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The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet

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This is the only one that works

the diet really works i am a living testimony but it takes a lot of discipline and obedience i can recommend it to anybody please give it a try. Athough i failed the first time i am determined to go through it all because it is the only diet that works

Its not a Diet its a life style

It's not the fats that make you gain weight so much as the sugar and processed food we eat if they remove all or most of the good fat they need to add something to bring back the flavour which is often sugar and that's the demon,even too much fruit can be a problem that's why juicing fruit does not make sense to me,eat the whole fruit at say 4 tsp of sugar instead of four juiced apples with about 16 tsp's

Dukan Diet led me on a path to developing colonic polyps and cancer

Although I lost close to 10kgs on this diet, I subsequently developed colonic polyps and was then diagnosed with cancer (retroperitoneal leiomyosarcoma). Too much protein not enough vegetables and fruit.

Best diet to lose weight

I gained 20 kg with my second pregnancy.After strenuous exercise, low calorie diet ,I managed to bring my weight from 85 to 77 Kg.Then it was stuck.One of my colleagues recommended me Duken diet.In first 7 days .scale moved from 77 to. 75 kg.
From then onwards I did. 5 days protein diet ,5 days mixed phase diet.I had few weeks of free food but I tried not to eat Carbs at all .
Today after 8 months of having baby my weight is 61 Kg.Its amazing .Highly recommended diet for Aussies
U can have coffee. , and u don't need to starve.

Dukan Believer! I lost 8 kilos almost a year ago and have kept it off

I didn't come on to write a review for Dukan (I was looking for something else) but when I saw this I had to put my 5 cents in. I am a true believer that if you are regimented it will work. I started my Dukan conversion on the 31st of July 2012 & reached my target of 62.3 on the 9th of Sept as calculated when imputed into the dukan graph BUT then kept losing and have been at 59.3-59.5 ever since. All I can say if boredom sets in google there are loads of sites with Dukan friendly recipes) - supplement the sugar cravings with No sugar hot chocolate and other non guilty treats. I have religiously stuck to his protein only Tuesdays (as it works better for me) - oat bran ever day & sometimes if I feel bogged down I will skip carbs & have protein only for 2 meals in a day but it's so EASY.Give it a go it is cheap, you are never hungry but hey you are speaking to a convert :-)
Never hungry eat 100 foods with no limit
You can get tired from the lack of carbs

Start Weight 68.9kg Height 152cm. Goal Weight 53.3kg

I am on Day 4 of the Dukan Diet. I have tried so many others, CSIRO, Naturopath written diet (avg 800 calories a day), Liver Cleansing, etc. This is the 1st diet that I have seen results without being hungry. I have had reasonable energy, one headache (not necessariy the diet). I thought I would really struggle with protein only, but there is variety, you just have to be creative! I have lost 900g in the 4 days but on the other diets I really struggled to lose anything. I am hoping to continue the Attack phase for the 7 days as recommended by the Dukan diet calculator. Time will tell!
inexpensive compared to Weight Watchers, etc and easy to stick to.
Can get boring if you dont get creative with allowed ingredients.

lost 9 k in 42 days (and counting)

I haven't bought the book, but I did follow the diet from information I found online. It has worked very well, I've been losing about 1kg per week (I am on phase 2).
I tried several other diets, and none worked like this.
lately my weight has leveled off, so I cut my food intake by half.
Now the weight loss is back to a normal rhythm, and I am not hungry at all !
just works
very hard to have a social life

Working for me

I am on day 8 phase 1, lethargic feelings are gone and hunger pains no more hav lost nearly 5kgs and 28cm all up, I am looking forward to phase 2, PV days I hav a long way to go but very confident, usually by this time on any other diet I start falling off the diet cause nothing is happening so all I can say is if its for you preserve, I know my weight loss will get slower but what a start I happy!
Its working
A bit lethargic but passes

Not suitable for everyone!

