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The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method

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Working for me.

20 days into the program and one size smaller. (I haven't bothered to weigh myself yet as I get obsessed by numbers!) I'm feeling better physically and mentally. Admittedly I have a long way to go to reach my goal; this is a marathon not a sprint...
Yesterday I decided to have some of my [formerly] favorite comfort food, and I was shocked to find I honestly didn't enjoy it at all. I have lost the taste for chocolate, sugar, and bread. Yet the thought of salad with cottage cheese, fresh fruit, or a handful of raw nuts makes my mouth water. Honestly I'm confusing myself. In the past I have seen healthful foods as a kind of punishment, but that idea has fallen away. I'm NOT feeling deprived at all.
It's a case of horses for courses and I arrived at the right time to make permanent lifestyle changes. The Gabriel Method is working for me. I recommend it 100%

Lifestyle change that causes weight loss

I've been following this method for 3 months and am losing at least 1 kg every week. The best consequence is that I have learned to love myself. This is not a diet if that's what you are looking for. It's a complete lifestyle change that builds happiness and self-confidence. No more 'I'll be happy when I lose the weight.' Now I am happy and listening to my body and subsequently, I am losing the weight.

An Amazing Book

I'm 45yrs old and educated. This is probably the most interesting book I've ever read. John opened my eyes to a phenomenon I think he calls " vitality " like he states no one believed in germs until the micro scope was invented. I know this man has discovered something very powerful and extraordinary.

Visualisation keeps repeating

The visualisation is relaxing and I'm almost asleep when it starts up again, louder it seems, and jolts me awake. I have tried everything I can think of but I can't stop it repeating.

Frustrated as well

I purchased the book and the online cook book, i did the daily visualizations ate healthy, positve thoughts didnt weigh myself for a month and gained 8 lbs. I need to lose 40lbs now its 48. I have dieted all my life, I've counted more calories than i care to admit. I believe this works for people who haven't dieted much in their lifetime so when they start eating healthy the weight comes off quickly. After a life time of salads and starvation, i know thats the only thing that works and keeping my weight in check by weighing my self every day.
Im jelous of all the people who can just think themselves thin.

Not true to the idea

Both me and my sister actually gained about 4 pounds each while being on this program. I listened to his CD every night for 1 month and restrained from weighing myself. I ate lots of good healthy food (tons of veggies, unsweetened yogurts, healthy meats. I was completely gluten free. That was my diet even before reading the book) Yes, I didn't stick with it for 3 or more months as others did but I was afraid I would gain more weight because something in his therapy backfired in our case. Besides, when I stopped listening to CD every night (he recommends to do it for 2 weeks, I did it for 1 month) 4 months later my extra 4 pounds that I'd gained on his protocol didn't drop. I needed to lose 20 pounds, now I need to lose 24. Besides, he talks about mind over matter in his book and how mind alone can make you lose weight. And a few pages later he says to eat salads, turn every meal into salads, ask yourself at every meal "where is the protein, where is the live food, where is Omega 3?" It automatically means (at least for me) that when you eat a piece of cake, or even oatmeal you are going to feel increadibly guilty because you didnt't stick to the protocol. How is that not related to dieting?

At Last - It all makes sense

After only one month on the program, I am totally amazed at the difference it has made to my life. I packed away the scales as this is a constant reminder that you are on a diet when weighing yourself everyday.........What amazed me was that I dont have any cravings, and my desire to eat good live healthy food is fantastic. I believe at long last after 30 years of dieting that The Gabriel Method is an answer to my yo-yo dieting.
Lots of energy, Cravings are gone......

Terrible Customer Service

I was unable to download the product and contacted customer service, who did not contact me despite e-mails and messages left on three consecutive business days. (They say they will get back to you within one day on the website.) They did, however, take money from my account and now that I am demanding a refund, are nowhere to be found. Buyer Beware--stay away!!

Did not work for me at all

I read the book, twice and then re read it again in parts. I followed the visualization religiously. It helped me sleep. I did not lose an ounce. Nothing changed for me at all. I was all psyched up for it. Reading the book it all made sense, but for whatever reason, it just did nothing for me
The night visualization was calming and I slept better, I think
I did not lose weight. Nothing changed

How long were you trying? I took me 2 months before anything changed than, 5 months later I was 80 pounds lighter! Loved it.Same here..Took me 3 months, then the weight started dropping off.


This is a lifestyle change. It encourages small changes in what you eat, and then build on from that Basically do that and follow the recommendations and the weight will come off. It is a very relaxed approach, and not a fad, but perfect for the person who needs to shape up but cannot bear having to completely overhaul their diet overnight if that is just too much to deal with.

Some of what you will read you may already know, along with facts that you would never even consider, but John explains WHY! the why alone should convince and inspire you enough to make these changes slowly and over time.

