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Toyo Nanoenergy 3

Toyo Nanoenergy 3

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40,000km and still going

We rotate the tyres every service and do a wheel alignment once a year. We've done over 40,000km now in 2 years and they're wearing evenly and gripping well in all conditions. Road noise is marginally higher while fuel economy has remained good. Tyres have approximately 15,000km left. Paid $159.50 ea. fitted and balanced.


These standard size tyres cost me $125 x4. Great investment in excellent road tyres

Toyo nanoenergy 3 tyres are quiet on the road and have fantastic grip to all road conditions-wet, dry, dirt etc roads.
Grip well to winding dry and wet roads also.
Since having these tyres installed on my v6 commodore , I have noticed much better fuel economy as to other leading brands.

CarVx commodore sedan

Fuel economy

First Tyres(Conti) 60K 4.3L/100kms.
Second tyres Nano energy. Currently 77K and still going, but not much longer. Fuel economy 3.8L/100kms.
On my sums the economy difference approximately pays for the tyres.
Grip similar dry, maybe a fraction weaker in the wet.
Road noise-a little more. Bumps felt a little more.

CarFord Fiesta 2010 diesel

Nice quiet ride

I bought a set of 4 for my Camry a month or so ago. Have found them to give a smooth ride without road noise unlike my previous tyres. Have yet to drive them in the wet due to our very dry weather here in Queensland this winter. My last tyres, Pirellis, wore out rather quick which was disappointing so I am hoping to get more distance out of these. I paid $109 each which I considered a fair price for a good quality tyre.


55,000 K's and still got at least another 10,000 left in 'em...very happy

These tyres are approaching double the mlileage I got from the original KUMHO SOLUS KH17 which were noisy from new and wore out at 30k kilometres. The Toyo's handle really well in the dry but maybe they are a bit less capable in the wet - hard to say for sure because the Kumho's wore out so fast!

The Toyo's are quiet and smooth riding. I will buy these again - no reason to switch brandsas far as I am concerned

Car2014 Kia Rio GDI

Good Dry weather tyre, but in the Wet these are poor performers.

Bought a replacement set for the Mazda CX3 in late November. Appeared to be no different from other brands as far as performance. Handled well in the dry conditions,were quiet and hard wearing.
Come March and approx 10,000k later with our first lot of wet weather and the tyres were a complete let down. Poor grip on acceleration out of corners (Wanting the skid and not turn), also cornering at speed the front end just ploughs ahead in a straight line. I put this down to perhaps greasy road conditions after a long dry summer and little rain to flush the roads clean.
Well here we are in mid June and have come of the back of a week of wet weather and the tyres are still a big concern. Turning in to a roundabout with anything above a moderate speed and the front just wont steer around the corner. Accelerating out of corners the car still skids\skips and and doesn't turn. I have heard that if you drop the tyre pressures a few kpa they are better in the wet. Something i will try, but have never had to do on any other brand. Overall these are a disappointment and i wont be using these again when replacements are due.

Car2016 mazda CX3

Perfect tread - long wearing - great price

A smooth ride and best value for money. Have done over 5000 kilometres and they are still looking like new. Looks like they will definitely outlast my last set of tyres.The tyres were only $120.00 each which included fitting and balancing. Plus I'm getting a much better performance and better fuel economy. Would definitely recommend the Toyo Nano Energy 3 range to anyone looking for a good quality set of tyres.

Car2004 Ford BA Station Wagon

Great tyre for a great price.

A smooth and great value for money. Find these tyres quiet as there are some that make a noise. Have been using these tyres for a while. These are my second set. They have a great mileage life which is a benefit to us all. Good in wet weather which usually is a concern for every driver. Purchased mine from Tyre Power and would recommend to all.

