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Tip Top English Muffins

Tip Top English Muffins

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Fruit - what fruit?

I have bought the English Fruit Muffins a few times hoping that each time there would be a reasonable amount of fruit in them. I have decided not to purchase them again as there was hardly any fruit, two small pieces in some, and they don't have much flavour at all.

Bland and doughy


I wrote a review for delicious Bowan Island Bread but that has not been published :( A great pity since that bread range is fabulous.

Unlike the TipTop range that is revolting in comparison.

The TipTop bread has a weird feel in my mouth. Cannot explain it. Just feels odd. Rough almost. Like a cheap beer. Cannot eat the bread sliced loafs at all.

Can just about cope with the muffins. Taste a bit plastic like, bland and doughy. But since the savory muffin range in Australia is limited, and I am too lazy to make my own, I have no choice but to use them.

Toasted well with lots of real organic butter is the best way. Vegemite or poached eggs on top is another.


the fruit muffins are absolute tasteless garbage. There is hardly any fruit in them. They are thin. There's no substance to them. Once upon a time they used to be ok; like lots of other things.I've had half a packet in my freezer for months. Nobody wants to eat them. Today I'm throwing them out

hardly any fruit. Very little flavour. Like most muffins they are too thin

Great For Breakfast!

I love love love the fruit muffins!! They are a yummy breakfast! I usually toast them and put a little butter on and enjoy! My two year old loves them too!
Tasty, Healthy


I often buy Tiptop English Muffins for a tasty nutricios breakfast and great for an afternoon snack. I also use them to make mini pizzas by spreading with barbaque sause and adding our favorite toppings.
I often buy up on these when they are reduced in price either as a special or they are reduced because they are a day or so old. They are great to keep in the freezer and defrost when we need them. Great for an easy Sunday night tea with soup.
tasty healthy versatile


These are great to make your own homemade muffins like they do in Mcdonalds. All I do is fry an egg (using one of those round shaped holders and fry the egg inside that in a pan) and then toast these muffins in the toaster and then add a slice of cheese, and a slice of turkey deli meat and I have a healthy and tasty breakfast option.
These are yummy toasted and spread with butter or margarine and when eaten hot. The butter goes into the muffin and its nice and warm and crunchy on the sides, yum.
If I eat these regularly, I do get sick of the taste, so for me, I eat them and then give them a break of a couple of weeks, and then eat them again.


a great tasting muffin liked my all family members, great as a meal, snakc or compliment. Not expensive at all
great muffins that dont cost you an arm and leg and come in 6 piece handy packs, great for freezing if you get too many when on sale, good after school snack or breakfast..we often use our to make bacon and egg muffins or smoother with peanut butter or home made pizzas
i find the speration of the 2 pieces per muffin difficult and have to resort to using a knife, at times this results in uneven cuts and one side(half) being burnt/more brown than the other)


They are faily priced and taste great, I will continue to eat them on a daily basis in the future. Tip Top do an excellent job with this product!
They taste delicious and come in fantastic flavours. I enjoy using them for Bacon and Egg mini breakfast sandwhiches along or for a good feed at lunchtime. So easy to toast and eat with any spread you like. Tip Top English Muffins are one of my favourite things to eat on a daily basis.
They stick together so easily and its difficult to pry them apart, other than that there is nothing wrong with them at all!


Tip top muffins are great! I love how versatile they are, they can be sweet savory, a breakfast, snack, lunch, party food! So many different things. The price is very reasonable, especially compared with other brands on the market. They freeze really easily and defrost pretty quickly, they are still just as fresh after defrosting!
Tip top english muffins are delicious! They are easy to prepare and can be made with so many different toppings! Great for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. They freeze really well! they come in several varieties, to cater for everyones tastes!
I can't think of any really.


This is definetly my favourite brand of muffins, great tasting and good for the whole family. Can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. My favourite way to eat them is grilled with avacado and tuna and melted cheese on top! I love the taste and they are so quick and convenient so good for when you are in a rush.
Tip Top English Muffins are a great tasting snack or light meal for the whole family, comes in a handy 6 pack, easy to freeze, and quick and easy to prepare
No cons that I can think of


We only buy this brand of muffins as they are solid and we have been disappointed in other brands. My son calls them 'round toast' and loves them for breakfast at times. They are very versatile. For example I recently had friends with kids over and we made mini pizzas for lunch. We had bacon and egg muffins for breakfast the other day and my son likes baked beans on them. They are also tasty to eat just with butter. We go through a lot of these. Highly recommended.
Decent weight compared to other brands that tend to have air holes in them. Easy to cut into two. Taste good just with butter but are versatile.
I can't think of anything that I don't like about them.


I love to use this product to make my own bacon, cheese and egg muffins for breakfast. It does not really matter if you don't get around to using the muffins for a few days after its recommended expiry date because you can toast them in the oven or toaster and they're good to go. They're also great to freeze but instead of taking up space in the freezer, I would prefer to be able to purchase them in smaller quantities so that I can eat them fresh.
Good value product that can be easily used in simple to prepare snacks.
I would so like to see this product become available in perhaps a three-pack.


these are perfect for small snacks but also great base for small meals. They make great mini pizza bases and also good for sunday breakfasts with bacon and eggs. They dont stay fresh for long, they almost seem stale when just purchased, store in the freezer when not using them
These muffins are a great snack for in between meals and also great for making mini savoury or sweet meals, they make great mini pizza bases and also great for toast with jam.
they dont stay fresh for long. Not as healthy as some bread varieties and dont contain as much fibre


These muffins are of a good quality and there are a few flavours/varieties available. Are a little more expensive than some others available, but are a bargain when on special, so I stock up then. Freeze well and are a great filling snack between meals.
Good quality muffins with a few different flavours available.


I personally like the quality of these muffins. They come in a good variety of flavours. The fruit one is especially tasty as a snack. They are in minimal packaging, not overdone. I don't suppose these would be a good thing health wise to eat too many of, but the plain ones have never tasted too sweet to me, so I don't think they are too bad, either. They make a sensible sort of snack.
I like them. They taste fine, they are in a no fuss wrapping and they come ina variety of flavours.
Nothing really. I suppose they are a bit dearer than the generic brands, but that is pretty well normal.

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