Try as I could, I could not loose any weight on this diet. I had about 10kg I wanted to loose but I still started from the very beginning and followed it EXACTLY as outlined in the books (both the colour one with recipes and photos and the plain book shown here). I am not naturally a big meat eater so I chose all the fish, tofu, egg and dairy products on the list. I did not loose more than 1/2 a kilo in total over 4 weeks!!!! It is an absolute fallacy to say that you can eat all you want of the recommended foods as eating too much (or too much fat) will prevent you loosing any weight; any dietitian could tell you that. You simply cannot eat unlimited quantities just because they are protein foods!
As soon as I went to large quantities of vegetables and salads (NO oil!), limited the fats in any protein foods I ate, I lost the weight. For me, it was only the lowering of the fat in my diet, regular exercise (not really exerting myself more than 1/2 hour a day - most days - but with lots of incidental exercise on top of that) that I finally lost 7kg.
I do not recommend this diet at all. I hated not eating vegetables. It made my breath stink and made me constipated and did not result in any weight loss as I attribute the 1/2 kg I did loose to the increase in my activity level during the time I spent on this diet.
Now I eat moderately and include some oils like tiny amounts of olive oil on salads, nuts, seeds and oily fish. Plus a small piece of dark chocolate whenever I feel like it! Otherwise, I do not eat fatty foods and this as well as moving more made me slim and keeps me that way. I walk wherever I can, ride my bike to the shops, run after and with my kids, play tennis and games outdoors and move whenever I see the opportunity to do so. I follow a good home exercise DVD or two that last no more than 1/2 an hour most days to motivate me and build more muscle tone also. Just thought you might want to know what keeps me slim as Dukan simply did not work.
Nothing at all. Well, some of the recipes were interesting.
No vegetables or salads in the beginning. You really fill your hungry stomach with veggies and it helps you eat less of other foods, so not being allowed to do this until later in the diet was not good.

It does work my sons fiancé lost 11 kilo in six weeks, my son lost 10 even drinking alcohol, I,lost 5 in 2 weeks. All lean proteins no fat.. It's not like I didn't want this diet to succeed. It's just that it clearly does not work for everyone! I stuck to lean proteins also, but if you don't like meat, other options are limited. Quark is not available in Australia. No-fat, tasty fruit yoghurt is not available here. (Except for Chobani, which only recently started being sold here - not while I tried this diet.) Extremely low-fat cheese is not available here either. I have been shopping in supermarkets in EU and USA and these things ARE on every dairy shelf. Some of Dukan's food choices are just not buyable in AU. There is a limit to how much tuna in spring water you can eat also! Anyway, Dukan does not specify that the proteins must be low fat. Steak is not low-fat. Unlimited quantities did not work for me. I was still hungry after the proteins and clearly ate too much of even the allowed foods. I also did not have much to loose. Perhaps those are the things that would cause this diet to fail for someone.It's not like I didn't want to loose weight! Just that this program simply does not suit everyone, as surprising as that may sound. Perhaps it was because I didn't have much to loose. Perhaps not so great for vegetarians, even if you stick to all of the low fat options, like I did. Some vegetarian food alternatives proposed by Dukan like quark, no-fat fruit yoghurts, extremely low-fat cheeses, etc are not available in Australia. [Chobani Yoghurt only recently came on market, not while I tried this diet.] Tofu is really bland; again not many choices in mainstream stores. How many tins of light tuna (ie not packaged in oil) can one eat? Not for those who don't like meat is all. I was always hungry, despite the book's claim that I would not be, so clearly eating as much protein as I wanted in stage 1 did not result in any significant weight loss for me!

Amazingly effective diet

I found this to be a surprisingly effective and simple way to lose weight. I read about the diet online and then bought the book to understand it better and make sure I followed it properly. I would highly recommend buying the book as the diet only works really well when done properly.

