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Tommee Tippee Manual

Tommee Tippee Manual

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I bought this with the thought it would be easy to use back at work, and being from a reasonable brand, it should be good. I was WRONG!
The silicone components fit extremely poorly, are constantly releasing the seal while trying to pump, and you cannot get any sort of reasonable suction as the handle only allows minimal pressure. I have tried multiple times to get this working and always met by disappointment and going back to my highly reliable Avent pump, so twice the washing up.

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Milk Expressing FrequencyOccasionally (once a day or less)


I was dissapointed with my pump. I found I had to pump a long time just to get 10ml and my hands would become quite sore. Some times I did not get any milk at all. I did not feel much of a suction while pumping. And the parts are quite fiddly to clean. I much prefer my Medela pump and find I get a lot more milk with fewer effort. I had hoped this would be a good buy as it is reasonably priced but unfortunately it just didn’t fulfil my need.

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyFrequently (more than once a day)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding

Disbelieve of the product

Nothing at all. I did try using this product for expressing milk but wouldn't drain a drop. It just kept making noise and no action. I wanted some reliable pump to draw milk for my little one but this one was an absolute disaster, not even closer to the cheapest pump you get in the market. I had to go back using the same cheap brand. I don't know why they market the wrong thing in the market and that too with discounts. I would not recommend anyone to even think about buying that product.


I used this one daily for a couple of weeks. It does the job is effective and easy to use. It comes with a baby bottle a lid and a sterilizer which I found very handy. Although it's manual the milk comes quickly. I recommended it if you are looking for something portable and easy!


Got my 1st Tommy Tippy 6 years ago with my 2nd child and loved it! 3rd baby born 2018 and again used it, it lasted for 6 years! Broke and had to buy a new pump. So i bought the Tommy Tippy again and guess what? It is a piece of junk! The new look might disemble easy but i does not work! Period. I'm a huge Tommy Tippy fan but this new look of yours makes the pump useless!

Does the job!

I purchased the manual breast pump just incase we were out and I needed to pump. I find that really convenient. I mean who wants to take out and electric noisy one lol. The only thing is for me it was a bit hard to use as my hands got really tired and I didnt even get anlot of milk out.! I just used it as a reliever and not for a full express session.

Easy to pull apart to clean

Ordered online from Babies R Us. Came in a kit with the pump, steriliser box, 4 bottles in 2 sizes, screw on bottle caps, breast pads and spare valve for the pump.
I have found the pump easy to pull apart to wash and sterilise. It is easy to use one handed. I love that any Tommee Tippee bottles can be screwed on to it.
Only thing that could be improved is to have a little stand for it as it does not stand on its own with a bottle screwed on without it being full of milk.
Otherwise it’s a great product at a great price.

Does the job, better than an electric one.

My partner had been using an electric pump for the first few weeks and decided to go manual seeing she wasn't producing much milk, decided to go with this one and so far it's improved a fair bit in terms of the amount of milk she is producing.

Kit is easy to install and also easy to clean also.

Easy to use and good for the price

I found this pump relatively easy to use. In fact, I purchased it for a second time after having my second child, as I did not keep after having my first child. Although I rarely express milk I have found that when required this pump does the job. It is comfortable to use once experienced, although was tricky to master initially. Could express a full bottle in 10-15 mins. It came with its own tub for sterilising which makes it convenient to clean and is extremely handy. It was an inexpensive option for expressing milk as I bought it in a set with four bottles, pacifier and steriliser. I purchased it in the sales so was a very good price. I have never used an electric pump so cannot make a direct comparison but I would definitely recommend as a good option for those on a budget

Could be better for the price

I purchased the kit ($69.00) which contains:

1 x Pump (manual) (I wish I brought an electric one)
1 x Steriliser box (Love this!)
2 x 150ml bottles
2 x 260ml bottles
4 x Milk storage lids
1 x Soother (0-6 months)
6 x Breast pads

Overall, the cost for everything included was really good. These bottles individually are expensive! I purchased one on its own elsewhere (prior to buying this pack) and it cost me $20.00!

The manual pump is not easy to use, especially if you're new to expressing milk. it takes a while to pump a considerable amount and can be awkward. The suction isn't spectacular either.

