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Toyota Tarago XR 10 (1990-2000)

Toyota Tarago XR 10 (1990-2000)

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Family workhorse for over 20 yrs and still going strong

They say Toyotas last for ever and from my experience it has always been true. I also own an 90s corolla and both vehicles have out lasted the delivery trips from bunnings, road trips with the kids around Australia, up the snowys, etc. Performance is impeccable. Love the space in the vechiles. Love the rounded look on mine, i am confident it will keep going for another 20 yrs.

BadgeGetaway II
Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJan 1998

A true thoroughbred.

My most trusted and appreciated possession. Purchased with 230000k's on the clock, now has just under 400000. It just goes and goes and goes with minimal attention. I have had 100s of kids in this car and although its looking a bit tired and worn inside, the airconditioning still works beautifully, the seats are still comfy and the engine just purrs along. My teenage son has requested it be handed down to him if I replace it so it must have some street cred too! Honestly, the best purchase I ever made. Would buy another in a flash.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedOct 2006


We love our Tarago. We initially bought it so we could easily accommodate 3 child car seats (instead of cramming into a sedan) but now wouldn't go back to a 'regular' car. It's a pleasure to drive around town or over long distances and has so far been easy to maintain.
Easy to drive, easy to see kids in both back rows (I recently hired a new model on holiday and couldn't see the kids in the back row very well). Easy to park, tight turning circle, reliable, reliable, reliable. More boot space in back than newer models and by flipping up one or both of back row seats it's handy for transporting the odd item of furniture or kids bikes.
No cruise control on Gli model.Roof rack position makes racks sit too close together. If you needed to use all 8 seats it possibly wouldn't fit in your jogger style pram very well. Also, only the driver and front passenger windows wind down, the middle and back row windows only pop open a fraction so on moderately warm days you often have to run the air con for the back passengers.


as a people mover the tarago is second to none especially between 95-99.if you have a large family and a low budget very good value for money as they range from 10,000 to 15,000 depending on year and kmh.
lots of room made for moving people safly and comfortably, rather than cramping retro fitted seats 6&7 in 4 wheel drives up againts the rear tail gate.
my 99 GLI has cruise control and is used regulary as i do lots of family day trips ,has all the mod cons cd player(retro fitted) AC,airbags,elec windows, int ok remembering the thing is over 10 years old like all vehicle service every 10,000 kmh and it wont let you down.very economical average 550kmh city driving,700kmh country.
engine will struggle on a hot day fully loaded with AC on.This makes it quite loud inside,seat belts on middle row seats are not height adjustable


We have a 1999 model and just about to buy a 2006 GLI. The 1999 model had done 240K with no problems, just the usually maintainance. We will always buy a Tarago as long as the kids live at home. A friend of mine took ours for a drive and loved it so much went out and bought the latest 2007 V6 ultima and sold his Pajero saying the Tarago was so much better for his family than a 4WD.
This is a great car, not for those who want a performance vehicle. Once you get over the
No cruise control is a let down for the price you pay, better carpet and less plastic would be an improvment.


For a cheap people mover this one beats the others hands down. and many of the dearer ones too. We loved it.
The space, the ease of which people could get in and out, vented ac for the passengers, no fuss driving, reliable. great car for its age. I still think it looks good, for a people mover.
Its a bit out dated now , the newer models of kia's and the such have some neat features, but at a price.

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I'm asking on behalf of a friend, 1994 Tarago, she tells me the belt sounds like its slipping when its warm. Is there more then one belt? I'm assuming fan and maybe timing belt. I haven't laid eyes on the vehicle to know for sure.
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