The best one I’ve used

Now, I’m pretty down to the value when it comes to nappies. Although these were a touch dearer, thanks to my mother in-law who gifted them to me otherwise I would not have discovered them and stuck on using the most common brand... Huggies. They fit so nicely and comfortably I found when my newborn l was in that 4 to 5kgs. At this weight Huggies became too tight for my newborn, however the next size up were still too big. The straps are bigger so that it doesn’t curl up unlike the other nappies... Babylove and Huggies. They are super absorbent as when I’m about to change my newborn and she does the unexpected wee... as long as she is still on the nappy... it catches it all and no need for that unnecessary wet clothes. Bonus is that they are good for the environment. Give them a try specially for the delicate skin of a newborn you won’t regret it.

Purchased in June 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $14.00.

All sizes of Tooshies are great

We had issues with little absorbency, wetting through to clothes and nappy rashes with majority of other nappy brands. I use Toms products on myself and with so many great reviews decided to give Tooshies a try. Absolutely no complaints! Fit great, Absorb well, bub just slept through the night (12 hours) and absorbed well with no rash. We do not use anything else now. I have nothing but praise for these nappies and being environmentally friendly is a huge bonus. The only thing that could be improved is if they were available in bulk/larger packs.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $15.00.

Worst nappies I've used

These nappies have a really low absorbency. Every morning my little one has wet clothes and every time she does a poo it leaks onto her clothes. I won't be purchasing again.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Online for $12.50.

We love these nappies

Tom’s nappies are just fantastic. We’ve used them since birth for a lactose intolerant baby who has.. well utterly horrific explosive poos.. and they are up to the task. No leaks. Plus they breathe, we’ve never had nappy rash. The designs are cute and they’re a better choice for the environment. Big fan!

Good for both baby and environment

Tried these nappies (both infant and crawler sizes) for my son as better for the environment than Huggies disposables. Very happy with them- fit well, with no leakage or nappy rash. They have cute prints. I purchased these nappies at Coles. Despite being slightly pricier than Huggies, I recommend them.

Faulty Nappies

Almost half of the nappies in the package were faulty, at least one of the 2 straps used to hold the nappy was either not attached to the nappy at all or was barely attached and I wasn't able to put the nappy on properly without it tearing off completely. Other then that the nappies caused no irritation for my daughter and had no leaking, I'm not sure if i just had a faulty pack because other reviews have been really good and doesn't look like they have had any issues with the build of the nappy but I don't think i will be purchasing again due to paying for a full pack of them and only being able to use pretty much half of it.

Good quality

There is no chemical smell after bub pee and it is soft for bub. No leaking problem. I love the cute pattern on the nappy as well. Just a little bit problem is there's no wetness indicator on nappy. But overall, I would recommend this nappy as it is good for environment.

An eco friendly choice that meets expectation

Edit (Feb 19): After using this brand for three months, I've recently experienced leakage a few times. I'm not sure why as my daughter may have grown a tiny bit but she is just a little over 9kg. The crawler is for up to 12kg. If I size up, then this nappy is really expensive. I now prefer the other environmental friendly nappy brand which is also available at Coles.
I've to say I wanted to try this brand for a long time but only finally did so when they were on sales. Appreciate that the costs for making organic and eco friendly products are generally higher.
The touch of this nappy is not as soft as the Japanese brand I was using but I understand that again, it is due to the eco friendlier materials and production.
For me, they are not bad. Tried two weeks now and never have rashes (I use barrier cream regardless of nappy brands) and leak issues.
I want to support brands that really make an effort towards a more environmental friendly and sustainable future. Afterall, it affects our babies in the long run. Of course, the products should also perform.
In this case, I'll continue to buy their products whenever they are on sales and alternate with the other brands I like.

Purchased in January 2019.

Good for baby and the environment

Wanted to try these out because they’re said to be good for the environment. Baby likes them, no problems with leaks or nappy rash. Unfortunately no indicator line like Huggies Ultimate, but not a big deal. Good fit, would be happy to continue using these in futur. They’re not the cheapest nappies, but worth the slightly extra cost.

Very Impressed

Navigating the world of nappies as a first time mum was fairly daunting but I am so pleased I tried these nappies. They are very absorbent and I find them a great fit. I am lucky enough that my little girl has slept 8 hours at night from 8 weeks and we have never had any leaks.

