Manual Breast Pumps

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Medela Harmony
Latest review: Worked well, occasionally will loose suction and milk drops down into pump cup, and will not pump correctly, not sure if this is the product or user error. Purchased Medela as I used their electric

HaaKaa Silicone
Latest review: I used to use this to just catch let down, now I am using it to assist hand pumping. I had limited luck with electric pumps and hated all the cleaning. Only concern is the local milk bank won't

Philips Avent Comfort Manual
Latest review: This breast pump is good if you are not expressing multiple times a day. I prefer manual over electric as I can do at my own pace and is not expensive. But too much of manual expressing is so tiring.

Pigeon Manual
Latest review: Decent hand pump for the occasional pumper, takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it's quite good. Pros: portable and light, easy to disassemble and clean Cons: it's a hand

Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump
Latest review: I bought this manual breast pump from the sleepstore for the convenience of being able to use it when I’m at work/away from home. Unfortunately, the suction was poor and I could only extract a few d

Tommee Tippee Manual
Latest review: I was dissapointed with my pump. I found I had to pump a long time just to get 10ml and my hands would become quite sore. Some times I did not get any milk at all. I did not feel much of a suction

Cherub Baby Natriflow Manual
Latest review: it is not good with me because it is not strong enough to push the breast milk out of my breast. this is not one of the big companies and this breast pump is pretty cheap and maybe it is not strong

Mumasil Silicone Breast Milk Saver
Latest review: I was sceptical about this pump, but it actually works! You just suction it on one side while feeding off the other! First go I saved 120mls off one boob!! I had to empty some out into a milk bag and

Difrax Breast Pump
Latest review: The Difrax breast pump alllws me to express anywhere, at work, lunch and with friends without having to leave to another room. It’s discrete and low noise and has various settings to suit my n

NatureBond Silicone
Latest review: This product uses food grade silicone and is easy to use and clean. It is comfortable on the skin and there are three levels of suction, depending on your comfort level (squeeze on the three

Spectra Handy Plus Manual
Latest review: I just purchased this item after researching and reading the positive reviews on the Spectra website. Sadly, I did not have the same experience as most reviews posted. I was only able to pump less

Kmart Blue Manual Breast Pump
Latest review: Worked well for the first few pumps then the filter piece fell out. Without that piece the whole pump doesn't work. I'm lucky to get three or four pumps before it falls out

MAM Care Manual
Latest review: I was given the new green pump to roadtest.I am exclusively breastfeeding twins and pump to give top ups while we're out and there is nowhere comfortable to feed or for hubby to give a feed. On

The First Years Manual
Latest review: I purchased this on special on one of those Internet deal sites, with the sole purpose of seeing how I went using a breast pump and how my baby girl went using a bottle. It was simple to assemble

Chicco Adjustable Natural Feeling
Latest review: chicco adjustable natural feeding manual pump does the job however improvements could be made to the design of it to reduce expressing time not a lot of parts so easy to dismantle and put together,

Philips Avent Manual With Three Cups SCF330/13