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Toyota Kluger

Love my kluger grande

This is the best car I have ever owned
After changing from 2015 Nissan extrail to 2011 kluger grande alot of people told me are you crazy
But now when they see me driving it around they love it
It's very space full
Love DVD Player GPS system sunroof
I can go on and on
Simple advice if you want to buy one spend the extra$$$ and get the grande
You will love it.

Purchased for $24,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

LOVE this beautiful vehicle!

After owning an older 2005 Kluger we definitely needed an upgrade! Even though we loved our old Kluger we still test drove every 7 seater 4WD/AWD in our price range, just to see if there was anything that was now better. But the new Kluger GXL came out head & shoulders above the rest! It was by far the most spacious inside and handled the road better than the rest.
And a year later we’re still of the same opinion!! It’s fantastic! An absolutely beautiful car to drive, amazing open road fuel economy compared to our old Kluger, and handles everything we’ve thrown at it with ease!
It’s so spacious inside and our 4 children (2 of whom are now young adults plus 2 tall teenage boys) fit perfectly with the 3rd row seats up!
Huge boot space, quiet to drive, loads of power and copes well when we take it off-road.
Love all the extras that came with our GXL too - seat warmers, keyless smart entry & start system, great reversing camera, alloys, leather interior, 3 zone climate control, fantastic sat nav system on an 8” screen, dynamic torque control, active cruise control & my favourite - the automatic boot!
My only gripes would be that the front passenger seat on the GXL model no longer has electric seat adjustment (our 2005 mid range model did!) plus the front seat headrests are a tad uncomfortable - this was easily fixed though by removing them and turning them backwards.
All in all this car is outstanding! It wasn’t cheap ... but for a car that looks classy inside and out it’s been a great buy!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good Car, solid engine, but missing key features

Had one of these as a hire car, only 6 months old with 10,000kms on it. The AWD version.

The good. : Rides well, lots of power and good on fuel. The inclusion of adaptive cruise and lane guidance are great features to see toyota finally adopting.

The average: The styling is typical toyota blandness , lacks any real quality feel or style. The entertainment system has no car play or any real function beyond basic blue tooth and radio functions. The usb doesn't even charge your phone as it doesn't provide enough power to keep it up to speed. Seats average comfort , but not heated or cooled seats, and no lane avoidance features, makes others like Jeep look like better options. No auto wipers but auto lights... good they got one thing right.

The annoying: Constant beeping of the lane system made me want to hit it, the 1-2 minutes of it trying to connect to blue tooth each time you start the car, and the use of the awful stalk for the cruise system, and a left pedal manual handbrake feels like a 10 year old after thought.

Overall it could be a good package, but toyota have just features out that are standard on others for the price.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Fantastic car!!

I’m absolutely in love with the 2018 kluger!!! I had it on hire for a month or two a few months ago and I must say it’s by far the most fancy four wheel drive I’ve ever driven. I’d highly recommend it to anybody with a large family as they have fold away back extra seats as well!!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Wisely designed and well built

I purchased our Kluger KXR 2nd hand and now have had it 2 and a half years. Wife uses it as a school taxi and shopping trolley, it's normal working scenario is crawling in the traffic in school peak time, if you had some basic engine knowledge you'll know that this is the hell of any combustion engine vehicle. The Kluger eats it easy, hasn't show any tiny issue at all. Internal space designed well, under boot storage space is very handy, my only complain is the driver's leg space is small and a little bit uncomfortable.

My one is a 2wd model, fwd's simplicity is good for fuel and maintenance, the front diff is combined with the transmission thus an ATF change is the only thing needed for the power delivery system, much simpler than awd models. however I found on wet condition you need take extra care for slipping when accelerating or turning, but on highway it handles very well even in pouring rain.

I service the car as the manual request, sometimes change the engine oil earlier than the manual asked as it's primarily used to drive short distance and in bad traffic condition, that's the only thing this car demands. Everything works as it should. For it's drive condition it's obviously not good for fuel consumption, it's about 12-13 L per 100 km, which I feel happy with considering it's size, and it would go down to less than 9 L per 100 km on highway only drive. can't ask more for a 3.5 L V6.