Hello Bum Rash

We live in the tropics and it honestly seemed like these weren't breathable or simply didn't absorb the wee like they should. We used them for 4 days and my baby got a nasty rash from being damp all the time. They also felt really cardboard like and rough. I love the idea of them being a more eco friendly product but they need to work on the quality and materials used so that they aren't rashy in more humid climates.

Good Nappy

Gentle on baby's bum and no rashes. my son is a heavy wetter and nappy did get very full. There were very few times when it did leak; if I didn't change his nappy in over 3 hours. I love the cute designs on it and the fact that it's bio degradable.

Fantastic Nappies

We have been using these nappies for the past 4.5 months and love them! They are a snug slim fit and have an elastic waist which stretches with our growing bub. They are gentle on the bum and haven't caused any rashes etc, plus I love that they are fragrance free & are gentle on the planet being made from renewable biodegradable bioplastic. We are also lucky enough to have not had many leakages! Plus the little fruits on them are super cute!

Bad performing nappy

This is a very inconsistent and disappointing nappy and gave us a very bad experience on our recent holiday with bub getting wet and cold. I bought one pack while on holidays a few months back as I liked the smaller pack size for our luggage. The nappies seemed all right, though we switched back to our regular Babylove nappies once we got home. Fast forward to our next holiday and I decided to buy another new pack to throw into our luggage - again, only due to the size of the pack. Big mistake! These nappies felt different from the first pack. In the first pack, the nappies had a hard cardboard-like feel inside. I thought this might be uncomfortable for bub but at least they didn't leak. The nappies from the second pack were soft and flimsy and constantly leaked! Bub was wet soon after we got off the plane and at first I thought it was just a fluke. Unfortunately for us, we had gone from summer in Australia to winter in the nothern hemisphere, so when they leaked again while we were out and about, our poor bub was wet and freezing cold. We hadn't noticed in time because we were used to using Babylove nappies which never leak! Bub ended up catching a cold. We can't say for sure if it was due to getting cold from the leaking nappy, but these nappies contributed to us all having a miserable time with every single one leaking until we could find a decent local shop that sold nappies. As I said, the material is very flimsy and also the slimfit design does not ensure the nappy is a tighter fit preventing leaks; rather, there is less absorbent material available to soak up fluid. I will never buy Tom Tooshies again!

Tried to love it..

Tried Tooshies as we didn’t like the idea of contributing to non biodegradable landfill. While these are okay for day as we change the nappy quite regularly, definitely didn’t work at night as theyb are not very absorbing at all. As a result our bub, who typically sleeps for 5-6 hours straight at night, woke up every hour to two screaming with discomfort. What’s worst is due to low absorbency, bub’s broken out into a nappy rash.

The material feels cheap and very plasticy still. Definitely not worth the price tag and not so sure they that great for the environment either.

Great balance of performance and sustainability.

We have used the TOM Organic Nappies in the Crawler size over the last month and have been most impressed by their performance. I love so much about these nappies - from the funky little designs to their durability. The environmentally sustainable mindset of TOM organic is something that strongly resonates with our family, and something I really want to show my support for.

My favourite nappies!!

Yes they are a bit more expensive but I found them to be better than Huggies ultimate. Haven't tried many other brands. It holds everything overnight - we don't change her for 12 hours. No nappy rashes. Just a great nappy that's super cute and environmentally friendly! I was sceptical at first because they felt thin but they work really well on my bub.

Awesome :)

My bubba has just went up another size in tooshies! I didn't even think twice about what brand I would use! I'm just so over the moon with tooshies by Tom and the performance of their nappies. I love the fact I'm also helping the environment while helping my babe. I can't wait for more tooshies products to be released.

The best of the best!

Once bub was finished in the newborn tooshies we moved straight to the infants as knew I was not switching brands as I was so happy with the previous size! Still a nice Snug fit on bub so no leaks, no rashes, no nasty chemicals, and planet friendly! If your searching for the perfect nappy or brand search no further!

Tooshie nappy same quality as no name nappy

Tooshie nappy is not worth of $$. Very bad absorbent, leaking, cheap quality nappy. Only the design look cute. Also this nappy same quality as Woolworth nappy so please don't waste your money. very disappointed

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