I found the attack phase for three days quite challenging as I missed my carbs. However, once I could alternate between protein, and protein and vegie days it became fairly easy. I knew exactly what I was allowed to eat and could eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted, provided I followed their rules. I have lost 12 kgs over the last 10 weeks with not much effort - which still feels too good to be true!

I am now in the 3rd phase of the diet and have added some foods back in. This is still going well and I have got used to the whole protein and vegie way of eating and have little desire to eat carbs again. This is great as I feel reassured that I can probably continue this as my normal eating habits and stop the weight from going back on. I would highly recommend this diet to anyone who is prepared to follow the diet rules as you will lose weight.
fast, effective and only uses natural foods
Buying this amount of meat on a regular basis is on the expensive side.

Best diet ever... makes sense... never hungry... high protein, low fat and carbs

The Dukan is the holy grail of diets in my opinion (and yes I've tried every diet known to woman). Its really a road to a change of lifestyle - for those of us who need it. Uses a huge range of allowed foods and gives a method for keeping the weight off for the rest of your life. Emphasizes fresh proteins initially then adds fresh vegetables until you reach your goal weight. Then two more phases to stabilise and consolidate your weight for good, gradually adding back previously 'not allowed' foods. No calorie counting or ridiculous portion control that can't be maintained long-term. But you need to stick to it or it doesn't work as well.

I have a lot to lose - 33kgs - and for the first time in years the scales are going in the right direction. But as another reviewer says , you do have to be organised. I shopped for the things I needed and even cleaned out the cupboards of all the 'rubbish' before I started so I wasn't tempted by stuff I shouldn't eat just for the moment. I now stay away generally from carbs and anything in a box, packet or coloured white. And the best thing is I'm eating really healthylow fat foods and eating more and drinking more water than I used to - and the increased protein means I never feel hungry.

I modify the recipes to suit my tastes and as long as you stick to 'the rules' the cooking is easy. I bought a pancake maker to make the rather yummy and versatile oat bran pancakes and have discovered the delights of the one egg omlette + protein for breakfast.

Have lost 4 kgs with ease! Highly recommended... suggest you get the book, read it from cover to cover so you know what you are in for and give it a go!
Says what it says it does if you stick to it, never hungry and can be maintained easily in the longer-term
Increased proteins will probably increase your grocery bill.

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Yes, very expensive to buy all those protein foods, especially if you are fussy and like fish more than steak. Tofu and low fat plain yoghurt also on the expensive side in Australia.

It worked for me!

I've been following the Dukan diet since 28/1/12 and have lost a total of 17 kg's.
It's been the easiest and most effective diet I've ever been on and I've been on a few.
I am half way through the 3rd phase (consolidation) and it's so easy that I don't even think of myself as being on a diet anymore, it's a way of life.
I'm very confident that I won't put the weight back on because I now know what foods to eat and what not to eat and what works for me.
My husband has also lost 10 kgs and we've never been fitter or healthier and we're both nearing 60
It may not work for everyone but it certainly is working for me
Very effective and easy to follow
Expensive and time consuming

encouraging as I am about to start. Thanks.I haven't been back here for a while so I thought I'd post an update. I reached my goal weight in mid July (lost a total 20kg's) and have kept it off for 3 months. I have so much energy and feel terrific. Still keeping up the regular walking and am enjoying life. The only down side is that I've had to replace my entire wardrobe :) Can't wait for summer!I am on day 2 of attack stage and so far have lost 1kg, encouraging for me!

I highly recommend this.

I am nearly finished phase three of the Dukan diet. I've lost 17 kilos and have stabilised well. I have rarely felt hungry and don't miss sugary and refined foods (simple carbohydrates) at all. The only down side I experienced was for phase one and some of phase two, extreme lethargy when exercising. I put that down to the absence of the aforesaid foods and it passed after a couple of months.
Easy to follow and plenty of options.
None that I can see. Perhaps some will see having to constrain socialising for a while a con but I didn't.