I love the ease of use with the steriliser box. Just put the componesnts, bottles, dummies, etc... in, add 100mls of water, remove the small plug lid thingy on the lid and microwave for the determined amount of time. It's really easy to use. No need for large pots to boil (unless you're sterilising a large number of bottles, as this steriliser box doesn't hold much, and you'll need to do batches of items to clean) and no need for chemicals like Milton (which really stinks).

Ok for the price, but if I could have afforded it, I would have purchased an electric one.


Used it only a few times, because it is very hard to pump and takes ages! Not many parts but still quite hard to keep it clean. On the positive side mine came with nice milk bottles and storage containers.
The price was good so It might be worth purchasing if you don't intend to use it on the regular basis.

Okay but hard to clean

Okay to use but the only thing is very hard to clean especially inside the pump that you can't open or detach it. It looks smooky after 3 or 4 times use. The silicone pump needs a proper wash after every use. But worth the price with a set of container and extra parts.

Terrible breast pump (manual)

Not sure if our product was defected or others faced the same problem? It was difficult to assemble the product and it was detaching again and again so we needed to hold it with one hand. Its suction was not good either, required lots of pumping to extract milk. Don't like it. It was brand new.

Preferred the manual over the automatic

I found I got more milk for a manual pump - but I was mor labour intensive ( you have to literally hold it over the breast and pump at same time ! The auto was easier , hands free - however you are tied and restricted to sitting near the power point ! The manual means you can walk around and pump at same time ! For my next child Iwojld likely invest in the hands free pumping bras just to save time - looking back i spent too much of my time pumping rather than bonding my bubba!

Pretty good

Quite decent for a manual. Managed to express 30ml from one side after about 5 minutes so I'd say that's a good effort. So easy to clean. It hirts my nippled a bit but that's something that definitely depends on the individual. Wouldn't use it for anything other than occasional pumping but would definitely use again.

Not as good as I thought

After a few pumps my arm hurt and had to swap hands every so often. The arm pain wouldn't of bothered me if I got a decent amount out, I pumped for an hour and hardly got anything. Annoying to clean because too many parts. I wouldn't use it again except when desperate eg had to go to friends wedding so pumped a bit for weeks to get enough to leave with my mum for that one day.


I had the older one many years ago. Bought a new one about 12 weeks ago with the silion type cover. Its really comfortable. I have a very strong let down so i hardly have to pump i get almost 100ml from each breast in 10 mins. Mine does not leak the cover does discolour a bit. But easy to clean. And very affordable

Does the job!

I've been using this pump for 8 weeks now and haven't had any issues! For the first 2-3 weeks I was using at least twice daily and now using every 2-3 days. I pump for roughly 10 minutes at a time and can get between 60ml and 150ml from one breast.

- size and shape is comfortable
- handy to have attachments to pump straight into bottle or pouch, and also to use other brand bottles
- easy to assemble and pull apart

- need to completely pull apart to make sure there is no 'sour milk' smell
- squeaks every now and then
- starting to get yellow-ish tinge to the silicone after washing (dishwasher)

I'd recommend to anyone who just needs something to get by or as a secondary on-the-go pump.

Really good for a manual pump

I purchased this so I could express silently at night in bed. My bub is mostly sleeping through the night but I wanted to relieve a little pressure and keep my supply up for day feeds. So far (one week) it's working fine. I usually just express for 5-10 min and get 30ml (each side).
It is manual so not as efficient as an electric pump, but it's really quiet, has no cords, and fits the closer to nature bottles.
Easy enough to clean. Not many parts.

Would not buy again!

I initially bought a Closer to Nature sterilizer and saw it was a really good brand so i went ahead and bought the manual pump without checking the reviews on it. Biggest mistake ever! It was leaking all over the place from the beginning and after 3 weeks of trying i actually stopped pumping because i couldn't handle it any more. I would get really wet every time which means most of my milk was going to waste. Plus after a week or so the place where the nipple rests got yellowish even though i would clean it and sterilize it after every use.
The only thing i didn't have a problem with was assembling it and disassembling it.

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