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Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

3.9 from 11 reviews

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Not worth it

Not worth the price at all. Maybe good for smaller babies but definitely a NO for taller babies. The motion isin’t smooth either. You cannot put it on a carpet area. Very tough rocking. Also the mobile is pretty mediocre. Doesn’t have good tunes. I mean my baby monitor has more tunes. My baby does not stay in the rocker for more than 10 mins. Quality is pretty average.

Purchased in January 2019 at Baby Kingdom for $130.00.

Great for daytime naps

Bought it for being portable within the house and for day time naps. Bub loves it and sleeps peacefully. Haven’t tried it with the musical mobile on top as the batteries didn’t come with the box, need to purchase new ones

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Kingdom Physical store for $135.00.

Great Product!

I love it and bub loves it too! Found it helpful when co-sleeping, easy and good as a bassinet. Bub loves the vibration and sleeps really good in his rocker. Thanks for this fantastic and useful rocker!

Purchased in March 2019 at Catch.

Will do the job

I bought this after thoroughly researching I was fortunate to buy it from baby bunting during sale,assembling was easily but I was disappointed that it won't rock on carpeted surface ,while buying it I didnt even think about this issue.My bub somehow doesnt like being in there for long accept when he is in a mood to play with the mobile.I hope he starts liking it more.

Baby loves it!

My baby loves this rocker!!! We don’t use it for naps and only use the sitting incline but she loves the music and toys! She will dance and wiggle around to it.
We also use it as a high chair at the moment until she can sit unsupported.
Very good product

Perfect 2nd Bassinet

This rocker/ basinet is simply brilliant! The clever 3 in 1 design allows it to be used as a bassinet, rocker and little chair. The gentle vibrating motion always put my son to sleep, as it a lightweight design we kept it downstairs as a 2nd basinet. It is also a perfect portable bassinet.
The insert is detachable and fabric is easy to clean. The only downfall was we always were replacing the batteries.

Great! Use it almost every day

I use it almost every day. Have used it as a rocker / napper and entertainer. More recently to keep my 9mo in one spot while I use the bathroom. Baby loved the lights and songs and hanging toys when she was younger, wasn't fussed on the vibration.
Would be great if it folded down.

It could have been fabulous product

It could have been a fabulous product and therefore not worth what I paid for it. Reasons as follows:
a) The rocking isn't that great in terms of motion but what I do like is that it slightly rocks as my son moves while in his askeep.
b) The musical tower is great as it seems to be mesmerizing for my son but when he falls asleep and I want to move it out of the way it makes a loud clicking sound.
c) The fabric in some area isn't cut straight and stithing uneven.
d) The sound from a) and b) wakes my son even if he's in deep sleep. This makes me annoyed.

Overall it's an OK product not worth the price.It could have been a 5/5 rocker for me.

Should have saved my money

This has the potential to be great but a few design issues make it mediocre. It's very hard to get all fabric parts off after assembly. This might not seem like a big problem but think poosplosion and it is a huge problem. I find the base legs/rockers seem to be flawed. When baby is in it (6 months now) and kicks her legs it puts her head on a downward angle,they should be reversed. It might be be ok for a smaller baby.Different levels of vibration would be good, it's not strong enough for my baby (again this is a personal thing, some babies may like it. I like that the music plays for a decent length of time.

Best baby item we purchased!! Love it

We brought this rocker when baby was 1 month old and it is great. Baby now 4 months and loves it more and more. So many settings, can lock it or have it rocking, toys and entertainment are great when Bub is about 3 months. Vibrating function was good for soothing newborn. We are even using it as a chair for her first solid foods.

Safe and secure. Easy to move around the house. Baby loves to be in it. Can move around and kick in it.

Rocks better on hard floor, but still does the job on carpet.

Highly recommend.

A must have for any new mum

This is a good product & has potential to be great with a couple of small alterations. Loads of light and sound functions to amuse baby and adaptable to numerous positions, it also rocks and vibrates. We have used it every day from birth and it has been a godsend. Highly recommend!
Lots of position options, great size and shape for baby, lots of functions to amuse baby
Ha a hard unpadded rail around the top edge which is easy to bump baby on when putting them in- also baby kicks it wen their legs start moving. Flimsy make. Needs to be lined with bunny rug as fabric is uncomfortable. Dangling sun toy fell of after 1 week.

Questions & Answers

Mobile doesn't click into position. Anyone else have this trouble and what is red click for or foot end of rocker?
1 answer
Mine did click as far as I remember but sometimes I had to push in a bit hard.Red click?There was this red little thing at the foot end which was for dummies I guess.

Can we use it as a bassinet and make the baby sleep on it for the night?
1 answer
Hi. I've used this a daytime bassinet. I found it great way to block out the daytime sun without having to buy expensive blackout blinds. I wouldn't recommend as a full time basdinette because it doesn't have a flat surface.

I have emailed the company about this issue twice and have not received a response. I bought the cozy rocker-napper specifically as it was advertised as suitable for a baby to nap in, however when I read the instructions it says: "Should you child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a suitable cot or bed" I am not planning on using this in place of a cot, but I was intending on using it for daytime naps. Can you please explain why you market this product as suitable for napping, then state it cannot be used for this?
1 answer
I was contacted by the company regarding my question. I have loved this product and have used it almost every day since my baby was born. I was so happy with the product that I bought another for my sister

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