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I lost 24 kilos over the 1st twelve months. I was in my mid sixties when I started and It was my 1st dieting effort. I did 10 days on the attack phase initially, ate very well but followed the recommendations, and lost about 8 kilos in the 1st three or four weeks. Its about 2 and a half years since I started the diet and I've stabilised at 91 kilos which was my target weight. I don't find it taxing at all. Mainly this is due to the knowledge gained on the diet about what to eat and what not to eat. These days I don't follow the recommendations 'religiously' but keep an eye on my weight and adjust as necessary. This was what I liked about the philosophy of the diet initially. It had four distinctive phases which eventually came back to a 'normal' way of eating (and drinking) for the rest of your life, i.e. when I started I was aware that there was a light at the end of the tunnel at the end of it all. Anyway it continues to work for me and I'm a much fitter and healthier person as a result, e.g. creaky knee and ankle joints have become a thing of the past. I heartily recommend it. Donos

dukan diet

Have lost 9kg in 3 months-have taken it easier at weekends when I want some wine and carbs:then I get staright back into it on the weekdays,it still works for me,weight still goes down though a little slower.I also do a lot of exercise and find that if you couple that with the diet it works better.Drinking lots of water is also paramount:-the days I don't drink the required amount are the days my weight doesn't shift no matter how careful I am with the diet.
No weighing food or portion control
Protein only for more than 4-5 days at a time is tough

Be patient, it does work

I am in my 50's and I am not over weight. I put on 5kgs this year and I want to lose this 5kg. I usually eat well and so I can' t do much with my eating portion. I even try Lite and Easy for a month (only for dinner so I do know how many calories I eat) and I didn't lose any weight at all.

Follow the Dukan Diet and did the Attack phase for 5 days and only lost 1.3kg. As I don't have too much weight to lose and I have problems losing these 5kg, I was still happy with the lost. Move on to the Cruise Phase and I usually have 2 protein days per week. The rest of the week is Protein and Vegetables days. Occasionally I still sneaked in some dark chocolates or a small portion of some dessert (but not too often). I found it easy to follow as you can eat what you want from list. I eat lots of fish and chicken like fish soup, seafood tom yam soup, even bought BBQ chicken (took off the skin). I eat a fair amount of low fat yoghurt and occasionally I still put in some fresh blueberries or strawberries.

At the end of Week 2, I have lost a total of 2.2kg. I didn't do much exercises during this 2 weeks as I had the flu. Things didn't go my way in Wk 3 and Wk 4 as I didn't lose any weight at all. I still followed the diet and I did more exercise like walking and biking longer.

In Wk 5 I lost 1.1kg and I lost about 1.2kg in Wk 6 to Wk 8. I also lost1.1kg in Wk 9. So far I have lost 5.3kg and the last time I was at this weight was in 2006.

Also even though this is the Cruise phase, I did go out for dinners, have carbohydrates (try not to eat so much). Usually if I know I am going out for dinner, I try to have protein day the day before the day after and also to increase the intensity of the exercise.

To those who are not seeing results, do not give up yet. Continue for a few more weeks and see what happens. Also try increasing the intensity of the exercises.
You won't feel hungry with this diet
You need to be organized so you have things you can eat in your fridge. You may feel constipated at the early stage of the diet but you will feel better later

worked for me

I tried this with a friend who pulled out after the first 2 days. I really did lose weight and quickly and didn't have of the side effects that often occur with high protein diets. However, even following the book strictly, once I returned to normal eating the weight came back on quicker than it has with any other diet. I still maintained the "protein Thursdays" and followed a basic protein and vege diet but after taking 13 weeks to lose 8kgs (what would normally be considered a fairly controlled weight loss) I took only 3 weeks to put it all back on again - every single kilo without fail and now it is even harder to budge. I am still 10kgs over the top weight in my healthy weight range and am thinking of giving it another go - but need to find the answer to keeping the weight off because although this book does supposedly give an answer to that - it didn't work for me.
Very quick initial weight loss - great for self esteem
the weight piled back on incredibly quickly

Works for some but for me I put on weight

I have been following the “attack phase” of this diet to the letter, no sugar, very very little salt, NO dairy at all (I don't like it anyway) drinking at least 2 - 3lt lt of water per day only two cups of black coffee, no sugar or milk and as a result going to the toilet very very often. (About 4-6 times in the morning alone) Been eating as per the plan in the book and I have put on weight.
You can register on their forum but you MUST pay 170 pound to even ask questions as you MUST subscribe.