All in all this kluger is a thing that you can rely on, with correct services it would never let you down.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Good practical design inside out

We mainly use this car for family vehicle is beautifully design with immense sense of practicality. ride is super smooth if runs on premium unleaded engine is so quite however 8 speed gearbox needs bit improvement shifting is not as seamless as the previous 6 speed gearbox but it still helps you save on fuel , it also makes you feel that car is being driven in big gear at low speed with low revs.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


Smooth drive and very well thought of interior! The purchasing process was made extremely easy through Patterson Cheney Dandenong. The Kluger is very spacious and great for long drives. I would highly recommend the Kluger to anyone who has a large family or owns dogs. The middle console is my favourite due to the large space it provides.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Perfect for my needs

This is our second Kluger..the first one still in service in our family at 170,000km. The only thing this car requires of me is regular servicing plus fuel. It is a phenomenal workhorse..no fuss, no bother just gets on with the job.
If one reads motor magazines it handles poorly and doesn’t have the gimmicks of its competitors. Ok it’s about 2 tonnes and we didn’t buy a sports car. Recently I fitted a rowing machine into it without having to dismantle the thing. I have done weekend golf trips with 3 sets of clubs plus luggage..effortless.
The interior gets a bit scruffy, , but a bit of spit and polish work.
I have had over 60 cars and never with the exception of a Honda had anything as non temperamental as this vehicle.
Yes it’s a bit thirsty but the service costs and parts are modest.
If Toyota bring the hybrid version to Australia I will be the first through the door.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Toyota Kruger 2017

I Never ever would of thought I would of bought a Kluger!
But I Love Love Love it, it’s so smooth to drive there is so much room for the kids I the back and I can fit nearly everything in the car because all the seats lie flat!
I highly Recommend this car to everyone with a Family!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great spacious, reliable family car

We purchased our 2016 model Kluger in December 2017 from a used car dealer. The car was in pristine condition mechanically with no exterior damage. Many people recommended Toyota Kluger to us which was probably the deciding factor in purchasing this model. They were not wrong. Firstly, as a mum or two I really love the boot space the Kluger provides. I have had sedans previously and always found space an issue. Seating inside the Kluger is spacious and we can sit 5 comfortably in the front and rear seats. Although this model boasts seating for 7 I personally find the additional two fold away seats a waste of time. Getting into them is extremely difficult unless you were a child and safety wise I would never put my children in these seats. Therefore, if you are planning on purchasing a 7 seater, I would consider a larger people mover instead. We however did not purchase the kluger for the additional seating, so my 5 star rating stands. Mechanically the Kluger is very reliable. It costs around $100 to fuel with premium unleaded but I can say that I get excellent mileage from this, despite travelling everywhere from multiple school pick ups to the Gold Coast etc. It is lovely to drive, with light steering and the rear reversing monitor on the dash is extremely helpful, not to mention a necessary safety feature for such a large vehicle. The turning circle is quite manageable, making parking or u-turns easy. Registration, insurance and servicing costs are reasonable also.We will most definitely be purchasing one of these again in the future.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Had this car from new and love it

This is a great family car. I have owned it from new and although I am now looking at replacing this I just cant bring myself to sell this car. Its been a real workhorse and has provided heaps of fun holiday activities. The 7 seats have come in handy when relatives come to visit although its now getting a bit cramped for my two children (16 and 13). Travelling around though is easy. Fuel economy is not great but its not terrible either. We have travelled all around WA and surrounds in this car and its never let us down. Battery failed once but it had done over 100K on this same battery so no real complaints. Servicing is OK and reasonably priced but avoid the Toyota dealerships, total rip off. I use automasters and they have been awesome.

Date PurchasedNov 2006

Has been a good family hauler except for some annoying things

Purchased KXR AWD brand new in 2012. Driven 100 000 kms to date mostly in the metro Melb suburbs. Family has been happy with it overall. Massive space inside. Two seats in 3rd row come in very handy at times. People (kids) sitting in 3rd row appreciate having their own air vents. Quick acceleration even with full complement of seven people. Great for long distance drive (except for fuel use) and going up/down alpine roads in winter. Worry-free driving except for the below.

Beware of the following though:
(1) Big but thirsty - Expect 15 L/100 kms fuel consumption average on short trips. Can go down to as low as 9 L/100 kms on highway trips.
(2) Middle seat in second row is the least comfortable place to sit on. It is narrow and lacking in cushion/padding. You feel like you're sitting on a brick.
(3) Hard easy-to-scratch plastics everywhere (but given this is base model, i thought probably that is expected)
(4) Steering knock - This seems to be common in many of this generation of Klugers (based on other reviews I've read). I started to notice it just when the 3-yr vehicle warranty expired. I raised it with dealer service department but was told they could not replicate it. Two years on, the issue was getting worse until I went on to another dealer. I was quoted $700 to have the steering shaft replaced new. Apparently the shaft was misaligned. Luckily or unluckily, I figured in a collision in which, as part of the repair, the wheels were to be aligned. No other mechanical repair was done. The rest were repairs to panels. And to my surprise, the wheel alignment seemed to have fixed that issue of steering knock. (Note: the repair was done by a smash repairer - not the Toyota dealer which quoted me $700 to replace the shaft). Fingers crossed, since then I have not had the steering knock happening again.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Best Car I ever owned

