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Great variety of tasty healthy meals.

I have been using Foober for 4 weeks.
They give you a delivery of 90 minute windows and are very accurate.
Delivery is free if you order for 4 weeks continuous.
They deliver a variety of tasty healthy meals. Much more tasty than other companies i have tried.
The meals are all fresh not frozen & and you can swap them around.
They are a good serving & i was able to stick to the program.
They even followed up with a phone call on what i thought of their meals on the first week.
After 4 weeks i feel i need to have a break and try something new as i have tried most of their menu but may return in the future to re-order.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Timely DeliveryYes
Start DateApril 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio

No customer service

I have been using Foober for 10 weeks. In this time, the menu has not changed at all. Meals that should not be spicy (i.e. shepherds pie) were so spicy at times, I couldn't eat it. There were many times that I tried to contact the company but it took a message, email and phone call to get in touch with them. I found a piece of plastic in my meal and when I advised them, they were not concerned, nor bothered to tell me what it was. The final straw was this week. My delivery was supposed to be on Monday but they did not advise that due to the public holiday, it wouldn't be delivered. At 6 pm the following evening, the food had still not arrived and yet, I had been charged for it 6 days previously. When I contacted them yet again, there were just excuses and never an apology.
They were supposed to make my weight loss journey easy - not cause me undue stress!

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