For the people who it has worked for them, that's great, but for me, it was the exact reverse. I put on weight.
Easy to follow, not hungry at all
Expensive, and did not work for me

Coffee might have really dehydrated you enough to cause fluid retention and how much salt was hidden in some foods..? I'm no professional. Just suggesting reasons I think may have been possibilities. I havnt been exact on following instructions. Some people deal with different food groups in a different ways. Interesting =) Hope you have found something that works for youU need to exercise daily!With only 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 litres of water it could not have been dehydration, no salt, and I ride 25kms per day. I since have been eating normally but ORGANIC and am losing weight


Started following the diet after reading newspaper articles. Initially got all my information on the Dukan Diet from the internet. The diet started working so well that i bought the book to make sure i was getting the right information and I'm glad I did. This is the most effective diet i have undertaken. There is no struggle to keep on the diet as you never feel deprived of food and always feel full. It changes your whole view of what you eat and makes your realise just what you are putting in your mouth. The book is full of information for all weight loss situations. My weight gain was due to giving up smoking and I'm so happy that I have lost weight and stopped smoking at the same time. After following this diet I can't ever see me gaining weight again as you can put into practise everything you have learnt in the book as a lifestyle change. Oh and I do cheat and have found that I can have my cake and eat it. The main problem I face now is that I have to buy new jeans as my old ones are just falling off me.
So give it a try as it definitely works if you want it to.
Easy to follow with encouraging results. No hunger pangs at all. Weight just drops off.
Can,t find the same ingredients in Australia as stated in the book. Gets monotonous.

This diet is unbelievably EASY and I can't recommend it enough!

Bought the book and read the entire thing before starting so I knew what I was in for. Reviewed some websites to get recipe ideas, made a shopping list and bought everything I needed. Lost 3kg in the attack phase (10 days) and didn't even tire of the pure proteins. Now onto phase 2 - Cruise and losing about 1kg per week. Good idea to keep a diary of what you eat each day. I don't have a "sweet tooth" so don't feel deprived of sweets, cakes or biscuits etc. Not hungry at all between meals. I used to have a glass of sauvignon blanc every evening after work (half mineral water) and I thought I would sorely miss that but I've even solved that problem by drinking my water from a wine glass instead. It's obviously mind over matter! I think alternating the proteins with protein and veg is a great idea. Variety is very important so as to avoid boredom and I make sure I buy a lot of different meats, fish/shellfish, dairy and vegies. I need to be careful with high cholesterol so have to limit my whole egg intake but I also solved that problem with powdered 100% egg white (albumen). I've heard a few people get turned off thinking they have to follow the recipes but you don't - they're just to give you ideas. The only thing I get annoyed with is the stupid questions people ask in the forums - "Can you eat ??? on this diet?". If it's not in the food list you just can't have it - get over it and concentrate on what you can have - these people are trying to do this diet without reading the book - very dumb and lazy! Summing up, I think if you're overweight, you have to be prepared to make some sacrifices but I would hardly call this diet a sacrifice - it's fantastic - I give this diet 10,000 stars!
Loved the variety of proteins. I'm usually a vegie eater but had no problems with the Attack phase and didn't really miss my veg because I knew I would get to eat them again soon.
None - it's so easy.