CarCommodore VY


I am about to replace my Toyo Nano Energy tyres which have been on my Mazda 3 since 2014. They have done more than 74,000 km and they are still going. What more could anyone ask if a tyre brand. The tyres are 205-60R16. I will be replacing them with the new Toyo Nano Energy 3 tyres....I just could not go with any other brand, when my tyres have done 74,000 km . I just could not ask for anything more....✅✅✅


Wears slowly

Hi, these tyres wear very slowly and perform well in all conditions. I find the ride smooth and responsive. Each tyre fitted and supplied cost me around 115, 460 in total for four of them. The level of grip supplied is good. I would recommend these tyres to others. My tyre specs are 175/70r14

CarHyundai Accent

Toyo Nano energy @ 70,000 ks

Toyo nanoenergy 205/60 R16 tyres fitted to a Mazda 3 purchased in April 2014 have now
completed 70,000 ks round town and general highway use. These tyres have been rotated
every 10,000ks at the vehicles service schedule. They are now spent
and down to the tread wear indicators. 70,000ks in 4 years, considered a good all round tyre.

Car2014 Mazda 3

Different to the Teo and MP4s

These tyres are quite and ride well on rough roads. Great grip in wet and dry. They have a lot more give in the side walls and make the Commodore pitch and roll more than the Toyo Mp4 and Toyo Teo tyres that they replaced. Took a few weeks to get use to them. We have them on the Astra as well and they are much better on the smaller car. Still good tyres evn though they are no longer made in Japan.

CarAstra Ts and Vy commodore wagon.


I upgraded from Kumo Sense tyres which were not even 25% worn to Toyo nanoenergy 3 because i was unhappy with wet weather grip. We live in the Dandenong Ranges and have some roads that almost never get any direct sunlight and are terribly slippery when wet. With the Kumo's I used to occasionally feel the esp/abs etc kick in going around corners even at very slow speeds. The day i had the toyo's put on it was raining heavily so i decided to test them. I took some corners that i know very well much faster than i normally would to try to get the driving assist systems to kick in. They didn't. The wet weather grip is just fantastic. Probably twice as good as the Kumo's. Overall they are very responsive. There is a slight negative aspect to the tyres. They are quite firm and you do feel the bumps but apparently that is the norm for fuel saving tyres. Not sure if they save fuel. Lets be honest, how can you really tell? So far we have done 8500km with them and overall we are so happy. It will be interesting to see how many km's we get out of them.
I am not sure if its the tyres or the rims but i find i have to top up the air pressure much more than i used to. Every month the pressure seems to drop 10psi. Cant remember having to do this so much with any other tyres. Its not a big deal as i just do it when im fueling up. Done almost 15000km now and tyres still feel great. The wet weather handling is why i bought them and they really are excellent on wet slippery roads.

CarHyundai i30

Good for small cars

It was time to replace the Pirelli P6 (got 90,000km out with those) and decided to go with Toyo Nanoenergy 3 thinking they worked well with the other car (Mazda 3)

It has been around 5,000 and although the tyres are quiet which is good (no road roar) the grip on these tyres has not been very good. Ok, on wet/damp roads it is to be expected but even on dry surfaces or in tight cornering the driving wheels (rear) can struggle to get adhesion. I imagine for a low powered car these tyres are good, but for larger cars (which it does recommend) I would not recommend these tyres. Also no real decrease in fuel consumption.

Car2002 Holden Commodore

Impressive Grip/Handling on Wet or Dry!

On my 2004 Mirage, I had Toyo Nanoenergy-3 tyres fitted to replace all 4 worn tyres, which were of another brand in a similar price bracket.
Now being 13 inch tyres (175/70R13), they'll be significantly smaller than most people will be buying, but a lot of my opinion has to do with the actual tyre compound, which is common to all the Nanoenergy-3 tyres, regardless of size.
My immediate impression was of the reduced rolling-resistance which was very noticeable. It had me worried that the grip may also be reduced, but after a few weeks of testing the Nanoenergy-3 tyres I realised that their ability to grip in all road conditions was exceptional, and the confidence they provided me in the wet particularly, was amazing.
The tyres' lower resistance to motion seemed to extend to turning and steering also, which unfortunately reduced steering feedback from the road a bit, but steering/cornering was much sharper than any previous tyres I'd had on the car (I've owned it for 10 years). In fact, handling in general was significantly improved. Acceleration also feels slightly better, although the lighter steering could have fooled me on this.
I'm not really bothered by road noise, but directly post-fitting these tyres were noisy. It only took a couple of days of 'running in' before they became very quiet indeed. I noticed that at least one reviewer complained of increased noise but didn't wait more than a day before hastily coming here to complain. If you're interested in these tyres you should consider all the reviews, and hopefully ask someone you trust about them, if possible.
In conclusion: I was left with this strange, seemingly contradictory, feeling about these tyres. They roll and glide (not slide) along the road surface with ease, and yet when it comes to launching, stopping, or cornering, these things are very very sticky, and better than any other tyre I can think of in the the wet. They feel very safe. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to family or friends, or anybody else for that matter.