The whole family will benefit from this. We have! I have never come across a book that goes about explaining content in such an easy to understand format. I have tried so many different things and thought I knew it all!

There is more involved in weight loss than just food and exercise. A real hollistic approach, suitable for the whole family. We have never looked back. Good Luck
Clear concise and very comprehensive. The book in great details tells you the why and how of weight loss, weight gain, and how to put things right. The most painless way to lose weight, whereby you lose more and more weight as you progress.
Nothing! Weight loss may take a little longer to occur for some depending on lifestyle previously followed and how much damage and readjustment that the body may need to set things right again.


when i first started looking into this i was very skeptical that it was a scam, i looked at multiple reviews and success stories before deciding to go ahead with it, ultimately starting this program was the best decision i've made all year.

i have been following the gabriel method for over a week now and im astonished about how much I've changed already. Something he says in the book is that you need to accept yourself as you are now, be happy and comfortable now, before you can really lose weight. I have struggled with body image for most of my 18 years of life and I never believed I could do that. BUT I feel great, my mood has improved dramatically and i am truly happy to be who i am. At this point it wouldn't matter to me if i didn't lose a single pound because i finally feel good about myself and my body. I am looking forward to seeing what else happens but i have confidence that it will work for me anyway, anything that can make me feel this good and create so much belief in myself must be a good thing.
i downloaded the ebook so it was cheap, straighforward, logical lifechanging.
the vitamins are not cheap but you only have to buy them once a month if that and it really does make you feel wonderful.


It's a truth-be-told and straight forward navigational tool for the individual who is absolutely tired of the *Here Today - Gone Tomorrow* diet fads that are simply... here today and gone tomorrow! It's a road map for the mind which helps you lead your soul into the proper direction it's supposed to be headed in the first place. The Gabriel Method is a well researched, well written and honest book. I have the deepest respect and admiration for Jon Gabriel for opening a part of the brain that has been shut closed for too long. Not only did this book help me to understand why I was overweight - why I couldn't lose the weight, and why I was an absolute mess, he helped me to see - nay - comprehend the power of my mind, which in turn provided a precise navigational compass for the future of my Mind, Body and Soul! If I were to even meet this Jon Gabriel fella, I would give him the most sincere (and heterosexual) hug I've ever given another man! This book was one of the great milestones in my 39 years of living and it should be required reading no matter who you are! It has more to do with the mindset than with counting calories - and that's the absolute simple truth! It works! ~pt
It works! This book was written by a (once)fat dude who tells you exactly how to lose weight! It's based on personal experience and research, unlike all the other Infomercials we see with hired "Naturally thin" people explaining how they "did it and so can you." It's an honest book which tells me Jon's not out to make a fast buck! And boy do I love honesty!
The cover! I have a real gripe with that cover! I wish he would have used a plain paper bag cover or something like... I don't know, Grays Sports Almanac, even. It's kind of embarrassing for me to be seen riding on the train in Los Angeles reading a book with a pair of jeans with a measuring tape around the waist. Aye aye aye!

Brilliant way of transforming your body and mind

My 20 years old daughter put 13 kilo and she did not like very much, mainly by following Atkinson diet ,eating plenty of meat and almost no veggies or fruit.After reading free ebook Gabriel Method she started gradually follow method and her health dramatically improved and slowly weight started go down. After 7 months she is is perfect 53 kg and her eyes shinning !! Looks so healthy and beautiful with plenty of vitality.

I myself started to follow Gabriel Method to loose my 8 kg of too much fat and I am confident will have no problem with it.
Long term solution


this product is great!!! I would recommend this to anyone I ever see. Just walking around the street, I feel like grabbing people and telling them to buy this product. I lost over 100 pounds in one year doing nothing but the gabriel method. I just cant get over the excitement of getting in shape using the gabriel method. There are so many overweight people in todays society, including me, and the gabriel method can make anyone in the best shape of their life. Please get it. Now. Or else.
I always knew exactly what it was trying to say

Opinion pending!

Decided to order the Gabriel method Total Transformation pack via the website. First pitfall was that the 'free' book advertised incurs an extra cost of $18.97 for shipping outside of the US. The website neglects to mention this additional charge. It was not possible to complete the order without adding this shipping cost, whether or not the so-called free book was wanted, and it wasn't really.

The rest of the pack is supposed to be 'instant access' downloads. Despite paying a hefty amount via Paypal, and receiving confirmation of payment from Paypal, there was not a whisper from the Gabriel crew for 4 days. No email, no confirmation, no downloads. I sent messages via their website and direct emails but these were not responded to nor even acknowledged.

Eventually received an email of apology with access to the efiles. If the method works then all will be forgiven!