The 2018 Kluger comes with a front facelift and changes to the backlights. Also a slew of safety features comes standard now. In my GXL AWD version, we get BSM, AEB, Lane departure warning n assisted steering, cross traffic alert, active cruise control on top of VSC, hill descent, hill start etc. For moderate off-road driving, there's snow mode, central diff lock. We love the design of the car interior and outside and chose this over the Mazda 9. It drives and handles like a dream and the ride is so comfortable be it on highways, on gravel and farm roads. I enjoyed the active cruise control that uses radar to keep speed n distance. There's plenty of power and the car is very quiet. Spacewise, plenty of legroom, even in the third row, which are quite comfy compared to some other cars.
Consumption in start stop traffic is high -around 14l/100km but that's to be expected for such a big car. On the highway, it's 8-9l/km. If you're looking for a frugal engine, wait for the hybrid version.
Overall, I am truly happy with this car..

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Beautiful car

I bought this card in March 2018 and it drives like a treat, it doesn't sit ridiculously high like some SUVs so my wife can easily move our baby in and out of the back seat. It has grunt when needed but if you're happy to drive gently the economy is very good (around 10L/100km on avg).

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Excellent All Round

RELIABILITY : Zero issues
SERVICE COSTS : I do my own servicing (oil/filters), o/wise Toyota tell me the auto is service free (sealed unit does not require servicing), plugs at 100k, fuel filter 80k. Did pads at 100k. ie servicing costs are very reasonable.
DRIVE : Very sound in all respects, including towing, a little body roll around town but thats ok.
FUEL : For a car this size I thinks its very good. We have FWD which are better on fuel.
INTERIOR : For me its got to many bells and whistles, some are practical but thats the modern car. O/wise no complaints.

Over all the Kluger is a fantastic package, highly recommended.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Toyota Kluger 3.3

My wife and I recently bought a Toyota Kluger petrol and it is an amazing car, it's a 3.3 litre petrol V6 engine, auto, the performance of the car is amazing and great on petrol, plus all the comforts you need, I would highly recommend anyone after a great family car to consider the toyota kluger.

BadgeCV Sport
Date PurchasedApr 2018

Best all rounder

5 years of problem free motoring
My AWD Kluger has been the best family car we have ever owned.
Travelled long distance with 6 big sized kids
Towed 18 ft Caravan ( better than my 2009 Diesel Hilux)
Towed boats, had canoe on roof.
Light off road tracks tackled with ease,
Luxury travelling
Ultra quiet interior
Massive acceleration for a large vehicle
I’m must say I was sad to my Kluger go to a new owner.
I would highly recommend

Date PurchasedDec 2013

I love this car, highly recommend

I love driving my car now, I brought a new car for a family car, it is perfect for car seat installation with isofix, beautiful car to drive and it’s a big car but doesn’t feel big to drive, my parter is 6ft 4 and there is plenty of leg room even with a car seat behind the passenger seat, love the leather interior

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Best car I’ve ever owned!

Outstanding driving performance. Smooth, quiet but power when you need it. A very sleek and well appointed dash with all the extras drivers and families need. Comfort features are second to none, with more than enough space to comfortably seat 5 adults and 2 children. The extra 2 seats in the back fold away flush to reveal a huge boot space. You have the versatility of using only one of the rear seats if needed and those seats are as comfortable as the main seats. Kluge is the perfect family car, I couldn’t imagine anything else better suiting our needs.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

very much happy with this car except for a couple of things....

this is a great family car. it is a very comfortable ride and has a spacious boot which can convert to an additional 2 seats when needed. fuel economy is on the high side but that is too be expected considering it is a 2 ton vehicle with a v6 engine. i do a lot of long drives on country roads and this car made the trip a lot less tiring and more enjoyable.

now for the issues with this car. The intermediate steering shaft knock that toyota did not take responsibility for. paid someone to regrease it to remove the knock. the very loud wind noise produced by the stock toyota roof rack. i need to put fairings to sort it out. the worse one is the engine oil present in one of the rear spark plugs. i have a 2010 kluger which was regularly serviced by a toyota dealer. how could you get an oil leak on a car regularly serviced and less than 10 years old?

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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not for a toyota mate ...if serviced properly even half a mil is not a problem

I have 2005 Kluger Grande and has a/c problems. It stops working all together sometimes. Yesterday, it didn't work at all, then after travelling for around 200km, it started again by itself. Very annoying when you have a nearly 30c heat outside and a/c doesn't work. Any advice will be appreciated. PB
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