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Therapeutic Pillow Side Snuggler

Therapeutic Pillow Side Snuggler

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This Side Snuggler is a pillow I have only had for about a month. I got it when I was pregnant as your not meant to roll onto your back. Something about a nerve in the spine. This product was super comfortable. I recommend it!
soft and supportive pillow that prevents me from rolling onto my back. Super comfy and adjustable to suit my body size. A great pillow!


overall I really like this pillow. It it really comfy and supportive to my neck when i'm on my side. I recommend it for men and women as my wife likes it too.
My wife got me this pillow to stop my snoring. I think its actually for pregnany women but it seem to work!

Brilliant, can't sleep without it!

Being a sufferer of scoliosis with recurring headaches, I opted to try the side snuggler and since purchasing it in 2009 I have not required any form of physiotherapy which was previously an ongoing treatment for me. I then proceeded to purchase a 2nd one for when we go to our shack, so I didn't have to transport ir back and forth and even managed to squeeze it into my luggage on our overseas holiday as it is definately something I cannot sleep without. The side snuggler is similar in shape to a U shaped pillow and is a pillow I have always slept with but holds its fullness and shape for considerably longer. :)
The memory foam in the neck area doesnt lose it's shape like other foams.

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