{I purchased the Nanoenergy-3 tyres as a "buy 3 get the 4th tyre free" deal, which was excellent value!}

Car2004 Mitsubishi Mirage (1.5L Manual)

Good Grip

I have now driven 20,000 klm on these tyres. I drive a small car and am mainly driving long distances on National highways. I feel that all rounders just don't cut it in the tropics with our severe wet tropical conditions for 6 months and dry the other half. These tyres have performed exceptionally well in the wet. There are a lot of pot holes and raised areas of road due to prime mover trucks so little cars don't stand a chance on the crappy roads without great tyres such as these. To date i have never aqua planned or felt unsafe while driving in horrid conditions. Will definitely buy again.

CarHonda Jazz

Over rated tyre

Bought these nano energy tyres to replace the bridgestone ecopia 185-60-15 tyres for our Jazz, they are not terrible but no better than the the cheap austone tyres I put on my other jazz, so Toyo were $140 each buy 3 get one free $420 compared to Austone at $78 each times 4 comes to $312 all up, the Toyos have done 30,000 kms and need replacing, the Austone on the other GE jazz have done 25,000kms but only half worn, still with 4 millimetres of tread, both tyres are pretty quiet and have good road manners, Its a hard call if you buy so called quality tyres or cheap and nasty Chinese ones. If the cars were on a track for racing maybe the Nano would handle better, but a Jazz is no racer so don't waste your money.

CarGE Honda Jazz

Good daily driving all season tyre

Bought 4 of these last year during the summer to replace my Continentals for my Honda accord euro CL9. Not sure if they are durable yet but there are no signs of early degradation. They provide more grip than those Continentals, especially in wet tarmac.
The noise level is similar to the Continentals.

CarHonda accord euro CL9

impressed so far

I had the toyo teo's previously and the workshop offered me these as replacement when they were due for replacement. They are on my 2000 corolla and so far i like they a lot very grippy and not noisy at any speed.
I would definitely recommend these and they are not exprensive as $95 fitted and balanced.

Carcorolla 2000

Okay tyres

So it was May 2015 when I had replaced Bridgestone Supercat tyres and I didn't like the eventually and decided to replace them with Toyo tyres. The Supercats struggled to grip on the wet and felt they're hazardous. I only got a set of NanoEnergy 3 tyres for the front.

So I tried the set on a street whilst it's wet and they gripped very well so far. However over the distances, i've noticed the tyres have fairly significantly less tread than the tyres at the back (Proxes C100) but still have a fair bit of tread left.

At the moment, the front and rear wheels have been rotated a while ago. Since then, the Proxes tyres grip well.

They're okay on top of that.

Car2006 Holden Astra

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I have a 2012 Ford Focus Trend 2ltr - presently has Goodyear Efficient Grip - have done almost 35,000 ks and need replacing - are now very noisy and not handling very well at all - Thinking after visiting my local Tyre Power outlet of Toyo NanoEnergy 3's - just wondering if there are any comments on how they may go on the Focus? Am now almost retired and may do some touring - looking for quiet running and energy - fuel efficient + good handling. Cheers John
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Hi John, I would assume you've purchased tyres since this reply. I would highly recommend on any small, small-medium car. I was very happy with them. I know have Bridgestones on the current car and can't wait until they wear out so I can ride in comfort and feel secure again.Thank you XYZed - haven't purchased the tyres yet as I have not been doing very many ks at the moment - however it will happen in about 3 weeks time. Based on your comments and other information I have looked at I am pretty sure that I will get the Toyo tyres - cheers John

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