I have only been doing it for three weeks so it may be a bit too soon to tell, but I have lost nine kilos and my skin looks amazing. Everyone I know tells me I look completely different. I feel so much lighter physically and clearer mentally. I will be doing this forever regardless of whether I lose any more weight - it is just so much sense in health terms.
The emphasis on adding what your body needs, instead of taking away which is the traditional dieting mentality. I think it is a positive wake up call for all people.
I can see that the supplements may be a bit expensive for those on low incomes, however it is well worth the sacrifice

Inspirational but frequent reading required

I purchased this book nearly 12 months ago with the CD.I've no regrets,but it hasn't worked for me,I have it found too difficult to understand what he's on about,and I don't understand what he means by smart mode,however,I love the CD and it is very helpful for rest and relaxation and it really does help you to plan for the next day.I am not against Mr Garbriels methods at all,I also think that it probably works for you when you are psychologically ready to do it,and maybe that has been my problem.I'm considering re-reading the book and I've decided to listen to the CD again.
excellent CD with the book,excellent references he has tried to demonstrate an evidence based approach
difficult concepts for me to understand such as 'smart mode'

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Hi, I found the book to be very inspirational but just like you, I found it hard to put into practice as its not all that simple to understand. I bought the book a couple of years ago and now that I have more time on my hands, I decided to give it a go. I've not dieted for the last 2 weeks and that in itself is very liberating. the CD is definitely very helpful. I'm also trying to switch on my 'smart mode' and also to switch off my 'Fat Programs". I am very much interested in sharing my experience on a day to day basis with someone who is at a similar stage on this program so if are interested I would love to hear from you. [email removed]

Good Information, quite acurate.

This book contains great information that is very easy to understand.

I have been trying to help people lose weight for a long time with a similar approach to the gabriel method.
At the end of the program Gabriel lost lots of weight the healthy way because he was eating healthy nutritious foods which any fitness model or bodybuilder or athlete would already be doing, but he also helps people understand that weight loss or gain is not just about the food we eat or the exercise we do, but our level of stress or happiness and the way we cope with situations in life.
A great book for anyone wanting to understand their body more fully and learn what all health and fitness professionals should already know.

I found this book to be quite accurate in it's presentation of how your body reacts to the many stimuli it receives on a daily basis.
A must read for any serious personal trainers and dietitians or nutritionists that really want to help their clients.

lost over 17 kg readng gabriel method book

I bought his book 3 years ago and start reading it
i was 90kg and I am 72 KG now my height is 179cm
I lost weight in the fisr 8 months yes took me some time but this book works and is the only thing that works amazing amazing book
Im not over weight in the last 2 years now first time in my life IM @! NOW
gave me enegry with the changes to my life

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Congratulations Robert! I am on my journey and its great to hear from people like yourself who has reached their goals. It is very encouraging and inspirational.


It's not working for me.I listened to the cd every night for over a month, plus added real foods to my meals daily. I took all the vitamins,fish oil, probiotics and enzymes he recomended. I have children so was unable to get time in the morning or day for smart mode. I have not lost any weight and still have cravings. But after hearing other reviews I have decided to try again with the cd at night.
I liked the eat what you want and the think positive.
The cost of recomended vitamins etc.The book could have been condensed for easier reading

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Questions & Answers

Can you lose weight on meds that cause weight gain on the Gabriel method?
3 answers
Hi Ellie, My answer is yes. The Gabriel Method is very akin to the law of attraction. As in "the secret"Ok, thank you.Hi Ellie- Sorry to contradict Vaughan, but The Gabriel method is *not* like The Secret. The method is based in theoretically sound biochemistry of stress and metabolism, and uses relaxation to interrupt the cascade of stress hormone responses that can strongly encourage weight gain. If you are taking meds that also cause weight gain, you might find that the method wrks great (for instance, if the effect of the meds is due to similar biochemical responses that stress seems to foster)- or you may find that since the tendency is chemically induced from outside (and is also a physical stressor) that weight loss is very much slowed, or even non-existent. Having said that, the program is extremely healthy both in terms of the foods recommeded and the meditations, and would definitely assist your body in dealing with medication side effects and toxicity ( eg on liver). Good luck

I have ordered and received the MP3 layer with all the visualizations but how do I recharge it as it only came with ear plugs?
1 answer
I copied it onto a cd disk and then onto the mp3. I use the disk in my stereo at night

I find myself falling asleep while visualization at bed time. Can a person get too relaxed?
1 answer
Not really,ideally you are just on borderline of total relaxation and sleep, This is very powerful and sensitive state, but not a problem when falling to sleep,often visualisation continues effortlessly. Wonderful indeed.Currently writing ebook about"Horizontal meditation" dedicated to path of relaxation and recharge (base on my 40 yearns of practicing autogenic training. Will send you free copy if you wish


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