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I agree with you. I have read the book and am prepared. I feel so much better and less bloated. I not longer feel tired or hungry all the time and feel I probably was not eating enough protein. I have not missed drinking alcohol at all (nearly 4 weeks). I find it really easy to follow and eating the bran has helped. It all make sense. I do have some concerns about so much protein but look forward to the third stage which I will probably reach in the next 10 - 14 days. If you are serious about weight loss I recommend it but you cannot be half hearted. the custard is my treat. Powdered skim milk, cornflour,vanilla essence and fake sugar. I really like the gallettes which I have most breakfast and I find it really satisfying. I used to be so stuck for breakfast ideas. Best wishes to all who are prepared to give it a good go.

Not so stunning to date....

I'm afraid I must agree with 'queenofsheba's comments. I'm 65, 20kg overwrought, committed to the Dukan Diet because it makes (layman's) sense to me. I'm in day 9 of the attack phase. Like 'queenofsheba' I've been strict about using only those foods on the list. Yes, I used to have wine each night and now have no alcohol as stipulated. I've walked 20 minutes each day. Unlike 'queenofsheba' I am not in pretty good shape. I've read the book, and reviewed sections multiple times. I lost 1.5 kg in the first two days and nothing since.

Interestingly, the cruise phase diet is how I've been eating (well, my wife has been consistently providing) for years; apart from the only protein day. Over the years I've tried shakes, supplied meals and supervised regimes with limited success, always with the inevitable slow weight claw-back.

I'll continue with the Dukan Diet attack phase for another few days then, irregardless, swap to the cruise phase to maintain my good health. Any advice from others who have struggled then succeeded would be welcome.

Roger MFC
The diet is effectively effortless.
For me it hasn't been effective so far.

I don't think the attack phase is intended to last so long. I did my attack for 4 days and then started enjoying vegetables again. Every morning for breakfast I make the gallette. I beat the egg to fluffy, add two tablespoons of bran a tablespoon of cottage cheese. Mix this altogether and then make 6-8 little piklets/pancakes. On top I will have cinnamon and fake sugar or lemon juice or even diabetic jam. I drink lots of water. Soups are good and filling. I have never felt healthier. Roger if you're still struggling to lose weight after a week of the attack phase or cruise phase you could have many other under lying reasons as to way the weight isn't shifting such as hormonal inbalance or glands over active or under active. If the diet isn't really working and you've tried everything else it might be a good idea to talk to a doctor/nutritionist etc to get something tailored to you.Yes I echo the above comments - attack is not supposed to last that long so suggest you move to cruise now. Also, water is really important. i find the days I don't get through 1.25 litres of water, I retain it and my weight goes up. In fact I'd say its one of the most important aspects of the Dukan Diet. And if that doesn't work, then I'd head to the doctor for a check-up as it's more usual for women than men (I think!) to have difficulties with weight loss. Good luck and I hope that helps. Best, Catherine

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this is my second attempt the first time i lost 10kgs but could not maintain it was such a difficult time for me because i gained back all my weight nevertheless i did not give up i have started again am in my 4th day so far i have lost 1.5 kg but the problem am facing is a lot of hurt burn though out the day what do i do to stop this?
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I would suggest you see a doctor ASAP before you continue with this diet. Your health is too important not to seek professional medical advice as you might be doing yourself irreversible harm.

If anyone had followed the dukan diet please tell me the weight lose that you have lost and the time that you have taken to reach your goal?
2 answers
On the Dukan site you can input and calculate this from memory it was 6 weeks and was spot on from the calculation. I lost 5.5kgs but kept on losing another 4 kg but became too gaunt. That was 2010 and gradually put most of the weight back on I tried it again in 2015 but found it didn't work as I have been following a low carb high protein diet (although I was eating good carbs) since then now I just watch my carbs and overall what I eat but if you haven't tried it it's a great although not easy way to lose weight but you have to be extremely dedicated. Good Luck!!. PS See my original post from July 2013I lost 20k in 6 months Kept it off for a year then got slack and put it back on. It works but you have to be careful and do the 3 stages I did not and went back into old habits.


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