoping to clear it completely. but its had the opposite effect i haven't used this product in 4 days and cannot get rid of the rough and irritated skin. I hate to say it was a waste of money as I'm only 17 and don't have to much to be spending on skin care especially products i can only use once. I was really disappointed with this product as others i have used before have been fantastic.

3 stars is fair

Im using the seaweed mattifying face moisturiser.

It's got a nice smell (a lot of complaints about it but I like it), it's SPF 15 so offers sun protection.

It doesn't absorb quickly and is definitely NOT mattifying. Actually it leaves my skin with a high sheen.

I've never been overly impressed with a body shop product. They do smell nice and contain natural ingredients but are always overpriced.

Smells nice
SPF 15
Not too thick or pasty like

Takes ages to absorb
Not mattifying like advertised

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

It great but makes m3 itchy

I have a starter kit. It last forever because u dont need too much of this stuff. The mud makes me itchy. It does work. My skin is nice and smooth after use

Works good.... but my skin has an adverse reaction

I recently purchased the mattyfying day cream, for my skin. I have combination skin, my face suffers from dryness, but i have an oily t-zone. The product does its job, and free my skin of oil... however my skin puffs up and stings, most particularly my under eye and cheek area. The WORST part is, the moment i put it on my skin, an awful odour appears... i have no explanation. Initially i thought it might be my other skin products, so i tried it without these... still there. Maybe if all the products in the range were used in conjunction, results may be seen, however i'm not prepared to take that risk.

Not bad

I've been using the seaweed starter kit for few weeks.. My t zone seems ok not really oily and less breakouts but I have problems with other zone esp my cheeks.. It become dries and sometimes itch after apply night serum.. I also rarely use the toner as I feel pain on under eyes skin area

Works but I'm allergic

My skin literally cleared up from a serious break out within two days of using his product. The only thing is that I think I may be allergic to this product. Will see how i go becuase I love the result she . My face is very puffy from using it I think. Could be something else though.

Does the job

Not only does it take all the makeup & extra oil off my face, but it works wonders on my bf. His a machanic and his face can be black when he comes home but after using the face wash you would swear he has a desk job.

Nope. Not for me.

I've been trying to find a better skincare for my skin. My skin type is oily/acne prone. Then, I bought this. After two weeks using this, my skin break out and get even more oily. Not worth the money.

Cannot live without it

I love this stuff. Before I was using St Ives which was really rough on my skin and as I've aged I've been getting bad acne due to not using the correct face wash.

Since using this my skins really cleared up and is now in really good condition. Would definitely recommend to anyone with combination skin.

One of the most suitable products for my skin...

Ever since my auntie gave me the Body Shop Olive shower gel (and was impressed by it), I became a fan of all their products.
When it comes to finding a product that is good for people with oily and dry skin—the Body Shop Seaweed starter kit did not disappoint. After a day of using the starter kit, I was really head over hills in love with it because the products are really suitable for me. Using the products helped me control the overproduction of sebum at the same time keep my skin moisturized. I absolutely love the Body Shop Seaweed starter kit.
It’s mild and it smells good.
I agree with some of the users, the product is a little pricey.

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